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July 2, 2015 | Posted by Eric Palmer
WWE WWE Smackdown WWE’s

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*Welcome, tonight’s WWE Smackdown is in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The only confirmed match I’ve seen is Ryback vs Mark Henry. Try not to fall asleep on me tonight!


*We open up with Seth Rollins coming out to cut a promo. He’s got J&J with him, so I’m hoping this is actually a Jamie Noble promo. Give the people what they want, Vince! Unfortunately, no such luck. Rollins says in today’s fast paced culture, everybody is in a hurry to get to where they’re going. He said it’s a shame the fans can’t get there in style and hypes up the Cadillac he gave to J&J that for some reason wasn’t destroyed. Rollins says his generation is up on technology, always looking for the latest thing, like Apple Watches. This is like the scene from Wayne’s World with all this product placement. Rollins’ says we are living in historic eyes. The world is changing before our very eyes. Our children’s children’s children are going to want to know what it was like to be apart of the generation when Seth Rollins torched the Roman Empire, or when Seth Rollins reunited the Authority and burnt Suplex City to the ground. We get a quick recap of the Authority beating down Brock Lesnar. Rollins says he never gets tired of seeing that footage. In two weeks he decimated the two men who were in the main event of this year’s Wrestlemania. He says he cemented his place as the greatest superstar in the history of WWE. He says he conquered the conquerer, beat down the 1 in 21-1 and slayed the beast Brrrrrrock Lesnar. Then did the same thing to Roman, who couldn’t hang with Mercury’s power. Someone photoshop a roided out Joey Mercury, please. They left Dean Ambrose lying outside the ring and a very obvious “Suplex City” chant is piped in, because there’s literally nobody chanting it behind Rollins. He hypes the WWE Tokyo Show on Saturday (which I’ll be covering). He said he gets to make the matches for Ambrose and Reigns tonight. Ambrose is going to face Bray Wyatt and Roman is going to face Seth Rollins in our main event. He says Roman might not even be in the building and out comes Dean Ambrose. He walks out and then walks back to the backstage area and comes out again with a kendo stick and charges the ring. Ambrose tosses Mercury out, but Rollins and Noble beat on him for a minute until Ambrose clears house. Rollins says his match is up next.

*Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt

They lock up a few times, but end up exchanging strikes. Ambrose with a snapmare and a clothesline. Wyatt is up against the ropes and Ambrose goes for a dropkick, but is taken down by Wyatt. Amborse crawls to the middle rope and Wyatt chokes him against it before Ambrose goes into the corner. Wyatt hits his suplex toss and then kicks Ambrose. Wyatt goes for a cover and gets a one. Reverse chinlock of doom by Wyatt now. Shockingly, Ambrose escapes before getting kneed in the gut. Whip by Wyatt, Ambrose ducks a clothesline and hits a few forearms before kicking Wyatt in the face and hitting a spinning neckbreaker. Ambrose goes to the top, but Wyatt rolls out. Ambrose gives chase and ducks a clothesline. Wyatt goes to throw him in the ring, but Ambrose rolls back around and hits a clothesline as we go to break. Back from break, Wyatt reverses the elbow drop and goes for Sister Abigail, but Ambrose reverses and goes for Dirty Deeds, but Wyatt reverses and goes for his standing Rock-Bottom move. Ambrose reverses and goes towards the ropes. Wyatt charges and Ambrose ducks, sending Wyatt over the top. Suicide dive by Ambrose. Back in the ring, Ambrose hits a forearm in the corner, but Wyatt reverses the bulldog attempt, pushing Ambrose into the corner. Elbow by Ambrose and a Tornado DDT for two. Wyatt hits an elbow that sends Ambrose into the rebound lariat, but Wyatt hits his lariat and a senton instead for a two count. Wyatt goes into his spider walk, but Ambrose kicks him in the head. Ambrose goes into the corner and gets splashed by Wyatt. Wyatt runs to the opposite corner and Ambrose hits a forearm. Punch by Wyatt and a rebound lariat and top rope elbow drop by Ambrose gets a two count. Wyatt rolls outside the ring and Ambrose chases. He goes to jump off the announce table, but Wyatt catches him with the Rock Bottom move into the barricade. He rolls Ambrose into the ring and hits Sister Abigail for the three.

Winner: Bray Wyatt @ 6:59

*We come back from break and Adam Rose is in the ring with Rosa for a promo. He says the fans don’t get it and they never will because they’re too jelly of them. R-Truth comes out and we have a match. I’m assuming that promo started during the break and…they left that part in for some reason.

*R-Truth vs Adam Rose

R-Truth has his mock-king gear on, including a cape that says “KING WHAT’S UP!” He’d probably be a better king of the ring than Barrett, unfortunately. They lock up and do their universal spot. Truth starts dancing and elbows Rose in the face and yells What’s Up?! a few times. Hip toss to Rose who dodges a splash in the corner. He kisses Rosa for some reason and hits a few forearm drops on Truth for a one count. Truth rolls up Rose for a two count. He blocks a few strikes and hits one of his own and Rose spins around into the Lie Detector for the win.

Winner: R-Truth @ 1:59

*We get a recap of The Rock showing up at a random live event to confront Bo Dallas. We get hype for the Cena/Owens feud next.

*Recap from Monday Night Raw with Cena vs Cesaro, and Kevin Owens interfering in the finish.

*Pre-match interview with Ryback. He said he’s going to Shellshock Big Show and Miz at Battleground, but first he’s going to Shellshock Henry tonight.

*Mark Henry is backstage and Henry says Ryback put his name in his mouth, and he’s going to put a bad taste in it. He says Ryback disrespected him and he’s bit off more than he can chew. He said Ryback can’t Shellshock him and Ryback is going to be put in the Hall of Pain.

*Ryback vs Mark Henry

Henry makes his entrance as we go to commercial.

They start with a lockup and Henry pushes Ryback around and then shoves him out of the ring. Ryback slides back in and takes a few shots to the back and ends up in the corner. Henry hits a few more shots to the back as Ryback goes to a slightly different corner. Henry throws Ryback across the ring and goes for a splash into the third corner, but misses. Ryback hits a few punches, but Henry whips him again into the corner. A few strikes from Ryback and a failed Shellshocked attempt lead to Ryback getting tied up with Henry in the ropes. The ref pulls Ryback off and Henry clotheslines him. Some more strikes by Henry, then an Irish Whip, but Ryback ducks a clothesline and hits a shoulder block followed by a splash for a two count. Ryback tries Shellshocked again, but Henry’s too big. He sells his back and Henry pushes him into the middle rope and chokes him. Whip by Henry into the corner and Ryback has hit all four turnbuckles at least twice in three minutes. Hip drop by Henry who is yelling jibberish. Body slam by Henry, followed by the TRAPEZIUS  NERVE HOLD OF DEATH! Ryback makes a miraculous escapes, but then Mark Henry just locks him in a bear hug. Ryback fights out and tries a body slam, but falls back with Henry on him for a two count. Whip by Henry, Ryback ducks a clothesline and they both hit clothesline for a double down. Ryback with some strikes into the corner and some stomps. Ryback hits a suplex on Henry and calls for the Meathook. Ryback connects with the clothesline, hits a spinebuster on Henry and Shellshocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback @ 6:54

*Rollins is backstage with J&J. Apparently Roman hasn’t arrived yet. Noble and Mercury are still giddy over their new Apple Watches.

*Brie Bella vs Naomi

They start with a lock up and some bad chain wrestling. Naomi kicks Brie in the face for a one. Slap by Brie Bella breaks a wristlock. Naomi chases Brie around the outside of the ring. Naomi ducks an Alicia Fox clothesline, but gets nailed with one from Brie. Brie rolls her into the ring and stomps on her a bit. Naomi fights back and throws Brie into the corner, but she takes an elbow and a second rope dropkick for a two count. Brie locks in an arm lock, and Naomi escapes and hits a dropkick. Brie hits a drop toe hold into the ropes and hits her Brie Mode knee to the face and covers for a two count. Brie stomps away at Naomi in the corner and hits a bulldog for another two count. Chin lock by Brie Bella and Naomi fights out with strikes sending Brie into the corner. She hits a weird variation of a codebreaker on Brie that sends her into the corner. Alicia Fox trips Naomi and Brie hits the Bellabuster for the win.

Winner: Brie Bella @ 3:59

*Bray Wyatt promo is  shown. He says “Roman, Roman, come out come out wherever you are. I miss you, man. I don’t think I have anyone to blame but myself. I’m the reason you’re not here, I’m the reason you weren’t there to protect your only friend, Dean Ambrose. I think you’re hiding somewhere feeling sorry for yourself, licking your wounds like you’re an animal. But that’s not the Roman Reigns that you say you are, that you feed to these kids. The real Roman Reigns has too many people that he loves, that he cares for. It makes you weak. Me, I have no one and I’ve never had anything since I’ve been alive on this planet and that makes me strong, and I’m gonna make you a promise. Everything that you love in this world, I’m going to burn it down around you until there is nothing left but you standing all alone. Then I will show you the ultimate mercy, I will finish you. Anyone but you Roman, anyone but you. Run.”

*Hype for Roman vs Rollins in the main event

*Prime Time Players vs The Ascension

Titus and Viktor start us off with  Viktor ducking a tie up and chopping Titus. Titus shoves him into the corner and chops him a bunch. Titus tags in Young and they hit an assisted suplex followed by a hip drop for two. Viktor fights back and tags in Konnor. Young hits a few strikes, but Konnor takes him out with a shoulder tackle. Rolling elbow by Young is no sold by Konnor. They exchange strikes until Konnor pulls Young into the middle rope throat first. Viktor and Young start fighting on the apron and Young hits a backdrop onto the apron. Viktor tosses Young into the post outside the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from break, Viktor is stomping away at Young in the corner. Konnor tags in and locks in a sleeper. Darren Young fights back with some elbows, but Konnor takes him down with an awful leg lock and takes in Viktor. Sunset flip by Viktor doesn’t matter, because Konnor tags in before Viktor rolled back into it. Viktor tags back in immediately and scoop slams Young for two. Young fights out of another rest hold, but is hit with a high knee. Young manages to flip Viktor over the top rope and get the hot tag to Titus. Titus destroys Ascension and hits a nice big boot on Konnor. Splash in the corner by Titus, followed by a shoulder block for two. Young comes in and takes out Viktor as Titus botches the Clash of the Titus, but it still does enough for the three.

Winners: Prime Time Players @ 6:15

*Rusev is walking to the ring with Summer Rae.

*Rusev and Summer Rae come out for a promo. Summer takes the mic and wants to take the opportunity to be the bigger person and apologize for her actions on Raw. She should have never stooped down to Lana’s level, no matter how good it felt to slap her gold digging face. Rusev is kind, he is a gentle man with a great heart. Lana’s loss is her gain. Rusev then kisses her hand. Rusev says this is a woman, a real woman. A woman who is not afraid to act or speak up when the time is right. Also a woman who knows her place. Summer visibly takes some offense to that. He doesn’t need the blonde headed witch Lana anymore. “We Want Lana” chants start to which Rusev says “NO LANA! SUMMER! I HAVE A BETTER LAN-WOMAN NOW” He says Lana has Ziggler poisoning her brain. He will no longer tolerate the insults and threats. Ziggler went public on Raw, he’s going public now. Whenever Rusev sees Ziggler, he will eat his eyes and rip out his heart. There was a time when he lost everything and Ziggler will soon find out how that feels.

*Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

Rollins grabs a mic before the match. He says normally he wouldn’t come out and give Roman a count of 10 to get out here. He says he wants to see these sweet Apple Watches in action. J&J count to 10. Roman’s music hits of course and here he comes. The bell rang already, so…Roman should still be counted out, but this is WCW rules apparently. They start off with brawling. Reigns slams Rollins from corner to corner with a few strikes at each. Whip into the corner by Reigns with a big right hand from Roman. Mercury tries to get involved, and Roman goes to powerbomb him before Rollins hits a superkick and powerbombs Reigns into the corner for a one count. Rollins stomps away on Roman and chokes him in the middle rope. Mercury gets a punch to the nose in as well. Rollins climbs up top and hits a double stomp to Roman’s back for a two count. Rollins with strikes in the corner. Roman starts fighting back, but Rollins hits a body slam to stop that. Rollins goes back to the top rope and goes for a double axe handle but eats a right hand. Roman hits a few more rights until Rollins hits a spin kick to the gut and a big running forearm in the corner. Rollins goes for another one, but takes a big clothesline instead and both men are down. Reigns hits his multiple clothesline in the corner spot and then knocks Mercury off the apron. Reigns with a powerbomb on Rollins and he calls for the Superman Punch, but Jamie Noble grabs his foot as Mercury attacks him to cause the DQ.

Winner by DQ: Roman Reigns in 5:58

*The assault continues after the match until Ambrose comes in with the kendo stick for the save. Ambrose beats everybody with the kendo stick and Rollins goes to Pedigree him, but Roman hits a Superman Punch. Roman goes for the spear on Rollins, but J&J pull him out. Rollins and Noble get away, but Mercury is brought into the ring by Ambrose and Reigns. Ambrose beats him down with a a dozen kendo stick shots and Roman hits a spear on Mercury. Ambrose and Reigns stand tall to end the show.

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