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411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Riddle Wants Tag Gold for RKBro, Sonya Deville Explains Her Actions, More

April 26, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Raw Talk 4-26-21

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 04.26.21

-Kevin Patrick welcomes us to the show and R-Truth is back after his absence as our co-host. Let’s see how many people he can crack this week. Apparently, Patrick has adopted the name K Peazy courtesy of Truth. Truth then lets us know he went to the wrong stadium for WrestleMania and that’s why he has been missing. This is serious as he missed WrestleMania and missing RAW Talk makes him look bad. Truth still has his baby though and apparently he went to Tropicana Field for Mania. Well, that’s one way to explain his absence.

-They jump to the conclusion of RAW as Braun Strowman beat Drew McIntyre in the Main Event and because of that Braun has been added to the WrestleMania Backlash WWE Title Match, so we have a Triple Threat Match now. Last time Lashley got put in a Triple Threat he lost a title without getting pinned.

-Earlier Tonight: Miz, Morrison, Elias and Ryker had tomatoes thrown at them and then Woods got the win for his team in a 6 man tag.

-More headlines as they cover Charlotte’s suspension being lifted by Sonya Deville and then Charlotte defeated Mandy Rose. Sonya will be on the show as a guest and we will also be joined by Riddle, and Lashley with MVP.

-Commercial for SmackDown as we get two titles matches with Crews defending the IC Title against Big E and Reigns wrestling on SmackDown against Daniel Bryan. Bryan wins he is Universal Champion and a loss sends him packing from SmackDown. All kinds of rumors out there after Bryan mentioned his WWE contract was nearing it’s end.

-Back with Riddle as he and Truth are grooving to his theme music. Riddle has Truth’s back as he also went to Tropicana Field for Mania at first, but was given the heads up. They bond over possibly being a team one day called True Bros. Fantastic! Right now though they need to talk about RK-Bro! Riddle puts over that he beat Randy Orton last week and says he kind of wanted to eat an RKO, but also didn’t want to take one. He mentions Orton sent him a text on April 20 and has warmed his heart by taking to RK-Bro. Riddle and Truth bond some more and they will plant the seed for their eventual team though it may take 3-4 years to grow. Right now he wants RK-Bro to win the Tag Titles. I get behind RK-Bro vs. Styles/Omos. Truth and Riddle continue to just be in their own world as Riddle is excited that Truth is back and they both feel the show is going well. Riddle says he is taking this team one day at a time with Orton as they have to mesh and get to know each other. Things just continue to go off the rails as we learn about the Bro-Bosom as that is how you nurture a team. Patrick is just sitting back in awe and is smartly just letting them go. We throws to a break as Riddle and Truth chant “RK-Bro.”

-Make a Wish commercial!

-Randy Savage A&E Bio commercial. That should be great! Speaking of the A&E WWE shows, I am still digging the Hidden Treasures show and the one last night with Taker and Kane was wonderful.

-Sonya Deville is back and she says that Pearce acted quickly and didn’t hear Charlotte out before suspending her. She doesn’t always have to answer to Pearce so she stepped up and made this decision. She doesn’t see it as undermining Adam as he was running around doing things and she had to make a snap decision and went with her gut. She agrees with Truth that she is human and so is Charlotte who made a mistake. She is one of the top Superstars on RAW and why would you want Charlotte off the show? Patrick asks why the ref ended up apologizing and Sonya says everyone offered an apology and everything is good now. Patrick grills Sonya on why she picked Mandy Rose to take on Charlotte and Sonya says it has nothing to do with their history. She has a way of bringing the best out of Mandy and tonight she showed an aggressive side even in defeat. She doesn’t want bad for anyone on either roster and she is not here to play the games she played last year. She is trying to do what is right and fair and what is right for both brands. Truth has her back and wants to see her back on the show.

-WWE Superstars want you to do your part and get vaccinated for COVID-19.

-Tomorrow on NXT is a banger of a 6 man tag with MSK and KUSHIDA against Legado Del Fantasma. Adam Cole also returns after his war at Stand and Deliver.

-The WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, and MVP are our as our final guests for this evening. Kevin immediately brings up that Strowman has injected himself into the WWE Title Match. Lashley calls it disrespectful and he doesn’t understand why this decision was made. Truth lets them know he isn’t sure what happened as he got sent to the wrong stadium for Mania. He calls Lashley the man though. MVP says someone in the decision making process felt it would be best to have Drew and Strowman work together to take out Lashley as they can’t beat him 1 on 1. He doesn’t understand what kind of business makes decisions like this without consulting the WWE Champion. Lashley mentions that while watching their match tonight he saw a lot of holes in both their games. He is excited about the match and knows he can beat both of them at the same time. I mean, let him pin both like Reigns and build to those two monsters bludgeoning each other at some point this year. MVP brings up fight IQ and mentions Floyd Mayweather and how he uses the early rounds to find weakness before ending things. Lashley doesn’t beat people on just sheer strength. He has technique and a game plan. He knew Drew would get distracted tonight as he has no focus and he will be easy to beat. They hope Drew is watching and think he is happy he doesn’t have to face Lashley by himself. Lashley says they only way they have a chance is to team up on him and if that happens kudos to them, but he will get his rematch and beat whoever easily. MVP defines the Lashley Era as Black Excellence.

-Patrick wraps up the show and we are out this week.

-Truth being back was fun and that segment with Riddle was just all over the place as you would expect when dealing with those two. Deville did well and I enjoyed her interview as she laid down what she is trying to do and MVP did MVP things while Lashley continues to get more and more comfortable with interview segments like this. Good stuff this week! Thanks for reading!

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