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411’s WWE Talking Smack Report 06.12.21: Paul Heyman Answers Rey Mysterio’s Challenge, Bianca is Ready for Hell in a Cell and More!

June 12, 2021 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Talking Smack

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 06.12.21

-Kevin Patrick welcomes us to the show and oh man, is Paul Heyman going to eat him alive. Kevin is filling in and he calls it an honor to be alongside Paul Heyman. Heyman tells us he needs subtitles as he doesn’t understand a word Kevin said. Paul says SmackDown tonight was a credible night on SmackDown. He congratulates Kevin on getting to work on a better show than what he is used to getting on RAW.

-Kevin goes over Cesaro attacking Rollins on Bayley’s talk show and Heyman still wants subtitles. He asks a producer off camera what he’s supposed to do. He decides to smile and just nod his head and say okay.

-Next Patrick covers the IC Title scene and Heyman just wants him to move along. He tries to get Heyman to say Sami is a prick again, but Heyman just stares and asks him what.

-Heyman does understand when Patrick starts talking about Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio. Heyman, on behalf of Roman, has an answer for Rey’s challenge, but will wait until the end of show. He has to explain to Kevin about hooking the audience and then Paul tells us that he misses Kayla Braxton. Kevin: “This is going to be a long show.”

-WWE is back on the road again in July and that includes starting back with house shows. Well, at least they got the last year at home with their families.

-Bianca vs Bayley at Hell in a Cell!

-Alpha Academy, Gable and Otis, are out first. Otis without a beard is something though any kind of physical change after a heel turn is appreciated. Gable tells us she has unlocked the alpha in Otis and it is terrifying. Otis wants to know how Montez Ford is doing and Kevin informs us he has a partial rib fracture. They show the footage of Otis splashing Ford from the middle rope. Heyman does a great job of acting terrified of this new Otis. He asks him if he can hold the mic higher so we can hear and Otis tells him no. Otis speaks in a very low voice as he tells Dawkins that he is next. Gable is terrified, but is also proud of Otis. He also has never felt safer. Gable thinks the Profits need to make the presence around SmackDown pretty scarce going forward. Otis tells us it’s all for The Academy and he will be seeing Dawkins real soon. I am digging this new Otis. Heyman says Otis seems capable now and that is disturbing.

-Bianca Belair, SmackDown Women’s Champion, will be joining us next.

-NXT Takeover: In Your House commercial. The show is tomorrow!

-WWE Superstars want you to get vaccinated!

-Bianca Belair is here as our next guest and it’s be a bit for her on this show as it was almost on a weekly basis at one point. She admits Bayley’s laugh was getting to her for a bit, but she had to remind herself of who she is and tonight she turned the tables. She is ready for Hell in a Cell! She knows she has a target on her back, but nobody is hitting it. Heyman calls her the future of the Women’s Division throughout all of sports entertainment. She will always have a target on her back as long as she is Champion. He tells Bianca the whole roster is against her because she has what they want. She will be defined by the challenges she can beat as champion. Kevin asks Bianca what strengths she sees in Bayley. She thinks Bayley can’t get with her physically so all she can try is a mental battle. She admits it felt good to laugh at Bayley tonight.

-SummerSlam is Saturday, August and now we know it’s in Vegas in Allegiant Stadium. Tickets go on sale next Friday.

-WWE is back on the road again starting in July.

-Next Friday is King Corbin vs Nakamura in a battle for The Crown. Also, Apollo and Azeez battle Kevin Owens and Big E.

-Kevin asks Heyman if Roman accepts the challenge of Rey Mysterio for a match at Hell in a Cell. Heyman just stares at Kevin, so he asks the question again. Heyman continues to toy with him in silence and Kevin continues to ask the question. Heyman finally speaks and calls Rey the greatest luchador of all time. He begged and pleaded with Rey last week to not come after Roman Reigns. He knows he is a father mourning over the beating Roman gave his son. Now Rey wants his revenge on Father’s Day and he continues “you can’t write it better than this even if you wrote for Monday Night RAW.” Heyman knows anyone can get this story and wants to see this go down, so he authorized to accepts Rey’s challenge on behalf of Roman Reigns for a match inside Hell in a Cell. I think this would be Rey’s first time ever inside The Cell. Heyman calls Roman the devil himself and Rey is stepping inside the demonic structure with him. Ozzy plays us out as the show the graphic for The Universal Title Match. Again, Rey is a fine sacrificial lamb for Roman as we march to SummerSlam and fans back in the buildings.

-I missed the Kayla/Heyman dynamic this week, but still a solid show. I dug the new look and attitude from Otis as he can play terrifying monster well and Gable as his hype man is fun. Bianca is a pro at these and Heyman started the hard sell for Roman vs Rey. Thanks for reading!

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