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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 8.18.22

August 18, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
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Cazer’s Impact Wrestling Review 8.18.22  

Fresh off a hell of an Impact Plus live event, we’re back for another episode of Impact. Impact has really hit its stride over recent months and coming off a great show i’m sure we’re going to see the continuation of some interesting things as well as the beginning of some other interesting stuff as well. They’ve already announced a six person elimination #1 contenders match, Kenny King vs. Heath, Mike Bailey defending the X-Division title vs. Chris Bey and much more. It looks like a BANGER of an episode of Impact so let’s get to it!

– We open with highlights between the stellar main event of Emergence between Josh Alexander and Alex Shelley. (Apologies for the mix-up w/ the ppv name got bad movies on the mind)

Laredo Kid vs. Black Taurus vs. Rey Horus vs. Trey Miguel

Heavy on the multi-person matches tonight but I am NOT upset about it at all. This will be a banger and a bit hard to keep up with but i’ll do my best. Crazzy Steve is joining commentary for this one that should be…something. Trey should just stop doing the spray paint gimmick for his entrance. It has looked good maybe one time. Everyone runs at Taurus but he sends them all into opposing corners, he runs into a strike from each of them then they team up for a triple dropkick to send him outside. Laredo Kid with some unique action inside dropping both Trey and Horus with a double armdrag then a dive to Taurus outside. Trey and Horus exchange moves with Horus coming out on top sending Trey outside. Laredo Kid inside with a sweet springboard armdrag then a backbreaker to Horus then another. Taurus back in the ring and he catches Laredo Kid but he spins out with a rana sending Taurus into the corner, Taurus returns with a sling blade then a slam but Trey enters the ring and drops Taurus with a series of kicks and a stomp to the back. Taurus to his feet angry as Steve laughs on commentary. Trey dropped across the knee for a backbreaker from Taurus. Horus runs into Taurus and he slams him into the corner. Laredo Kid runs right into a lifting sampan drop from Black Taurus. Taurus sends Rey Horus into the ropes but he dumps Taurus outside. Horus with a dive but Taurus catches him and nails him with a headbutt. Laredo Kid on the apron and Trey with a rana sends Kid right into Taurus taking both men out. Trey and Laredo Kid back into the ring and they exchange forearms Trey drops Kid with a kick then a brainbuster, Trey covers for two. Horus back into the ring, Trey ducks a kick but is hit with a rebound enziguri from Horus, Taurus drops Horus, Laredo Kid with a reverse rana to Taurus. Everyone is down. Laredo Kid covers for a two count. Taurus charges Laredo Kid in the corner but he hits the top rope and falls outside. Trey with a dive to Taurus on the outside. Horus catches Kid inside with a kick. Horus with a dive to Trey and Taurus on the outside. Horus taunts then lifts Trey and Taurus up for a moonsault from Kid taking all three men down. Kid slaps at the ring mat and heads back in with Taurus, Taurus tries to set Kid up but he counters for a crucifix bomb. Horus with a tornado DDT to Taurus. Trey in and he hits a cross rhodes on Horus. Laredo Kid with a flipping DDT but Taurus to his feet lifts Laredo Kid up and drops him on his head with destination hell hole I believe is the name and covers for the victory.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: This was a lot of fun, I was surprised to see Taurus win but i’m not mad at any of them winning really. I wouldn’t have been mad if this went another 15 minutes, solid way to kick off the show. 

– We recap Killer Kelly’s debut before cutting to Swinger and Zicky Dice backstage talking her up after watching the video. Tasha Steelz walks up and says they must’ve never seen a Tasha Steelz match, Zicky says he’s never seen her but heard good things. Tasha runs down her accolades and Zicky starts gawking, she turns around to see Killer Kelly there so Tasha runs her down and tells her not to take it personal. Kelly says it’s not personal to her it’s just to play a fun little game. Kelly says if she’s keeping an eye on her, then she’ll keep an eye on Tasha too then tells Savanah Evans if she’ll be in the way she’ll get her out of the way and she hopes Tasha is watching. Tasha tells her ‘oh i’ll be watching jigsaw’ as she walks off. This wasn’t AMAZING but it was actually pretty good all things considered.

– Rich Swann is backstage with Josh Alexander and Josh says he cant pick favorites but he basically says Swann is his favorite. Josh says if he wins the six man elimination match then he will be in for the fight of his life when they face off. Vincent walks up and asks why Josh keeps getting raced like a race horse until he collapses. He says he’s being used by Impact like Swann. Vincent continues trying to recruit Josh to Honor No More before walking off.

Kenny King vs. Heath

Kenny King looks to finally get Heath out of the hair of Honor No More once and for all. I don’t see it happening but hey ya never know. Interesting that Heath decided to keep his nose out of Honor No More’s business but it’s fair he wants to keep them together so he can be the one to take them all out. Strike exchange early which actually makes a ton of sense love the aggressiveness between these two as they shouldn’t enjoy each other. Heath drops Kenny with a powerslam and he rolls to the outside. King circles the ring as Heath has to watch his back to keep both Vincent and Kenny King in his sights. Heath grabs King and sends him inside before backing down Vincent. Heath chases Vincent but he gets caught off guard by Kenny King as he dives onto Heath on the outside sending us to commercial. Did this match really need a commercial?

We recap the action during the break including a blockbuster from Kenny King who remains in control of this match. Heath fights back with strikes to King, then drops him with a running knee and a back kick. King to his feet but right back down with a neck breaker from Heath who covers for two. King misses a splash in the corner and Heath drops him with the wakeup call for the victory.
Rating: **3/4
Review: This was solid but it wasn’t really a match that i’d ever enjoy that much as i’m not a huge fan of Heath. They delivered a fine match here though that some will likely enjoy a tad more than I. 
Post match: But before he can begin celebrating all of Honor No More come out and surround the ring. They begin attacking and he tries his best but it’s no help. PCO stands back in the corner as the rest of the group handles Heath. They lift Heath up and everyone takes shots as Eddie tells them what to do. Eddie stops Bennett from taking a shot and tells PCO to take out Heath. PCO hypes up and gets in the face of Eddie, this allows Heath to suddenly spring to his feet and drop Bennett with a wakeup call and dips out as Vincent yells at PCO.

– Shelley is backstage with Sabin and Kushida and they talk up their upcoming match with Violent by Design. Shelley says he used to say two bodies one mind but now it is three bodies one mind. He combines both tag team names and calls them Time Machine.

– Honor No More are in some stairwell and Eddie says they should be preparing for his match but how does this keep happening. Taven asks how its possible with six people in the ring and Bennett says Gallows is hurt so who knows when they’ll get a tag title match. Taven finds Scott D’Amore and says they got off on the wrong foot. Maria says make it a handicap match but Scott says instead next week Bennett can face Karl and if Karl wins Maria is banned from ringside from their future tag match.

Savanah Evans vs. Killer Kelly

They had a bit of an interaction early tonight setting up this match. It seems like Killer Kelly wants to get Savanah Evans out of the way so she can handle Steelz one on one. Glad Kelly is jumping right into serious competition. Evans looking to choke out Kelly but Kelly grabs her other hand and asks for more. Big pop. Kelly sent into the corner and Evans hits her with a spear and Kelly seemed to enjoy it a bit crawling out of the corner as the crowd chants her name. Evans in the corner and Kelly lays into her with strikes. Evans shoves her off but Kelly keeps coming back. Evans looks for a strike but Kelly catches both of them. Kelly with a headbutt to the shoulder of Evans that Tom sells as skull to skull. Kelly with a dropkick to Evans in the corner. Kelly with a cover for two. Kelly looks for the double under hook but Evans blocks it, Kelly with a knee to the midsection and bounces off the ropes right into a big boot from Evans then a german suplex that folded her right up. Kelly rolls up Evans for two and locks in the killer clutch. Evans rolls around looking to escape but she can’t and Evans forces a submission. Kelly is slow to let go laughing as she covers the mouth of Evans. Finally the ref forces the break as Tasha watches on the outside.
Rating: **3/4
Review: This wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it. Kelly is a superb addition to the knockouts division her character work can improve in spots but overall she’s pretty entertaining to watch.

– Jessicka is backstage with Rosemary and Taya who discuss the fact that they lost the championships but on the bright side Jessicka will have her debut match next week. Taya and Jessicka are so excited but Rosemary isn’t that into it. Rosemary tells Jessicka they can do what they need to to get her ready for next week.

– Jordynne Grace is backstage with Gia after recapping Masha Slamovich challenging Jordynne Grace. Grace says she’s up to the challenge then says Mia gave her a great match. She’s interrupted by Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo who run her down and talk about their recent success challenging for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship. Jordynne challenges them to a handicap match but Mia walks up and calls them Ren and Stimpys and then says she’ll team with Jordynne for a chance at the tag team titles. Chelsea whispers to Deonna and then says fine. Mia says she owes her a handshake and they shake hands before walking off.

X-Division Championship
Chris Bey vs. Mike Bailey (c) 

Bailey has a bit of an open challenge going so now he has to face the challenge of Chris Bey. Bailey has beaten a number of solid opponents and looks to add Bey to that list. Bailey is halfway to the most X-Division title defenses in a short amount of time. Lock up and exchange of shoulder block kip up exchanges. Both men laying solid shots and attempting pinfalls before Speedball sends Bey to the outside with a dropkick. Bey gives up on his championship shot already but he recognizes that might be a bad idea so he heads back to the ring. Bey chokes Bailey up on the top rope then pulls him outside and drops him with a chop. Bey tries to send Bailey into the pole but he counters, Bey uses the post to wrap around and avoid it. Bailey inside, Bey with a jumping DDT to Bailey and covers for two. Bey locks in a leg submission on Bailey’s head but he counters out. Bey off the ropes and Bailey drops him with a running knee. Bailey with a series of kicks dropping Bey. Bey with a running uppercut then a kick to the back of the head of Bailey. Bailey with a series of kicks to Bey and he drops him. Bailey drops Bey with a kick to the chest then a moonsault with the knees to the chest. Bey rolls up Bailey for two, then hits a flatliner to Bailey. Bailey to the outside. Bey with a dive but Bailey stops him and hits a moonsault to the outside. Bey slides in and hits a springboard kick to the side of the head of Bailey. Bey with a dive on Bailey outside taking both men out. Bailey tossed back into the ring he charges Bey but he sets him up on the top rope and Bailey hangs on as Bey heads up top hitting a double stomp on Bailey who easily could’ve moved to avoid that but took one for the team. Bey heads up top again he attempts another double stomp and this one Bailey moves. Bey sets Bailey up top and powerbombs him out of the corner covering for two. Bey on the ropes and Bailey kicks his feet out from under him. Bey and Bailey attempt kicks. Bailey drops Bey with a stiff kick, Bey tries to bounce up and attack but takes another kick. Bailey with Ultima weapon and covers for the victory to retain.
Rating: ****
Review: That match slapped but it was a tad short. It was one of the longer matches on the card but I could watch this one for double the time and still be entertained. Bailey is great and this title run has been solid. 

– Meyers is walking down the stairs from earlier and he runs into Gujar and throws a weak punch that Gujar catches easily. Gujar says this isn’t over then walks back the way he came because I guess he forgot something. Gujar is cool, but this is goofy and the digital media title means next to nothing especially with Cardona out.

Impact World Championship #1 Contenders Match
Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan vs. Moose vs. Bandido vs. Steve Maclin vs. Rich Swann

This is an elimination match and the winner will challenge for the championship at Bound for Glory. Only two people in the ring at a time and tags are needed. Curious how this will boil down. Bandido and Swann exchange holds, Swann with a headlock and then off the ropes looks for a rana but Bandido lands on his feet, Swann does the same. They both exchange sweet counters and flips with neither taking control right away. The crowd gets behind Bandido but Eddie Edwards tags in from behind. Swann with a rana to Eddie and tags in Sami. Sami asks for Eddie to hit him and they exchange strikes before Eddie rakes at his eyes. Sami with a clothesline then tosses him in the corner tagging in Rich Swann and using him as a weapon. Maclin looks to take Swann out but he dodges and heads outside. Eddie and Maclin on the outside and Swann dives onto both sending us to commercial.

Back from break and Moose has Swann by the hair and slams him into the ground face first. Eddie comes over and Moose forces a tag into the match. Moose sets Swann up on the ropes and chokes him in the corner. Moose sets Swann in the corner of Maclin and tags in as he chops Swann. Moose tags back in quickly to get a chop of his own. Maclin tags back in and there’s a bit of animosity between them. Maclin with a backbreaker to Swann and covers for two. Swann sent to the corner as Maclin stomps away at him. Maclin exchanges words with Sami then goes back after Swann who fights back for a moment before Maclin lifts him up for a slam but Swann turns it around into a crossbody. Callihan tags in and runs through Maclin and drops Eddie off the apron. Eddie lays into Maclin in the corner and Moose gets involved but he hits Maclin on accident. Callihan drops Moose then turns his attention back to Maclin. Sami calls for the thumbs up thumbs down but Maclin counters and tags in Moose. Callihan fights back but Maclin rakes the eyes and sends him into a spear from Moose who covers Sami for the elimination. Maclin rolls up Moose and catches him off guard for the elimination. I guess that proves their relationship is strictly business. Maclin pulls Moose out then drops Maclin with a strike tossing him into Moose outside the ring. Callihan fights with Moose up the ramp and Bandido hits a dive onto Maclin outside the ring the crowd loves him. Bandido hits the 21 plex on Maclin and covers him for the three count eliminating him!

We are back and down to the final three in Eddie Edwards, Bandido and Rich Swann. Swann and Bandido in the ring exchanging strikes and Eddie tags in trying to catch Bandido off guard and drops him with a right hand. Eddie drops a knee across the back of Bandido and the crowd tries to cheer him on. Eddie lays into Bandido with a headbutt then lifts him up and sends him into the corner but runs into a boot. Bandido with a twisting crossbody to Eddie then drops him with a kick. Eddie tags in Swann with a slap to the face and he tells Swann to take out Bandido. Bandido drops Eddie to the outside, Bandido and Swann exchange strikes and runs right into a spanish fly, Bandido covers for two. Bandido lifts Rich Swann up and holds him with one arm. Bandido lifts Swann up for a lifting cutter and covers for a two count. Swann with a handspring cutter to Bandido and covers for a two count. Bandido sits up but Swann drops him with a kick to the face. Bandido heads up top and Eddie makes a blind tag. Swann with the Phoenix Splash to Bandido, Eddie sends Swann into the corner and hits Bandido with the boston knee party covering him for the elimination. Swann and Edwards are the final two. Eddie lays into Swann with deep chops then drops him with a clothesline and covers for two. Eddie jaw jacks with Swann before he lifts him up and tosses him into the ropes. Eddie with a back elbow on the rebound and he covers Swann for two. Eddie with the forearms across the face of Swann. Eddie sets Swann in the corner and tosses him into the opposing corner chest first. Eddie heads up top and pulls Swann to his feet but Swann fights free and hits a rana to Eddie. Swann uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, Eddie runs into a series of kicks then a neckbreaker. Swann with a kick to the face of Edwards and he covers for two. Eddie rolls to the apron and then outside grabbing the kendostick. The referee is trying to pull Swann into the ring for some reason allowing Eddie to just nail him in the face with the kendo stick. Eddie covers but somehow Swann kicks out at two. Eddie attempts another Boston Knee Party but Swann ducks it. Swann lifted up for a powerbomb but he counters into a pinfall attempt for two. Eddie runs into a kick from Swann, Swann attempts the handspring into the cutter but Eddie catches him and slams him then hitting the boston knee party but somehow Swann kicks out just in time. Eddie hits Swann with the diehard driver and covers Swann for the victory.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: This was a fun match but i’m not at all interested in watching Eddie Edwards challenge for the Impact World Championship. I get the build is there for it, but I would’ve preffered just about anyone else won this one. I hope Bandido sticks around for a long time to come. 

The final score: review Good
The 411
This was another good episode of Impact with great action throughout and very little in the way of negative segments. I am not sold on the winner of the main event but i'll give it a bit of time. There could be something interesting brewing within Honor No More but we'll see. Everything else was good, it almost feels like i'm waiting on an off week but Impact has a strong crew of regulars and things seem to continue at that perfect place for them right now.

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