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Botched!: Toni Storm vs. Table, Omega is WWE Champion, More

February 28, 2021 | Posted by Steve Cook
NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day

Hi, hello & welcome to Botched! It’s been a wild & crazy couple of weeks of pro wrestling. We’ve got happenings from WWE & AEW to take a look at for some amusement.

1. The table fears Toni Time

Toni Storm was looking to become NXT Women’s Champion at the most recent TakeOver event. What better way to help that happen than by putting one of her opponents through an announce table? Seemed like a solid idea, but sometimes you get these announce tables that just won’t co-operate.

Wade Barrett explained this by talking about how the table had taken some punishment earlier in the evening. I mean, NXT’s announce table had more people sitting behind it than usual.

2. Evans Struggles After Getting Bell Rung

The match between The Hybrid 2 & the temporary team of Hangman Page & Matt Hardy contained a number of botches from Jack Evans. Evans’ stuff tends to have a high degree of difficulty, but he was pretty much blowing everything.

Here’s why:

Evans was reportedly fine afterwards, but you could see he definitely had some of the effects a concussion might bring. Which isn’t great when you’re trying to do complicated offense, I’m sure.

3. Champion of Where?

I try not to pick too much on Jim Ross these days, mostly because plenty of other people have that beat covered. This was one that got a lot of attention though, as we learned that Kenny Omega has added a new championship to his collection!

See, I thought JR was spoiling the results of WrestleMania 42, where Kenny wins the WWE Championship from Edge in a Canadian dream match.

4. The Sydal Family vs. Nakazawa Feud Continues

Michael Nakazawa has had it out for the Sydals ever since Matt took his spot in a battle royal. He ruined Matt’s big AEW debut by putting baby oil on the turnbuckle, forcing Matt to slip while doing his shooting star press. From all indications, he did the same thing to ruin the Sydals’ debut as a tag team on Dynamite.

This is why we don’t feel bad when Nakazawa gets beat up by kids.

5. Charly Gets Confused

All it takes is the wrong clip to get played to ruin a perfectly good recap segment.

Don’t worry, Charly. I’m as confused by all of this as you are.

Thanks for reading! If you see (or hear) anything wrong in the world of wrestling, let me know via Twitter or e-mail at [email protected] See you next time!

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