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Adam Copeland Shares Why He’s Excited About His New Opportunities At AEW

November 20, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
AEW Full Gear Sting Darby Allin Adam Copeland Image Credit: AEW

In a recent interview with Adrian Hernandez, Adam Copeland offered his perspective on the new opportunities he’s found at AEW (per Fightful). Copeland expressed his enjoyment in facing new opponents in the ring and noted the potential for years of stories and matches to come. You can find some highlights from Copeland and watch the complete interview below.

On working with new faces in the industry: “This one was just so different. I feel like I became the king of the comeback, almost to the point of parody, where it’s like, okay, I come back every three months. So every time I come back, it’s almost like a comeback. This was coming back to be back. I think that was what the difference was, whether anybody knew that at the time, but this was coming back to be there, to be full-time, to try and create as many stories as I can while I can with all of these talents that I’ve never laid hands on before. That night was the first night I shared a ring with Darby, first night I shared a ring with Luchasaurus, first night I shared a ring with Nick Wayne, with Sting. All in my debut. So far, I’ve not wrestled someone that I’ve wrestled before. I got in with The Righteous before and Lance Archer the other night. That’s fun. I’m in there with all of these different characters, and it’s just exciting. At 50 years old, at this stage of my career, to have a wide-open blank slate in front of me, I think anyone who’s truly really involved in the creative process and also really still loves what they do, they’d do exactly the same thing I did.”

On the future potential he sees at AEW: “I guess that’s just it, right? I know the time is limited. When you reach a certain point and a certain place and you both kind of realize together, ‘Ah, that might be it,’ but I look over here, and yeah, there’s Omega, and yeah, there’s Okada occasionally, who was the other guy involved in that match that I was like, ‘Woah, okay.’ There’s just so many different possibilities and again, a blank slate in terms of that roster and looking at it, and looking at Jay White and looking at MJF, and Adam Cole when he’s back, and Keith Lee and Malakai Black, House of Black, and teaming with FTR. Dude, I just told you three years’ worth of programming, just in the names I’ve mentioned alone, and I’ve touched none of them. If people don’t understand why I did what I did, there’s your answer. I still really love this, and I want to do as much as I can in different ways.”

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