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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Bobby Lashley Wants to Hurt People, The Miz Wants His Cardigan, More

November 14, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Raw Talk Image Credit: WWE

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 11.14.22

-Jackie Redmond welcomes us to the show and is joined, as always, by Matt Camp.

-Headlines: Balor and Rollins did battle for The US Title; Miz and Lumis continue their issue; Mia joins Team Bianca and Rhea joins Team Damage CTRL for War Games.

-To the video as Seth Rollins opened the show and let us know The US Title is the top prize on Monday Nights. Lashley interrupts and promises beating after beating until he gets his US Title back. Ali comes down with a ref and tries to attack Lashley. It leads to a match between the two and Lashley SMASHES Ali.

-Lashley is backstage and he tells us he has been playing Mr. Nice Guy too long. He had a birdie in his ear telling him “if you hurt people, who is going to stop you?” Would that little birdie be MVP?

-Camp and Jackie discuss and hype Ricochet vs. Ali on the World Cup on Friday. Jackie wonders if Seth is a Swiftie because his suit reminded her of Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album cover.

-SmackDown commercial!

-To the video as Corbin and Tozawa have a match to settle issues they had at the poker table earlier in the night. End of Days gets the win for Corbin.

-Corbin and JBL are backstage with Cathy Kelley. JBL yells at her for bringing up that Tozawa took his money at poker. Corbin asks if anyone thought Tozawa had a chance? They got their money back and Tozawa is stuck in the trainer’s room. JBL talks about expensive whiskey from Uganda as they take their leave.

-Jackie and Camp discuss JBL and his mentorship of Corbin.

-To the video as Iyo Sky gets the win over Dana Brooke. Mia Yim interrupts and tells Damage CTRL she has picked Bianca’s side. That makes the teams even at 4 vs 4 with one to go on each side.

-Back to Camp and Jackie to mention Rhea told Damage CTRL she is on their side since Mia is on the other side. Who fills the last spot? Camp brings up Dana Brooke, Candice, Tamina and if it could be a woman from SmackDown. Camp favors team Damage CTRL as they have 3 women that have taken part in War Games.

-The Miz still to come!

-Survivor Series: War Games commercial!

-To the video as Miz TV sees Miz trying to get sympathy, but Gargano interrupts. Johnny tells Miz he will face Dexter Lumis and if Dexter wins, Miz has to pay up and Dexter gets a WWE contract. Miz cuts a promo on Lumis, who pops up behind and scares Miz off.

-Jackie laughs at Miz wearing a cardigan. Perhaps he is a Swiftie too?

-Miz is with Cathy and he is asked about his upcoming match with Lumis. He feels horrible because Gargano stole his sweater. He tells everyone to get in everything they can about Lumis because in 2 weeks he is going bye-bye.

-Jackie connects the dots and mentions RAW was a history lesson of different Taylor Swift eras. Camp just shakes his head and Jackie says all the Swifties know. Sure do!

-To the video as Rollins beats AJ Styles thanks to some help from The OC. Theory beats the fire out of Rollins and stands tall to close the show. It seems the new regime just wanted to get him away from the briefcase.

-Camp and Jackie discuss! Styles vs Balor is set for Survivor Series. Should be a BANGER!

-Plug for The Bump as JBL and Corbin will be guests. Jackie then wraps things up and we are out.

-Thanks for reading!

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