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CHIKARA Review: An Optimistic View of a Pessimistic World

November 14, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: An Optimistic View of a Pessimistic World  

Easton, PA – 10.17.2009

CHIKARA returns to Easton, PA with “An Optimistic View of a Pessimistic World”. For the first time in CHIKARA, three distinct titles will be defended on one show as the Campeonatos de Parejas, the Young Lions Cup, and the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship will all be contested. In addition, many teams will be vying for the three points they need for a future shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas. Will we crown some new champions? Will new title contenders emerge? Let’s find out.

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, Louden Noxious, Ultramantis Black, Vin Gerard, and Mike Quackenbush.

Louden Noxious opens the show playing a song on his acoustic guitar about himself. How pretentious of him!

Lince Dorado vs. Vin Gerard

Tonight, we were supposed to see Lince Dorado and Helios team up to take on The Badd Boys. Since the Badd Boys were held up at the Canadian border, they are off both of this weekends shows. Lince is now in this singles match with Vin Gerard. Vin comes out wearing one of those swine flu masks you get at the doctor’s and acting like he’s out of it, which is pretty funny. They lock up, and Vin coughs and heads back to his corner. He continues wearing the mask. Lince applies a wrist lock, and Vin directly coughs maskless into Lince’s face. Lince blocks a clothesline, locks Vin’s wrist and lands an armdrag. Lince and Vin go back and forth with Lince getting a dropkick and a headscissors to Vin. Vin gets sent to the floor and Lince follows with a pescado. Lince throws Vin back in the ring. Vin pops up Lince and he slams stomach first onto the mat. Lince sits in the corner and Vin rubs his mask right in Lince’s face. Vin picks up Lince by his mask and throws him to the ropes. Vin knocks Lince down with an elbow and a senton. Vin sticks his finger in his mouth and then sticks it in Lince’s mouth! That is just plain nasty. Lince tries to head to the floor and Vin cuts him off. Vin chokes Lince with his boot. Lince fights up out of the corner, but Vin grabs his legs and pulls him out into a slam. Vin tries two pin attempts to no avail. Vin clubs Lince with a forearm to the back. Vin tosses Lince to the corner. Vin follows and hits a double axe handle from the second rope. Vin gets on all fours and headbutts and slaps Lince. Vin picks up Lince and takes him over with a snap suplex for two. Vin continues to beat on Lince but can’t get a pin. Lince and Vin exchange blows. Lince hits a botches back handspring and a hurricanrana on Vin. Vin blocks a whip to the ropes and biels Lince to the apron. Lince kicks Vin in the face and comes in with a springboard Thesz Press. Lince hits a spinwheel kick. Lince runs up the ropes into a tumbleweed senton to Vin. Lince rolls through a sunset flip into a basement dropkick. Lince heads up top and misses the shooting star press. Vin lands the 2k1 Bomb for the win in 5:57. This was alright for an opening match, but nothing special. Effective in getting Vin some more momentum was all this was. *1/2

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Player Uno

Claudio and Uno exchange wrist locks vying for the advantage. Claudio goes to Uno’s legs to take him down and apply a headlock. Uno rolls into a pin attempt, but Claudio rolls up to his feet with the headlock still applied. Uno tosses Claudio off, but Claudio knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Uno evades a slam and gets an armdrag. Uno hops off the second rope into a monkey flip to Claudio. Claudio drops down when Uno comes off the ropes and Claudio catches Uno with a dropkick. Claudio wrenches on Uno’s arm and rolls him into a crucifix for two. Claudio slams Uno down, then goes to the second ropes. Claudio drops an elbow but Uno moves out of the way. Uno hits a chin breaker, but Claudio mows Uno down with a clothesline as Uno comes off the ropes. Claudio slams Uno and goes to the third rope with an elbow drop. Claudio dead lifts Uno into a gut wrench suplex. He pins Uno for two. Claudio goes back to the arm and neck of Uno and stretches him out on the mat. Uno works back to a vertical base. Claudio lifts Uno for a suplex, and Uno wiggles out. Uno blocks the bicycle kick and hits a jump-up neck breaker! Uno reverses a whip and lands a hard punch to Claudio’s face. Uno runs at Claudio, and Claudio puts Uno up top. Claudio hits a European, and Uno comes off with a seated dropkick off the top! Uno lands a knee into Claudio’s gut in the corner and follows with a cannonball senton. Uno calls for the game over but Claudio knees him in the gut. Uno comes back with a satellite headscissors which sends Claudio to the floor. Uno dives through the middle rope with a cannonball senton to Claudio! Back in the ring, Uno goes up top. Claudio evades the M. Bison Stomp. Uno runs into the referee and rolls up Claudio. The referee’s down however. Claudio gets up and blasts Uno in the face with the Sweet Schwinn Music and the U.F.O. (torture rack airplane spin into a slam) for the win in 6:26. This was a very fun match between these two fan favorites. Many people talk about how much Davey Richards has improved in 2009, but Claudio Castagnoli is so under appreciated for his advancement. For that matter, so has Uno! A perfect example of how a second match on a card should be. **1/2

Four Team Elimination Match
The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Sugar Dunkerton) vs. The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) vs. The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) vs. F.I.S.T. (Icarus & Chuck Taylor)

This is Sugar Dunkerton’s CHIKARA debut, and I am already very amused by him.He and Icarus start out, and they have a tip-up for Sugar’s basketball. Icarus doesn’t feel like doing so, so Sugar uses peer pressure by getting the fans to boo. Icarus decides to oblige, and when he jumps up, Sugar catches him with a Manhattan Drop! Sugar and Dahser use their team skills to attack Icarus in the corner with a cannonball and a baseball slide. Chuck Taylor comes in and gets nailed in the chest with two wind-up punches from Dasher. When Dasher hits the floor, the Young Bucks come in and hit a tandem Japanese armdrag into stereo backflip dropkicks. The Osirian Portal come in and send Chuck to the floor. The Portal and The Bucks stand face to face and leave Matt Jackson and Ophidian in the ring. F.I.S.T. come in and attack them both. Icarus takes Ophidian to the floor while Chuck beats on Matt in the ring. The Young Bucks take down Chuck and Nick pins Chuck for two. Ophidian blind tags in, and he and Amasis take down Chuck with some cool looking tandem offense. Icarus tags in and Sugar tags in also. Sugar delivers a series of punches to Chuck’s face. He hits the ropes and Icarus catches him with a knee to the back. Chuck catches Sugar with the Sole Food and pins him for two. F.I.S.T. isolate Sugar and bully him in their corner. Sugar ducks a series of clotheslines and lands a flying back elbow to Icarus’ face. Sugar tags in Dasher who fights Chuck. Icarus takes Dasher to the floor. Ophidian comes in and Chuck blocks the Egyptian Destroyer. F.IS.T. hit their dropkick/Enzugiri combo in the corner and then take out both Young Bucks. Sugar comes back in the ring. Chuck gets him on his shoulders. Sugar pushes Chuck into the corner to crotch Icarus in the corner. Dasher springboards into a La Magistral on Icarus and pins him at 7:19. F.I.S.T. has been eliminated and The Throwbacks have one point.

Ophidian runs in tries a headscissors. Dasher throws him to the floor. Dasher helps Sugar. Amasis comes in and gets a double back body drop. Matt Jackson comes in and gets a flapjack for his troubles. Dasher and Sugar hit a pop up facebuster double team. Sugar gives Dasher Ophidian on the top rope. Ophidian comes off with a hurricanrana off the top to Sugar on the mat! The Osirian Portal toss Dasher to the floor. They hypnotize Sugar Dunkerton, and Dasher hits a double German suplex on the Portal! Dasher pins Ophidian for two. Dasher tries to knock Sugar out of his state. Amasis however knocks out Dasher and hits the Egyptian Conniption to eliminate Sugar Dunkerton in 10:06. The Throwbacks have been eliminated and The Osirian Portal have one point.

The Portal and The Young Bucks trade shots in the ring. Matt pops up Nick into a double dropkick onto both Ophidian and Amasis. The Bucks hit a spinning neck breaker into a backbreaker for two on Ophidian. Amasis hops off the second ropes with a double shoulder tackle to both Bucks. The Portal hit their wheelbarrow shoulder block to Matt in the corner. They then take Matt off the top rope with the super Pyramid Suplex. Nick breaks up the count and comes back with an elbow to send Amasis to the floor. Nick goes through the ropes with a moonsault off the apron to Amasis. Matt wheelbarrows Ophidian and Nick hops off the apron into an X-Factor. Amasis comes back and breaks up the pin. Amasis and Nick trade blows and Nick takes down Amasis with a kick to the side of his head. Nick goes up top and Ophidian cuts him off. Amasis gets up and they look for the Pyramid Suplex on Nick. Matt picks up Amasis and Ophidian on his shoulders, and Nick pushes them down! Amasis lay on the mat after Matt takes Ophidian away. Nick lands a great 450 Splash, and Amasis is able to kick out! Nick runs at Ophidian, and Ophidian sends him to the floor. Ophidian takes down Nick with a headscissors. Matt and Amasis go back and forth in the ring. Amasis gets sent to the floor and Ophidian rolls up Matt with a prawn hold. Nick comes in and Ophidian wheelbarrows up into the Ophidian Death Grip! Matt breaks it up and The Yooung Bucks look to get an advantage. Ophidian is too quick and Nick blasts Matt in the face with a knee in the corner. Ophidian lands a German Suplex on Nick. The Osirian Portal go up top and hit Nick with the Osirian Sacrament for the pinfall in 15:38. The Osirian Portal leave the match with two points in tow. This was a fantastic tag team elimination match, which CHIKARA has had many of this past year. All four teams looked damn good, and The Throwbacks made a great impression with their debut. It looks to me like The Osirian Portal are Tecnicos now, which is a nice change of pace. This was some great stuff here. ***1/2

Helios vs. Hallowicked

Tonight, we were supposed to see Lince Dorado and Helios team up to take on The Badd Boys. Since the Badd Boys were held up at the Canadian border, they are off both of these weekends shows. Helios is now in this singles match with Hallowicked. Helios goes behind Hallowicked. He takes him off his feet and gets a side headlock. Hallowicked turns into a front facelock of his own. They continue to look for the advantage. Helios wheelbarrows into a slam. Hallowicked fights back with chops. Helios blocks and locks Hallowicked’s arm. Hallowicked runs up the ropes and takes Helios down with an armdrag. Helios comes right back with a flurry of offense. Hallowicked blocks the Tiger Walk and gets a chop. Hallowicked wraps his arms around Helios’ legs, and Helios turns into an arm drag. Hallowicked drops down and rolls up Helios for two. Helios comes off the ropes with a headscissors takedown for two. Helios and Wicked reach a stalemate. Helios sends Hallowicked to the corner. He runs at Wicked, and Wicked takes his face off with a Big Boot. Wicked only gets a two count with the pin attempt. Hallowicked takes over Helios with a suplex for another two count. Hallowicked stretches Helios on the mat. Helios tries a pin, but Hallowicked rolls up in strikes Helios. He tries a pin of his own for two. Helios knees Hallowicked in the chest and springboards into a cross body. Hallowicked twists Helios into a sidewalk slam for two. Hallowicked rams his shoulder into Helios’ stomach. Hallowicked takes Helios down with a super snapmare for a two count. Helios reverses Hallowicked’s attack and spins him out into a slam. Helios blocks a clothesline attempt and lands an arm-trap DDT and standing moonsault for two. Helios eats the Go Too Sleepy Hollow from Hallowicked for the two count. Wicked places Helios up top looking for the super Fisherman’s Buster. Helios pushes Hallowicked off the top. Wicked runs up and Helios again pushes Wicked down. Wicked runs up and takes a kick to the side of his head from Helios. Helios lands the 630 Splash in 7:32 for the win. This was a good match, but I didn’t find it to be very interesting. It was pretty standard fare from each guy with nothing too spectacular. I’ve seen better from both, and this was pretty by-the-numbers stuff. **1/2

Jigsaw vs. STIGMA

STIGMA attacks Jigsaw as he’s entering the ring. Both men brawl back and forth on the floor, including hopping off the bleachers and twisting into a hurricanrana. Jigsaw sends STIGMA back into the ring and heads up top. Jigsaw lands a missile dropkick and pins STIGMA for two. Jigsaw chops STIGMA in the corner and whips him across the ring. Jigsaw lands a pair of elbows and sets up for a brainbuster. STIGMA reverses and Jigsaw lands on the apron. STIGMA comes off the ropes and clotheslines Jigsaw off the apron to the floor. STIGMA hits the ropes and rolls to the floor and slaps Jigsaw to mock the crowd. STIGMA rolls Jigsaw back in and pins him for two. STIGMA takes Jigsaw to the ropes with a series of forearms. STIGMA takes down Jigsaw with a back elbow before hitting a senton for two. STIGMA stomps away at Jigsaw and lands some more forearms when Jigsaw gets to his feet. STIGMA catches Jigsaw with a clothesline as he comes off the rope and hits a legdrop for two. Jigsaw fights back at STIGMA and tries for a backslide. He fails so tries another brainbuster. STIGMA pushes Jigsaw to the corner and lands some more forearms to the face and shoulder blades of Jigsaw. STIGMA lands some shots in the corner before pinning him. STIGMA grabs the referee and Jigsaw rolls him up. STIGMA uses the ropes to escape and attacks Jigsaw again in the corner with chops. Jigsaw reverses and hits some chops of his own. Jigsaw hits the ropes and STIGMA lifts him into the Stigmata. Jigsaw leaps up into an enzugiri on STIGMA. Jigsaw uses the ropes to get to his feet. Both he and STIGMA go back to trading shots in the middle of the ring. Jigsaw ducks a clothesline and takes out STIGMA by his knees. Jigsaw looks for That Japanese Move, and STIGMA turns it into the Jig N Tonic. Jigsaw works out of it and boots STIGMA in the face. Jigsaw takes STIGMA down with a baisaku knee and pins him for two. Jigsaw sends STIGMA to the corner and heads to the second rope. Jigsaw tries a swinging DDT and STIGMA gets out. STIGMA lands a Codebreaker on Jigsaw’s shoulderblades for two. Jigsaw gets up and lands some shots before hitting the ropes. STIGMA takes over Jigsaw with a German suplex and pins him for two. STIGMA works over Jigsaw some more. Jigsaw blocks the face wash and STIGMA blocks the superkick. STIGMA picks up Jigsaw and hits the turnbuckle powerbomb before landing the face wash kick. STIGMA pins Jigsaw for two. Jigsaw turns the Shining Wizard into a superkick and lands the brainbuster he was looking for all match. STIGMA kicks out at two. STIGMA rolls out of the way a double stomp attempt and evades a boot in the corner. Both men go up top and Jigsaw hits a super sunset powerbomb off the top rope for the two. Another by the numbers match that was pretty dull. STIGMA is awful and does the same damn thing every match. His only offense is forearms aside from a chop or boot here and there. That was so tedious to watch. Even Jigsaw who is a trillion times more diverse couldn’t save this from being nothing above average. I also hated that they made a big deal out of the brainbuster, that it took three tries for Jigsaw to finally hit it, and STIGMA just kicked out of it like it was no big deal. That annoyed me. **1/4

Akuma attacks Jigsaw after the match with a half nelson suplex. He was supposed to face Jigsaw tonight, but an injury during training kept him out of this match. Nice to see them keeping this great feud going.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Sal Rinauro

Sal coming out to “Rock Me Amadeus” by Falco is extremely awesome. He cuts a pre-match promo staying some semi-amusing stuff. Sal takes his shirt off to the dismay of the crowd. Quack takes down Sal and pins him. Sal rolls out of it and both men go back to their feet. Quack takes out Sal’s leg and twists on it. Sal kicks Quack away. Quack takes Sal to the mat with a side headlock. Sal turns it into a headlock of his own. Quack pushes Sal down on his stomach and again applies a side headlock. Sal tosses Quack to the ropes and drops down. Quack side-steps him. Sal stands up and Quack takes him down again in a headlock. Quack keeps it on as they go back to their feet. Quack ducks a leapfrog and again takes Sal down with another side headlock. Sal gets back to his feet and again tosses Quack to the ropes. Sal drops down. Quack kicks Sal in the side and stomach before applying a headlock. Quack uses the ropes to springboard himself over and to the mat. Sal wraps his feet around Quack’s head and headscissors Quackenbush over. Quack headstands out of the hold, keeping his knee to trap Sal’s legs. Sal rolls up and Quack reapplies the side headlock. Quack shoulder blocks Sal down. Quack hits the ropes and takes Sal down with another headlock. Sal turns into a headlock of his own. Quack stands up and Sal takes him back over. Quack crosses his legs and wiggles out of the headlock. Sal thinks he still has it applies before Quack kicks Sal in the back of the head. Sal rolls to the floor. Sal yells at some fans, and Quack tries to get his attention. Sal blows him off, so Qauckenbush comes to the floor. He taps Sal on the shoulder, Sal looks and gets scared, and turns and runs head first into the steel post. That was a clever spot. Sal gets on the apron where Quackenbush drags him back in with a headlock. Sal lay on the top rope in the headlock till the count of four, where Quack drops Sal. Quackenbush gets a side headlock and pins Sal’s shoulders to the mat for the three in 5:38. Mike Quackenbush retains the title with a headlock. I am simply amazed. This was purely a comedy match at the heart and soul of it, and there’s no way for me to rate something like this.

The Colony (Green Ant & Carpenter Ant) vs. The Order of the Neo-Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black & Crossbones)

Mantis and Green Ant start of. Green Ant goes right to the arms of Mantis. Ant takes Mantis over into a pinning combination for two. Carpenter Ant tags in and The Colony take him down with a double boot and then double flying double forearms. Mantis tags in Crossbones. Carpenter ducks a clothesline and a kick. He takes out Crossbones’ by his legs and kicks in the thigh of Crossbones left leg. Carpenter tags in Green Ant. Crossbones sends Green Ant off the ropes, and Mantis comes in. The Order take down Green Ant with a series of offense. The Order bully Green Ant for awhile before Green Ant evades a twisting Vader Bomb from Crossbones and tags in Carpenter. Carpenter impressively fights against both members of The Order. Carpenter hits Mantis’ own Mongolian Chops on Crossbones, sending him to the floor where Mantis is. Carpenter Ant hits a twisting tope to the floor onto both Mantis and Crossbones. Carpenter Ant grabs Ultramantis Blacks poll and tries to twist the skull off of it. The referee takes it away, and Crossbones attacks Carpenter from behind. The Order double team Carpenter Ant in the corner. They whip him across the ring. Carpenter rolls out of the ring and Green Ant takes out both members of the order with a dropkick. Carpenter and Mantis brawl on the floor. Green Ant gets an inside cradle on Crossbones, and Mantis breaks it up. Carpenter Ant comes in and sends Mantis to the floor. Crossbones lands a slingshot slam on Carpenter Ant, and Green Ant splashes Crossbones. Mantis breaks up the count again and takes Carpenter Ant to the floor. Green Ant lands a sunset flip on Crossbones off the top rope. Vökoder makes his way out to the ring and sends Mantis’ staff into the ring. Vökoder distracts the referee allowing Mantis to hit Green Ant with the staff. Mantis lands the Praying Mantis Bomb on Green Ant to get the win in 8:40. This incarnation of the Order has two points towards title contention. This was a pretty good tag match, but nothing outside of your standard fare. Carpenter Ant looks better and better, and Green Ant has shown improvement as well. **1/2

Mantis had some words for Crossbones after the match:

Young Lions Cup
Player Dos (Champion) vs. Frightmare

Both men jockey for position, exchanging headlocks, wristlocks, and headscissors. Frightmare rolls up Dos for two, then wheelbarrows and armdrags Dos down. Dos and Frightmare go back and forth with some Lucha and trade elbow strikes. Frightmare takes Dos down with a step-up Frankensteiner and a multiple rotation satellite headscissors. Frightmare sends Dos to the floor and follows up with a tope con hilo. Frightmare pins Dos back in the right for two. Dos lands a chin breaker and a side suplex for two. Dos slams Frightmare and legdrops him for two. Dos catches Frightmare with a sidewalk slam off the ropes. Frightmare comes off the ropes with a moonsault dual kick to Dos. Dos evades an attack which sends Frightmare to the floor, and Dos follows him out with a dive. Dos rolls Frightmare back in the ring for a two count. Dos suplexes Frightmare for two after a suplex. Dos snapmares Frightmare and then comes off the ropes with a kick to the back of Frightmare’s skull. Dos twists Frightmare’s neck while grasping at his arm. Dos catches Frightmare with a spinwheel kick for two. Frightmare comes off with a springboard body cross, and Dos catches him with a spin-out urinage for two. Dos picks up Frightmare who slips of Dos’ back. Frightmare lands an enzugiri on Dos. Frightmare takes down Dos with a pair of clotheslines and comes off the second rope with a springboard clothesline. Frightmare follows up with a standing shooting star press for two. Dos slams Frightmare and heads up top. Frightmare moves out of the way of the Goomba Stomp, and drops Dos right on his head with a hurricanrana. Frightmare pins Dos for the two count. Frightmare gets caught by Dos with a full nelson suplex. Frightmare hops up with a crucifix driver for two. Dos lands a superkick and heads up top. Frightmare rolls to the apron and comes up top where he and Dos trade blows. Dos and Frightmare both stand on top, and Dos lands the B13! That’s all it takes for Dos to get the pin in 10:16 and retain his Young Lions Cup. A good match with a great ending, but I feel something was missing. I think if these two had another match it had potential to be better. Still, this was a good match, but not as good as Dos’ last defense against Player Uno. **3/4

Campeonatos de Parejas
The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant) vs. The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee & Grizzly Redwood)

Grizzly and Brodie have an argument over who will start, but Grizzly ends up starting with Fire Ant. They lock up and Grizzly takes Fire Ant to the corner. Grizzly chops Fire Ant, and both men circle again. Grizzly tries again, and Fire Ant avoids the chop. Fire Ant takes Grizzly down with a series of fireman’s carry. Grizzly gets a chop and punch to the head. Fire Ant pops up and dropkicks Grizzly down. Grizzly heads to the floor, and Fire Ant fakes a dive. Brodie comes in, and Grizzly slides back in and convinces Brodie that he has the situation under control. Soldier Ant tags in. Grizzly boots Soldier in the gut and applies a headlock. Grizzly gets shot off the ropes and knocks down Soldier Ant with a shoulder tackle. Soldier and Grizzly trade blows, until Soldier Ant pushes Grizzly to his corner and tags in Fire Ant. The Colony hit a double hip-toss and double team headbutt splash for two. Grizzly chops away at Fire Ant. Grizzly hits the ropes and shoulder tackles down Fire Ant. Grizzly goes to the ropes, and Brodie holds open the ropes which sends Grizzly to the floor. Brodie comes in and takes out both members of the Colony, including a modified TKO to Fire Ant. Brodie chokes Fire Ant on the ropes, and Grizzly comes in the ring to effectively tag himself in. The Roughnecks take turn tagging in and out (blindly for the most part) while keeping Fire Ant as the legal man. After being beat on forever, Fire Ant finds the strength to fight back against Redwood and blast him with an Antzugiri. Soldier Ant gets the hot tag, and comes in guns blazing. Soldier Ant takes on both Brodie and Grizzly. Fire Ant takes down Grizzly with the wheelbarrow stunned and then comes at Brodie on the floor with a sweet springboard swanton. Soldier Ant lands the diving headbutt in the corner on Grizzly. Fire Ant crawls in, and The Colony hit a tandem Big Boot and then the Ants Marching seated dropkick. Grizzly kicks out of the pin attempt from Fire Ant. Fire Ant places Grizzly up top and follows. Brodie attacks Soldier Ant, and Grizzly takes Fire Ant face first into the corner with a hurricanrana. Brodie hits a dangerous looking suplex on Fire Ant and Grizzly pins for two. The Roughnecks get in an argument, and Brodie picks up Grissly and tosses him onto the Colony on the floor! Brodie hits the ropes and flies through with a dive onto all three men! Brodie brings Fire Ant back in the ring and pins him for two. Brodie tosses Fire Ant in the ropes and pops him up. Fire Ant hits a hurricanarana and the Yahtzee kick to Brodie’s face. Grizzly comes in and takes out Fire Ant but only enough for a two count. Grizzly pulls down his suspenders before heading up top. Fire Ant catches him with the Antzuzgiri. Fire Ant hits a spike Beach Break on Grizzly to score the first fall in 15:58. The Colony is up one fall to zero.

Brodie brings Grizzly out to the floor, then attacks both members of The Colony in the ring. Brodie misses a splash in the corner, but evades and attack and Big Boot’s Fire Ant in the corner. Brodie superkicks Soldier Ant for a two count. Brodie takes over Soldier Ant with a neck-hanging suplex and then a wheelbarrow suplex on Fire Ant. Brodie tosses Fire Ant to the corner. Fire Ant comes off with a hurricanarana, but Brodie reverses into the Liger Bomb! Soldier Ant intervenes and breaks the count. Brodie thrusts Soldier Ant hard two times in the throat. Brodie boots Soldier Ant in the chest and chokes him on the bottom rope. Soldier Ant ducks a clothesline and a Big Boot. Brodie hangs with his leg draped over the top rope. Fire Ant flies in with an Antzugiri. Soldier Ant lifts Brodie and hits him with the TKO! Brodie rolls to the floor and Grizzly comes back in. Grizzly rolls up Soldier Ant and Soldier gets the ropes. Fire Ant comes in and hits another spike Beach Break on Grizzly. Soldier Ant attacks Brodie on the floor, allowing Fire Ant to get the second fall in 19:21. The Colony retains their titles in two straight falls. A good main event, with the Colony showing a strong outing in their first defense. I was majorly impressed most of all with Brodie Lee, who showed diversity and dexterity that I have never seen from him before. It got a little dull at times, but the end of the first fall and second fall was really fun. ***1/4

The 411: A disappointing show from CHIKARA. A card that had so much potential didn’t end up living up to what you would expect. It seemed as if many of the guys were saving themselves for the big Cibernetico show the night after this or something. Only two of the nine matches reached three stars or higher, and many other CHIKARA shows this year were much better. Do yourself a favor and buy one of those shows instead.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend

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