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Csonka’s Impact Bound for Glory 2019 Review

October 20, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Cage Impact Bound for Glory
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Csonka’s Impact Bound for Glory 2019 Review  

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Csonka’s Impact Bound for Glory 2019 Review

Call Your Shot Gauntlet: Eddie Edwards @ 33:05 via pin [**½]
Knockouts Title Match: Champion Taya defeated Tenille Dashwood @ 12:00 via pin [**¾]
Impact Tag Team Title Match: Champions The North defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack and RVD & Rhino @ 14:25 via pin [***½]
– Michael Elgin defeated Naomichi Marufuji @ 17:55 via pin [****]
X-Division Title Ladder Match: Ace Austin defeated Champion Jake Crist, Tessa Blanchard, Daga, & Ace Romero @ 17:45 [****]
– Moose defeated Ken Shamrock @ 10:30 via pin [**½]
Impact World Title No DQ Match: Champion Brian Cage defeated Sami Callihan @ 16:40 via pin [****]

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Call Your Shot Gauntlet: We get getting a loss of signal on Fite TV, which is obviously not good. Back to action with Edwards, Reno Scum, and cousin Jake all in. Jake runs wild on Scum, Edwards joins in and they take control. Raju is in next, and works over Jake and Edwards. He runs wild, Scum works double teams and the heels take control. Joey Ryan is in next, and is as sleazy as ever. He wants someone to touch his dick. The heels attack, Ryan fights them off and Adam falls onto his dick and is down. Raju touches his dick and then Luster. We have a train touching his dick and flips them, eliminating Jake & Raju. Havok is in next. Ryan offers her his dick, but she chokeslams him instead and runs wild, Rosemary is in next. She follow with suplexes, and brawls with Havok. Ryan oils up and offers his dick. They attack and next in is Fulton. He starts laying everyone out, and eliminates Havok & Rosemary. He dumps Adam, and then Ryan. Cody Deaner is in next. He attacks Fulton, everyone brawls and Fulton tosses Cody, Johnny Swinger is next. He stalls on the floor as Fulton chokeslams Edwards. Next in is Jordynne Grace. Spinebuster on Luster. Strikes to Fulton and Edwards hits an enziguri and Grace hits a German on Fulton. Swoggle joins in and chases Swinger into the ring. Swoggle bites his ass, hits a German and Grace dumps Swinger. Swoggle works over Luster and Kiera Hogan is next. Swoggle bites that ass, Grace follows with strikes and dumps her. Next in is Raj Singh. Edwards dumps Luster. Raj attacks Swoggle, Tommy Dreamer is in next. He works over Raj, bites Fulton and Fulton then cuts him off. They all brawl and in next is Kylie Rae. She superkicks Raj and then Dreamer. The cannonball follows and Fulton cuts her off. Dreamer dumps Raj. Fulton dumps Dreamer. Fallah Bahh is in next. He brawls with Fulton, and catches him of the ropes with the Samoan drop. The ass attack follows, Swoggle attacks and then Rae. Next in is Sabu. He attacks with strikes, gets a chair and runs wild. It breaks down and the final entrant is Shera. He hits clotheslines, Grace attacks and Rae joins in as Shera fights them off and dumps them. He dumps Sabu. Bahh & Edwards team up against Fulton & Shera as the final four and they brawl. Shera dumps Bahh. Edwards attacks, but Fulton cuts him off. He and Shera double team Edwards, and then they brawl. Edwards dumps Fulton but Fulton apron bombs him. It’s now Shera vs. Edwards. Shera brings Edwards back in and Edwards cradles him for 2. The Boston knee party follows and Edwards wins. Eddie Edwards @ 33:05 via pin [**½] This was a solid gauntlet, with an invested crowd, solid flow, and Edwards being a great anchor for this. I’m also glad he won.

– We see Cage & Melissa arriving earlier today.

Knockouts Title Match: Champion Taya vs. Tenille Dashwood: John E. Bravo & a stuffed dog are at ringside. Taya attacks before the bell and follow with strikes. Dashwood fires back, hits a kick and they trade. The butterfly suplex follows for 2. Taya cuts her off, hits a German and covers for 2. She follows with strikes, kicks and a knee strike. Dashwood counters back and hits a neck breaker in the ropes. Taya to the floor and Dashwood heads up top but Taya backs away. Taya then slams Dashwood to the apron, follows with strikes and slam her face to the apron. Back in and the backstabber follows for 2. She grounds the action Dashwood fights out and hits la mistica but Taya cradles her for 2. Taya works her over in the corner, Dashwood fires back and hits a flapjack. They trade strikes, Dashwood follows with the tarantula. She heads up top and the high cross gets 2. Taya cuts her off by slamming her to the buckles, double knees follow and she takes her up top. Dashwood fights back, and the sunset bomb follows for 2. Dashwood follow with elbow strikes, but Taya counters into a blue thunder bomb for 2. They work to the apron, trading strikes and Taya kina hits a package piledriver, Dashwood didn’t go up well for it. Back in and Taya covers for 2. Dashwood cuts her off as Taya heads up top and hits taste of Tenille and the spotlight kick for 2 as Bravo pulled Taya under the ropes. The ref tosses him to the back, tosses a chain to Taya and Dashwood cradles her for 2, She tosses the chain, knee strike by Taya, Road to Valhalla finishes it. Champion Taya defeated Tenille Dashwood @ 12:00 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good, Taya was great, but Dashwood failed to deliver again, putting in a lackluster performance. Taya winning was the right call.

Impact Tag Team Title Match: Champions The North vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. RVD & Rhino: Mack & Josh begin. They trade shoulder tackles, Mack hits a RANA and follows with a dropkick. Page tags in and Mack follows with a backdrop. Swann joins in for double teams on Page and Page then cuts off Swann, Rhino tags in and they lock up, Rhino hits a shoulder tackle and works over Page in the corner with chops. Josh distracts him and Page cuts off Rhino. Josh tags in, follows with chops and the champions work quick tags, isolating Rhino. Rhino fires back, hits the spinebuster and tags in RVD. RVD follows with clotheslines, kicks, and rolling thunder. The split legged moonsault follows for 2. Josh cuts him off until RVD fires back with a spin kick. The monkey flip follows. Swann tags in and RANAs Josh for 2. The champions cut him off as Josh hits the blue thunder bomb for 2. Page tags back in and follows with strikes. The champions follow with double team for 2. They unload with a flurry on Swann but he battles back with a DDT, poison RANA and tags in Mack. Mack runs wild on the champions, hits the cannonball, Samoan drop and the standing moonsault for 2. He an Swann double team Page but RVD & Rhino make the save. RVD takes control with kicks, heads up top and Josh cuts him off and Mack hits the big frog splash and Swann covers for 2. It breaks down, RVD flies in with a kick and Josh hits the Finlay roll but Rhino dumps him Mack hits the dropkicks and follows with a tope. Page cuts off Swann up top, they trade and Page press slams Swann into the ring and Josh follows with the backbreaker, swanton by Page and that gets 2. It breaks down again, Mack & Swann hit the doomsday neck breaker for 2 as RVD makes the save. RVD then superkicks Rhino for the heel turn… for reasons. He superkicks Swann, and the North finish Swann with the double team spinebuster for the win. Champions The North defeated Rich Swann & Willie Mack and RVD & Rhino @ 14:25 via pin [***½] This was a very good and energetic tag match that ended oddly with the random RVD heel turn. Still, the match was really fun.

Michael Elgin vs. Naomichi Marufuji: They lock up and work to the ropes. They trade shoulder tackles, Marufuji takes him down and they work into a standoff. Elgin rushes him to the corner, they trade chops and Marufuji grounds the action. He attacks the neck and Elgin catches him and follows with an XPLODER and suicide dive. Back in and the missile dropkick follows for 2. Elgin lays in chops, a shoulder tackle and a suplex for 2. He follows with strikes, Marufuji fires back as they trade chops. Marufuji counters into a dropkick, and follows with a tope. V rolls back in, Elgin follows and Marufuji follows with chops. Marufuji grounds him, hits a running stomp and superkick for 2. Elgin battles back with a full nelson, but Marufuji cradles him for 2. Marufuji counters the German but Elgin follows with strikes. They trade, superkick by Marufuji and Elgin counters back with the German. He follows with clotheslines, a back breaker and then does the deal with the falcon arrow for 2. Marufuji counters the buckle bomb, but Elgin hits the superkick and Marufuji fires back with a flying knee strike. They work to the apron, Elgin lays in chops but Marufuji counters and looks for a powerbomb but then hits a superkick. Marufuji then hits sliced bread on the floor. Elgin beats the count but Marufuji hits the flying leg drop for 2. They wok into counters, and we get a snapdragon by Elgin. He follows with strikes, a rolling elbow and a huge lariat. Elgin hits another lariat and follows with Splash Mountain for 2. The buckle bomb follows but Marufuji rebounds with a superkick, knee strike and covers for 2. Sliced bread connects and that gets 2. Elgin fights him off, they trade and light each other up with chops. Hook kick by Marufuji and another follows. Elgin cuts him off with a powerbomb and a lariat for 2.The buckle bomb and Elgin bomb only gets 2! Elgin hits a spinning back fist, takes him up top and the burning hammer connects for the win. Michael Elgin defeated Naomichi Marufuji @ 17:55 via pin [****] This was a great hard-hitting battle, that I wish the crowd was hotter for. It was easily the best thing on the show so far.

– Josh announces that Joey Ryan has signed with Impact.

X-Division Title Ladder Match:, and Ace Romero: They all brawl, Tessa attack Jake and hits a cutter and suicide dive. He counters a second into a cutter on the floor. Daga follows with a dive as Romero wipes out Austin, The running boot follows and Daga then attacks with a dropkick and then dives over him onto the pile on the floor. Tessa & Daga fight over a ladder and then hit Romero with it as he looked for a suicide dive. Back in and they attack Jake with the ladder, thy double team and dump Austin. Romero back in and pounces Daga. He gets a ladder, and looks to climb until Jake comes back in and lights up Romero with kicks. He climbs but Austin cuts him off with a suplex. He climbs, Daga cuts him off and follows with a flurry of kicks. Austin then counters a powerbomb and RANAs him to the floor. he cuts off Tessa, but Tessa counters back with a code breaker. She dropkicks him to the floor, climbs and Romero stops her and hits a Samoan drop. Daga leg drops a ladder, sending it into Romero’s face. Daga makes a ladder bridge at ringside, gets a table and sets it up. Jake cuts him off, and then heads up top and Austin cuts him off. he follows Jake up and Tessa joins in and so does Daga. Romero over and we get a tower of doom, but Austin held on up top. He missile dropkicks Romero, but Romero fights back and powerbombs him onto a ladder. Romero gets another ladder, puts it beside the other so he can climb both, because he’s big you see. Jake follows him up and hits the cutter off of the ladders. Tessa & Daga climb, but Austin topples over the ladder. He sets one up in the corner but Daga cuts him off with a DVD and then destroyer over the ropes onto the ladder bridge onto Jake. Austin runs up the corner ladder and hits a dive. Romero climbs again, and Tessa pushes over the ladder, sending Romero to the floor and through the table; he’s dead Jim. Tessa takes out Dave Crist, climbs and Fulton attacks her. He sets up a table, but Tessa hits a RANA and climbs again. Jake climbs with her, they trade strikes on top and then send Jake through a table and Austin flies in and knocks out Tessa with his magic cane to win. Ace Austin defeated Champion Jake Crist, Tessa Blanchard, Daga, & Ace Romero @ 17:45 [****] this ended up being rather great, but some fun and big time bumps, a great tease of Tessa winning, but douche bag Ace Austin stealing the championship to further his feud with Edwards, who as an open title shot against anyone now. Romero absolutely made the most of his big opportunity here as well.

Moose vs. Ken Shamrock: Frank Trigg is at ringside. Moose gets someone rapping him to the ring. They brawl at the bell, Shamrock counters and grounds Moose with body shots, but Moose counters the arm bar, Shamrock pulls an ankle lock, but Moose makes the ropes. Shamrock dumps Moose and follows with a dive; color me shocked Kenneth. Moose lays in chops, Shamrock no sells him so Moose rakes the eyes, and follows with strikes. He charges and Shamrock backdrops him on the ramp. Moose cuts him off, attacking the legs and rolls him back in. Shamrock follow with a plancha, Trigg attacks, allowing Moose to low blow Shamrock. Trigg pulls a Yano, removing the buckle pad, and Moose lays in strikes. They fight by the exposed buckle, Shamrock follows with strikes and a RANA. The belly to belly connects, and the ankle lock follows. Moose grabs the ref for a ref bump. UGH. Moose low blows Shamrock again, and grabs a chair and Shamrock counters out and hits a backdrop to the buckles, The ankle lock follows, but Moose make s the ropes but Shamrock pulls him back center ring. Trigg is in, Shamrock takes him out, Moose follows with a bicycle kick and strikes. Moose misses a run up moonsault, ankle lock again and Moose rolls him into the exposed buckle, The spear follows and Moose wins. Moose defeated Ken Shamrock @ 10:30 via pin [**½] I think that the card positioning for this was really poor, making them go on after Elgin vs. Marufuji & the ladder match, it just makes it almost impossible for them to live up to that. The match was solid, with Shamrock putting in a way better than expected performance, but it was needlessly overbooked.

– The return to PPV with Hard to Kill in January.

Impact World Title No DQ Match: Champion Brian Cage vs. Sami Callihan: Cage rushes the ring and rightfully rushes Sami and they brawl with Cage unloading with strikes and biting Sami. Cage hits a rolling lariat, Sami is busted open and grabs his Wolverine claws from his gear and stabs Sami with them. Sami battles back, dumps Cage and follows with a suicide dive. Cage fights back, and he hits a dive. He rolls Sami back in and Sami hits another dive and Cage says fuck it and comes back with a tope con hello. Cage misses a chair shot; Sami grabs it and fires back on Cage with chair shots. Cage fires up and powerbombs Sami into the post. Sami fights back, hits smash mouth with the chair but Cage clams him on a table and then again to finally bend it, I AM THE TABLE. Cage grabs a barricade, make a bridge with it but Sami gets the groin claw and piledrives him onto the barricade to a “that was murder” chant. Sami follows with chair shots, just pummeling Cage. Back in and Sami follows with face washes. Cage cuts him off and they trade as Cage hits an enziguri and dead lift superplex. Cage fires up and unloads with strikes and a German. Sami counters F5, but Cage hits the pump handle slam for 2. Cage follows with elbows, Sami fires back and the DVD gets 2. To the apron they go, and Sami back in and hits the spiked piledriver for 2. He charges but Cage counter into F5 for 2. Cage tosses in the bent barricade, sets it in the corner, and Sami counters, they trade and work up top, Sami bites him and low blows him, hits Cheeky nandos and powerbombs Cage into the barricade for 2. Sami now gets a bag, and spills out tacks. The piledriver into the tacks follows for 1! Cage is fired up and hits a powerbomb into the tacks, and drill claw follows for the win. Champion Brian Cage defeated Sami Callihan @ 16:40 via pin [****] This was a great plunder filled main event with the tone fitting the personal nature of the feud well. They busted their asses, had a good crowd, but I’m not sold on Cage winning.

– Cage & Melissa celebrate post match.

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 60. On the show, the good brother, Steve Cook, joins 411’s Larry Csonka as the guys will break down week three of the NXT vs. AWE war and who took this week’s battle. From there, an Impact Bound for Glory preview and discussion of Bushiroad acquiring STARDOM. The show is approximately 94-minutes long.

* Intro
* Bushiroad Acquires STARDOM: 9:15
* AEW Dynamite Review (10.16.19): 22:55
* NXT TV Review (10.16.19): 46:20
* The Comparison: 1:10:05
* Impact Bound for Glory Preview: 1:18:45

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– End scene.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
Impact Bound for Glory 2019 was a good but uneven show with a slow start but later developed into a really fun show. I think they may have missed an opportunity but not having Sami & Tessa win big here, as Sami is their best heel by a mile, while Tessa is the biggest star they have right now. If you're cherry picking, check out the ladder match, Elgin vs. Marufuji, and Sami vs. cage.