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411’s WWE NXT Report 10.14.15

October 14, 2015 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

Welcome to another NXT report! Tonight we see the fallout from TakeOver: Respect.

A short video package set to “Happy Song” by Bring Me The Horizon showcasing TakeOver: Respect starts things.

Cutting to the arena, Bayley kicks the show off. “Match of the Year” chants greet her. She talks about NXT making history at Respect and doing it for Dusty. “You deserve it” chants. She puts over women’s wrestling until Alexa Bliss, flanked by Blake and Murphy, interrupt. Alexa says the match last week was incredible and nobody deserves to be champion more than Bayley. She raises Bayley’s arm and puts her over before snatching the title and hiding behind Blake and Murphy. She says that she didn’t write essays when she was little but still wants the title. Alexa says it will be easy to take it from Bayley before throwing the title back to her and leaving.

A wwe.com exclusive airs of William Regal congratulating Finn Balor and Samoa Joe on winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Joe says that it was a pleasure teaming with Finn but says that he’s undefeated and wants a shot. Finn agrees, but Regal interrupts, saying it isn’t that easy. He wants to give everyone a chance and makes a battle royal for tonight’s episode. Joe says that he deserves the shot and Regal still goes through with the battle royal. You can hear the Sasha/Bayley Ironman match going on in the background.

Tye Dillinger cuts a promo backstage about the battle royal. He says there can only be one winner and there’s only one perfect 10. Apollo Crews speaks next, saying that he’s gunned for the NXT Title since day one and tonight is the first step. Rhyno is next, saying that he’s already won the battle royal because he was the face of a revolution with ECW and tonight, he moves a step closer to being the face of the NXT revolution.

Non-Title Match: NXT Tag Team Champions The Vaudevillains vs. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton

Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton actually get an entrance. Dawkins starts with Aiden English. Dawkins is sporting two  headbands. English wins their exchange with an arm drag, complete with flexing for the crowd. A quick distraction from Fulton allows he and Dawkins to take over. They do some quick tags and really work over English with kicks. Fulton hits a big elbow for two. English slips free and avoids a splash from Dawkins before tagging Gotch. He comes in and hits some kicks and strikes, including double knees. There is also an innovative kick before he hits a modified back suplex, knocking off a headband. The Vaudevillains hit the Whirling Dervish to win.

Winners: The Vaudevillains in 3:16

Decent for a relative squash match. I wonder if Dawkins and Fulton are ever going to become anything. The Vaudevillains need something to make up momentum for missing the end of the Dusty Tag Classic.

Devin Taylor interviews the Mechanics, who sarcastically clap for the champions. They tell Devin that what the Vaudevillains just did was slightly impressive, but not as impressive as their win over the NXT Tag Team Champions in Austin. They call themselves the number one contenders, but say that they are now dealt Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. They promise to render a body part useless and “you can’t teach that.”

A Nia Jax vignette is shown. She debuts tonight.

Highlights are shown from Asuka’s debut. We then see Dana Brooke getting checked on by a medic while Emma stands over her. Asuka comes over, pats Dana on the head and stares down Emma. Dana is so confused that she thinks she beat her.

Evie vs. Nia Jax

Evie is of SHIMMER fame if you were unaware. The fans try to count down the match like this is a Baron Corbin match. They are responsive to Nia. Evie clotheslines her but it has no effect. Nia catches her in a beathug and wrenches it hard. Evie fights out and tries to roll her up but can’t pull her down. Nia sends her into the corner and squashes her. Nia rams her hip into Evie. Nia picks her up and talks smack, allowing Evie to get in some kicks. Unfortunately, she then gets caught and Nia drives her down with a spinebuster like move.

Winner: Nia Jax in 2:12

This accomplished what it needed to. Nia Jax got to look dominant and Evie sold well for her. I would actually like to see Evie get a contract down the line.

More talk is heard about the Bayley/Sasha Ironman match. We see some tweets from the likes of Natalya, Mick Foley, Kevin Nash and others, praising it as well as the sight of the NXT locker room coming out to give them love. We also hear from Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H about it.

Tyler Breeze cuts a selfie promo about how he should be the number one contender. Baron Corbin talks outside, saying that the “lone wolf” will win. All hail.

We hear from Eva Marie, who is in Paris. She needed “me” time after her grueling matches in NXT. Granted, she’s had four shit ones in about 12 weeks, but still.

Nubmer One Contender’s Battle Royal

Almost the entire roster is in this. The Mechanics, Baron Corbin and Rhyno go right after Samoa Joe. It’s hard to keep track of everything, so I’ll just make note of eliminations and any notable spots. The four heels come very close to eliminating Joe, but he manages to fight them off. Everyone just goes at it with no eliminations through three minutes until Steve Cutler is sent out. Danny Burch goes next and Elias Sampson after, all by Apollo Crews. Johnny Gargano goes after Crews, but is sent out and launched out onto the three jobbers. Commercial break. Returning, we hear that the intensity picked up during the break. Murphy nearly gets rid of Enzo Amore, but he hangs on. Murphy then nearly goes out but avoids the floor by mere inches. Cass dumps out Riddick Moss and then gets eliminated by the Mechanics. Enzo then sneaks up and eliminates the Mechanics to a pop. he had on Dusty polka dots. Tye Dillinger eliminates him and does his “TEN” stuff for the crowd. Bull Dempsey comes from behind and lays into Tye with “BULL” punches before tossing him. He does it to Baron also, but can’t get him over. Rhyno comes to Baron’s aide and tosses out Bull. A “let’s go Tyler” chant starts as Baron eliminates Mojo Rawley. Zack Ryder goes after Baron but Rhyno levels him. BAMF come close to getting rid of Breeze, but he hangs on. Corbin tosses Ryder with aggression. We’re down to Rhyno, Corbin, BAMF, Breeze, Crews, Joe and Ciampa. Corbin double crosses Rhyno and sends him packing. Commercial break. Returning ,Ciampa was dumped by Joe. Joe then eliminates Blake and Murphy, giving us a final four of Breeze, Crews, Joe and Corbin. The fans seem to want Breeze, who superkicks Joe. He goes for a second but it’s caught and Joe lights him up before hitting the STJoe. Joe then kicks Tyler over and out, causing the crowd to boo loudly. Corbin attacks Joe but gets splashed by Joe. Joe then hits Crews with an enziguri and goes for the Muscle Buster on Corbin. Corbin slips free and nearly tosses Joe, but he lands on the apron. Joe kicks Corbin and then Tyler pulls Joe out, eliminating him. “Thank you Tyler” chants break out. Crowd now chants for Apollo. Corbin drives him into the corner, so Crews just does it right back to him. They trade right hands in the middle of the ring  before Apollo back shim to the ropes. He runs into a double choke bomb and eats right hands. Corbin tries to toss him but Crews hang up. “We want Tyler” “no we don’t” dueling chants as Crews hangs on again. Crews fights out, hitting some clotheslines and a big corner splash. He nails another big clothesline and tries his moonsault but Corbin gets the knees up. He goes for the Bossman slam but Crews slips free and hits two big kicks. A third puts Baron on the ropes and a clothesline sends him out.

Winner: Apollo Crews in 18:40

For a battle royal, that was pretty entertaining. The early stages weren’t great, as expected since people just kind of stand around for the most part. I liked the second half and the surprising pick for the winner. Overall, a good match. **3/4

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