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Csonka’s Impact No Surrender 2019 Review

December 10, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact No Surrender 2019 Review  

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Csonka’s Impact No Surrender 2019 Review

– Trey defeated Tyler Matrix & Logan James @ 8:05 via pin [**½]
– Rosemary defeated Madison Rayne @ 3:10 via pin [*]
– Rhino defeated The Hook Jeremiah @ 0:05 via pin [NR]
– Rhino defeated Clayton Gainz @ 5:05 via pin []
– Michael Elgin defeated Larry D @ 15:05 via pin [***]
– Jake Crist and Dave Crist defeated The Rascalz & The Desi Hit Squad @ 9:40 via pin [***]
– Madman Fulton defeated Brian Cage, Willie Mack, Ace Romero, & Crash Jaxon @ 16:10 via pin [***¼]
Knockouts Title Match: Havok defeated Champion Taya @ 6:30 via DQ [**]
Non-Title Tables Match: Eddie Edwards defeated Ace Austin @ 16:20 [***½]
Impact World Title Match: Champion Sami Callihan pinned Rich Swann @ 25:05 via pin [****]

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Trey vs. Tyler Matrix vs. Logan James: They get right to action, with Trey running his opponents together and working both over. He dumps Matrix but James cuts him off until Trey catches him with a dropkick. Matrix back in and trips Trey up, follows with a basement dropkick and James is back in, slapping Matrix. James cuts him off with a double stomp, Trey back in and they dump him as James get a cradle for 2. Matrix gets dumped, suicide dive by James and Trey battles back and then hits the kick flip moonsault. Back in and Trey is cut off by Matrix, James attacks Matrix and follows with a knee strike. Trey then hits a northern lights/deathlock combo for 2. They all trade, fighting to their feet and delivering chops. Trey dropkicks James and covers for 2. Matrix hits a neck breaker and does the deal with a falcon arrow for 2. James cuts him off and takes Trey up top. Trey slips out, hits Cheeky nandos, a 619 and meteora finishes James. Trey defeated Tyler Matrix & Logan James @ 8:05 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid opener with Trey easily outclassing the locals.

Rosemary vs. Madison Rayne: Rayne runs down the town, and wants Rosemary to lay down for her, but Rosemary refuses and we’re underway. Rosemary works her over and hits corner attacks, and the tarantula follows. Rayne cuts her off and follows with knee strikes. Rosemary fires back, hits clotheslines and a sling blade for 2. Rosemary pops up after kicks from Rayne, and finishes her with the sitout butterfly DDT. Rosemary defeated Madison Rayne @ 3:10 via pin [*] It existed.

– Jeremiah cuts a promo and talks about brining the thunder. Rhino arrives.

Rhino vs. The Hook Jeremiah: Gore, pin. Rhino defeated The Hook Jeremiah @ 0:05 via pin [NR] Squash

Rhino vs. Clayton Gainz: Gainz attacks and takes early control, they brawl on the floor and back in, and he covers for 2. Rhino fires back, Gainz cuts him off and covers for 2. He chokes him out in the ropes and follows with strikes. Gainz hits clotheslines, and Rhino is down. The Vader bomb follows for 2. He grounds the action, Rhino fires up but Gainz slams him down by the hair. He misses the Vader bomb and Rhino fires back, they trade and Gainz hits a knee strike for 2. He grounds things again. Rhino fires up and hits a belly to belly. The gore finishes it. Rhino defeated Clayton Gainz @ 5:05 via pin [*½] It was like watching paint dry, and about five-minutes too long.

Michael Elgin vs. Larry D: They work into a stalemate early on as they work power for power. They start trading strikes, shoulder tackles and Elgin follows with strikes. Larry D runs him over and lays in more strikes as the running boot gets 2. Elgin fires back, and tosses Elgin across the ring. Elgin hits an enziguri and German, covering for 2. Elgin continues his attack with strikes, lays the boots to him and grounds the action. He then follows with chops, and after a flub (Larry D looked like he sandbagged him a bit), hits a suplex for 2. Larry D fights off the powerbomb, follows with rights and Elgin fires back but runs into a spinebuster for the double down. Elgin is up and Larry D follows with strikes, kicks and a head butt. He delivers uppercuts and a suplex and running splash for 2. Elgin fights off the powerbomb, they trade and Elgin is cut off as Larry D covers for 2. The big KO shot is countered into a German, Larry D pops up and hits one of his own, but Elgin hits a spinebuster. He follows with clotheslines, an XPLODER and covers for 2. Elgin hits clotheslines, strikes and more clotheslines. They trade, Elgin hits the lariat for 2. Elgin fires up and lays in more strikes, a superkick and elbows. Larry D cuts him off with a lariat and covers for 2. The KO shot misses, pop up powerbomb by Elgin, lariat and another follows for 2. Elgin continues to light him up and a lariat finishes it. Michael Elgin defeated Larry D @ 15:05 via pin [***] This was good, Elgin was great and gave him a lot, but it didn’t really hit into that next gear, and while a cool moment, I didn’t see anything really special in Larry D, let alone enough of an effort to sign him, no disrespect intended, I’m sure he’s a lovely fellow.

– After impressing in the match over BFG weekend that got Ace Romero his deal, and then I suppose here tonight, Scott D’Amore offers Larry D a contract as the crowd chanted for him to do so.

oVe vs. The Rascalz vs. The Desi Hit Squad: Dave and Wentz begin, they lockup and work into counters as Dave gets a cradle for 2. They end in a standoff as Jake & Dez tag in. They lockup and Jake hits a shoulder tackle. Dez counters back with strikes, and the dropkick follows. He follows with arm drags, Jake hits a flurry of kicks and Raju tags in, attacking Jake. Jake cuts him off and Dave tags in, double teams follow and Dave covers for 2. Dave hits ago to sleep for 2. More double teams follow and Jake hits the northern lights for 2. Shera attacks and Raju hits the flatliner for 2. Shera tags in and the clothesline follows. He lays the boots to Jake, tags Raju in and double teams follow for 2. Raju follows with the suplex for 2. Shera back in and they double team Jake as Shera covers for 2. Clubbing strikes follow then corner clotheslines. Raju tags in and Jake fights them off, cuts off Raju and enzuguris Shera. Tag to Dez and he and Wentz run wild on Raju, superkicks to Shera and double teams follow. Wentz up top and the swanton follows, spiral tap by Dez and the push-sault gets 2. Raju accidentally hits Shera, and it breaks down as Raju & Dave work up top, Dave counters and the spiked tombstone finishes it. Jake Crist and Dave Crist defeated The Rascalz & The Desi Hit Squad @ 9:40 via pin [***] This was a good tag, that smartly kept Shera limited.

Madman Fulton vs. Cage vs. Willie Mack vs. Ace Romero vs. Crash Jaxon: They all brawl at the bell as Cage and Mack work into counters until Cage hits superkicks. Mack cuts him off with sling blade and Fulton cuts him off with a powerslam. Romero attacks with strikes, a running boot and Jaxon sorta hits a RANA and hits a face wash. Cage buckle bombs Jaxon and follows with a German. Mack Germans Cage, dumps him and Fulton cuts him off. They trade, Fulton catches him out of the air and the delayed suplex follows. He works over Romero, but Romero pounces him to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Jaxon hits a tope and almost lands on his face. Mack then hits a dive and cage suplexes Jaxon to the floor onto the pile. Back in and Cage pummels Jaxon with strikes, a clothesline and slams Romero. Lariat to Fulton and the dead lift superplex on Mack is cut off by Jaxon. It breaks down, Fulton chokeslams Jaxon and hits another. He runs Mack into Cage, Fulton runs wild and Romero cuts him off. Powerslam to Cage and Mack makes the save. Spinebuster by Romero, and then he and Cage work into a double down. Jaxon works over Cage, Mack takes him down and hits the swinging slam. The leg drop follows, he follows with more clotheslines, a big boot and cannonballs follow and then the standing moonsault gets 2. Cage takes Mack down, Jaxon hits a DVD on Cage and covers for 2. Romero attacks, hits a uranage and senton for 2. Fulton attacks, lariat by Fulton and Cage attacks and hits the dead lift superplex. We break down into the big move buffet as Romero & Mack trade, Cage cuts off Mack and the flatliner gets 2. Romero hits the black hole slam and heads up top and we get a tower of doom. Fulton snags up Romero and hits a Finlay roll and flying head butt for the win. Madman Fulton defeated Brian Cage, Willie Mack, Ace Romero, & Crash Jaxon @ 16:10 via pin [***¼] This was a good, fun and energetic hoss fight, but had some glaringly sloppy moments.

Champion Taya vs. Havok: Bravo is at ringside. Taya powders right away. She sneaks backing but Havok starts tossing her around. Havok follows with strikes and a superkick, but Taya battles back, attacking the knee. She grounds things and then lays in chops. Havok fires back, Taya lays in kicks and hits double knees. The cover gets 2. Taya grounds things and is back to working the leg. Havok kicks her away, but Taya kicks at the leg and keeps her grounded. Havok fights off road to Valhalla and hits a head kick. Taya again takes out the knee but Havok fires back with strikes. The clothesline follows, but Taya counters the tombstone. Bravo gets involved, no DQ. He begs off and Taya hits a chair shot for the DQ. Havok defeated Champion Taya @ 6:30 via DQ [**] It feels like I’ve seen this same match 20 times this year, they have a short ok match that Taya retains in with a protective finish. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it’s just been so damn repetitive.

Eddie Edwards vs. Ace Austin: Edwards attacks and runs wild at the bell with a dive. Ace spits water at him and follows with kicks. Edwards fires back with chops until Ace lays in knee strikes. Edwards quickly cuts him off, slams him to the apron and they continue to battle on the floor. Edwards crotches Ace on the barricade and follows with chair shots. He brings out a table, and Ace cuts him off with kicks. Edwards lays in chops, and sets up the table. Ace cuts him off with a flurry of kicks, but Edwards slams his head onto the table. Edwards gets a chair and misses, hitting the post as Ace then follows with chair shots. Back in and Ace kicks the chair into his face. He gets his magic cane and starts attacking Edwards with it. Chair assisted dropkick by Ace and he sets up the table on the floor. Gets another and slides it in. Edwards cuts him off with chair shots and props the table up in the corner. Ace cuts him off with a jawbreaker and running knee strike. He wedges a chair in the corner and lays the boots to Edwards. They tease the table spot, Edwards whips him into the chair and opens up the table, Ace fights him off and topples over the table but Edwards hits a neck breaker over the legs of the table. Edwards sets up the table, follows with chair shots and looks for the suplex, Ace fights him of but Edwards hits him with smash mouth. Edwards gets Kenny but Ace cuts him off with the fold. He repositions the table and they work up top. Ace looks for a RANA, but Edwards slips out and crotches him. Ace rakes the eyes of Edwards with the playing card, gets the metal plate and loads up the forearm pad. Edwards knocks him to the floor, get Kenny but Ace hits him with the magic cane. Ace up top, Kenny shot and another sends Ace through the table on the floor. Eddie Edwards defeated Ace Austin @ 16:20 [***½] This was very good as these two continue to deliver in their matches. Ace still has a ton of potential and room to grow as a performer, and working with Edwards is nothing but good for him. Also, nice full circle booking as Ace defeated Eddie in a street fight by putting him through a table, and Eddie got revenge in a tables match.

Champion Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann: They stall and play to the crowd and lockup. They work into counters and end in a standoff; Sami is not impressed and powders. Back in and they lockup, Sami starts to overpower Swann but Swann counters until Sami takes him down. Sami starts working the arm, but Swann counters out as Sami powders again. Back in and they both miss kicks, Sami attacks and grounds the action. To the feet and Sami hits a shoulder tackle, Swann picks up the pace, hits a RANA, dropkick and Sami powders. Swann follows with kicks and an apron cannonball. He hits another and then a third. Sami unbuckles his chest protector as Swann follows with chops. Back in and Sami unwraps his wrist tape, spits in his hand and follows with chops. Swann fires back with rights and drops Sami. He works a cravat, grounds him and follows with kicks. Sami finally cuts him off with a backdrop. He follows with crossface strikes, chokes out Swann and grounds things. Sami delivers face washes and grounds things again. Swann fires back, but Sami cuts him off and covers for 2. Back to the ground and Sami has control. Swann starts to fire up but Sami works a modified cobra twist. Swann fights out and follows with strikes and lights up Sami. Sami hits a front kick, spits on Swann and they trade. Swann follows with kicks, the rolling clothesline and they trade head butts, strikes and Swann starts to take control, hits a head kick and covers for 2. Sami fires back, hits the DVD and covers for 2. Swann counters the cactus special into a cradle for 2. The head kick and standing moonsault follows for 2. Swann heads up top and Sami cuts him off, follows with a German, brainbuster and covers for 2. The sitout powerbomb also connects for 2. They work to he ropes and Sami looks for a cactus special, but Swann counters, hits an enziguri and a RANA follows. Swann up top and the elbow drop connects for 2. To the apron and they trade. Enziguri by Swann and Sami rakes the eyes and the cactus special on the apron follows, Back in and he hits another for 2. They work back up top and Swann cuts him off and the Phoenix splash follows for 2. Swann back up and Sami uses the ref to crotch him and follows him up. The avalanche cactus special finally finishes Swann. Champion Sami Callihan pinned Rich Swann @ 25:05 via pin [****] This was a great main event with two guys that have good chemistry and know how to work well with each other. Swann lost but Sami had to go murder death kill in order to retain.

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* Batista and the n.W.o (Hogan, Hall, Nash, & Waltman) are going into the WWE Hall of Fame: 28:35
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The final score: review Average
The 411
Impact No Surrender 2019 was a solid but inconsistent show, with some low lows, and good to great highs. The main event was great though.