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Bully Ray Thinks CM Punk Will Be Babyface Against Seth Rollins

December 6, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
CM Punk WWE Raw 11-27-23 Image Credit: WWE

WWE is slowly building a feud between CM Punk and Seth Rollins and in the latest Busted Open Radio (via Wrestling Inc), Bully Ray said that he thinks Punk will be the babyface against Rollins.

He said: “Watch what happens next time CM Punk and Seth Rollins are in the same place at the same time –- those Punk chants are gonna be loud. I think the people are gonna be firmly behind CM Punk. And the great thing about Seth is that Seth can turn on a dime if Seth needs to be the heel in this situation. The more that Seth talks about how Punk is going to wrong us … the more people are going to want to get behind him. Seth has got to be really careful about what he says because I can see the people turning on him in an instant and getting behind Punk.

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