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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 10.05.12

October 5, 2012 | Posted by Scott Rutherford

Welcome once again to this weeks Smackdown review. So it’s safe to say Larry and I have joint custody for the reviewing of this show. This week Larry has a million and one things to take care of at 411mania so you have me again.

For those of you that read last weeks report will note that I did not get the full broadcast from my cable provider who decided to clip out the Miz TV section for reasons only known to them. By the sounds I didn’t miss anything much. Looks like this week I got the show in full.

Anyway, lets get to this weeks show.


We start with Lillian introducing The Big Show.

Show says he’s here to win back the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell. Last Monday Sheamus joked around showing how cocky he was because he thinks he has a plan. Show states others have had a plan until they got punched in the mouth. When Show wins this Sunday, Sheamus will join an elite list of victims and we see a nifty little montage with Big Show killing an array of people.

Out comes Sheamus and he says he’s in for the biggest fight of his life at HITC. He says the best man will win and offers Big Show a handshake. TBS doesn’t take the hand and walks to the back but Sheamus plays a clip of Show being beat by Daniel Bryan for the title at TLC and then Bryan losing at WrestleMania. Show comes back to the ring and offers his hand but Sheamus fakes out and leaves a very annoyed Big Show high and dry.

Match #1: Tag Team Title Tournament – Kofi Kingston & R. Truth vs. The Prime Time Players
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Kofi starts with Darren Young and goes behind during a lock-up attempt. Young whips Kofi into the ropes and manage to botch a dropkick spot. They try again more successfully as Kofi gets a one count. Truth tags in and they hit a double-team hiptoss and Kofi kicks Young in the face on the way out. Truth takes control and tries to cut Young off in the face half of the ring but Young just casually pick him up and walks to his corner and tags in Titus O’Neil. The heels double team but Truth fights back but eats a knee to the mid-section and O’Neil gets a two cont. Titus keeps control and draws the refs attention away and Young gets the cheap shot. Darren Young tags back in, hits a front suplex but the cover attempt only gets two. Young shows off and runs into a reverse kick, Kofi gets the tag and nails a forearm from off the top ropes, he takes out O’Neil, double legdrop and he calls for Trouble In Paradise, Titus distracts Kofi but he tries again and misses Young, O’Neil trips Kingston, Young takes control and hits the Gut Check for the win.
Winner: Prime Time Players via pinfall. Match was short and never got going. Would have liked a little more time because these two teams have the potential to have a good match. Rating *1/2face=”comic sans MS, new york, times” >

We see the semi-final brackets with the Rhodes Scholars facingSantino Marella & Zack Ryder while The Prime Time Players will face Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio.


We come back from break with Primo, Epico and Rosa in the ring. The look on Primo’s face when Ryback’s music hits is rather awesome.

Match #2 – Ryback vs. Primo
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Primo ducks the lock-up and goes behind Ryback who casually just picks him up and throws him over his head. Technically you could call it a backdrop but it looked way more violent. Primo gets back up and quicky gets on a headlock, they run the ropes and Primo ducks a clothesline but eats the big boot. Ryback proceeds to maul Primo for about a minutes and goes for a side slam, Primo slips out and chop blocks the knee. He throws a series of kicks and puts on a front facelock. Ryback breaks this by picking up his opponent and throwing him across the ring and then running him over with a clothesline. Primo goes to the floor and Epico encourages him to walk away but Ryback attacks and throws Primo back into the ring, meat hook clothesline and he his the Shell Shocked and gets the win.
Winner: Ryback via pinfall. Squash match where Primo got more offense than Tensai did this past Monday. Nothing special as the march of Ryback continues. Rating 1/2*face=”comic sans MS, new york, times” >

We see C.M Punk and Paul Heyman walking backstage looking for Dolph Ziggler.


Match #3 – Alicia Fox vs. Layla
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This match is executed about as well as you would expect so my recap is actually going to be made up of a few observations…

* Alicia Fox pretty much looks like a tranny tonight.
* Layla does an armdrag early and Alicia nearly lands on her head because she didn’t rotate nearly enough to take the bump.
* Alicia goes for a Northern Lights suplex and nearly deposits Layla on her head. Layla looked like a dead weight and Fox just head enough strength to get her over.
* Alicia goes for a standing leglock submission which is basically crossing one of Eves legs onto the other. Thats it. It looked about as uncomfortable as a nice warm blanket during winter. Then the stupidity factor is upped when she tries to use the ropes as leverage. BAH!
* Layla wins with a kick to the head…of course.
Winner: Layla via pinfall. Last weeks woman’s match was awesome. This is not. Rating DUDface=”comic sans MS, new york, times” >

Matt Stryker is in the ring to interview Layla who promises to get back her title…of course.

C.M Punk and Heyman run into Dolph and Vickie. Punk complains about Ziggler walking out on him this past Monday on RAW and calls Vickie an old lady. Ziggler calls Heyman a worm and said Punk did the exact same thing to him the other week. Punk says this time is different because he’s the WWE Champion and Vickie needs to teach Dolph about respect. Ziggler believes you have to earn it and they started yelling over each other. Booker T. interrupts and tells then to settle their beef in the ring.


Match #4 – Wade Barrett vs. Unnamed Local Jobber
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Barrett quickly takes control with a series of punches to the mid-section and a back kick. ULJ gets a couple of punches in but Barrett picks him up, sits him on the top rope and casually pushes him to the floor. Michael Cole claims that that Barrett will be the next World Champion down the road. Meanwhile, Wade gets ULJ back into the ring, give him the Souvenir and gets the win.
Winner: Wade Barrett via pinfall. Total squash. To prove I can be nice ULJ take a great bump to the floor acting like Barrett had killed him. Rating 1/2*face=”comic sans MS, new york, times” >


Match#5 – Non-Title Champion vs. Champion: Sheamus vs. The Miz
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We come to this match straight from an ad with Sheamus already in the ring and Miz gets his full entrance.

The lock-up to start and clean break. Miz quickly strikes with some punches and kicks and backs Sheamus into the corner and lays a series of blows in. Sheamus reverses and its his turn to unload. He whips Miz into the ropes and hits a reverse elbow and puts on an armbar and takes him down to the mat, hits a knee drop and the proceeding cover only gets one. Both men are back up and go back and forth until Sheamus cops a hit and goes tot he floor but every time he tries to climb back in Miz nails him. Miz goes out and whips Sheamus into the post and then rolls the Irishman back in but only gets a one count off the cover attempt. Kick to the head also only gets a one count. Miz applies a rear chinlock and Sheamus quickly fights out but Miz keeps control with the reverse backbreaker/neck breaker combo for another on count. He puts the rear chinlock on again this time Sheamus punches his way out, gets a kneelift and his the rolling Fireman’s carry slam. Miz manages to fight back, hits a dropkick to the knee, DDT gets a close two count. He charges Sheamus in the corner but gets caught and receives a backbreaker. He gets caught on the apron and Sheamus clubbers him with the 10 forearms, nails the White Noise and signals for the Brogue Kick. Out comes Big Show and hits the WMD punch to Miz drawing the DQ.
Winner: The Miz via DQ. Match was okay but nothing special. Miz continues to have good matches with just about anyone at the moment. Sheamus for his part after going 25 straight wins on PPV/TV has managed to lose two in a row. Don’t know what that means but it’s an interesting little factoid. Rating **face=”comic sans MS, new york, times” >


David Otunga is in the ring. We see footage from after Smackdown went off air last week of Alberto Del Rio destroying Randy Orton. Otunga offers a thank you, on behalf of the WWE locker room, to Alberto for getting rid of Orton. Randy’s music hits and after a long wait ADR comes out mocking Ortons mannerisms. He says he cut the head of the snake last week and now he’s the new apex predator. Booker T. interrupts and makes a match between Otunga and ADR with Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Match#6 – Daniel Bryan & Kane vs. Alberto Del Rio & David Otunga
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The crowd immediately comes alive during Bryan’s entrance and he does the ultimate dick heel move and rips up a kids “YES” sign.

Otunga and Bryan start and David hits a powerslam and flexes his muscles for the crowd. He tries to do it again but Bryan slips out and hits a series of kicks and hits a running clothesline and a drop kick in the corner. Daniel then does his own pose for the crowd and one specifically for Kane. Otunga charges but Bryan catches him and tries to get the No Lock but Otunga gets to the ropes to break, catches Bryan unaware and gets a neckbreaker and tags in Alberto Del Rio. ADR gets a running knee to the face in the corner, snap suplex and applies the rear-chinlock. Bryan is quickly up and manages to get a sunset flip for a two count but runs into a clothesline and ADR gets a two count. He charges Bryan in the corner agin but this time Daniel hits the drop toe hold and tags Kane who comes in and nails a big kick and clothesline in the corner. He hits another clothesline in the opposite corner, side suplex gets another two count. Clothesline from the top rope and Bryan tries to sneak a blind tag however Kane catches him out and they start to jaw with each other, ADR takes advantage of their distraction and kicks Kane from behind and gets a two count. Otunga blind tags himself in much to ADR’s displeasure and hits a spinebuster for a two count on Kane who grabs Otunga by the throat, chokeslam, Bryan this time gets the blind tag, diving headbutt from the top rope and gets the three count.
Winner: Kane & Daniel Bryan via pinfall. Thankfully they stowed the hug stuff this week and let Bryan and Kane bounce off each other which is highly entertaining. I know I’m a Bryan mark but stuff like flexing his muscles to Kane to show off is entertaining stuff. The match itself was OK if short (of course). Rating *3/4face=”comic sans MS, new york, times” >

After the mach the Daniel celebrates with both title belts claiming he’s the tag team champion. Kane quickly takes his belt and claims the same leading to this following exchange…

Bryan: No! I’m the tag team champion.
Kane:Yes! I’m the tag team champion.
Bryan: No! I’m the tag team champion.
Kane:Yes! I’m the tag team champion.
Bryan: No! I’m the tag team champion.
Kane:Yes! I’m the tag team champion.

Making me think I landed in some weird Dude, Where’s My Car sequel.


Eve and Teddy Long are fighting backstage over the Beth Phoenix firing from last week. Teddy denies saying she should have done it and Eve claims Teddy is old and could be becoming forgetful. Teddy knows Eve had something to do with the attack on Layla and here’s Booker. He tells Eve to leave and he lays down the law to Teddy top get along with Eve.


Match #7 – The Big Show vs. Tensai
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They trade blows to start with Tensai coming out on top and he nails a series of forearms in the corner. Big Show responds with a slap to the chest and Tensai responds with a kick to the face. They both go outside where Show hits a clothesline but misses the big elbow drop back in the ring, Tensai hits the running Senton but that only gets a two count. He misses a corner charge and Show nails the spear. He signals for the MWD punch and out comes Sheamus and nails Tensai for the DQ.
Winner: Tensai via DQ. If anyone watching this show or reading this recap couldn’t guess this finish was coming please switch of the television or shut down your computer and never darken wrestlings door step again. Rating 1/2*face=”comic sans MS, new york, times” >

Michael Coles notes that things between Sheamus and The Big Show is getting personal. Quite the observation there Michael.


Match #8 Non-Title: C.M Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler
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Punk and Ziggler jaw with each other which leads to some shoving as this might as well be handbags at 20 paces. Punk quickly snatches a side headlock and Ziggler quickly fights out and applies one of his own. Punk whips Ziggler to the ropes to break however he gets hit a shoulderblock and a dropkick. Ziggler charge the corner but gets caught by Punk who tries for the GTS and Ziggler slips out as we go to commercial…

…we’re back and Punk has the upper hand with a body vice. Ziggler counters to a side headlock takedown which Punk quickly counters too a headscissors. Ziggler fights up again and gets the side headlock which Punk breaks out of with a side suplex. He goes up top and Ziggler follows, they trade blows on the top rope and knock each other off. The ref starts to count both men out and they both beat the count back in as Ziggler takes control and charges Punk who counters into a schoolboy for a two count. Ziggler quickly gets one of his own and gets a handful of tights but still only gets a two count. DDT by Ziggler gets another two count, he misses the Zig Zag, Punk missed with a kick to the head and Dolph nails the Zig Zag for a two count. Dolph picks up Punk who blocks and kicks Ziggler in the head for a two count. Running knee to the corner and a short clothesline lays out Ziggler. Punk gets a bodyslam and goes up to the top rope but takes to long jawing with the crowd, Ziggler cuts him off and slams him from the top rope but he misses a corner splash and Punk lifts him up onto the shoulders and gets the GTS for the win.
Winner: C.M Punk via pinfall. This was match number eight for the night so it got just a tick over 10 minutes but they crammed a bunch in. It had no real flow or psychology to speak of but these two guys know how to work with each other so you can get an easy **1/2 start match out of them without even trying. Not sure of the wisdom in jobbing Ziggler here because the Hell in the Cell PPV is a likely place for him to cash in Money in the Bank but the WWE ass backwards booking of jobbing out a guy who’s about to win the title may be in full effect. We’ll see. rating ***1/4face=”comic sans MS, new york, times” >

Punk is on the mic and turns down the chance to face John Cena at the Hell in a Cell PPV.

Overall: This actually felt like a stand alone WWE show as we only had one highlight segment from RAW and everything was first run. As I mentioned above, they crammed a whopping eight matches into this show giving us a bit of everything. As with most SD’s you could probably miss this week and and not skip a beat in terms of following the story lines but on the flip side there was nothing that made you want to flip the channel.

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