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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Omos Wants In Money in The Bank, Riddle is Ready for Roman, More

June 13, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 06.13.22

-Video from Theory using baby oil to blind Lashley during their pose down.

-Scott Stanford welcomes us to the show as Jackie is out once again. I presume due to hockey. Matt Camp is here and Peter Rosenberg will be out special guest this week.

-Headlines: Seth Rollins finally gets a win as he knocks of AJ Styles to qualify for Money in The Bank. Kind of wish both guys were in the match, but perhaps the losers will meet for a final chance like they have done in the past. Rhea/Bianca start their build to MITB.

-To the video where Alexa Bliss and Liv Morgan beat Doudrop and Nikki to book their spot in the Women’s MITB Ladder Match.

-Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Alexa and Liv and they are quite happy. They have fun going back and forth about who is going to win at MITB and apparently Bliss wins the battle as she gets in the last word and runs off.

-Rosenberg is here and it seems there are 7 spots this year with 3 already taken. Asuka vs. Becky next week in another qualifying match.

-Next they discuss John Cena returning in 2 weeks and Peter brings up how awesome Cena is for meeting the young man who escaped Ukraine over in Europe. I mean, yeah, Cena is a grad A human and needs to be applauded for all time. They discuss Theory/Cena and possibly Lashley wanting a shot at Cena.

-Riddle and MVP/Omos still to come!

-MITB commercial!

-Back with Ezekiel getting a count-out win over KO who was losing his mind raging against the announce team. Zeke then drops the news we have all waited for: Elias is returning next week. It had to happen and I am curious to see how they do this. KO screaming “that’s another lie,” from the ramp is great.

-It seems Elias will be having a concert next week which could be pre-taped I guess.

-To the video as MVP gets a win over Cedric Alexander. Good for Cedric getting back on RAW.

-Camp and Stanford discuss the idea that Omos could be in the MITB match. Oh man I don’t know about that one.

-MVP and Omos are backstage with Kevin Patrick. MVP mentions the idea of Omos being in MITB and how he doesn’t need a ladder to win as it seems he had a 47 inch vertical in college basketball and can jump up and grab the briefcase. I mean, it would be something to see, but please don’t let him take any ladder bumps.

-Camp discusses Omos winning and cashing in on Roman Reigns.

-This Friday on SmackDown: Reigns defends the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Riddle and it seems we will get the blow-off for Corbin/Moss.

-To the video of Rollins getting the win over AJ Styles to qualify for MITB. Fantastic match with Rollins getting the roll-up thanks to a damaged wheel.

-Camp and Stanford discuss!

-To the video where Riddle gets a win over Ciampa though Ciampa did get to show off a bit before eating the pin.

-Riddle is backstage with Sarah Schreiber and she brings up the stip that if Riddle loses he never gets another Title shot as long as Reigns is Champion. Riddle doesn’t care what Roman has to do to sleep better and just needs him to show up Friday. He is out for revenge and is taking that Title from The Tribal Chief.

-Rosenberg is back and thinks this match will be interesting. This is the biggest match in Riddle’s career. He does think Riddle is a big threat to Roman and Camp agrees as Riddle is motivated. He does think he needs to put the revenge idea on the back burner and just focus on taking the Title. Rosenberg loves getting big Title matches on free TV and brings up Mick beating Rock for his first Title on RAW. They discuss if Roman is taking Riddle lightly and he is coming off vacation. Camp says don’t be fooled by Riddle as when the bell rings the fun and games are gone.

-To discussion of the Men’s MITB Ladder Match. Rosenberg mentions having experience in this match is good and Seth has that. To him this is a big moment for Rollins as he is still coming off 3 straight losses to Cody. Camp doesn’t care who is in the match, he has Rollins as the favorite. Stanford brings up the idea of Omos being in the match.

-Plug for The Bump as Drew and Doudrop will be on the show this week. Stanford wraps us up and we are out this week.

-More of the same with this show, which is fine. Thanks for reading!

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