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May 28, 2015 | Posted by Eric Palmer
WWE WWE Smackdown WWE’s

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*Welcome all, tonight’s WWE Smackdown was taped in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania! The only matches I’ve seen announced are Ryback vs Rusev and Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns vs Kane/Seth Rollins

*Dean Ambrose kicks off the show. He talks about the events on Raw that lead to him getting arrested until he came back in the stolen police van. He says all he could think about in his cell were ways to destroy Seth Rollins. He says the cops gave him one phone call, and he called Roman Reigns. He said he asked Roman to buy him some time to extend the show, which he did by fighting everybody. Ambrose thought of ways to get out of the cell, and was granted release after the YouTube footage showed Rollins shoving the cameraman into him. He calls Rollins Justin Bieber again. He says the NYPD are huge Ambrose fans and he got the escort back to the arena. Nothing is going to stand between him and the World Heavyweight Championship. He said his name is on that contract, and he gets Rollins on Sunday. He starts laughing and says he will beat the hell out of Seth Rollins on Sunday and tonight in their tag team match. There’s gonna be a fight on Sunday and when the smoke clears, the reign of Seth Rollins will be over, and the Age of Ambrose begins.

*Paige vs Naomi is announced for tonight.


*Lucha Dragons vs Tyson Kidd & Cesaro: Tag Team Lumberjack Match

Pretty cool way to hype the tag teams before Sunday. We go to commercial as New Day comes to ringside. We come back from break in time to see Kidd and Cesaro enter. Kidd and Sin Cara start the match with some chain wrestling. Kidd hits a couple of awesome arm drags before Cesaro tags himself in. Uppercut/German Suplex combo gets a two count for Cesaro who locks in a single legged crab. Sin Cara escapes and hits a nice headscissors on Cesaro before tagging in Kalisto. Sin Cara propels Kalisto into Cesaro for a hurricanrana that sends Cesaro through the bottom rope to the lumberjacks on the outside. Primetime Players roll him back in and Kalisto covers for two. Kalisto kicks Cesaro, but Cesaro chops him down. Boot by Kalisto in the corner followed by a sunset flip attempt. Cesaro grabs Kalisto by the neck and swings him up into a suplex in one swift motion, he tags in Kidd and they do their assisted suplex spot for two. Kidd and Kalisto trade arm wringers before Kalisto tags in Sin Cara. Kidd hits his kick with swing over the rope onto the apron, but Sin Cara hits an enziguri that knocks him off. Los Matadores send Kidd back into the ring where Sin Cara gets him in a Gory Special position and tags in Kalisto who hits a springboard dropkick for two. Kalisto hits the ropes and hits an awesome back handspring headscissors that sends Kidd to the outside. New Day rolls Kidd back in and Cesaro just stares at them from the apron for a good 10 seconds that got a chuckle out of me for some reason. Kalisto covers for a two as we go to commercial. Back from break and Cesaro has Kalisto in a headlock. Cesaro tosses Kalisto outside, but Prime Time Players just throw him back in. Cesaro tags in Kidd and goes for a backdrop, but Kalisto flips out of it and hits Kidd with  a back elbow before doing a front flip off of Cesaro’s shoulders and tagging in Sin Cara.  Kick to Kidd followed by a flying armdrag and a headscissors. Springboard moonsault by Sin Cara gets a two. Sin Cara tries to throw Kidd over the top rope, but Cesaro is ducked under the top rope, allowing Kidd to skin the cat into a headscissors to Sin Cara. Cesaro tags in and hits his corner to corner uppercut a few times. Cesaro goes for the big swing, but Kalisto tries to springboard in, but Cesaro dropkicks him off the ropes. Roll up for Sin Cara gets a two count. Sin Cara with the headscissor facebuster for a two count. Kalisto tags himself in and goes for a springboard hurricanrana, but Cesaro ducks, only for Kalisto to hit the corkscrew splash for a two count. Kalisto hits the no-hands-front-handspring enziguri for another near fall. Cesaro hits a big belly to belly that sends Kalisto under the bottom *rope. PTP roll him inside and Kidd tags in, hitting a springboard elbow for two. Suplex by Kidd is reversed into a roll up and a kick by Kalisto for two as Cesaro breaks it up. Sin Cara runs in and dropkicks Cesaro to the outside. Kalisto goes for the hurricanrana facebuster, but Kidd reverses it into a sharpshooter. Sin Cara breaks it up with a springboard clothesline and turns right into a superkick from Cesaro. Cesaro charges at Sin Cara against the ropes, and is tossed over the top onto the lumberjacks. Kidd then clotheslines Sin Cara out of the ring as New Day toss  Kalisto into the ring. Kidd picks up Kalisto, but Kalisto hits a Selina Del Sol out of nowhere for the win!

Winners: Lucha Dragons in 9:43

*Backstage Kane hangs up the phone just as Rollins walks in with J&J Security. Rollins calls Ambrose a piece of garbage and said Ambrose deserves to be locked up for the rest of his life. Jamie Noble calls him a nutcase, and said he reminds him of his aunt baby back in WV, apparently she cooks a great apple pie. Rollins slowly pushes Noble aside and says they have to team up again against Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Kane says tonight is play time, they’re gonna soften up Ambrose for Sunday, and they get the added bonus of taking out Roman Reigns, too. Rollins is hesitant, asking how it worked out for them on Monday. Kane says don’t worry, Seth may be the architect, but Kane has a plan.

*Kevin Owens is hyped up for an in-ring segment tonight. We also get hype for the Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

*R-Truth vs King Barrett

The Intercontinental Title is on display at ringside. They start with Barrett hitting a big boot and tossing Truth shoulder first into the turnbuckle for two. Grounded punches by Barrett followed by a neckbreaker for two.  Chinlock by Barrett, but Truth escapes and hits some strikes. Barrett reverses a whip into the corner and Truth tries to go up and over, but Barrett catches him and hits a big kick to the gut for another two count. Barrett continues stomping away before taunting the crowd and hitting another kick. Barrett hits a snap suplex and goes for the Bullhammer, but Truth rolls him up for two. Truth whips Barrett into the corner, but Barrett stops himself and turns right into the Lie Detector for the win.

Winner: R-Truth in 2:25

*Sheamus attacks both Barrett and Truth after the match with Brogue Kicks.

*We get a recap of Lana walking out on Rusev on Monday. Renee Young is backstage with Lana. Lana says she almost let her emotions get the best of her, and she really thought Rusev could change and be different and she was wrong. She’s no man’s property and no prized possession. She says she has no relationship with Dolph Ziggler, but she says it with a smile. She says Rusev’s attack on Dolph will not stop him from competing Sunday. Rusev walks up and says he had his way with Dolph Ziggler. He says Ziggler is afraid to show up because Rusev is here, and it does not bother him. Lana laughs and says Rusev is jealous, but Rusev says Ziggler is going to suffer because of her. She dug her grave and now she’ll rot in it.

*Ryback vs Rusev

Apparently Rusev’s injury came from this match, so it should be interesting to see where he hurt it. Ryback comes out as we go to commercial. We come back from break just in time to see Rusev enter. I wonder if he’ll wear shoes now that he’s screwed up his ankle being barefoot. They start with a lock up and Ryback gets a waistlock on Rusev. Rusev gets the ropes a few times, but Ryback just pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Rusev hits with an elbow and locks on his own. Ryback breaks out and locks in a hammerlock for some slow ass chain wrestling. Rusev gets a headlock now and Ryback shoves him off the ropes. Rusev tries a few shoulder blocks that do nothing and Ryback takes controls with some chops in the corner.  Headbutt to Rusev followed by a kick, but Rusev takes control with some punches of his own. Rusev goes for a suplex, but Ryback says eff that and hits a big stalling suplex on Rusev for a one count. Strikes by Ryback followed by a snapmare and a kick. Elbow from Ryback followed by some chops and some knees. Whip by Ryback gets him kicked in the face by Rusev followed by a lariat for one. Headbutt by Rusev followed by kicks to the back with Ryback’s head across the middle rope. Choke now to the 4 count as Ryback tries to recover by crawling to the corner. Rusev does a strong whip into the opposite corner that knocks Ryback down. Big “We Want Lana” chants seem to distract Rusev as Ryback recovers in the corner. Strikes from Ryback, but he eats an elbow as he goes for a clothesline. Whip by Rusev, but Ryback hangs on, Rusev charges but is sent outside the ring. Rusev counters a strike and slams Ryback’s head on the announcer’s table. Big fallaway slam on the outside by Rusev as we go to commercial. Back from break and Rusev’s ankle is clearly hurt. I’m guessing on the fall to the outside. Chin lock by Rusev now but Ryback fights out. They start exchanging strikes and Rusev hits a big body splash. He hits the ropes, but Ryback takes him down with a diving punch. Boot by Ryback followed by a powerslam attempt. Rusev tried to roll behind him, but he crumbled due to his ankle injury and rolled to the outside. Rusev throws Ryback head first into the rope twice to get disqualified.

Winner: Ryback via DQ in 8:10

*After the match, Rusev whipped Ryback into the steel steps.

*We get a recap of Naomi attacking Paige last month after the Divas Battle Royal again.  They’re both walking to the ring as we go to commercial.

*Paige vs Naomi w/Tamina

They lock up and push off immediately and start pushing each other. Naomi is literally dancing around Paige until Paige attacks and Naomi runs to the ropes to stop it. They lock up and Paige pushes her into the corner and starts with strikes to the gut, followed by stomps and a scream. Naomi rolls outside the ring, and as she’s crawling back in through the middle rope, Paige hits her with a bunch of knees. Naomi is backed outside, and Paige reaches out and grabs her hair, but Naomi throws her arm into the turnbuckle. Naomi rolls back in and throws her shoulder first into the corner followed by some more stomps. Naomi throws Paige to the ground and steps on her hand before going to the other arm and hitting some knees onto it. Naomi locks in an armlock, but Paige throws her away and hits a few short arm clotheslines followed by a dropkick and a superkick. Paige goes for the PTO, but Naomi counters. Paige ducks a clothesline and kicks Tamina in the face before hitting the Rampiage on Naomi for the win.

Winner: Paige in 3:15

*After the match the Bellas come out to the stage and clap before Nikki poses with the Divas Championship.

*We get hype for the main event tag match. Kevin Owens is up next.

*We get some Tough Enough videos. Apparently this is an all-divas submission video.

*Michael Cole is in the ring and he introduces Kevin Owens. We get a quick recap of Owens’ assaults on John Cena from the past two Raws. Owens is smiling looking at the clip. Cole says Kevin has been in the WWE for two weeks. Kevin interrupts and says he’s been in wrestling for 15 years and has dominated all over the world, just like he’s going to dominate Cena this Sunday. Cole says Cena is not your typical competitor. Owens interrupts again and says he’s aware of the numbers. He runs down the accolades of Cena and says he has over 1,000 different ways to suck. He says he’s the NXT Champion. He said Cena has something to prove to Kevin Owens. Cole says it’s a unique perspective. Cole reminds us that Cena said Owens can start a fight, but doesn’t know how to finish it. Owens rolls the clip from NXT TakeOver where he finished off Sami Zayn. Cole starts to talk, but Owens puts his hand on Cole’s mic and lowers it. He says he did exactly what he said he was going to do: take out Sami Zayn for good. He said Zayn is his best friend, someone he was closer to than anybody on the planet. If that’s what he can do that to somebody he cares about, imagine what Owens will do to John Cena. He says you don’t have to imagine it, just watch Elimination Chamber and witness it first hand. Owens says once he does that, the world will know the champ is here.

*Dean Ambrose comes out while Owens is leaving for the main event.

*Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs Kane & Seth Rollins
For some reason, Kane was the last person to make his entrance. Roman and Kane start us off, and J&J Security start us off quick by distracting Ambrose so Rollins can shove him off the apron and into the barricade. The distraction allows Kane to take control of Roman early with boots and stomps. Rollins tags in and pounds away at Roman and tosses him into the corner and even gives him a stink face before tagging Kane in. Roman hits a backdrop on Kane and both men are down. Tag to Ambrose as he beats Kane into a corner and hits a dropkick. Forearm and Bulldog out of the corner by Ambrose. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds on Kane, but Rollins springboards in, Ambrose lets go of Kane and goes for Dirty Deeds on Rollins, but J&J pull Rollins out of the ring as we go to commercial. Back from break J&J are beating up on Ambrose outside the ring. They roll him in and Rollins covers for a two count. Kane tags in and chokes him in the middle rope. I think Kane has on the devastating nerve hold. Ambrose escapes, but is shoved into the corner by Kane. He fights back and goes for a dropkick off the middle rope, but Kane pulls him off for a two count. Rollins tags in and starts taunting Ambrose. Ambrose gets up and punches Rollins in the mouth. Rollins knocks Reigns off the apron and hits a slingblade for two. Rollins pulls Ambrose into the corner as Reigns tries to get into the ring. With the ref distracted Rollins and Kane beat on Ambrose. Scoop Slam by Rollins and a tag to Kane. Dropkick to a seated Ambrose gets a two count. Kane stomps away some more and tags Rollins back in. Rollins taunts Reigns and hits a big forearm in the corner for a two count. Chin lock by Rollins, but Ambrose escapes hits a bunch of chops. He hits the ropes, but Rollins takes him down and then tosses him to the outside.  The referee is distracted with Reigns as J&J beat Ambrose down. They toss him inside, but Ambrose swings under the bottom rope and clotheslines them over the announcers table. Dropkick through the middle rope by Rollins as he throws Ambrose back into the ring. Strikes in the corner from Rollins, and Rollins sets him up on the top rope. Ambrose fights out and knocks Rollins off the ropes, but Rollins is able to tag Kane in. Kane goes up top with Ambrose now, but Ambrose fights out and hits a big Tornado DDT. Hot tag to Roman Reigns who takes out Rollins with a few clotheslines and then drives him into the corner with more clotheslines. Rollins ducks a big jumping clothesline and they exchange neckbreaker reversals until Roman pushes Rollins off into the ropes and connects with a Samoan Drop. Reigns calls for the Superman Punch, but Kane catches him for a chokeslam, but Ambrose comes off the ropes with a elbow drop to knock Kane down. Kane rolls out of the ring and Ambrose hits a suicide dive. Roman goes for the Superman Punch again, but Rollins ducks and rolls up Reigns for a two count. Roman rolls up Rollins, but lifts him up for a powerbomb. Rollins fights out of and lands on his feet, but is caught by a big right hand by Roman. Roman hits the Superman Punch and covers Rollins, but J&J break up the pin to cause the DQ.

Winners: Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns via DQ in 8:27

*After the match, Ambrose clears house of J&J and Kane and hits a suicide dive on them. Rollins goes for a dive, but Ambrose grabs him and pulls him out of the ring. Kane signals to the back and out comes New Day. They attack Ambrose and Roman Reigns his a big plancha onto everybody. Xavier Woods is left in the ring and he celebrates before Ambrose hits him with Dirty Deeds. Big E comes in and takes a rebound lariat. Kofi takes a Superman Punch and Big E takes a spear. Kane comes in and chokeslams Roman. Rollins attacks Ambrose from behind and lays him out with a Pedigree. Kane and Rollins stand tall to end the show.

*That’s all folks! Join me on Sunday night for my live coverage of WWE Elimination Chamber!


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