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411’s WWE Smackdown Report 11.11.04

November 11, 2004 | Posted by Scott Fried

411’s WWE Smackdown Report

Hey, folks, I’m sorry, but I missed the first hour of Smackdown. I just got home late. Here’s hoping this makes up for it:

Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam versus Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak

Eddie Guerrero and RVD come out in a swanky low rider. Carlito and Jesus come to ringside in order to help out with commentary. RVD and Jindrak start off, with RVD getting a headlock but Jindrak backing him into the corner. Jindrak works him over, then whips him across the ring, but RVD catches Jindrak with a back elbow, then a Split-Legged Moonsault. Jindrak tags Reigns, who pounds away on Van Dam until RVD scores a kick and tags Guerrero. RVD gets a cartwheel moonsault on Reigns, then Eddie goes to work with punches, a dropkick, and a suplex. Reigns nails a front suplex on Eddie, and Jindrak attacks as we go to a commercial. When we get back, Jindrak tags to Reigns, as the heels keep Eddie isolated. Reigns tags back to Jindrak, who gets a chinlock. Eddie gets out and tags RVD, who gets a stepover kick on Jindrak, then follows up with kicks a plenty and a monkey flip. Carlito distracts RVD, allowing Jindrak to hit a dropkick. Jindrak covers RVD for two, then tags Reigns. Reigns hits a big backbreaker on Van Dam, then chokes him against the rope. Reigns continues beating up on RVD, then tags Jindrak, who gets a few elbow drops on Van Dam for two. RVD gets up, but Jindrak tags and the heels double team until Eddie runs in for the save. RVD counters a Reigns slam into a reverse DDT, and finally tags Eddie. Jindrak also gets tagged, and Eddie goes apeshit on him, taking him down with a headscissors. Reigns runs in, and Eddie dropkicks him. While RVD takes care of Jindrak, Eddie hits the Three Amigos on Reigns. Carlito can’t stands no more, and he climbs to the apron, but RVD kicks him off. Eddie goes up top, but Jesus pulls him off. Eddie takes a chair, but slaps it against the apron, hands it to Jesus, and lays on the announcers’ table. Nick Patrick tosses Carlito and Jesus out, and in a really funny bit, Eddie waves goodbye to them, then goes back to faking unconsciousness as Patrick turns around. Eddie reenters the ring and nearly pins Reigns with a rollup, but Jindrak breaks it. Eddie takes them both down with a double DDT, then he and RVD hit stereo frog splashs. Eddie pins Luther Reigns.

Winners: Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam
Match Time: 14:00 (including commercial)
Rating: ***
Commentary: The end was quite exciting, but the continuous face-in-peril stuff in the middle became quite boring.

Post-match, Eddie cuts a promo on Carlito Caribbean Cool. Eddie reveals that the fourth member of his team is… JOHN CENA!

Backstage, CCC complains to Teddy Long about Cena. Nothing gets done.

The Tough Enough guys come out, and they air a replay of the Torrie Wilson Sex Test. Al Snow pimps the voting.

JBL is backstage, all by himself. JBL says Booker T doesn’t have an advantage, and the only reason Booker was WCW Champion is because JBL wasn’t in WCW. Bradshaw says he will never return to Smackdown if he loses the title to Booker T. Fuck, does this make the outcome obvious?

We see a replay of Heidenreich’s attack on Charlie Haas and Jackie last week. When we get back, Heyman is out and is arguing with Michael Cole. Heyman attacks Cole, which raises the ire of Tazz. However, Heidenreich comes out. Tazz is FIGHTIN’ MAD, though! THE SUNGLASSES ARE OFF! BEAT ME IF YOU CAN, ET CETERA! Tazz climbs the ring steps, but the lights go off. When they come back, Taker is in the ring. Heyman tries to hold Heidenreich back, and succeeds in convincing him to hit the high road.

Cole and Tazz shill the Survivor Series card. They send it over to J.R. and Lawler, who do the same for the Raw side of things.

The Big Show versus Kurt Angle

Angle comes to the ring with all of his Survivor Series team, plus Jesus, and cuts a promo about how good they are, and how Show isn’t as good as them. Suddenly, RVD’s music hits, and he and Eddie head out. We go to a commercial before the match begins.

When we get back, Angle is scared of getting in the ring with The Big Show. Hey, keep stalling, less for me to do. Jindrak distracts the Show, and Angle attacks him from behind, but gets thrown off. Reigns distracts, and Angle grabs a waistlock, but Show breaks it and butt-smacks Angle across the ring. Show gets two chops on Angle, asking the audience to “shhh” before the second so everyone can hear the sound it makes. Show goes out after the heels, and Angle jumps at him. However, Show catches him and slams him into the ringpost. Both men back in, and Show clubs Angle over the back. Then, he steps on him. Show slaps Angle’s chest again, then chokes him on the ropes. Angle kicks Show’s knee, then jumps on him and applies a chinlock. Show goes down to the canvas, but the POWER of the crowd (and cheerleader RVD) rouse him from his slumber. A whole big brawl starts around the ring, with Carlito decking RVD and Eddie with Cena’s chain. Meanwhile, Angle has Show in the Ankle Lock. Show breaks out and headbutts Angle, then whips him across the ring and butt-rams him. Show gets a snapmare, then holds his hand to his ear and hits a legdrop. It’s CHOKESLAM time! Show grabs Angle, but Reigns and Jindrak run in and hit a double chopblock for the DQ. Angle puts the Ankle Lock on Show while Jindrak and Reigns each stretch one of his arms.

Winner: The Big Show
Match Time: About 5:45, but they never rang an opening bell.
Rating: **
Commentary: Not actively bad, but nothing really happened. Never had a chance to get going.

The show ends there, rather anti-climatically, as Eddie and RVD don’t end up recovering.


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