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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.13.22

January 13, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
Impact Wrestling Deonna Purrazzo Maria Kanellis-Bennett
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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.13.22  

Where: Dallas, TX
Commentary: Tom Hannifan & D’Lo Brown

It’s Thursday night so that means we’re ready for another action packed episode of Impact wrestling. We’re fresh off one of Impacts most talked about events in some time. Hard to Kill was full of great matches, new debuts, new commentators and an interesting new angle involving some ROH talent. Now we’ve got an ROH Women’s Championship match lined up as Deonna Purrazzo will get a shot at Rok-C’s ROH Women’s championship. Deonna came up short against Mickie James on Saturday and now she has another big match ahead of her.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey made his Impact debut at Hard to Kill and now he looks to make his television debut for the company. Bailey is set to face Jake Something who is fresh off a victory himself. Bailey was an exciting addition to the X-Division and looks to be a major player very soon. Speaking of the X-Division, Laredo Kid and Chris Bey will face off in a one on one match. These two just had an awesome match a few weeks back so this is sure to be good.

All this and more set for Impact tonight. Let’s get to the action.

Before the Impact: Black Taurus def. Matthew Rehwoldt, they tell us that BTI will be moving to YouTube TV and Impact+ at the end of January as has been rumored due to NJPW joining the schedule.

Impact opens with an awesome video package for Hard to Kill. Morrisey is backstage looking for Moose and he’s pissed. He says he’ll find Moose himself and decides to head to the ring to look. He grabs a mic and tells Moose to get his ass out here. This crowd is not as pro Morrisey as the Vegas crowd but they’re still split. Morrisey says Moose calls himself the god of pro wrestling but he’s walking around with a title he doesn’t deserve and he stole. He says Moose will do anything to keep the title, including hiding from him backstage. Morrisey says for once in Moose’s entire life have the balls to face somebody man to man. A moderate Morrisey chant from the crowd. Morrisey says unless Moose wants to look over his shoulder for the rest of his life he better give him a world title match tonight.

Moose appears on the tron and says he didn’t think Morrisey was the complaining type but he already showed the world he’s the best world champion at Hard to Kill. Moose says there will be an Impact world title match tonight but it won’t feature Morrisey it’ll feature someone Moose thinks deserves a world title shot. He tells Morrisey to get to the back of the line and wait. Morrisey tells Moose he won’t make it to his world title match tonight and storms off to the back. Scott D’Amore catches him backstage and he has his silly headset on. He tells Morrisey he doesn’t have to like it but he needs to deal with it.

D’Amore tells Morrisey he understands his frustration but he cannot interfere in this title match tonight. Morrisey starts to complain but D’Amore is cut off by someone on the headset. We cut to ringside and Matt Taven is stealing the headset from D’Lo. D’Lo gets mad and goes to beat up Taven but he gets jumped by Vincent and Mike Bennett. Bennett  and Vincent set D’LO on a table and Taven does commentary to D’Lo getting put through a table. PCO had to do TWO dives onto D’Lo to break the table. Taven talks trash to Tom Hannifan and calls him Tom Newname. Finally we get some referees to the ring to check on D’Lo. I guess D’Lo isn’t that loved by the Impact roster. This was a pretty cool segment Taven is gonna be fun to hate.

Back from break and Hannifan has to do the rest of the show solo. Second day on the job and he’s gonna carry the load. Let’s go Tom!

– We get a cool Rok-C highlight video ahead of her big match tonight, this was smart and adds a little bit to a big match.

Chris Bey vs. Laredo Kid

Just one month ago Laredo Kid lost to Chris Bey on Impact in a sweet thirteen minute match. Hannifan is joined by Trey Miguel and we get some banter between Bey and Trey as Chris makes his entrance. Bey is aggressive early on laying into Laredo Kid with some strikes to start the match. Bey gets Laredo into the corner and goes for a chop but Laredo ducks it and gets Bey into the corner. Bey takes a couple chops from Laredo before sending him into the opposing corner. Laredo Kid with a springboard forearm and drops Bey. Bey back to his feet but Laredo hits him with a hurricanrana to the outside. Laredo Kid with a springboard dive to Bey on the outside of the ring. Kid throws Bey back into the ring but he spins through into a kick and drops Laredo Kid. Bey climbs the ropes and hits a moonsault to the outside on Laredo Kid as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Bey is still in control and covers Laredo Kid after a twisting uppercut to the back but Laredo kicks out at two. Bey continues to lay into Laredo Kid with boots to the chest and tosses Kid into the corner but runs into a boot, then a forearm from Laredo Kid. Bey again charges the corner but eats  double knees from Kid. Bey drops Kid and hits him with an elbow drop to the back of the neck and covers for a two count. Bay rakes the eyes and the referee finally calls for a break even though Laredo Kid was mixed up in the ropes. Bey tosses Laredo Kid to the outside and commentary tells us Laredo Kid may have a buster lip. Bey with a chop to Laredo Kid on the outside and Bey continues to go back and forth with Trey. Trey’s commentary gets Bey distracted as he has Laredo Kid on the apron. Laredo Kid drops Bey onto the top ropes and onto his own back. That didn’t hit so well but Bey eventually fell to the ground. Laredo Kid makes up for it by hitting a SICK tope on Bey outside of the ring.

Laredo tosses Bey into the corner and hits him with a running forearm and follows it with a moonsault. The crowd calls for one more and Laredo Kid give them what they want. He covers Bey for a two count. Bey and Kid to their feet and they exchange forearms, Laredo Kid sends Bey to the outside but Bey catches him and sends him into the middle turnbuckle. Laredo Kid charges Bey and runs right into a spinebuster. Bey hits a brainbuster and covers for two. Laredo Kid charges Bey into the corner and slaps him in the face. He follows up with a forearm before setting Bey onto the top rope. Bey drops Laredo Kid off the top rope. Laredo fights back and catches Bey on the top rope. Laredo Kid hits Bey with the Spanish fly and covers Bey for the victory in 12:49.
Rating: ***
Review: This was a fun X-Division match, it felt like Bey was going to win and build to Bey vs. Trey but maybe that’s coming down the line. Laredo Kid is really awesome but Bey feels like a star in the making especially the way this match was booked. I’m not mad if we get Trey vs. Laredo Kid in a singles match though that should be a banger. 

– Rich Swann is backstage with Heath, Rhino, Eddie Edwards and Willie Mack. They are all pissed about the ROH rogue group. Eddie tells the group they need to split up and get to them before they get to anybody else. Willie Mack reminds Eddie that he’s the only one who doesn’t have a partner. Eddie hypes the group up and Rhino is ready to go. They all walk off to take care of the ROH group.

– Brian Meyers is back and presents us with chapter 71 of his book, “How to make a comeback” he tells Zicky Dice and VSK that they’ve embarassed him. He tells them they’re about to get cut and if they don’t impress him. Zicky Dice says will it be impressive if he becomes world champion? They ask if he’s the one facing Moose. He says yeah Moose sees something in him. Meyers tells him yeah Moose sees a night off. Zicky gets a pizza delivered to him and says he eats whenever he has a big match. Meyers and VSK take some pizza and say they’ll be there to watch his match later. Tom says he’s been here a week and has no idea what the hell is going on if Zicky is facing Moose. Agreed.

Jake Something vs. Mike Bailey

Ace Austin has decided to join Hannifan on commentary for this match. It’d be interesting if this was just how Impact commentary was all the time just similar to the PWG style of a consistent commentator joined by revolving talent. Likely just until D’Lo is back. Mike Bailey comes out and has one of the best reactions of the night just off his entrance. Jake tries to corner Mike but Mike is too quick. He tries to lock in a headlock but Jake shoves him off. Mike into the ropes and eats a shoulder block from Jake that sends him to the mat. Jake hits another shoulderblock before lifting Mike up and hitting him with a forearm. Mike fights back and sends Jake to the outside with a dropkick. Bailey teases a dive to the outside and fakes it instead. Jake pulls Mike out and hits him with a BIG powerbomb onto the apron that Tom calls a spinebuster. Ace corrects him thanks Ace. Jake covers for a two count and lifts Bailey up right after. Jake drops Mike with a double forearm to the back. Jake taunts and asks what his name and you can audibly hear fans laugh at this. Mike catches Jake with a kick in the corner. Jake tries to catch Bailey with a spear but ends up outside and Bailey with a dive to the outside on Jake. Jake back in the ring and catches Bailey looking for a hurricanrana but Bailey reverses out of the powerbomb and hits Jake with a series of strikes. Bailey with a standing twisting press and covers Jake for a two count. Bailey goes for a penalty kick but Jake catches his foot and slams him directly onto the ground. Jake with a cover for a two count. Bailey catches Jake in the corner with a spinning kick. Bailey from the top rope and hits Jake with Ultima Weapon before covering for the victory in 4:17.
Rating: **3/4
Review: This was a solid showcase for Bailey that allowed Jake to continue looking awesome as well. It looks like we’re leading to Bailey vs. Ace which will be a great match. Bailey is really cool and seems to be a potential homerun for Impact. The crowd is already aware of him and ready to chant for him. I’m glad that Jake has had some victories recently because it adds to this win for Mike and Jake still looked really strong even in defeat. 

– Karl is backstage with VBD and says they grouped up to beat two of the best teams in Impact and they didn’t get it done so what are they doing together. Eric Young is annoyed by that but says that allowing Doring and Doc to work together helps everyone. Heath and Rhino just happen to be hurt like five feet away from everyone so Karl and Doc go to check on them. Two people leave to go get help and then Karl, Doc and VBD jump Heath and Rhino.

– Cardona and Chelsea are backstage with Gia to discuss their recent losses at Hard to Kill. Cardona says he realizes how rare it was to get a chance at the Impact title and he lost so no excuses but he’s going to stay Alwayz Ready. Matt says he’s going to do everything he needs to in order to create new opportunities. Chelsea says Matt’s being too modest and deserved to win his match, he did everything he needed to. Chelsea says she also deserved to win her match and let it slip through her fingers. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans walk up and tell Gia to get out of here. Tasha tells Chelsea she lost because Tasha took it right from her fingers, because that’s what you do when you’re a winner. She tells Chelsea it must be hard to wake up everyday next to a loser like Matt. Matt and Tasha get in each others faces and Chelsea challenges her to a match. Tasha goes to walk off but Chelsea shoves her and tells her to ‘think about it winner’ before walking away.

Masha Slamovich vs. Vert Vixen

I don’t see this going long and neither does Tom. Masha with a HUGE big boot early before SLAMMING her opponent all around by her hair OUCH. Masha lays in a STIFF kick and talks trash as she continues her beating on Vert. Masha charges Vert in the corner but she dodges. Vixen with a forearm to Masha and now she’s pissed. Masha with a clothesline on Vixen and calls for the end. Masha hits her suplex driver for the victory in 1:05.
Rating: N/A
Review: Masha’s dope and this was a sweet squash for her. She’s legit and you can feel the respect the crowd has for her already. Speaking of respect Josh comes out right after her victory to show a sign of respect before cutting a promo.

Josh grabs a microphone and says he’s been told to get his emotions in check, he says first it was Suzuki, then JONAH, he’s spit up blood and been through hell but never lost focus. He says the image of what Moose did to him in front of his wife and child will be burnt into his skull forever. He says he’s the uncrowned champion in Impact until Josh beats him. Josh says Moose has no problem handing out championship matches to anyone who asks because he’s avoiding the one true challenge in this company. Josh says if Moose intends on wrestling in that ring tonight he’s only going to do so when he goes through Josh. Josh says if he doesn’t get his championship match then he has to think if Impact’s the best place for him to be. Josh is cut off by CHARLIE HAAS. CHARLIE HAAS has entered the Impact zone. He makes his way to the ring and stares down Josh.

Haas has a mic in hand in seconds, magic. Haas says he heeds to introduce himself to Josh and the audience because it’s the first time he’s even been in an Impact ring. Haas gets one of the best reactions of the night. He tells Josh he’s one hell of a wrestler, they have a lot of the same traits and both worked so hard to learn every hold, every counter and every counter to every counter. Haas says he was part of one of the world greatest tag teams, and Josh was part of one of the best tag teams…in Impact. Haas says lets cut to the chase, Josh is the pinnacle and Haas knows he has a lot left in the tank. Haas is issuing Josh a challenge to a match.

Josh says everyone knows who he is, he’s one of the best amateur and professional wrestlers of all time. He says it would be an honor to step foot in the ring with Charlie, but he’s had obstacles and excuses constantly put in his way. Josh says he wants to win the title first or Charlie’s just going to be an obstacle in his way. Charlie says Josh has it twisted he’d be an obstacle in his way. Haas hits Josh with a right hand and a brawl breaks out. Security hits the ring to break up the fight. They separate the two and Haas heads to the back. Haas tells Josh he’s coming for him, Josh grabs a mic and says if Charlie wants the match, he’s not afraid of a fight he’s got the match. The editing on this segment was rough, the mic work was eh, and i’m never going to clamor for a Charlie Haas match in 2022 but it’s a cool little match for Josh as he continues on his path to being champion. Would be nice if he could just get a title match though.

Mickie is backstage and welcomes Rok-C to the locker room and says she’s doing amazing things. Rok-C says she appreciates Mickie coming to talk to her because the lockerroom felt cold with all the ROH issues but Mickie made her feel welcome. Mickie says boys will be boys but they’re fine. Rok-C tells Mickie she was there to watch her match at Hard to Kill. Mickie thanks her and tells her that she came to warn her about Deonna. She says Deonna is not afraid to go to any levels to stay champion so be careful. Rok-C thanks Mickie for the advice.

Impact World Championship
Zicky Dice vs. Moose

At least Zicky got an entrance. Moose isn’t even dressed in his gear hahaha. He’s wearing a suit. What a man of the people giving a championship opportunity to someone who has never had a title opportunity. Brian Meyers is here on commentary and calls Zicky an idiot. Meyers said he had to be here for this in the best seat in the house. Zicky hits a superman punch on Moose but Moose no sells it. Zicky pumps up a second superman punch but Moose drops him with a uranage and covers him for the victory in :16.
Rating: N/A
Review: This was nice and short. Poor Zicky never stood a chance. 
Post match: Morrisey hits the ring and we get a brawl between him and Moose. Zicky gets to his feet and eats a big boot from Morrisey. Moose heads to the back and Morrisey poses with the championship. VSK comes into the ring to check on Zicky and Morrisey hits him with a chokeslam to send a message to Moose. Moose is able to grab his championship thanks to the distraction from VSK and heads to the back. Morrisey decides to chase after Morrisey and starts to speed walk to the back. Morrisey finally makes his way outside and Moose speeds off.

Raj Singh vs. JONAH

Scott D’Amore is here on commentary and explains that Gresham and Rok-C are here as representatives of ROH and he’s talked to ROH executives to confirm that but he mentioned the rogue group and says they came here on their own not on behalf of ROH. As much as I don’t love that storytelling I appreciate the explanation. Raj gets on the mic and says he wants to fight somebody, JONAH accepts his request and makes his way to the ring. Raj goes for a forearm early, and follows it with a slap but JONAH eats it. Raj with a clothesline but JONAH again is unphazed. JONAH with a clothesline of his own and he drops Raj. JONAH catches Raj in the corner but he rolls out and catches JONAH with a flurry of strikes. Raj tries to send JONAH into the corner but JONAH grabs him and tosses him across the ring. JONAH hits a sit out senton on Raj and heads to the top rope and hits a splash on Raj for the victory in 1:24.
Rating: N/A
Review: JONAH is a big dude and should be winning in quick fashion. I wonder how long JONAH will be with Impact as D’Amore mentioned he’s a NJPW superstar. The longer he can work there the better and i’m glad they’re letting him lean into being more of a babyface badass. 

– The Influence are backstage and tell the Iinspiration to get ready for their match and stop trying to rip off their show. They bring up the Decay and they walk up on The Influence and challenge them to a match for next week. Before they can respond someone busts through a door and calls for help for Eddie Edwards. These are not the best actors in the world for these segments but let’s get Eddie some help can we!?

– Jonathan Gresham is backstage with Gia and explains he has nothing to do with the ROH guys invading them. He tells them that he has to let them know that there was a war going on in ROH before they closed and he needs us to know the pure wrestlers won. Maclin comes up and says that it sounds like a lie because there’s no honor in turning your back on your brothers. Gresham says he is HONOR and he challenges Maclin to a match and says he’ll wrestle him in an ROH title match but only under pure rules. Maclin says you’re on.

ROH Women’s World Title vs. AAA Reina de Reinas Championship
Rok-C vs. Deonna Purrazzo 

This is Deonna’s first ROH women’s championship match despite her history with the company. Ian Riccaboni and Matthew Rehwolt join Tom on commentary for the main event. Rok-C has made a number of defenses and has been undefeated in singles action. Rok-C with a headlock early but Deonna shoves her into the ropes, Rok-C follows with a shoulder block dropping Deonna. Rok-C with a cartwheel over Deonna and copies her taunt. Rok-C looks for a german suplex but Deonna fights out. Rok-C looks for the Rok-Lock but Deonna slides out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Rok-C hits a unique armdrag into the rok-knees and covers Deonna for a two count. Rok-C with a chop and grabs Deonna’s hand to help her as she runs up the ropes but Deonna shoves her off the top rope to the outside. Rok-C crawls back into the ring just before the ten count and Deonna starts to work over the arm. Deonna slams Rok-C onto the mat shoulder first. Rok-C crawls to the corner and Deonna uses the bottom rope to work over the arm before kicking the rope to cause further impact to the arm. Deonna pulls Rok-C to the center of the ring and stomps on her forearm. Deonna covers Rok-C for a two count. Rok-C fires away with forearms that send Deonna into the corner. Rok-C sends Deonna into the opposing corner but she runs out and we get a lockup that ends with Rok-Cs arm getting bent backwards on the mat. Deonna covers Rok-C and again she kicks out at two. Deonna uses her knee brace across the face of Rok-C before locking in a submission to wear out Rok-C. Rok-C reverses out and sends Deonna to the mat. Deonna goes for a spear on Rok-C in the corner but she moves and Deonna goes shoulder first into the ring post. Both men back to their feet and Rok-C drops Deonna with a boot in the corner. Rok-C off the middle rope into a thesz press and lays into Deonna with rights and lefts. Rok-C drops Deonna and locks in the Rok-Lock but apparently her arm gave out and she lets go of the submission. That was weird. Rok-C goes back after Deonna but again she’s slammed shoulder first into the ring. Deonna with a side Russian leg sweep and locks in a fujiwara armbar. Rok-C rolls up Deonna but she kicks out at two. Rok-C hits the code red and covers Deonna but again she kicks out at two! Rok-C is stunned that Deonna kicked out. The crowd is sure it was  a three count. Rok-C goes for the code red again but Deonna counters out and locks in the fujiwara armbar again! Rok-C rolls Deonna through and locks in the Rok-Lock! Deonna refuses to tap and crawls to the bottom rope but Rok-C rolls her through to the center. The roll through allows Deonna to reverse into the fujiwara armbar and Rok-C is trapped. Deonna wrenches back on her arm and ROk-C just stares she starts to fade and the referee goes to call it but Rok-C grabs the ref’s leg to stop him. Deonna punches at her arm to pull her off the ref and locks in the submission even deeper. Rok-C is finally forced to submit and Deonna wins the ROH Women’s championship in 14:24.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: This was an awesome main event and adds credence to my belief that Deonna/Mickie would’ve been better a straight singles match. Deonna is great and so is Rok-C so we got an awesome Women’s title main event. I appreciate how much emphasis Impact puts on the women. It’s been rumored that Rok-C has been signed which makes sense as she’s got a ton of potential, this crowd was firmly behind her despite not seeing her wrestle much before i’d assume. Either way a great showing for two women put in a great spot to succeed. 
Post match: Maria comes to the ring and has words with Deonna. Vincent, Taven, and the rest of the ROH Rogue group surround Deonna. Rehwoldt jumps into the ring to defend her and he gets jumped. Willie Mack and Rich Swann hit the ring to make the save. The numbers are too much as Swann and Mack get laid out by the ROH Five. They stand tall over the fallen Impact superstars and pose to close the show.

The final score: review Good
The 411
I'll be the first to say Impact's booking isn't always what I would do, but what they've been doing is good so you've gotta give it some love. This card was really well booked and i'm thrilled we finally had a new location to get some different backstage settings. It's the little stuff for me. Some of the promo work on this show left something to be desired but there were also a couple of solid promos as well. Overall the opener and main are worth seeking out, the Mike Bailey showcase was pretty solid and the squash matches were good for what they were. Hard to complain about an episode when you have all of that as well as all of these ROH superstars on top of it.

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