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Bobby Lashley On Why He Loves Current Raw Roster, Biggest Character Lessons He Learned After WWE Exit In 2008

October 22, 2022 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Bobby Lashley WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

In a recent interview on Busted Open Radio, Bobby Lashley discussed why he loves the current Raw roster, the biggest character lessons he learned after his WWE exit in 2008, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Bobby Lashley on why he loves the current Raw roster: “There are a lot of people in that position. I love our roster right now. That’s what made me excited about winning the United States Title. I had Ali. He’s a guy who has been overlooked a little bit, but he is phenomenal. Great wrestler, great mind in the business, and he’s hungry. Every day when I come in, he has different ideas, ‘I want to do this, I want to do this.’ So you have him, you have Riddle, who is on fire right now. Seth Rollins, he’s Seth Freakin’ Rollins, he’s great across the board. Some of my closest friends, even favorites, the Hurt Business. MVP is there with Omos. Shelton Benjamin is still doing his stuff. Cedric is there. I’d like to bring that group back together at some point in time. There are so many highly talented people on there, from Chad Gable, Otis, and I don’t want to leave out any names because there are so many people. Edge, Rey Mysterio, his son [Dominik Mysterio]. There’s so many talented people. We’re all the faces [of Raw]. I’m one of the prominent figures on it, but there are so many people you could say are the face of Raw, it depends on how you’re looking at it.”

On the biggest character lessons he learned after his WWE exit in 2008: “When I first came in, I was hard-hitting, soft-spoken. I mean, that’s me. I’m a quiet person. I don’t need to push my weight around or anything like that. I’m confident in what I can do and that’s my character. When I went there before, I was grabbing the microphone and I was just having fun and they had people writing for me. They were saying, ‘I want you to say this, this, this, this, this, and then look at it.’ I was like, ‘So this guy’s gonna come up and shove me and slap me, and I’m supposed to say, dog gone it, I’m gonna get you later.’ That’s just not what I would do. I think just to have the ability to be yourself was the thing that I took with me when I left and I came back. That and then just being comfortable. It was like one of those things where you can’t do wrong if you feel that it’s right. Sometimes you can’t just go by what is supposed to happen. You gotta go by what you feel. That’s what I started doing. I started feeling things as opposed to just forcing it down people’s throat. So I think that was a big change with me, and people wanted to see something with me, so I gave it to them.”

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