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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.26.21

January 26, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling 1-26-01
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Irene’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.26.21  

Hello and welcome to this week’s IMPACT review. We are coming off the heels of an eventful IMPACT featuring the farewell of Taya Valkyrie, but the addition of TNA legend James Storm, and AEW stars, Matt Hardy and The Private Party.

We get a recap of last week’s wild events where Jerry Lynn targeted Chris Sabin in 2021.

Matt Striker welcomes sports fans and our world champ is out. Swann talks about his road to stardom, and the target on his back as a result of this. He invites Tommy Dreamer down for his monthly main event slot. Swann previews No Surrender, which falls on Tommy Dreamer’s fiftieth birthday. Swann gets nostalgic about his days of watching Dreamer. Swann offers a shot to Tommy Dreamer at No Surrender, to fulfill a dream. Sami Callihan objects to this, and talks about his representation as head of IMPACT. Chris Bey is here. I smell a pattern. Bey is also celebrating his birthday on this date, which should result in a title shot. Moose is here, reminding Swann of his promise of a shot. They brawl and Willie Mack rescues Swann and Dreamer. Callihan pulls out his iPhone and summons Ken Shamrock, who is decked out in IMPACT sweats. He helps destory everyone. Where’s Teddy Long? The bad guys stand tall, leaving Dreamer, Swann, and Mack defeated and outnumbered. Normally Tommy Dreamer is the surprise hero…but he’s already been busted out.

We are backstage where Swann, Mack, and Dreamer demand a match against the evil four. They’re headed for Scott D’Amore, the bookerman. He informs them that Scott Steiner isn’t available, but someone else is. They’re pretty excited about it. They preview tonight’s matches topped off by the Fire and Flava Fest and Matt Hardy and Private Party’s return.


Cardona makes his debut IMPACT entrance. It’s cool to see three bright, young IMPACT stars being featured, with a little extra star power in the former Zack Ryder. Alexander and Fulton kick things off. Alexander struggles to handle the power early. Ace Austin gets the tag. Alexander gains control and Matt Cardona becomes legal. He hits an assisted flip to Ace and his monster on the outside as we head to commercial. Ace and Fulton hit a big leg drop combo on Alexander as we return to our scheduled programming. They continue to use their contrast in size to their advantage and neutralize the Walking Weapon. Alexander turns things around sending the monster into Ace. He tags in Cardona who flips Fulton to the outside and hits a nice flying dropkick to Ace. He meets both men outside with a baseball slide. Back in the ring, Fulton gets nasty in the corner with Cardona. Fulton and Alexander exchange strikes with The Walking Weapon getting the best of it. Cardona hits a Rough Ryder on Fulton and secures the victory.

This match was pretty good with a bit of an abrupt ending. All of these guys are good and can definitely work tag matches very well. Cardona scoring the pin over Fulton was shocking with the ceiling of the monster being seemingly much higher than that of the former Ryder, who doesn’t have a contract. Of course this is only one week and shouldn’t be overreacted to. Still a shocking result, with Cardona looking sharp in his first IMPACT outing.

Rohit Raju has recruited someone so he can three steps ahead of the game in his match with TJP.

We get an All Elite Wrestling-paid advertisement. Tony Khan is pleased with his first week in the IMPACT Zone, placing his team as number one contenders to the IMPACT tag belts. They preview AEW Dynamite tomorrow night.

Brian Myers is backstage meeting up with his former partner in Matt Cardona. He questions why Alexander settled for his Jannetty in Cardona. He big-leagues them and walks away. He is dubbed “Bad Mood Brian” as he makes his entrance.


These two beefed last week, with Myers insulting Edwards and his pure wrestling ability. Things are slow as Brian Myers takes shortcut and things escalate. Edwards hits a belly to belly suplex and meets Myers with a shot of caffeine (suicide dive) to the outside. Myers takes the upper hand and sends Edwards into the post, leaving him laying on the floor. Myers attacks the battle scars from Barbed Wire Massacre and gets physical. He hits a textbook vertical suplex for a two-count and secures the chinlock. Myers continues his methodical work and continues to mock the IMPACT royalty. Edwards begins turning the momentum with a backpack stunner. Eddie E eats a Pele kick and a flatliner for a near fall. Myers throws it back to his Edgehead days for a spear attempt but Eddie Edwards places his thumb into the eye of Myers. Edwards goes after the eye of Myers and bites him. I think Edwards went a little far there.

This was lower on action, but told a solid story, seemingly setting up a new chapter in the Eddie Edwards IMPACT run.

Matt Hardy congratulates himself for his guidance of Private Party to the title opportunity. Hardy needs his team to win both brand’s title belts for the money.


Rosemary is repping Decay with Crazzy Steve. Tenille starts aggressive and pays for it. Tenille nails Rosemary with her camera bag for a near fall. Tenille controls the pace leaving Rosmary out on the floor. Rosemary hits her Tarantula variation to gain some life. She whiffs on a dropkick and Tenille nails her in the corner. Tenille grounds her with a full nelson but Rosemary powers out. Rosemary hits a slingblade and a t-bone suplex. Rosemary spears the corner but hits a new finisher, also used by Madison Rayne I believe. It is dubbed As Above So Below. This looks like a new Rosemary here.

This match was a solid TV match and reestablsihed Rosemary in a singles role, going back to her darker side.

Larry D is out of jail but mad about the events. Rosemary and Steve walk up and Steve eats Larry D’s Best Hand in the House. Rosemary threatens him.

Fire and Flava hit up Swinger’s Palace. They offer Johnny Swinger a shot to come to Fire and Flava. John E. Bravo tags along and Fallah Bahh is left out.

Deonna is happy to send Taya Valkyrie away for good. Kimber Lee and Susan just beat Jazz and Jorynne Grace who approach next. Susan challenges Jordynne to a singles match next week.

Alisha Edwards introduces us to Fire and Flava Fest. The ring is decked out to match the vibe. Swinger brought his crew but he must watch from the outside. Kiera Hogan does a Ric Flair impression and is loving her spot at the top, as well as her partner, Tasha Steelz. Ref Brandon Tolle heckles, calling this event a dumpster fire. They hand out catering from Foreman’s in Nashville, straight from the south. Bravo’s cheese is still in the wrapper, and his bread smells weird. Things are now going south but then the marshmallow man makes an appearance. They suspect that it’s Fallah but it’s Nevaeh, with her partner Havok appearing in the ring shortly after. They look to floor the champs but they high-tail it. MC Lish announces Havok and Nevaeh as winners of Fire and Flava Fest.

Chris Sabin takes a beer at the bar, with James Storm. They aren’t done with Matt Hardy, Private Party, or the Good Brothers. They decide to do shots of Jack, beginning their road to the tag belts.

Fire and Flava are fed up. Brandon Tolle feels ripped off and requests a refund. He is denied.


Eric Young leads Violent by Design to the ring. Jake comes down with The Deaner theme song and branding. This is a hoss fight with Doering having the power advantage. Doering controls the match and uses a neat rope-rebound elbow to the floored Jake. With Rhino out, Jake is outnumbered. Doering misses a crossbody and Jake flies over the top to Doering on the outside, twisting his ankle in the process. Doering nails that crossbody this time and follows up with a slam. Death Valley Driver/Lariat combo seals the deal for Joe Doering. Eric Young then has a moment with Jake, seemingly offering a spot in his stable.

This was a one-sided match serving more as an angle. The idea of Jake in VBD is promising, with that hopefully allowing him to blossom into the star he is capable of.


Moose makes his grand entrance as we head to a break. The evil team is out already as Mack and Dreamer meet Swann, all decked out in IMPACT track-suits. Trey Miguel makes his entrance with new branding, and blonde hair. He makes his return to the company following the departure of his Rascalz partners, Dez and Wentz. Trey’s contract was up, receiving interest from WWE and AEW. Bey and Dreamer start the match. Quite the clash of styles here. Swann and Dreamer show some tag chemistry as we take our final commercial break. Callihan starts working on Swann, but ends up victim to the flashy style of our champ. Mack comes in and lands a Samoan drop and standing moonsault. Callihan regains control and tags in IMPACT Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock. The entire team works together to keep Mack in the corner as Bey becomes legal. Callihan comes in, targeting the knee of Mack. Moose is in now, landing a huge pop up bomb on Mack, and then doing the same to Bey, landing on Mack for a near fall. Now legal, Bey looks to finish things but eats a pop-up forearm. Mack lands the tag to Trey Miguel, who has a physical exchange with Callihan. He heads to the top where Shamrock chases. Swann saves Trey but Callihan evens it up. Dreamer is in, landing a cutter, which Bey similarly does from the second rope. Stunner from Mack, who eats a spear from Moose. Trey rolls up Callihan for the 1-2-3. Trey Miguel scores the win in his return. Shamrock and Callihan are irate following the bell. Shamrock floors ref Brandon Tolle and applies the ankle lock as the show ends.

Sami Callihan taking yet another loss. His credibility has gone down the drain, and not having a memorable win in the past year hasn’t helped. Trey’s return was nice, with his hot tag really shining. The win over Callihan could’ve been a bigger deal if that had an ounce of meaning left in 2021. When he was booked strongly, Callihan was one of the best acts the company had to offer. With all of this being said, this match was basic but solid as a main event tag to get Trey back into the mix.

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This was a solid show but an expected drop-off from last week. Still IMPACT manages to have a lot of interesting elements in motion. This week was also eventful with the return of Trey Miguel being the talking point. The wrestling could've been better but nothing was worse than average. An inoffensive but not must-see episode of IMPACT.

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