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Buff Bagwell Announces He’s Nine Months Sober

June 7, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Buff Bagwell Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with Eric Bischoff for AdFreeShows (via Wrestling Inc), Buff Bagwell gave an update on his health and announced that he is nine months sober.

He said: “It really wasn’t hard when I decided to do this, but the nine-month chip is a big rumor of it’s one of the hardest. It wasn’t a hard chip, but it was the longest. 30 came in no time, 60 came in no time, and then, you know, 90… I went to three or four meetings and I was like, ‘Is it still not been nine months?’ That nine-month shift was a long one. I liked going through airports and drinking. I enjoy having a cocktail on an airplane… That was always fun for me, but that’s not on the board anymore, so now it just goes to, you know, what I go to is food. That was always a thing for me, was eating healthy of course, so I just dove back into being body Marcus Bagwell.

He noted that being sober has also helped him regain his memory and he can better remember names and moments in his life.

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