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Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory Episode 6 Review

June 5, 2019 | Posted by Jake Chambers
Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory Episode 6
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Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory Episode 6 Review  

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Episode 6 – Match Results

Chris Dickinson defeated Josh Briggs by submission @ 13:03
– the pro-wrestling equivalent of two construction workers fighting with hammers in a pit after work: technically clean, thuddingly powerful, and respectfully fun.
Beyond Discovery Gauntlet: Thomas Santell defeated Brad Hollister by pinfall @ 13:40
– an enthralling and grinding battle of body backgammon.
Warehouse Rules: Johnny Cockstrong’s Team defeated Jefferson Saint’s Team by pinfall @ ~6 mins.
– Beyond Originals got some time to nicely play tribute to the 10th anniversary of the promotion.
Joey Janela defeated M-Dog 20 Matt Cross by pinfall @ ~10 mins.
– two long-time Beyond stars pay have a solid first-time contest with a special significance for Janela.
Independent Wrestling TV Champion Orange Cassidy defeated Jordynne Grace by pinfall @ ~11 mins.
– c’mon, this is Orange Cassidy we’re talking about!
Death Match: Rickey Shane Page defeated Eric Ryan by pinfall @ ~16:14 mins.
– I think they were trying to give a sacrifice to the gods with this bloodbath in hopes of 10 more years of agonizing life for Beyond.

Episode Summary
The show opens with a ring full of Beyond Originals from back in the days when the shows were taking place in a gritty, black and white, audience-free abstract universe, an idea so wacky that it burped and blobbed from that primordial ooze into the fully independent weekly streaming show that currently dominates the conversation for the best weekly wrestling show in the world. They are soon joined by Chris Dickinson, who first came to prominence ten years ago in those unique shows and currently stands on the verge of ruling all of wrestling, but before nostalgia can really kick in Dickinson challenges Josh Briggs to an impromptu match… because Beyond is still, and always was, about the wrestling.

Uncharted Territory - Episode 6 - 05/08/2019

Briggs, who has been on commentary for the entirety of the Uncharted Territory series, is… well, kind of a beast. He have looks like a guy who’d have come out for a few weeks on a 2003-04 run of Smackdown episodes and just killed guys like Funaki and Spike Dudley. What’s interesting about the indies of 2019 is that WWE blue-chippers can work these non-squash, psychology-deep, indie fights with veterans like Dickinson.

While Beyond doesn’t have champions or a tradition of TV or steady national touring, or even a stable roster given their penchant for working as a platform for the next generation, Dickinson has emerged 10 years later as the living embodiment of the disembodied Beyond: traveling, learning, evolving, but never giving up, and always being awesome.

Cam Zagami interviews Brad Hollister, the contender this week for the Discovery Gauntlet, and in just a couple of minutes he enthrals us with the always interesting story of teacher vs. student, as the holder of the Gauntlet, Thomas Santell, is the one who trained and mentored him.

Uncharted Territory - Episode 6 - 05/08/2019

The match started with some nicely focused amateur-style grappling, which is a welcome fork in the road to the slugfest that opened the episode. And with those factors, it should be no surprise that this is easily the most polished Discovery Gauntlet match so far.

After the match, Zagami interviews the winner-and burgeoning Beyond superstar-Thomas Santell, who makes his good on last week’s promise of celebrating the 10th Year Anniversary of Beyond with a some Ovaltine.

Johnny Cockstrong, Eric Corvis and Nicholas Kaye vs. Jefferson Saint, Chase Burnett and Zane Silver had a Warehouse Rules match that was here to celebrate some of the pioneers of Beyond. Of particular interest was seeing one of my old favourites, Jefferson Saint start this one out, as they mention on commentary that he hasn’t been in Beyond since 2010. Overall, a bit sloppy, a bit dangerous and a bit weird, thus a perfect tribute to the old days of Beyond.

Speaking of going way back, Joey Janela has actually been in Beyond since 2011, which I think might surprise some people considering he almost magically appeared on the super-indie scene a few years ago as a fully-formed performer. Matt Cross, 2010, on the other hand, has had many iterations on the periphery of stardom from a great run in ROH to a weird flame out on the Stone Cold season of Tough Enough, to a transcendent 4 seasons under a mask as Son of Havoc on Lucha Underground. And yet this is the first time these two apparently have ever had a singles match, and this was a good one.

Uncharted Territory - Episode 6 - 05/08/2019

Everything about Orange Cassidy right now is pure pro-wrestling joy concentrate. Watching the guy take off his shirt is might be more fun than an entire live 3-hour show on some other cable network. Cassidy is chaos; every moment totally unpredictable as he can switch from lethargy to focused, slow to fast, strong to weak, clumsy to agile, with no warning, which is probably the main factor in his current run at the top of the card rather than a mid-card comedy gimmick. Grace was owed this shot at the IWTV Championship after pinning Cassidy in a tag match on the inaugural UT episode, but right now you just can’t outsmart the Freshly Squeezed one when that title is on the line.

Before the main event Death Match, Chuck O’Neal showed up as he has uninvited over the past few weeks, and lays into this match on the mic, much to the growing ire of the crowd. He gets chased off by Rory Gulak, who O’Neal attacked a few weeks ago.

And as far as the Death Match main event goes, it doesn’t get much better than what Rickey Shane Page and Eric Ryan did to their bodies in tribute of the Beyond anniversary. This promotion is so freeform that they can have amateur style grappling, next to unpredictable wackiness, next to a full on gruesome Death Match, and it all feels perfectly right.

Move of the Night

Orange Cassidy cleverly slipped on hand into his pocket in the midst of a rolling series of German suplexes, which perplexed the commentators when he did it, but turned out to be perfect scouting defense for when Grace tried to finish the combo of moves with a pump handle sand, and there was no arm there to grab!

Uncharted Territory - Episode 6 - 05/08/2019

Shock of the Night
There was a lot of gruesome stuff during that Death Match main event, but I think the one that shocked the audience the most was Ryan shoving two liquid squirting syringes criss-crossing through the inside of the mouth of Page and poking out on either side of his cheeks.

Uncharted Territory - Episode 6 - 05/08/2019

Episode MVP
Rickey Shane Page
Credited as being one of the founders of Beyond, Page put on an outstanding performance in the main event, but it was his speech at the end of the show to capped off this anniversary episode and praised Beyond owner Drew Cordeira for his rightly deserved bravery, vision and perseverance in keeping this promotion afloat and innovating for all these years.

Best Match
Death Match: Page vs. Ryan

A great Death Match has to have two guys who can actually grapple and still shock you with the violence they’re willing to resort to regardless. And this match had tons of great clean wrestling moves to go along with the barbed wire and forks. This one set you up first with some nice chain wrestling, and then just pounded you across the face with shocking violence that makes you wonder just exactly how they’re doing that all without actually murdering each other. Thus, this IS pro-wrestling.

How Did It All End?
We get a short video from one of the best promos in the business today: David Starr. The ever-angry Starr berates Beyond for holding their Lethal Lottery show to determine who would wrestle in the main event at Americanrana without inviting him to participate, and so next week he will return.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
In tribute to Beyond's 10th Anniversary, this card showed the variety they've been known for over the years, and the exceptional pacing and presentation they've settled in to for this regular Wednesday night streaming show. Come for Wrestler of the Year Orange Cassidy, stay for the other names you might not recognize (today) but will give you all the wrestling you can handle.