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Bobby Lashley On His Reaction To WrestleMania 37 Match With Drew McIntyre, Match Getting Delayed Due To Weather

April 17, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Lashley WWE

In a recent interview on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Bobby Lashley discussed his WrestleMania 37 match with Drew McIntyre, the weather delaying their match, and much more.

Bobby Lashley on whether he was happy with his WrestleMania 37 match against Drew McIntyre: “I am. I did what I said I was gonna do and that’s put him to sleep. It started to show a little of me that everyone has wanted to see for some time. I took everything he had, and I just kept going. I wanted to show people that I’m at a different level. I started slow on my way back, but I’m on a roll right now. I’m unstoppable. It’s good for me, but it’s good for Drew also. He has to work his way back up. I’ve had enough of him, and it’s time for him to move to the back of the road and come back. We’ll see if he can come back stronger.”

On performing in front of fans again: “Coming out originally, when I first walked out, it was one of those things where I was like, ‘Oh my god, all these people,’ because we haven’t had fans in a while. So, it was refreshing. They went crazy. For us, we got in the ring, and I was so amped up when I saw the fans. They were so loud. Those are the kind of experiences you just dream about. Those are the kind of WrestleMania moments that you hope to have and wish to have. The people went crazy, we went crazy, and we gave them everything they gave us.”

On the weather delaying the start of their match: “I was so amped up when we walked out there. If you saw me on stage, I was trying to stay still but I couldn’t. I was bouncing all over the place. My adrenaline was going crazy, and the crowd was going crazy. So, when we walked back to the back, it was like, ‘A delay? What do you mean a delay? I’m ready now.’ I went over there and told them and said, ‘Listen, you guys are having this match. If nothing else, just let Drew and I go out there in the middle of the ring and punch each other in the face until someone goes down.’ That’s what we were gonna do anyway. I knew there was no way they were gonna cancel it. WrestleMania has a history, and the show always went on. So, it might be a little stumble, but it was gonna happen no matter what.

On how he would’ve handled potentially having to pause during the match due to weather: “I wouldn’t have paused. I know there are some different scenarios with the lightning, and of course, we would’ve had to make some adjustments. But there was no way I was gonna stop. There was no way we were not gonna do it. We would’ve fought in the parking lot if we had to. I’m serious, Drew was amped up, and I was so amped up. That’s the kind of intensity that we had for it, and that’s what the match was all about. Starting the show off and being the first match with the fans back, it had to be intense. I don’t think there’s a better match you could’ve put on first than me and Drew.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit Out of Character with Ryan Satin with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.