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Csonka Reviews Free Survivor Series Matches With The Rock, Randy Orton, HBK, & More (Vol. 4)

November 19, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka Reviews Free Survivor Series Matches With The Rock, Randy Orton, HBK, & More (Vol. 4)  

Csonka Reviews Free Survivor Series Matches With the Rock, Randy Orton, HBK, & More (Vol. 4)

From Survivor Series 2014: Team Natalya defeated Team Paige @ 14:30 via pin [**]
From Survivor Series 2011: The Rock & John Cena defeated R-Truth & The Miz @ 21:30 [**¾]
From Survivor Series 2005: Team Smackdown defeated Team Raw @ 24:05 via pin [***¼]

Team Paige (Paige, Cameron, Layla, & Summer Rae) vs. Team Natalya (Natalya, Alicia Fox, Emma & Naomi): Paige and Natalya start things off. They work some solid back and forth; Natalya lays in knees and sends Paige to the floor. Back in they go, and we get tags to Emma and Layla. They work some slow back and forth, Layla connects with kicks and tags Paige back in. She works over Emma with strikes and yells about her house. Paige and Emma workup to, and Emma hits a superplex. Cameron tags in, works over Emma and slaps her around. The suplex follows, and that gets 2. Emma manages a backslide and tags in Naomi. She hits a high cross and then a wheelbarrow stunner for 2. Summer in and gets tossed to the floor as things break down. Naomi rolls up Cameron for the elimination. Naomi works over Summer now, but Summer cuts her off by pulling the hair. Summer then works the arm, hitting awkward splashes and goes after Natalya, but Fox cuts her off and then attacks Paige. Fox hits a running cross body onto the heels, Layla tags in and Fox works her over, hitting a northern lights for 2. The tilt a whirl back breaker eliminates Layla. Natalya tags in, and she and Fox work over Summer, and Natalya hits a basement dropkick, Paige tags in, leading to her and Summer double teaming and isolating Natalya. Emma hits clotheslines on Summer, works a tarantula, and then hit wacky Emma sandwich. She then taps Summer with a Muta lock. Paige is left all alone now. Paige tries to bail, Emma stops her but Paige fights back and yells about her house again. Natalya in, eats a superkick but fires back with a German and tags in Naomi. Paige counters Naomi’s split legged moonsault, but Naomi hits the rear view and a spiked head scissors and picks up the win for her team. Team Natalya defeated Team Paige @ 14:30 via pin [**] I felt that the match was an ok outing. I was glad to see the ladies get some actual time, but you have to make sure that they have the tools (match layout) to go that long. Some hiccups and some stalling, along with extremely slow pacing and lack of actual excitement held back my enjoyment of this match.

The Rock & John Cena vs. R-Truth & The Miz: This is Rock and Cena teaming up ahead of their first WrestleMania match. Rock starts off, hitting shoulder blocks and arm drags before getting a cradle for 2. The crowd absolutely loves Rock, giving him the old “you still got it” chants. Truth tags in, they work some fun back and forth as Cena takes out Miz, Rock had the cover but no count because of Cena. Cena and Rock have some words as Miz tags in. The crowd is allover Cena with chants like “fruity pebbles & Cena sucks.” Miz wants Cena and Rock tags him in. Cena takes control to the disapproval of the crowd. Rock is not impressed, since they are concerned with one-upping each other. Truth tags in, eats shoulder blocks and as he and Rock have words, Truth lays out Cena with a clothesline. Miz joins in as they take control. Miz in and takes the heat on Cena, covering for 2. Miz and Truth work quick tags, as Truth posts Cena and sends him to the floor. Truth brings him back in and grounds Cena with a body scissors. The crowd wants the Rock back in as Truth works over Cena on the floor, and then back in tags Miz back in. The DDT follows and Miz covers for 2. The corner clothesline follows, Truth gets in a cheap shot, and Miz covers for 2. A double team suplex on Cena connects and that gets 2. Truth continues to ground Cena, but Cena gets to his feet, only to be pulled to the opposite corner. Miz tags in, laying in strikes on Cena, but Cena fires back but eats a clothesline and Miz covers for 2. Truth and Miz continue the heat, picking up near falls and keeping Cena grounded. Truth heads up top, hits a high cross but Cena rolls through. Truth cuts him off and hits a gourd buster for 2. The quick tags continue as Miz talks shit to the Rock, allowing Cena to lock in the STF but Truth makes the save. Cena hits Truth with a AA, but Miz knocks the Rock to the floor and Truth attacks him and slams him to the barricade. Rock rushes back in, allowing Miz & Truth to double team Cena, and they cover for 2. Truth then misses a dancing leg drop. Cena finally gets the tag, hits a DDT and lays in strikes to Truth. The Rock bottom follows on Truth, and then the shitty sharpshooter on Miz. Truth tries to make the save, Cena takes him out and they spill to the floor. Miz attacks Rock, but runs into the spinebuster and people’s elbow. That’s enough to finish the Miz. The Rock & John Cena defeated R-Truth & The Miz @ 21:30 [**¾] This was an overall pretty good match, but with no drama in terms of Miz & Truth winning, it really hurt the match. The match was really about crowd reactions, and they were into it, and from there, it was about the Rock playing the hits, and he did well, but it really felt too long considering the complete lack of drama.

Big Show, Carlito, Chris Masters, Kane & Shawn Michaels of SmackDown vs. Batista, Bobby Lashley, JBL, Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio of Raw: HBK and Orton to begin. Lock up and to the corner we go and a break. Lock up again and to the corner we go, and a slap to HBK. HBK returns the favor. Lock up and some good reversals here finishes with a slap by HBK. Chops by HBK, then a boot and more chops. Off the ropes and a boot by Orton, followed by European uppercuts and a cover for 2. Slam by Orton, misses a knee drop and a tag to Masters. Arm bar to Orton, but Orton rakes the eyes and clubs down Masters. Knee lift to Masters, but he rams Orton to the corner. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Masters. Cover and JBL breaks it up. Uppercut by Orton and a tag to Lashley. They stare down and ram into each other. Masters off the ropes and a powerslam by Lashley. Clothesline by Masters. Masterlock try… Lashley fights it off and elbows Masters. Belly to belly by Lashley and a tag to Carlito. Lashley grabs him and tosses him in. Rights to Lashley, and Lashley kills Carlito with clotheslines. Running powerslam by Lashley gets 2. Elbow by Carlito and HBK is in. Up top and Lashley tosses him off. Running clothesline to HBK. Scoop slam and an overhead belly to belly by Lashley. Lashley starts to run wild, but Kane chokeslams Lashley from the apron and HBK pins him! Lashley is gone now and Rey is in. Knee by Kane and HBK tags out. Masters is in and elbows to the back of Rey. Press slam by Masters and a tag to Kane. Kane misses the elbow and gets a basement dropkick and a standing moonsault for 2. Big boot by Kane and then rams Rey to the corner. Kane works the lower back now, and all of the announcers talking at once is ANNOYING! Sideslam by Kane gets 2. Kane rams Rey to the corner again and then locks in a bear hug. Rey escapes and tags Batista. He beats down Kane, but then eats an elbow. SPEAR by Batista! Clothesline to HBK and boots to Masters and tosses him. Show is in and we all are brawling! Spinebuster to Kane and 1…2…3! Kane is gone and a choke slam by Show to Batista gets 2. Show kicks everyone and Kane is still there. DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM TO BATISTA! Show covers and that’s all for Batista. JBL in but Show catches him and slams him down. Chops by Show and then a boot to Orton. Catches Rey and tosses him to a corner. Show survives a clothesline from hell, but Rey tags in and 619 to Show! Tag to Orton…RKO! Tag to JBL…CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Show is alive still! Tag to Rey, drop of the dime and Show is gone! Everyone is brawling now and JBL gets the fall away slam on HBK on the floor. Masters works over Rey and covers for 2. Tag to Carlito and a suplex on Rey for 2. Boots to Rey and then a choke. Leg drop by Carlito gets 2. Rear chinlock on Rey now. HBK is still down on the floor. Carlito gets a body scissors as well. Rey to his feet, battles out and off the ropes, boot by Rey and JBL blind tags in…clothesline from hell and Carlito is gone! Masters in against JBL. Suplex by Masters and a cover for 2. HBK is apparently dead on the floor. Rey tags in, Masters catches him but JBL helps and Rey covers for 2. Masters charges at Rey and hits the steel post! 619 by Rey! Drop of the dime 1…2..3! HBK is only left and SD has 3 guys left, JBL, Orton and Rey. JBL grabs HBK and rams him off of the announce table. HBK rolled in and rights by Rey. Off the ropes…chops by HBK. Drop toehold by Rey…619! Rey flies in…SUPERKICK ALA SHELTON and Rey is done! JBL in, misses the Clothesline…SUPERKICK and JBL is gone! It is Orton vs. HBK! Orton stalks a beaten down HBK, calls him up…RKO, countered and Orton to the floor. PLANCHA by HBK! A huge, “we want Taker” chant now. Chops by HBK, flying forearm by HBK. KIP UP! Atomic drop to Orton. Clothesline by HBK. Another. Slam by HBK, and he goes up top…flying elbow to Orton! Both men are down now. JBL is at ringside and has a chair. HBK tunes up the band…JBL is in…but a SUPERKICK to JBL! RKO TO HBK! 1…2…3! Team Smackdown defeated Team Raw @ 24:05 via pin [***¼] This was a good and fun match, with a tremendous closing stretch and finish. Shawn and Randy were so very good in these mid-2000 Survivor Series matches.

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