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Csonka’s EVOLVE 136 Review

September 21, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Austin Theory Evolve
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Csonka’s EVOLVE 136 Review  

Csonka’s EVOLVE 136 Review

– Anthony Henry defeated JD Drake @ 10:00 via pin [***¼]
– Brandon Tagart defeated Weatherman Josh @ 2:30 via pin [NR]
– Harlem Bravado defeated Daniel Garcia @ 8:15 via pin [**½]
– Shotzi Blackheart defeated Kris Statlander @ 11:15 via pin [**¾]
– Arturo Ruas defeated Gutierrez @ 5:00 via pin [**½]
Evolution’s Edge Tournament Finals: Curt Stallion defeated Anthony Greene @ 15:00 via pin [***½]
2-out-of-3 Falls Match: The Unwanted defeated The Skulk @ 21:35 via 2-1 [***¼]
Non-Title Match: Champion WALTER defeated Kassius Ohno @ 12:50 via pin [****]
EVOLVE Title Match: Champion Austin Theory defeated Josh Briggs @ 10:00 via pin [***]

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– Lenny Leonard welcomes us to the show, but is interrupted by JD Drake. H hates that it has come to this and calls out Anthony Henry as the former tag team partners will collide tonight. Drake says they are brothers and sometimes they will fight, but they don’t have to do this tonight. Drake wants then to reunite, but Henry refuses to be in his shadow. Drake would have given him a title shot when he was champion but Henry never asked. Drake offers Henry a free shot because he trusts him. Henry won’t punch him, but will instead kick him in the balls. He grabs a chair and wraps it around his head and hits the top roe double stomp. He then calls for the ref.

JD Drake vs. Anthony Henry: Henry hits the top rope double stomp and Drake kicks out at 2, He follows with kicks for 2. Ground and pound by Henry follows, and lays in more kicks as Drake fires up only for Henry to keep attacking. Drake finally cuts him off with chops, and they brawl to the floor. Drake lights him up with chops until Henry cuts him off and follows with kicks until he misses and hits the post as Drake hits a clothesline. Back in and Drake misses the cannonball. Henry misses the double stomp and drake follows with the running knee strike. He follows with chops and a clothesline. The Saito suplex follows and the Vader bomb gets 2. Drake follows with kicks, Henry begs off but Drake keeps attacking until Henry hits an enziguri and a powerslam for 2. Henry follows with kicks, slaps, and Drake fires up but Henry keeps laying in strikes and slaps as Drake fires back. They trade, chops by Drake follow and the lariat levels Henry. Henry counters the drill bit, hits a snap German and another. The spin kick and double stomp connects and Drake is done. Anthony Henry defeated JD Drake @ 10:00 via pin [***¼ ] Good start to the show with the pre-match angle that naturally bled into the match, which played off of the established feud really well. The match was good with Henry picking up the clean win.

– Post match, Henry fakes friendship and low blows Drake.

Brandon Tagart defeated Weatherman Josh @ 2:30 via pin, squash match.

Harlem Bravado vs. Daniel Garcia: Bravado has to win to keep his job in Evolve. They work into some back and forth, with Garcia grounding things. Bravado counters out, hits a shoulder tackle and grounds things. Garcia battles back, they trade shoulder tackles and Bravado follows with a big boot. The cradle follows for 2. Garcia fights off straight cash homie, and Bravado powders. Back in and Garcia attacks, but Bravado cuts him off with a draping DDT for 2. He follows with clubbing strikes, the back elbow an covers for 2. Bravado lays the boots to him, talks shit and Garcia fires up and lays in strikes. Bravado cuts him off but Garcia hits a dropkick and Saito suplex for 2. Garcia misses the knee strike, and Bravado hits an inverted DDT for 2. Straight cash homie is countered, Garcia follows with strikes, and a German and knee strike for 2. The crossface follows, Bravado fights, rolls and makes the ropes. He then counters into a cradle for the win. Harlem Bravado defeated Daniel Garcia @ 8:15 via pin [**½] This was solid, with a flat finish as Bravado keeps his job.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Kris Statlander: They lock up and work into counters, as they work to the ground. Lock up again, Shotzi with the takedown into a guillotine, but Statlander counters and they end in a standoff. Shotzi takes her down, and the cradle follows for 2. Statlander then cradles her for 2. Shotzi takes her down, hits the leg drop and follows with strikes. Statlander takes her down into a cover for 2. They work into a test of strength, but Statlander bridges until Shotzi takes her down into a cover for 2. Lock up again, Shotzi works the am. But Statlander counters out and follows with an arm drag until Shotzi hits a head scissors and a RANA. The cannonball misses, and Statlander covers for 2. Statlander follows with a dropkick, leg drop, and senton for 2. Statlander misses a charge, Shotzi cuts her off and follows with the cannonball for 2. Statlander fights off the cloverleaf, follows with strikes and they trade. They miss kicks, Shotzi follows with a flurry and Statlander hits a head kick and blue thunder bomb for 2. Shotzi cuts her off with a DDT and that gets 2. Shotzi hits a head scissors to the buckles, the 619, and misses the double stomp as Statlander hits a wheelbarrow German. To the ropes, Shotzi cuts her off but Statlander hits a flapjack and axe kick for 2. Shotzi counters jig’n t9nic into a cradle for 2. Superkick by Statlander, she heads up top and Shotzi crotches her. She follows with the RANA off the ropes and heads up top, the senton connects for the win. Shotzi Blackheart defeated Kris Statlander @ 11:15 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good with some nice ideas but was a bit too disjointed at times for my liking, but seemed to play to the live crowd better than on TV.

Arturo Ruas vs. Gutierrez: They flash kicks to begin, trade leg kicks and Ruas hits a head kick, takedown and Gutierrez makes the ropes. They work to the ropes, Ruas takes him down, looks for an arm bar, but Gutierrez makes the ropes. Gutierrez locks on a triangle, but Ruas picks him up and dumps him over the ropes. Back in and they trade kicks, Ruas unloads with strikes, and transitions into grounded strikes, takes the back but Gutierrez sweeps and follows with strikes. Gutierrez then hits a standing shooting star press for 2. He hits a suicide dive and then a springboard high cross,. Ruas wrecks him with kicks and strikes, but Gutierrez gets the triangle. Gutierrez follows with strikes until Ruas cradles him for the win. Arturo Ruas defeated Gutierrez @ 5:00 via pin [**½] This was great in terms of presenting a change of pace and style on the show. The match was solid with Gutierrez putting up a good fight and showing some good potential.

Evolution’s Edge Tournament Finals: Curt Stallion vs. Anthony Greene: Brandi Lauren is out with Greene. They immediately brawl on the floor and back in, Stallion follows with a German. Greene trips him into the ropes but Stallion battles back with a suicide dive. Lauren low blows Stallion and Greene cradles him for 2. Greene lays the boots to him in the corner, whips him to the buckles, and follows with chops. The suplex follows for 1. Greene follows with rights, and the suplex follows for 2. Greene now chokes him out in the ropes. Lauren then chokes him out as well, and Greene follows with a belly to back suplex. He slaps Stallion, who fires up until Greene levels him with a clothesline, lays the boots to him and covers for 2. They trade chops, Stallion fires up but Greene levels him and covers for 2. Greene now lays in chops, but Stallion fires back until Greene hits him in the throat. He grounds things, and the top rope elbow drop follows for 2. Stallion fires back, hits a German and follows with a running boot and knee strike. Face washes follow, and then a head butt. Greene counters back with an XPLODER into the buckles and covers for 2. The superkick follows but Stallion counters back with the air aid neck breaker. They trade strikes, Greene takes control and follows with a superkick, sending Stallion to the floor. Greene rolls him to the apron and Stallion battles back, Greene spits at him and Stallion follows with chops until Greene slams him to the apron. Back in and Greene heads up top, and misses the high cross as Stallion hits the German basement dropkick and a DDT. The top rope frog splash follows for 2. Lauren saves Greene, but Stallion cuts him off with a double stomp but Greene counters into a powerbomb and superkick. The suplex follows with the tights for 2. Stallion counters the unprettier, takes Greene up top and follows with a super half and half suplex for the win. Curt Stallion defeated Anthony Greene @ 15:00 via pin [***½] These two were former partners until Greene turned on Stallion. This was a really good match between two guys that have a ton of potential but also a ton of room to grow.

– Stallion now faces Ohno at Evolve 138.

2-out-of-3 Falls Match: AR Fox, Leon Ruff, Adrian Alanis, Liam Grey, & Flacko vs. Eddie Kingston, Joey Gacy, Karem, Donovan, & Maluta: Kingston claims he will beat Fox & his dojo boys all by himself. They all brawl on the floor to begin. The Unwanted run wild, destroying Flacko and Kingston pins him to go up 1-0. Flacko is carried to the back. Karem and Ruff in now and Ruff picks up the pace and hits a dropkick. The Skulk work quick tags and Alanis runs wild as Grey joins in and Maluta makes the save. Kingston tags in and cuts off Ruff, hits a uranage and Gacy tags in. They isolate Ruff as Kingston tags back in and covers for 2. Ruff counters back with a RANA until Kingston hits the lariat and Karem tags in. He starts tossing Ruff around, but misses a charge as Fox then makes the save. Donovan tags in and Ruff fires back, but is quickly cut off as Donovan hits a delayed suplex for 2. Kingston back in and Ruff fires back, but Kingston stops that with a head butt. He follows with grounded strikes and covers for 2. Gacy tags in and grounds the action. Ruff hits the desperation DDT and tags n Alanis, who runs wild on the Unwanted. Grey joins in for double teams and that leads to Alanis picking up a pin to even things up. Kingston takes out Alanis, slamming his knee off of the post and the Unwanted takes control back; Alanis is taken to the back. Kingston monologues, but Ayla reveals that Babatunde from NXT will join them now. He runs wild with strikes, chops, and a pop up chop. He chokeslams Kingston, Fox tags in and he slams Kingston’s knee off of the post repeatedly for revenge until Gacy stops that. They brawl on the floor as Babatunde wrecks fools with strikes. Back in and Babatunde trades shoulder tackles with Karem, Karem talks shit and runs into a slam as it breaks down. The Unwanted swarm Babatunde, and then take him out with dives. Grey is cut off by Maluta, and the frog splash follows by Maluta for 2 as Ruff makes the save. The crucifix bomb follows for 2 as Donovan makes the save. He runs wild on Ruff and covers for 2. Ruff follows with a German for 2. he heads up top, but Kingston shoves him to the floor and Babatunde cuts him off with a side slam. The Unwanted swarm him again and dump him. Ruff lies in and takes them out. Grey follows with a tope con hello, Fox hits coast to coast in Kingston and then takes out the pile with a tope. Ruff then gets taken out by Gacy as it completely breaks down into near falls. Fox works over Karem, and the DVd and 450 follows for 2 as Gacy makes the save. Fox fires back with an enziguri, but Gacy counters lo mein pain and hits the blockbuster. The lariat and powerbomb follows for the win. The Unwanted defeated The Skulk @ 21:35 via 2-1 [***¼] This was good with some fun spots and an overall smart gameplan by the heels as the two tables continue to feud.

– It is announced that Joe Gacy has been offered an Evolve contract. Kingston says Evolve had no choice but to do this, and says you can kiss ass or join the king who will get you in.

WWE UK Champion WALTER vs. Kassius Ohno: They lock up and work to the ropes for the clean break. Ohno works a cravat, but WALTER grounds him. Ohno starts attacking the arm, but WALTER escapes. They lock up and WALTER then grounds things until Ohno counters and they work into a test of strength. WALTER ground shim and covers for 2. WALTER stomps away at him, attacks the neck and follows with clubbing strikes in the ropes. Ohno traps the arm and then is kicked to the floor. WALTER follows him out and lays in chops. WALTER then misses and hits the post allowing Ohno to mount a comeback with elbow strikes. Back in and Ohno attacks the hand and arm, breaking the big man down. The senton follows for 2. He follows with strikes and the cover gets 2. Ohno follows with chops, WALTER fires back and hits a lariat. Ohno follows with rights, chops, and WALTER cuts him off with the big boot, northern lariat and German for 2. WALTER grounds the action, Ohno attacks the injured hand and works into an arm bar but WALTER counters out into a powerbomb for 2. He heads up top, gets cut off and knocked to the floor. Ohno uncovers the turnbuckle, and posts WALTER. He traps WALTER’s hand in the turnbuckle and uses a screwdriver to tighten it up more. Back in and the rolling elbow follows. He stomps away at the hand, heads up top and WALTER cuts him off and lays in chops. He follows him up, Ohno fights back and WALTER hits the avalanche Saito for the win. Champion WALTER defeated Kassius Ohno @ 12:50 via pin [****] This was a great and smartly worked match, the best thing on the show so far, despite the finish coming out of nowhere.

EVOLVE Title Match: Champion Austin Theory vs. Josh Briggs: Briggs runs wild at the bell until Theory counters back with a rolling dropkick. He grounds the action, following with strikes, but Briggs follows with a big boot and dumps him. He follows him out and to the apron they go as Theory fires back with a superkick and spear. Back in and Theory attacks the previously injured leg and the standing moonsault follows for 2. He follows with strikes, but Briggs fires up and hits the boot and back breaker for 2. Theory counters a chokeslam, hits the superkick and the 2k1 neck breaker follows for 2. Attaxia is countered but Theory then counters go to hell with a superkick and bucklebomb. The running blockbuster follows as both men are down. Theory follow with a pair of superkicks, and three seconds around the world follows for 2. They brawl on the floor, Theory follows with strikes and Briggs cuts him off with an apron bomb and that gets 2. Theory counters a chokeslam, but attaxia is countered into a powerbomb for 2. Briggs now follows with corner attacks and we get a ref bump. Briggs hits a powerbomb, but Ohno arrives and attacks Briggs as payback from last night. Attaxia follows and that gets the win. Champion Austin Theory defeated Josh Briggs @ 10:00 via pin [***] Theory is signed with NXT and recently made his NXT live event debut, with the gimmick that he’s in Evolve until he loses the title. The match was good, and they worked hard, but the finish sucked and it feels as if Briggs is just treading water when he really should have won the championship here.

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* Examining The Shane Taylor/ROH Worked Shoot Angle: 49:20
* NJPW Destruction in Beppu Review: 1:01:10
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The 411
I haven’t been able to review Evolve as much as I used to, due to their shows falling on the same dates as many others, but I have been still following the product and had the chance to review tonight, so I jumped back in. Evolve 136 was an overall good show, that continued the established angles rolling along and delivered some good and fun wrestling in a variety of different ways. Lenny Leonard continues to be great, passionate, and informative on commentary, but I question the decision not to strap up Briggs with Theory now in NXT.