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Complete Playbook: CMLL on Galavision December 27, 2003

January 8, 2007 | Posted by Ryan Mancuso
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Complete Playbook: CMLL on Galavision December 27, 2003  

Hola! Welcome to a different edition of the Complete Playbook. This review briefly exits the Land of the Rising Sun and makes it debut to South of the Border to enter the world of Lucha Libre. I’m sure Larry could tell all of you that I have been enjoying Lucha Libre a lot these days. I figured that since 411 could use some lucha reviews that I would be the guy to give them for now. This episode aired on Galavision in the United States on December 27, 2003. Since lucha usually aired on a lengthy delay in the States, the matches were taped in late September at CMLL’s two primary venues of Arena Mexico and Arena Coliseo. This was a big show with three singles matches including the main event of the 70th Anniversary Show between Shocker & Tarzan Boy in a hair vs. hair match. Atlantis defending his Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Title against Black Warrior, and Perro Aguayo Jr. facing Rey Bucanero in a big grudge match. Thanks to Robert at DVDVR for providing the lucha content that allows me to watch and review. Time for the review:

Perro Aguayo Jr. starts the show by cutting a short promo on his opponent tonight in Rey Bucanero. Commentator Alfonso Morales introduces us to the show by hyping the matches and the show has officially started:

Tohoku Jr. Heavyweight Title: Atlantis © vs. Black Warrior

This title is actually a belt owned by Michinoku Pro Wrestling. Atlantis did a tour with them in August 2003 and defeated Dick Togo for it. Tohoku was the old meaning for North Eastern Japan, which is the home area of Michinoku Pro. This regional title is getting international exposure with Atlantis defending it in CMLL against Black Warrior at Arena Coliseo on September 23, 2003.

This match was joined in progress in the third fall with Atlantis rolling out of the ring, but Black Warrior is quickly capitalizing with his awesome tope suicidia. When both men got back into the ring, they traded pinfalls before Warrior getting caught in Atlantis trademark La Atlantida (Spinning Torture Rack) for the submission to retain his title. Joined in progress matches make it very difficult for me to make a judgment one way or the other, but maybe it was for the best that they decided to air so little of it.

Perro Aguayo Jr. vs. Rey Bucanero

This was from September 26, 2003 at Arena Mexico. This was an angle filled match, and I thought it worked well. When Perro Aguayo Jr. jumped from AAA to CMLL, he was pushed by CMLL as a young, handsome tecnico fighting the evil rudos. However, most of the fans rejected Perro as a tecnico. I am not sure if it was him being the former AAA guy trying to fit in CMLL, or if he was seen as someone who is living off the name his father made and not paid his dues. The boos were getting so loud for Perro that they would often cheer for the rudo over him. CMLL had no choice, but to turn Perro rudo. It was a very smart decision because Perro knows how to play that role much better and seems to enjoy with the big smile on his face every time he does something dastardly. This match was not a full rudo turn by Perro because he doing the dastardly things to another rudo in Bucanero. However, it helped fueled the reaction Perro was already getting and that he can be more rudo than the rudos.

Bucanero attacks Perro in entrance way before the first whistle is blown. Bucanero throws him down the stairs of the entrance and slams Perro on the ramp a few times. Both men are back in the ring, but the beatdown is too much for Perro to comeback because Bucanero plants him with a spinning crucifix powerbomb and drops the senton to win the first fall. During the intermission, a replay aired of a prior tag match in which Bucanero got the referee to look another direction. Bucanero nailed him with a low blow and Perro fell to the mat. As a result, Ultimo Guerrero scored the pin.

Bucanero is in control of the second fall and plants Perro face first on the mat. He seems to have things in control. Bucanero goes for it again, but Perro get the inside cradle to win the second fall in short time. Lots of boos from the crowd, and Perro is now the one dishing out the punishment to Bucanero. Perro takes a noisemaker from a fan and beats down Bucanero with it. Perro gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, but has a smile on his face. I think he is enjoying the boos from the crowd. Perro is choking Bucanero with a cable.

The third fall begins with Bucanero making a comeback while standing on the apron. He uses a slingshot version of Diamond Dust and lariats Perro to the floor. Bucanero goes for a tope suicida over the top rope, but Perro grabs the small part of the ring steps and hits a diving Bucanero in the midsection with them. Perro throws the big part of the ring steps into the ring. Both men are back in the ring, and Perro nails Bucanero with them. The referee is trying to stop Perro from using the steps, but he pushes the ref down. Perro slams Bucanero on the steps, climbs the top turnbuckle and connects with the top rope diving double stomp. Perro covers as the referee is getting up. To no surprise, the referee DQ’s Perro for his actions and gives Bucanero the victory. Perro does not really care because he pushes the ref down again and continues to use the steps on Rey. After Perro is done beating up on Bucanero, he goes into a section of the crowd that still supports him.

Before the hair match starts, we get vignettes. Tarzan Boy is hanging out with five of his lady friends. He promises to show them a good time with all of them entering a limo. They arrive at a pool hall. Tarzan teaches them to shoot pool and gives each lady some physical contact while teaching. Tarzan said that he is not going to lose his hair. Shocker and his Guapo buddies are wearing sombreros while riding horses. They look like the 3 Amigos. Actually, I should call them the 3 Guapos. Shocker speaks and rides around a bit on his horse. Awesome!

Cabellera vs. Cabellera: Shocker vs. Tarzan Boy

Now, we go back to the September 19 Arena Mexico show. This was actually a huge show for CMLL because it was their official 70th Anniversary Show. This hair match between Shocker and Tarzan was actually the main event of the show. Unfortunately, this match looked clipped to pieces with the 1st and 3rd getting some cutting. While both men were selling the fact that this was a big time match, but the clipping made the match not feel as special. From what was shown here, Shocker looked really good and Tarzan was trying hard.

Tarzan attacks Shocker on the apron and the match has begun. Tarzan whips Shocker into a ringpost. There is a clip in this match because both men are already back in the ring as Shocker connects with his rolling fireman’s carry slam. Shocker puts Tarzan on the turnbuckles and climbs up. However, Tarzan fights back and takes Shocker down with a double underhook facebuster. Tarzan covers and it was an easy three count to take the first fall.

The second fall starts with Tarzan Boy in control by choking Shocker in the corner with his boot. Shocker ducks an elbow and gains an advantage with a jumping enzuigiri. Shocker plants Tarzan with a spear, but Tarzan evades the Lionsault. Both men are getting up slowly. Tarzan charges at Shocker, but he is caught in La Reinera. Tarzan has no choice to submit the second fall.

The third fall saw Tarzan Boy get some near falls off a Japanese Leg Roll Clutch and a fisherman suplex. Shocker comes back with a knee that sends Tarzan Boy to the floor. Shocker goes for a double jump plancha, but Tarzan swats him away. The man who is 1,000% Guapo falls hard on the floor. There looks to be another clip in the match because they are back in the ring with Tarzan going for a moonsault. Shocker moves out of the way and rolls up Tarzan with his hammerlock small package for the pin. After the match, Shocker and his dad are celebrating the victory while Tarzan Boy is being shaved bald. Fireworks and confetti go off to end the show.

The 411: This was one show in which I think the 1 hour format hurts more than helps. Atlantis & Black Warrior just showed the finish. There looked to be significant clipping in the important hair match between Shocker & Tarzan Boy. As a result, the match just did not feel like a big deal to me. Perro vs. Bucanero was a short angle driven match. I thought that worked out well. I have to say that I enjoyed the brief 3 Guapos skit. Outside of Perro's near turn to the darkside, this was a skippable show.
Final Score:  5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend

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