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AEW Reportedly Allowed Audience Members at Fyter Fest, Audience Members Not Tested for COVID-19, Details on Protocols at Daily’s Place

July 2, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
AEW Fyter Fest

– It appears there were some “fans” of sorts in attendance at last night’s Fyter Fest who were not under the employ of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). A new report by Pro Wrestling Sheet has details on the audience members in attendance at last night’s AEW Fyter Fest event. The first night of the event was held at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. The card was broadcast on TNT. A number of people were allegedly invited to last night’s AEW card who were not part of the roster or crew, and they did not receive any type of COVID-19 tests after entering the amphitheater.

Previously, someone claiming to be an audience member at the event shared details on the protocols after entering the venue on Reddit. The alleged audience member later deleted the Reddit post, which said they received an invite to go to the show with about 60 other non-crew members. Everyone who entered Daily’s Place was required to wear a mask even when walking through the outside gates.

Additionally, the Reddit post claimed that the audience members had to sign waivers stating they hadn’t been exposed to COVID-19, along with other precautions regarding coronavirus safety. Unlike AEW roster talent, crew members, and staff, the alleged audience members did not receive any COVID-19 tests, but they did apparently receive temperature checks.

The Reddit fan’s account of the event noted that people in his area were placed several seats apart from each other in every other row.

Pro Wrestling Sheet later spoke to an AEW source, who revealed that the audience members who were invited to last night’s Fyter Fest were local Daily’s Place or sponsors for the Jaguars NFL team, who were also allowed to bring family and friends. These audience members were placed in the “upper bowl” for Daily’s Place. The reason they apparently did not have to be tested is because of how far away they were from the ringside or backstage areas. There was little danger of them transferring the virus from where they were seated.

Also, multiple sources claimed to PWS that Daily’s Place “has a large buffer zone” between people who are tested and the audience members who only received the temperature checks. This reportedly included spacing people beyond recommended CDC guidelines, to keep tested people further away from effects of breathing, sneezing, and more from those audience members who were not formally tested for the coronavirus. As a result, AEW officials felt there there was an adequate amount of safe distance between the wrestlers and crew members who are being tested, and the audience members in attendance and seated in the “upper bowl” who were not.

The second night of AEW Fyter Fest is reportedly taping later today at Daily’s Place. The show will be broadcast on TNT next Wednesday, July 8. It will air on TNT.

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