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CHIKARA Review: Young Lions Cup VII, Night One

October 9, 2009 | Posted by Kevin Ford
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CHIKARA Review: Young Lions Cup VII, Night One  

The weekend of August 14th, 15th, and 16th of 2009 brings you the 7th annual CHIKARA Young Lions Cup tournament! Many new faces look to make a big time impact in CHIKARA, and the permanent mainstays of the CHIKARA crew look to advance their way up the CHIKARA ladder. Tonight, the first dozen competitors will compete in singles competition and the winners will advance to a Six Man Elimination match. The winner of the elimination match advances to the Young Lions Cup finals on Night 3. Who will make it to the finals tonight?

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, Louden Noxious, Leonard F. Chikarason, Ultramantis Black, and Ophidian.

The show starts with all of tonight’s competitors posing for the ceremonial Young Lions Cup picture. Create-A-Wrestler is absent, as to not reveal his new incarnation before match time.

Young Lions Cup, Round One
Frightmare vs. Brendan Michael Thomas

Frightmare evades a couple attacks from BMT then kicks him in the posterior. BMT chases Frightmare across the ring before BMT slides out to the floor. Back in the ring, Frightmare stpes on BMT’s foot and then takes BMT down with an armdrag and clothesline. Frightmare counters an Irish Whip with a body scissors. BMT hits the floor again, and Frightmare lands a tope con heilo. BMT crotches Frightmare in between the middle and top rope. BMT jumps in and lands a lungblower on Frightmare for the two. In the corner, BMT chops Frightmare before taking him to another corner and doing the same. Behind the referee’s back, BMT lunges his hair pick into Frightmare’s throat. Frightmare eats a dropkick from BMT. BMT knee lifts Frightmare right in the face then pushes Frightmare back to the corner. Frightmare gets tossed to the toppopsite corner. Frightmare pops BMT onto the ropes in the corner, then turns and lands a German Suplex on BMT for two. BMT fights back with a foot to the face. BMT whips Frightmare into the corner across the ring. BMT runs at Frightmare, and Frightmare kicks him in the face. Frightmare lands a cartwheel double kick sending BMT to the floor. Frightmare comes off the apron with a hurricanrana to BMT on the floor. Frightmare sends BMT back in the ring. BMT reverses a whip, pops up Frightmare, and Frightmare catches BMT with a hurricanrana. Frightmare pins and gets two again. BMT elbows Frightmare in the face and follows up with a brainbuster for a two count. Frightmare sends BMT on the ropes, and Frightmare moonsaults on BMT knees first! Frightmare gets the pin but is too close to the ropes, allowing BMT to get his foot on the rope. BMT blocks a spinning DDT and small packages Frightmare for two. Frightmare sweeps the legs and goes up top. He misses the kneecolopsy (knee first moonsault). BMT lands a crossbody on Frightmare for the three in a big upset. The fans voice their disapproval with a chorus of boos. A pretty good opener, but BMT didn’t impress me a ton. Frightmare continues to look great, however, and I really thought he had the chance to go all the way. **

Young Lions Cup, Round One
Tim Donst vs. Hydra

Both men exchange waistlocks to start. Donst takes over Hydra into a cradle for two. Hydra works over the left arm of Donst. Donst pushes Hydra into the corner. Hydra reverses a whip. Donst takes over Hydra multiple times for pins, getting two each time. Hydra bridges up with his head to avoid his shoulders being pinned. Donst and Hydra shake hands to embrace sportsmanship. Both men agree to a test of strength, and go even for awhile. Hydra uses his fancy footwork to fance out of it, and whips Donst to the ropes. Donst shoulder tackles Hydra but Hydra doesn’t budge. Hydra puts his straps down to show he means business. Donst goes for another and Hydra doesn’t go down. Donst goes for another, but Hydra pulls his singlet back and applies a side headlock takedown. Hydra wrenches on it on the mat. Donst sneaks out and places Bryce Remsburg’s head in it, without Hydra knowing it. Donst drops Bryce’s arm twice, but doesn’t let it drop the third time! Bryce gets back up to his feet and pushes Hydra off the ropes. Hydra and Bryce both freak out, and Donst flies in with a shoulder block that sends Hydra to the floor. Donst jumps out, and Hydra comes back in. Hydra hits the ropes and lands a tope on Donst. Hydra looks like his ankle is hurt, but agrees to continue. In the ring, Donst suplexes Hydra for a two count. Hydra grabs his ankle again when he kicks out. Donst chops Hydra back into the corner. Donst twists the arm of Hydra before tossing him across the ring. Hydra blocks a German suplex, trading waist lock reversals with Donst. They go all the way across the ring till they’re in the corner. Donst can’t reverse again, so Donst turns and lands a low elevation German suplex for two. Hydra grabs his ankle again. Donst chops again before sending Hydra into the ropes. Hydra comes back and applies the Hydralock. Donst reverses into a Japanses Ocean Cyclone suplex for two. Donst twists Hydra’s arm. Hydra reverses the whip and blocks the kick. Hydra throws Donst down and applies the Ankle Lock! Donst turns over into an Ankle Lock of his own. Donst releases the hold remembering his buddies injury. Hydra lands a chin breaker and clothesline takeover for two. Donst lifts up Hydra for the Donstitution which Hydra turns into the Hydralock. Donst turns it into a full nelson. Hydra uses the ropes to roll back and pin Donst’s shoulders to the mat for three, ala Austin and Bret at Survivor Series 1996. Hydra getting the win surprised me, and Donst raised Hydra’s arm while looking suspiciously upset. This was a good match between these two, about as good as the opening bout was. **


Jason Hades makes his way to the ring, awaiting the announcement of his opponent (Create-A-Wrestler’s new persona). Out comes Dasher Hatfield, the old Time King of Swing! Dasher is an old time baseball player, wearing a baseball mask with a mustache. So this looks pretty damn awesome.

Young Lions Cup, Round One
Dasher Hatfield vs. Jason Hades

Both men look up and look for the advantage exchanging wrist locks. Dasher smacks Jason in the bottom, much like the ball players do. Dasher ducks a pair of clotheslines before catching a third. Dasher takes over Jason with a Japanese armdrag. Dasher winds up and smacks Jason in the chest. Dasher charges with a clothesline in the corner. Dasher tries again but Jason pulls the referee again. Jason comes out of the way and lands a Pele kick to turn the tide. Jason snapmares Dasher over and delivers a hard kick to the upper back of Dasher. Jason continues with the kicks pinning Dasher for two. Jason delivers a series of chops to Dasher as well as an uppercut. Dasher reverses a whip and takes Jason down with a lariat for two. Dasher whips Jason off the ropes and hits a baseball swing like Polish hammer to the gut. Jason trips Dasher and rolls forward, coming back with a kick to Dasher’s face. Dasher fights his way up, taking Jason over with a leg hook belly to belly suplex. Dasher and Jason trade forearms to the face. Dasher takes Jason down the cross-hook into a body scissors he calls the Seventh Inning Stretch! Jason gets the ropes forcing Dasher to break the submission. Dasher delivers some shots in the corner before putting Jason on the top rope. Jason pulls Dasher down by his hair. On their feet, Dasher gets sent to the apron. Jason hits an axe kick to Dasher as Dasher is positioned in between the ropes for two. Dasher fights back up, but Jason slides through Dasher’s legs. Jason hits a pump-handle bridging suplex for two. Jason sets up for the Killswitch (not Christian’s version). Dasher reverses, but Jason tries it a second time. Jason lands it a bit sloppily, which allows Dasher to kick out. Jason sets up for it once more, but Dasher pushes Jason to the corner. Dasher places Jason on his shoulders, and sits out in a Muscle Buster variation known as The Grand Slam for the three count and victory! This was a really good match, and Dasher is already CAW’s best character yet. Good stuff here, and Jason better be brought back because he impressed me here. **1/2

Young Lions Cup, Round One
KC “Cloudy” Day vs. Chimaera

Both men lock, and Chimaera easily powers Cloudy to the corner. Another lock up and both men exchange wrist locks. Chimaera applies a headlock, and Cloudy pushes Chimaera to the ropes. Cloudy takes down Chimaera with a headlock, then pretends to surf on Chimaera. An unamused Chimaera kicks Cloudy in the gut before being taken down by an armdrag. Chimaera arm drags Cloudy down himself, and Cloudy comes back with a headscissors. Cloudy evades an armdrag, but Chimaera hits it on the second attempt. Cloudy lands another headscissors which sends Chimaera to the floor. Cloudy kicks Chimaera in the face, and follows up with a spinning tope to the floor. Cloudy sends Chimaera back in the ring and pins him for two. Chimaera blocks Cloudy with an Enzugiri in the corner and follows with a belly to back suplex. Chimaera pins Cloudy for two. Chimaera chokes Cloudy behind the referee’s back, then pins Cloudy for two. Chimaera lands a sidewalk slam, then twists Cloudy into a gut buster for two. Cloudy blocks a suplex attempt by Chimaera. Chimaera runs at Cloudy with a flying boot to the face. Chimaera pins and again only gets the two count. Cloudy tries to fight up, but Chimaera holds him down. Chimaera tosses Cloudy into the corner and boots Cloudy in the gut. Chimaera takes over Cloudy with a side headlock. Chimaera ties up Cloudy’s legs, then rams Cloudy’s face multiple times into his knee. That was cool. Chimaera throws Cloudy to the corner. Cloudy evades the attack and slams Chimaera face first in the corner. Cloudy comes in a missile dropkick. Cloudy runs at Chimaera, and Chimaera catches Cloudy with the Hot Shot on the top rope. On the floor, Chimaera seats Cloudy in a chair. Chimaera kicks Cloudy before throwing him back in the ring. Chimaera follows and pins Cloudy for two. Chimaera locks Cloudy’s arms around his legs and applies a chin lock. Cloudy works out of it and immediately stops Chimaera with an elbow and a headscissors into a DDT. Cloudy mows Chimaera down with a series of strikes, including a flying forearm. Cloudy O’Connor rolls Chimaera for two. Chimaera fights back with kicks. Cloudy ducks into a Crucifix Bomb for two. Cloudy slaps Chimaera many times in the face. Chimaera stunners Cloudy before landing a fall away slam with a bridge. Chimaera picks up Cloudy with a double chicken wing face buster for two. Chimaera whips Cloudy into the corner twice before taking Cloudy over with a spinebuster for two. Chimaera heads up top and misses a Cancun Tornado slam. Cloudy reverses a tombstone into a spike piledriver for the pin and that will do it; Cloudy advances! Holy cow, that finish was super awesome. Chimaera looked good as did Cloudy, but the match did go a bit long. Other than that, this was also good stuff. **1/2

Young Lions Cup, Round One
Stinky the Homeless Guy vs. Colin Delaney

Stinky holds out his hat asking Colin for a donation, but is met instead with a boot to the gut. Colin delivers a series of punches and kicks, even a hat throw in there. Colin lifts up Stinky in a fireman’s carry, and Stinky turns it into the Stink Bomb (powerbomb). Colin rolls out to the floor to avoid being pinned. Stinky rolls Colin back into the ring, pins him, and Colin kicks out at two. Stinky again goes for the Stink Bomb, but Colin backs Stinky into the corner. Stinky tosses Colin in the corner and biels Colin out of the corner. Stinky hits the butt butt and goes for a dive, but Colin sidesteps it sending Stinky to the apron. Stinky brings Colin to the apron before clotheslining him over the rope back into the ring. Colin brings out five dollars and tosses it. While Stinky goes for it, Colin attacks. Colin steals his money back before continuing the beat down. Colin tries for a suplex, but Stinky turns it into a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Stinky slams Colin for yet another two count. Stinky lands a big splash and once more only gets a two count. Colin rakes the eyes, but Stinky comes right back. Colin evades a splash in the corner, and comes at Stinky with a seated dropkick from the middle rope. Back to their feet, Colin delivers a few shots and a leg lariat to the back of Stinky’s head. Stinky gets sent to the floor and Colin dives back first onto Stinky. Colin brings Stinky back in and pins him for two. Colin kicks Stinky in the gut and looks for a DDT. Stinky turns it into an Angle Slam for two. Stinky signals for the end and sets up for the Stink Bomb. Colin works out of it into a backslide for two. Colin tries an O’Connor Roll for two. Stinky throws Colin in the corner and misses a splash due to Colin moving. Stinky goes to the second rope. Stinky jumps out and Colin catches Stinky with the RKO for the victory. Decent match-up, but the crowd kind of sucked for it. Stinky is another guy I’d like to see back, maybe in a Team IWS for a team tournament or something. **1/4

Young Lions Cup, Round One
Lince Dorado vs. Prince Mustafa Ali

Ali tries to get the fans to chant for him, but fails. Lince gets a USA chant started which is…confusing…since he’s Mexican. Anyway, they lock up jockeying for position. They trade waist locks and Ali takes out Lince with a shoulder block. Both guys match each other move for move looking for the advantage. Really cool stuff in the beginning with Lince skinning the cat into a headscissors takedown. Lince gets a waistlock, but Ali takes him down and tries the Skayde Especial for the pin, but gets two. Both men go back and back vying for position, and end up at a stand still. Impressive. Both men shove and slap each other before delivering forearms to one another. Ali blasts Lince with a back elbow, then on the apron he and Lince battle. Lince messes up a move and Lince falls to the floor. Both men back on the apron fight, and Lince takes Ali to the floor with a sweet satellite headscissors. Lince gets back in the ring and comes back out with the Sasuke Special on Ali (cartwheel into a tope con heilo). Ali picks up Lince by his legs and slams Lince back first into the ring post. Ali kicks away at Lince before throwing Lince back into the ring. Ali follows and evades an attack. Ali picks up Lince, throws him in the air, and as Lince comes down ali kicks him in the back between the shoulder blades. Ali torsses Lince across the ring, and Lince takes the turnbuckle Shawn Michaels style. Ali pins Lince with a jackknife roll for two. Ali snapmares Lince over into a chin lock. Lince gets up to the feet and throws some abdominal shots. Lince comes off the ropes only to be caught with a powerslam from Ali. Ali cracks Lince in the face with a forearm before tossing Lince into the ropes. Ali blocks a spinning DDT and turns it into a Falcon Arrow with a kick between the shoulder blades. Ali pins Lince for two. Ali tosses Lince to the floor. Ali tries for a suplex on the floor, but Lince picks up Ali and slams Ali groin first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Lince and Ali trade shots on their knees. They both come to their feet still trading blows. Lince takes over Ali with a hurricanrana and then a nice spin kick. Lince whips Ali into the corner, Tiger Walks up, and runs at Ali. Ali ducks and Lince come off with a moonsault for two. Lince uppercuts Ali. Ali blocks a spin kick and hits one of his own, and Lince comes right back with a spin kick of his own. Both men lay on their back. Ali pushes Lince in the corner and chops him in the chest. Lince boots Ali in the face and heads to the second, but Ali jumps up with an Enzugiri to Lince. Ali follows to the rope and flips off. Ali dropkicks Lince’s legs out from under him. Ali hits a back Senton on Lince while he is draped over the top rope! Lince tries to pull Lince off the top rope to no avail. Ali gets pushed off by Lince. Lince misses a Shooting Star Press as Ali moves out of the way at the last minute. Ali goes up top himself and misses an inverted 450 splash. Lince gets back to his feet and boots Ali into the corner. Ali goes to the apron then up top. Lince jumps up and hits the Spanish Fly for the win! This was a really great opening round match, and Prince Mustafa Ali is awesome. These two were perfect opponents for each other, going move for move without repeating a lot of the others stuff. The fans knew it to as they gave the match a nice ovation when it was over. CHIKARA: more of Prince Mustafa Ali, please. ***1/4

Cheech Hernandez vs. Brodie Lee

Brodie breaks Cheech’s sunglasses at the start. Cheech responds with elbows to Brodie. Brodie arm drags Brodie down and attempts a sunset flip. Cheech instead sends Brodie to the floor. Cheech pescado’s out but gets met with a hard right hand from Brodie. Brodie chops Cheech on the floor, and accidentally clotheslines the ring post. Cheech works on the arm and tosses Brodie back in the ring. Cheech drapes the arm across the top rope. Cheech lands a Thesz Press and slaps on Brodie’s chest while getting the fans to clap. Brodie pushes Cheech away, and lifts Cheech up into an electric chair. Brodie presses Cheech up, and Cheech comes back with a sunset flip attempt. Instead, Brodie picks up Cheech by the throat and chucks him over head. Brodie chokes Cheech with his boot. Brodie lands hard strikes before choking Cheech on the ropes. Brodie stands on Cheech’s chest, pinning him for two. Brodie knees Cheech in the face and rolls Cheech up for the two count. Brodie goes for the big freakin’ knee and misses. Cheech lands a DDT. Back to their feet, Brodie smacks Cheech down to the mat. Brodie “surfs” on Cheech’s back, mocking him. Brodie pushes Cheech into the corner and lands a right hand for good measure. Brodie lands a big running chop before pinning Cheech for another two. Brodie powers Cheech up into what was almost a brain buster. Brodie lands a double underhook suplex for the two count. Brodie looks for the powerbomb and Cheech works out. Brodie runs at Cheech, and Cheech lands a big time slam on Brodie! Brodie hits the floor. Cheech comes out with a torpedo tope sending Brodie into a chair. Cheech sends Brodie into the ring and goes up top. Cheech dives over an attacking Brodie. Brodie reverses a whip, Cheech evades the attack and comes off top with a hurricanrana attempt. Brodie catches him, but Cheech uses the momentum to hit an X-Factor. Cheech lands a Baisuku knee for the two count. Cheech stomps on Brodie before going back up top. Brodie comes at Cheech, so Cheech cartwheels off the rope for a superkick. Cheech lands a delayed dropkick in the corner, then hits a ring post assisted 619 on Brodie. Brodie blocks a superkick and hits a half and half suplex. Cheech blocks a lariat, but Brodie spins around and blasts Cheech with a lariat using the other arm. Cheech surprisingly kicks out. Cheech lands a dropkick to Brodie, then headscissors Brodie into an Oklahoma Roll for two. Cheech looks a triangle choke. Brodie picks up Cheech and powerbombs him in the corner. Brodie lands the Big Boot and the Black Hole Slam, only for Cheech to kick out once again! Cheech rolls forward for a two count on Brodie. Cheech and Brodie jockey for position and Cheech takes over Brodie into a hammerlock. Brodie picks up Cheech landing a Michinoku Driver. Brodie lands the gut-wrench powerbomb to finally secure the pinfall. Another great singles match between the two. Brodie is so much better than when he started with CHIKARA and Cheech showed everyone he could hang in the singles ranks. ***

The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant) vs. 2.0 (Jagged & Shane Matthews)

The Colony heads into this match with two points, defeating F.I.S.T. at Aniversario Yang and the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple in Japan. If they win tonight, they get a future title shot for the Campeones de Parejas. If 2.0 win, they get their illusive FIRST POINT! Soldier Ant and Jagged start off. Soldier Ant gets the advantage with a cravate into a saluting chinlock. Soldier hooks the arms behind Jagged’s back. Jagged wiggles out and applies a side headlock. Soldier Ant gets an arm drag, and Shane comes in and yells at Jagged. Shane relegates Jagged to the apron, tagging himself in. Shane knees Soldier Ant in the gut and celebrates the little victory. Soldier Ant evades a slam and sends Shane to the floor with an arm drag. Jagged gets brought in via whipped in by the ropes, before heading to the Colony’s corner. Fire Ant nails Jagged with a punch, then Jagged gets arm dragged by Soldier Ant. Fire Ant tags in, and The Colony land a double hip toss followed by a Senton/falling headbutt combination. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant take turns tagging in and out, hitting Jagged with offensive strikes. Jagged kicks out of a pin by Fire Ant. Jagged hits the floor, allowing Shane to attack from behind. Fire Ant nips up with a dropkick sending Shane to the floor. Fire Ant fakes a dive, then chases Shane around the ring. Shane catches Fire Ant with a Bear Hug then slams Fire Ant back first on the ring post. This turns the match in the favor of 2.0, who cut off Fire Ant and work him over. After a long period, Fire Ant lands a double DDT on 2.0 and tags in Soldier Ant. Soldier mows down Jagged with elbows and clotheslines. Soldier Ant pops up Jagged and lets him land stomach first on the mat. The Colony double team Jagged with a double boot. Fire Ant hits a Senton, followed by a low headbutt by Soldier Ant. Soldier pins but Shane breaks it up. Soldier Ant lands an elbow on Shane, then The Colony land the Ants Marching seated dropkick on Shane in the corner. Soldier Ant tries a seated dropkick from the middle rope, and Shane catches him by the legs. Shane tries to put on the devastating Boston Crab but Soldier Ant kicks him off. Jagged plants Soldier Ant with a Fireman’s Carry facebuster. Fire Ant comes in and leands a wheelbarrow stunner on Jagged and heads up top. Fire Ant misses a back senton from the top, and Shane applies a Boston Crab to Fire Ant! Soldier Ant breaks it up, avoiding Jagged from trying to stop him. Soldier Ant chops Shane in the corner as Jagged and Fire Ant brawl in another corner. Soldier Ant picks up Shane on his shoulders, but he fights off. Shane drops Soldier Ant with a German suplex, while Jagged escapes a Beach Break into a roll-up on Fire Ant for two. Jagged whips Shane at Fire Ant, but Fire Ant moves and hits an Antzugiri on both Jagged and Shane Matthews. 2.0 land the Sweet Taste of Professionalism on Fire Ant, and Soldier Ant thankfully breaks up the pinfall attempt. Soldier Ant is sent to the floor by Shane Matthews. Shane sets Fire Ant on the top rope and looks for a suplex. Soldier Ant comes in and places Shane on his shoulders. Shane slides off, but Fire Ant comes off with the Heat of the Moment. Jagged picks up Soldier Ant, but Fire Ant blasts Jagged with the Antzugiri. Soldier Ant hits a saluting headbutt. The Colony lands the Ants Marching double team for the win, scoring three points for The Colony! Well, the match was good, but my God did the fans SUCK. Barely anyone made noise. Easton, get off your asses and cheer for some wrestlers. Anyways, The Colony and 2.0 both looked good but have both done much better. The Colony looked at Ophidian (who was doing commentary) and he held up his title belt signaling The Colony’s future title shot. **3/4

But it’s not over, as 2.0 had some words for each other at the conclusion of this match:

Young Lions Cup, Semi-Final Round
Brendan Michael Thomas vs. Hydra vs. Dasher Hatfield vs. KC “Cloudy” Day vs. Colin Delaney vs. Lince Dorado

Hydra and Colin start off. Colin slaps Hydra across the face and berates him. Hydra takes down Colin by the legs and pounds way. Back to their feet, Hydra lands a Thesz press and then takes Colin to the floor where they continue to brawl. BMT and Dasher come in as the legal men. They lock up, and Dasher throws BMT across the ring. BMT takes Dasher over with a hurricanrana. Dasher blocks an attack and runs up the ropes with an arm drag. Dasher slams BMT to the mat, and he slides to the floor. BMT comes back in with a cup asking Dasher to pee in it. Well, BMT did call Dasher Barry Bonds. Dasher takes offense and chases BMT backstage with a baseball bat in hand. Hydra gets back in and asks Colin Delaney to get back in. Colin obliges and the two engage in fisticuffs. Hydra ducks a clothesline and uppercuts Colin. Colin goes outside, and Hydra once more gets Colin back in. Colin takes out Hydra’s knees and the two roll around and brawl out to the floor for the second time. Dasher brings BMT back through the front door and throws BMT back in the ring. Dasher tags in Cloudy, and both men place BMT crotch first on the top rope. They hang BMT in a tree of woe. Dasher hits a faux homerun, hits all the corners like bases, and slides into home plate which is BMT’s face. Cloudy throws another fake pitch, and it apparently hits Dasher in the field. Dasher comes out Cloudy, but Cloudy sends Dasher to the floor. Cloudy hits the ropes and BMT pounces him out of nowhere. BMT sends Cloudy off the ropes, and Cloudy armdrags BMT down and then headscissors BMT. Cloudy applies an armbar and tags in Hydra. Hydra knocks down BMT with a shoulder block, then lands a slam on BMT. Hydra applies the Hydralock. BMT runs Hydra into Colin’s corner, and Colin tags in. Colin slaps around Hydra some more before Hydra locks the Hydralock on him. Colin rolls forward and hits the ropes. They exchange waist locks before Colin takes him down. Colin looks for the “Future Endeavor” (The FU) and Hydra blocks. Lince hops in and lands a Lynxsault on Hydra. Lince pins Hydra eliminating him from the match.

Colin chop blocks Lince and applies the STF. Lince taps out, and Lince is now also eliminated.

Dasher Hatfield comes in and Colin distracts him enough for BMT to jump in and dropkick Dasher from behind. BMT catches Dasher with a dropkick. BMT tags in Colin again, and both Rudos split the legs of Dasher via wishbone. Colin drops a pair of knees to the back of Dasher’s neck. Dasher fights back before hitting a nice wind-up uppercut. Colin lands a neck breaker on Dasher before dropping the knees across Dasher’s chest. Delaney forearms Dasher. Dasher ducks a leap frog, but eats a leg lariat from Colin. BMT tags in and lands double team slam with Colin. Dasher fights back against BMT, but misses a dropkick. BMT and Colin have essentially made a make shift tag team, not allowing Dasher to tag in Cloudy. Dasher fights back, landing a sliding kick to the side of Delaney’s face. Cloudy gets tagged in, and lands some hard blows on BMT. Cloudy plants BMT with a spinebuster for two. Colin comes in with a back rake on Cloudy. Colin looks for the Future Endeavor and Cloudy escapes. Cloudy escapes a second attempt and then hits Colin with a headscissors into a DDT. Cloudy heads up top and is cut off by BMT. Cloudy kicks BMT away, and Dasher comes in and heads up top. Dasher lands the Grand Slam from the top rope, eliminating Cloudy.

Dasher ducks a move from Colin, but then Colin lands the RKO (or CDO) on Dasher. Colin pins Dasher, who surprisingly kicks out. Colin slams Dasher, and BMT comes in with an elbow smash off the top rope. Dasher kicks out of that pin attempt as well. BMT picks up Dasher in Hart Attack position, and ducks the clothesline from Colin. Dasher looks the CHIKARA Special on BMT, and BMT taps. Brendan Michael Thomas is out, leaving it down to Colin and Dasher.

Colin wastes now time giving Dasher the boots. Dasher takes out Colin with a shoulder tackle and a clothesline. Dasher hits a sweet wind-up punch, and only gets the two on Colin. Dasher heads up to the middle rope. Colin cuts him off and headbutts Dasher in the gut. Colin goes to the second rope and Dasher looks for the Grand Slam once more. Colin fights off and dropkicks Dasher off the ropes to the apron. Dasher on the apron knees Delaney in the face. Dasher then cracks Colin in the face with a mule kick. Dasher rolls in with La Magistral and gets two. Dasher tries once again with the CHIKARA Special, but Colin escapes. Colin punts Dasher in the head Orton style, and pins Dasher for two. Dasher small packages Colin for two. Colin hits a neckbreaker and heads up top. Colin poses like Jeff Hardy and lands the Swanton Bomb. Colin pins Dasher, and Dasher kicks out! The fans actually show a sign of life! Colin is in disbelief. Colin picks up Dasher for the Future Endeavor. Dasher comes out of it and pushes Colin to the corner. Colin fights back, hitting Dasher in the back over and over. Colin tries for a Tornado DDT. Dasher blocks by placing Delaney up top and again tries for the Grand Slam. Colin works out and drops Dasher right on his head. Colin rolls up Dasher holding the tights to get the three count, advancing to the finals on the Young Lions Cup. This wasn’t as good as either semi-final round match as last year, and a lot of that had to do with the crowd once again. Dasher definitely comes out of this night looking super strong (and over) and I hope this is Create-A-Wrestler’s final incarnation. Delaney also worked hard for the vast majority of the match, so him going to the Finals is a fine choice by me. ***1/2

The 411: Fairly average show overall. The Ali/Lince, Cheech/Brodie, and Semi-Finals were very good and the other matches were fine, with some having sweet finishes. I’d say you can pass on this one and not miss too terribly much, but you also won’t be disappointed.
Final Score:  6.8   [ Average ]  legend

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