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411’s WWE Raw Talk Report 1.16.23

January 17, 2023 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Raw Talk Image Credit: WWE

-I had to help my wife put together a cat tree for one of our cats and I missed the 11 PM airing of the show. I figured, no issue as they had the replay up at midnight. Well, no replay at midnight and at 1 AM and gave up and decided to go to bed. Sorry for the delay. Let’s get to it!

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and she is joined by Matt Camp. They immediately plug that next week is the 30th Anniversary Show of Monday Night RAW.

-Headlines: Bobby Lashley wins a 6 Pack Challenge and will face Austin Theory for The US Title at RAW XXX. Next, Cody Rhodes is returning at The Royal Rumble for the Rumble Match. I assume since he isn’t a surprise entrant they may have something big planned or they are hoping announcing Cody will sell more tickets. Next up, Alexa and Bianca came to blows again and Uncle Howdy appeared again. Finally, Becky Lynch and Bayley will be battling in a Steel Cage next week on RAW XXX. Props to Bayley for rocking a George Kittle jersey! Go Niners! Beat The Cowboys!

-To the video as Solo Sikoa destroys Mustafa Ali. Kevin Owens shows up and confronts Solo and The Usos. Solo gets the win while KO and The Usos brawl. Solo eats a stunner and then officials separate both men.

-Cathy is backstage with Kevin Owens and KO wants to know how Cathy’s dog is doing now that she has to travel and he is staying with her parents. She says the dog is adjusting to the cooler temperatures. KO has a lot to say this Friday about The Bloodline, Sami, and Roman Reigns. Right now he doesn’t care about The Big Dog, but cares about Cathy’s little dog. KO plugs SmackDown and we find out the dog is staying in Maine. They throw it back to the studio in Stamford. This was great as it was KO being KO. He has always been a star on any iteration of this show or Talking Smack.

-Jackie and Camp discuss. They then show video of Rhea distracting the ref leading to Judgment Day getting a win over Alpha Academy. Camp disses Prison Dom and I would tread lightly if I was him. Next week it’s The Usos defending their RAW Tag Titles against Judgment Day.

-Still to come Michin/Candice and Becky Lynch!

-Commercial for Bray/Knight in a Pitch Black Match!

-Back with Bianca and Alexa having a fun brawl that sees Bianca in control until Uncle Howdy appear in a hallway (or someone dressed like him). Alexa plants Bianca with a DDT on the floor.

-Jackie and Camp discuss Uncle Howdy and the mind games Alexa is playing against Bianca and perhaps with or against Uncle Howdy.

-To the video as Michin pins Ito and it seems this is leading to our next Tag Title Feud as it seems Michin and Candice are now a team. That’s a solid plan!

-Byron is backstage with Mia, they use both names, and Candice. Mia says it is about time they have even numbers against Iyo and Dakota. Candice is here with her sister and they won’t let Damage CTRL bully people anymore. Again, this works for me. Do what you can to get more teams for the division.

-Jackie and Camp discuss!

-Becky Lynch up next!

-RAW is XXX is next week!

-To the video as Becky confronts Bayley (again rocking that sweet red Niners jersey) and they throw personal shots at each other. Becky throws out a challenge and Bayley accepts for next week and then Bayley says it will be inside a cage and Bayley seems reluctant, but is game.

-Jackie and Camp discuss Bayley/Becky!

-Becky is backstage and she is eating chocolate Frosted Flakes. She notes they are delicious. She puts over the Frosted Flakes again before saying she is happy she got her match for next week. She thought all this stems from a resentment that Bayley has had for years and has turned her into a Karen. Becky walks off with her cereal.

-Camp and Jackie discuss Bayley/Becky some more and their cage match for RAW is XXX.

-To the video as we see highlights from The Six Pack Challenge. Fun, chaotic match and I appreciate they used elimination rules. Omos gets involved and googles Theory which leads to a creative way for Rollins to hit a curb stomp on the announce table. Lashley gets the win by last eliminating Rollins and next week it’s Theory/Lashley.

-Camp thinks Theory is ready for this moment and brings up what is happening between MVP/Omos and Lashley.

-Next week at RAW is XXX we get Legends returning.

-Camp plugs The Bump and this week they are joined by Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin.

-Jackie wraps things up and we are out this week.

-Again sorry for the delay and thanks for reading!

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