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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 Finals Review

August 12, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
NJPW G1 29 Finals Shibata
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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 Finals Review  

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Csonka’s NJPW G1 29 Finals Review

– Karl Fredericks & Clark Connors defeated Yota Tsuji & Ren Narita @ 10:00 via submission [***¼]
– Tiger Mask, Jushin Thunder Liger, & Jeff Cobb defeated Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Taichi, & Lance Archer @ 7:50 via pin [***]
– Sho, Yoh, & Will Ospreay defeated Taiji Ishimori, Chase Owens, & Yujiro Takahashi @ 8:04 via pin [***]
– Toa Henare & Juice Robinson defeated Shooter Umino & Jon Moxley @ 6:25 via pin [**½]
– LIJ defeated Taguchi Japan @ 8:45 via pin [***]
– Bullet Club defeated KENTA, YOSHI-HASHI, & Big Tom Ishii @ 8:40 via pin [**¾]
– Zack Sabre Jr & Minoru Suzuki defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kazuchika Okada @ 15:30 via pin [***¾]
NJPW G1 29 Finals: Kota Ibushi defeated Jay White @ 31:01 via pin [****¼]

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Yota Tsuji & Ren Narita vs. Karl Fredericks & Clark Connors: DOJOS COLLIDE! Karl and Tsuji begin with Tsuji attacking and brawling right away. They trade chops, and Karl follows with a cross body. Connors and Narita tag in and Connors takes control, hits a hip toss and follows with a slam. Karl tags back in and they follow with double teams. Karl grounds things and works the leg of Narita. Connors back in and he lays the boots to Narita. He follows with uppercuts, Narita fires back and hits a hip toss. Connors cuts off the tag, Karl tags in and follows with a slam and covers for 2. Narita fires back, but runs into a spinebuster. They double team Narita and the cover gets 2. Karl follows with chops, but Narita catches him with an overhead belly to belly. Tsuji and Connors tag in, trading chops and Tsuji cuts him off with a backdrop, follows with strikes and a big shoulder tackle. Connors fights off the crab, but Tsuji follows with strikes and they trade chops until Connors hits a dropkick. Tsuji fights off the crab, but Connors hits the spear and the crab follows, Tsuji fires up but has to tap. Karl Fredericks & Clark Connors defeated Yota Tsuji & Ren Narita @ 10:00 via submission [***¼] The G1 tour has been so great for the LA Lions, because they showed potential, but really needed these repetitions in Japan to take the next step. This was a good and hard-hitting opener with the LA guys looking great and dominating.

– The lions brawl post match. BRING BACK THE YOUNG LIONS CUP.

Tiger Mask, Jushin Thunder Liger, & Jeff Cobb vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Taichi, & Lance Archer: This is Liger’s last ever Budokan match, and first one since 2011. Suzuki-gun attacks before the bell and isolates Liger, attacking and trying go remove his mask as some things never change. Liger battles back and hits shoteis and Archer cuts him off. He catches the Tiger high cross and Archer follows with a slam. Taichi tries to rip off Tiger’s mask, and dumps him so that Kanemaru can work him over on the floor. Back in and Kanemaru maintains control. Archer tags back in and follows with strikes. Taichi follows with strikes, but Tiger fires back and Taichi cuts him off with a clothesline for 2. The trousers are off but Tiger cuts him off the tiger driver follows. Hot tag to Cobb, Archer joins him and they trade as Cobb then runs into a boot. He looks for old school, and turns it into a moonsault. The claw is blocked, and Archer then follows with the pounce. Kanemaru in and takes out the knee as Suzuki-gun takes control. It breaks down, Cobb catches deep impact and hits an overhead toss. The lariat follows for 2. The standing moonsault is countered with a cradle but Cobb then hits tour of the islands for the win. Tiger Mask, Jushin Thunder Liger, & Jeff Cobb defeated Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Taichi, & Lance Archer @ 7:50 via pin [***] This was good with Cobb picking up a big win to close out his tour.

Sho, Yoh, & Will Ospreay vs. Taiji Ishimori, Chase Owens, & Yujiro Takahashi: Ishimori and Yoh begin, locking up and Ishimori picks up the pace and hits the seated senton. Sho joins for double teams and Ospreay takes out Owens. They get pulled to the floor and Bullet Club takes control. Back in and Ishimori grounds Yoh, tags in Yujiro and follows with strikes. The leg drop follows for 2. Owens tags back in and follows with the clothesline for 2. Yoh fights off the double teams and hits a dragon screw. The enziguri follows and Sho runs wild on Owens. A flurry of kicks follow for 2. Owens fires back, they trade and the spear cuts off Owens. Owens fires back with the lariat and Ospreay tags in and Yujiro joins him. Ospreay runs wild and the springboard forearm follows for 2. Yujiro avoids the Robinson special, and Bullet Club works double teams and the fisherman’s buster follows for 2. Ospreay battles back, it breaks down and Ishimori hits the back handspring kick, enziguri by Ospreay and 3K follow with knee strikes, hook kick by Ospreay and 3K follow with topes. Ospreay finishes it with storm breaker for the win. Sho, Yoh, & Will Ospreay defeated Taiji Ishimori, Chase Owens, & Yujiro Takahashi @ 8:04 via pin [***] This was a good tag with the boys from CHAOS picking up a nice win.

– Bullet Club has claimed that they have recruited a new member.

Toa Henare & Juice Robinson vs. Shooter Umino & Jon Moxley: Juice and Moxley brawl at the bell, with Moxley taking control with a clothesline and covering for 2. he and Umino follow with double teams, and Umino grounds the action, showing a more aggressive side here. Juice fires back, Moxley tags back in and he continues to work the knee of Juice. He follows with chops, but Juice fires back and hits juice box. Henare tags in and he trades with Umino, as Umino takes control and the suplex connects for 2. Henare fights off the German, follows with chops and then hits the dead lift suplex. Moxley cuts of Henare, he and Umino look for double teams but Juice hits a spear. Henare lariats Umino and hits rampage for 2. Umino fights off the uranage and hits the German for 2.Henare battles back with a head butt and the uranage finishes it. Toa Henare & Juice Robinson defeated Shooter Umino & Jon Moxley @ 6:25 via pin [**½] This was a solid match and fine way to continue Juice vs. Moxley.

– Post match, Moxley hits a belt shot and death rider on Juice. He then puts him through a table on the floor to stand tall.

Ryusuke Taguchi, Tomoaki Honma, Toru Yano, Hirooki Goto, & Togi Makabe vs. BUSHI, Shingo, SANADA, EVIL & Tetsuya Naito: Shingo has announced that he’s officially moving to the heavyweight division, and people will die. Romero’s hate and burials of BUSHI are always fun in these matches. EVIL is back to doing the LIJ salute now that G1 is over. Makabe and EVIL begin, they trade shoulder tackles and EVIL takes him down. He follows with strikes but Makabe cuts him off. Taguchi tags in and follows with ass attacks. EVIL finally cuts him off and LIJ rushes the ring, and then takes things to the floor as EVIL controls in the ring. Yano gets tied up in the paradise lock on the floor, and Naito attacks the ass of Taguchi. Goto frees Yano as Naito runs wild on Taguchi and tags in BUSHI. He maintain control and hits the missile dropkick. Taguchi fires back with the ass attack, but Naito cuts of the tag. Taguchi makes the tag and Goto now battles with Shingo. The spin kick and Saito follows for 2. Shingo cuts him off, they trade and Shingo follows with chops, and a clothesline. SANADA tags in and gets caught with ushigoroshi. Honma tags in and follows with elbows and the kokeshi is cut off and he then gets it on the second try. He follows with strikes, but LIJ cuts him off and EVIL and SANADA follow with double teams and cover for 2. Skull end follows on Honma until Yano makes the save. It beaks down, Makabe gets taken out and SANADA looks for skull end but Honma counters out and then runs into the TKO for 2. The slam and moonsault finishes it. LIJ defeated Taguchi Japan @ 8:45 via pin [**] This was good with LIJ getting back on the winning track and on the same page.

KENTA, YOSHI-HASHI, & Big Tom Ishii vs. Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa & Bad Luck Fale: The Guerrillas are actually coming off of some great ROH matches with the Briscoes. Fale and HASH begin with Fale attacking with strikes. HASHI fires back, avoids the charge and dropkicks the knee and follows with the running blockbuster. Tonga cuts him off but Fale accidentally takes him out. Loa tags in and follows with strikes, and the slam, Tonga follows with a slingshot elbow drop, and the suplex follows for 2. Fale stomps on him and the elbow drop follows for 2. The Tongan massage parlor follows, and GOD follow with double teams for 2. HASHI fires back, and follows with the neck breaker. Ishii tags in and he battles with Loa and mows him down until Fale stops that. Loa hits corner clotheslines, and the running powerslam follows for 2. GOD follows with double teams but Ishii fights them off with suplexes. KENTA then shirt arms Ishii and walks out, because he’s a dick. Bullet Club works over Ishii, HASHI makes the save and then gets dumped. Ishii counters gun stun and suplexes Fale. Ishii hits the big lariat but KENTA returns and hits the busaiku knee on Ishii and then go to sleep. The crowd hates this man as Tonga covers for the win. Bullet Club defeated KENTA, YOSHI-HASHI, & Big Tom Ishii @ 8:40 via pin [**¾] The match was pretty good, but that post match angel ruled hard.

– SHIBATA HITS THE RING AND STARTS KICKING KENTA’S ASS! HE TAKES OUT BULLET CLUB AND HITS THE CORNER DROPKICK ON KENTA. The sleeper follows but Jado attacks with kendo shots as KENTA chokes out Shibata and his the PK. He the sits on his chest cross legged as he joins Bullet Club. This was fucking awesome, I marked out HUGE for the Shibata run in. The only thing that can make this heel turn better is if Shibata is actually coming back (he’s previously said that the whole point of him training with the boys in the LA Dojo was to stay in shape for an eventual return to the ring).

Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kazuchika Okada vs. Zack Sabre Jr & Minoru Suzuki: Tanahashi and Sabre begin, they lock up and work into counters. Sabre ground things. Tanahashi counters out and rounds the action. He follows with elbows an the high cross, Okada joins in and they work double teams until Suzuki takes out Okada and Suzuki-gun arm bars follow. Suzuki now works over Okada on the floor as Sabre then takes Tanahashi out and follows with uppercuts. Suzuki pummels Okada with strikes, as Sabre works over Tanahashi’s arm in the ring. Suzuki follows with chops and kicks, keeping Tanahashi grounded. Sabre joins in as they both work submissions on Tanahashi. Tanahashi fires back on Sabre, gets the cobra twist but Sabre counters out but Tanahashi escapes and hits the dragon screw. Okada tags in and follows with strikes, the running back elbow and takes out Suzuki. Sabre cuts off the air raid neck breaker, tags in Suzuki and hits the PK for 2. He starts working the arm, but Tanahashi makes the save until Suzuki takes him out. Okada fires back, and hits the air raid neck breaker. Tags to Sabre and Tanahashi, they trade strikes and Sabre counters sling blade into the octopus. It break down, Tanahashi flies into the knees on the high fly flow, and Sabre follows with the triangle. Tanahashi counters out but eats a PK. Tags to Okada and Suzuki, Okada hits John Woooooo and follows with the slam and top rope elbow drop. The rainmaker is countered, they trade strikes and Suzuki starts fucking him up and just absorbs strikes from Okada. He drops him with forearms, avoids the dropkick and follows with the PK, sleeper, and the Gotch is stopped by a Tanahashi sling blade. Dropkick by Okada, Suzuki counters rainmaker and Suzuki hits la mistica into a sleeper. Sabre guillotines Tanahashi, and Suzuki hits the Gotch for the win. Zack Sabre Jr & Minoru Suzuki defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kazuchika Okada @ 15:30 via pin [***¾] Minoru Suzuki says fuck your G1, I’ll beat you ass and take my title shot. He looked great and completely reenergized here, so I am down with him getting a shot as he always works great with Okada. This was really well done and sets up two future title programs.

– Suzuki wants the IWGP championship handed to him. This is the likely Royal Quest title match.

NJPW G1 29 Finals: Jay White vs. Kota Ibushi: The whole Bullet Club is out with White, while Ibushi is out alone. Red Shoes immediately sends Bullet Club to the back, but Gedo gets to stay. White powders and stalls while Ibushi waits on him. They lock up and work to the ropes. Ibushi breaks clean, Gedo distracts him and Red Shoes tosses Gedo as well. Ibushi attacks, lays in kicks and follows with a flying kick, The dropkick follows and Ibushi looks for golden triangle, but White cuts him off and attacks the ankle around the post. He slams Ibushi to the barricade, and then posts the ankle again. White then follows with a suplex, and covers for 2. Ibushi fires back, but White stops that and hits a snap suplex and then one to the buckles for 2. White then counters the RANA, but Ibushi hits an enziguri and then hits the RANA. The powerslam and springboard moonsault follows for 2. Ibushi hits a flurry of strikes and standing moonsault. The double knees moonsault misses, and White then spikes him with a DDT. He follows with uppercuts and the twister follows for 2 Ibushi counters the chop block and hits a desperation double stomp. White stomps on the ankle, and then hits the compete shot and German. They work up top and White follows with chops, Ibushi fires back but White rakes the eyes and hits the superplex. Ibushi manages to counter the kiwi krusher into the bastard driver. They trade strikes, firing up and White is down. White fires back with a flurry and the lariat connect but Ibushi pops up an is met with the uranage. Kiwi krusher connects for 2. Ibushi counters and hits the sleeper suplex. The lawn dart is countered, and we get the ref bump and low blow from White. Gedo is back, brings in a chair and White chop blocks Ibushi. They Pillmanize the leg, White follows with a dragon screw and TTO. Gedo rolls the ref back in, Ibushi fights and makes the ropes as the crowd rallies for him. Ibushi fights of the sleeper suplex into a PELE. The lawn dart follows, and Ibushi hits the dead lift German for 2. White fights off the last ride, attack the ankle and then slaps Ibushi. Ibushi laps him back, fires up and follows with a flurry of strikes and dares White to fight back before dropping him with a right. White hits a desperation dragon screw, but Ibushi fires back with a lariat and last ride for 2. He looks for bom a ye, but White collapses to avoid it. White smiles and dares Ibushi to attack, Ibushi takes out Gedo and that allows White to hit the sleeper suplex but Ibushi pops up and hit bom a ye! Romero takes out Gedo, and BOM A YE by Ibushi follows for 2. White fights off kamigoye, attacks the ankle, but Ibushi follows with a head kick and another. White counters kamigoye into blade runner and then pulls Ibushi up and Ibushi hits a head butt and the straitjacket German, but White counters and hits two sleeper suplexes and the brainbuster.. but Ibushi counters blade runner into kamigoye, jumping knees and the kamigoye for 2. One more kamigoye finally finishes White. Kota Ibushi defeated Jay White @ 31:01 via pin [****¼] This was great as Ibushi becomes the first man to win the NJ Cup, BOSJ, and the G1. White gets to dominate a lot, and they get good heat out of this as people were buying White winning. Ibushi eventually makes his comeback, and has the crowd locked in and rallying for him. They smartly got rid of Bullet Club and Gedo for almost all of the match, but they of course ended up with some Gedo bullshit down the line. But it was ok, while I don’t think that White needs it as a crutch like he’s mid-2000’s Jeff Jarrett (because he’s a better worker than that), and you can not like it all you want because it’s not my favorite thing either, but they created an absolutely electric atmosphere as these people wanted the villain vanquished so badly and wanted nothing more than Ibushi to rise as a hero that that they were into it on an emotional level big time. The closing stretch was extremely well done and in the end, the right man won. Not an all-timer in terms of G1 finals, but in the top 10.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
The NJPW G1 29 Finals event was a good show, continuing Sabre vs. Tanahashi, Juice vs. Moxley, and started the build to Suzuki vs. Okada. TheG1 final delivered, and the KENTA heel turn (and Shibata return tease) was a great and hot angle that really couldn’t have come off any better.