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Csonka’s ROH Honor United 2019: London Review

October 25, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s ROH Honor United 2019: London Review  

Csonka’s ROH Honor United London Review

– Lifeblood defeated Brat Pack @ 11:45 via submission [***¼]
– Jonathan Gresham defeated Jay Briscoe @ 13:45 via pin [****]
Six-Man Scramble: Silas Young won @ 9:00 via pin [**½]
Women of Honor Title Match: Champion Kelly Klein defeated Mandy Leon @ 7:00 via pin [*]
– Colt Cabana defeated Flamita @ 13:25 via pin [***]
ROH TV Title Match: Champion Shane Taylor defeated Joe Hendry @ 14:40 via pin [***¼]
– Villain Enterprises defeated Lucky Kid & Kyle Fletcher @ 13:45 via pin [***¼]
– Mark Briscoe defeated Jay Lethal @ 13:55 via DQ [***½]
– Rush & Jeff Cobb defeated Villain Enterprises @ 18:10 via pin [***½]

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– Ian is on solo commentary.

Lifeblood vs. Brat Pack (Waterman & Bury): Vickie Haskins is out with Lifeblood. Bury and Williams begin, locking up and Williams looking to work the arm. They work into counters as Williams grounds things. He works the ankle, but Bury escapes and makes the ropes. Bury wants a test of strength, but attacks and they trade shoulder tackles. Williams follows with chops, and takes Bury down. Waterman tags in and Haskins joins him. They lock up and work to the ropes. Waterman follows with strikes, celebrates and Haskins cuts him off and lays the boots to him. The dropkick follows, and Williams lays in chops as double teams follow. They run wild on Waterman and the crab follows. Bury makes the save, buy Haskins cuts him off and Vickie takes the ref so Lifeblood can work double teams. Double camel clutches follow from Lifeblood, they break and the Brat pack follow with double teams on Williams for 2. They isolate him in the corner, Bury his a back spinning elbow and covers for 2. Williams fires back, eats a hook kick and Bury sprays some water in his face. Williams counters back and tags in Haskins. He runs wild on Bury, Waterman make the save and it breaks down. Williams damps Waterman and Bury cuts him off. Haskins dumps Bury, hits the suicide dive and back in, Lifeblood hits the buckle DDT and Waterman makes the save. Brat Pack makes the comeback, hit double superkicks and a double team neck breaker for 2. Williams in to take them out, laying in strikes and chops, hits a big lariat and the infusion piledriver and sharpshooter finishes it. Lifeblood defeated Brat Pack @ 11:45 via submission [***¼] This was a good, fun, and energetic opener to kick off the show.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Jay Briscoe: Gresham now has a sweet octopus mask as part of his ring entrance gear. They shake hands and lock up, working to the ropes. Gresham grounds the action, but Jay escapes s Gresham starts to easily counter Jay until Jay hits a shoulder tackle. Gresham cuts him off, stomps on the fingers and Jay mows him down with a back elbow. He follows with head butts, a suplex and lays the boots to him. Jay lays in uppercuts, and Gresham is down. Gresham fights back, takes him down and follows with a PK to the arm, Gresham grounds him, targeting the arm. Gresham starts dissecting Jay’s arm with ease and covers for 2. he keeps things grounded, but Jay fires back with rights. Gresham keeps attacking the arm, Jay hits ahead butt and follows with a slam, leg drop and kicks. He grounds Gresham, Gresham counters out attacking the arm and then runs into a dropkick for 2. Gresham fires back, attacks the arm and they work up top as jay counters and does the deal with a super falcon narrow. Gresham counters back, cutting him of and hitting a knee strike on the floor, targeting the shoulder. He sits Jay in a chair, but Jay cuts off the attack with a big boot. He follows with head butts, and whips Gresham to the barricades. Back in and Jay misses the big boot, but counters back into a RANA and lariat. He follows with mounted strikes, the neck breaker and covers for 2. Gresham goes back to the arm, hits the springboard moonsault and cradles Jay for 2. The octopus follows, cranks back on it, but Jay powers out into a DVD and both men are down. They trade strikes, Gresham keeps targeting the arm, they light each other up and Gresham follows with an enziguri, kicks and flies off the ropes into a DVD by Jay for a great near fall. Gresham counters the Jay driller, gets knocked to the floor and Jay follows with a tope. Gresham mists Jay with and cradles him for the win. Jonathan Gresham defeated Jay Briscoe @ 13:45 via pin [****] This was a great match, featuring the brawling and power of Jay vs. the technique of Gresham with Gresham busting out the mist for the win.

Silas Young vs. Dalton Castle vs. Matt Taven vs. Hikuleo vs. Kenny King vs. Rampage Brown: Amy Rose is at ringside, managing King. They all brawl at the bell and pair off. Bodies spill to the floor, and King follows with an Arabian press. Taven hits a suicide dive and then the tope. Back in and the enziguri to Young follows. He works over Brown, and then DDTs King. He heads up top, Brown cuts him off and dumps him to the floor. Brown dropkicks King, powerslams Castle and he and Young attack Hikuleo but Hikuleo fires back and he follows with a powerslam. Young cuts him off, dumps him and Young takes out Castle with a double stomp. Young takes out Taven, but King in and hits the spinebuster on Young. Blue thunder bomb on Taven and Brown makes the save. King cuts him off with kicks, Castle dumps him and works into counters with Taven. Castle dumps others, clearing the ring. Hikuleo in and dumps Taven & Castle. Brown & Young attack, but Hikuleo takes Young up top and we then get dueling tower of dooms. King superkicks Young, Taven hits just the tip and Brown hits a uranage. Hikuleo follows with a big boot, it breaks down and Brown lariats Castle. King cuts him off, Misery by Young and he pins Castle. Silas Young won @ 9:00 via pin [**½] This was a solid match with everyone working hard, but absolutely no one caring.

Champion Kelly Champion Kelly Klein vs. Mandy Leon: Leon starts with a sneak attack, demos Klein but Klein cuts her off and slams her to the apron. They battle on the floor, Klein repeatedly slams her off the apron but Leon shoots her to the barricade. She follows with strikes, but Klein shoots her to the barricade. Back in and Klein covers for 2. Leon hairsprays Klein in the eyes and hits a DDT and covers for 2. Leon lays the boots to her, follows with a corner clothesline, and slow motion double knees follow. Klein fights back, and cradles her for 2.Leon follows with kicks, but Klein hits a side slam. She follows with clotheslines, strikes and another clothesline. The spear follows for 2. Leon attacks the injured arm of Klein, heads up top and Klein cuts her off, follows her up and the fall away slam follows. Leon to the floor, slides a chair in, the ref takes it, belt shoat by Leon and she wins the title. BUT WAIT, a new ref comes out and they reverse the decision and it will continue. Champion Kelly Klein hits K power and retains. Champion Kelly Klein defeated Mandy Leon @ 7:00 via pin [*] It was bad, overbooked, and Leon was moving in slow motion.

Colt Cabana vs. Flamita: they shake hands and lock up, working to the ropes. Clean break as they lock up again, Flamita takes him to the ropes and they break. Flamita does a back flip into a pose and Cabana is impressed. They work into some playful counters, into lucha passes and Flamita follows with chops, Cabana is not amused, but Flamita follows with the lucha arm drag attempt but Cabana counters and walks into an enziguri and RANA. He teases the dive, back in and Cabana does a slow motion walk up arm drag but Flamita counters and follows with a dropkick and RANA to the floor. Cabana retreats to commentary, telling Ian “he’s very good, Ian.” Ian then tells him to do that counter thing he talked about. Flamita follows with strikes, and covers for 2. He grounds the action, Cabana works to his feet and escapes. Cabana counters the standing moonsault with his knees, lays the boots to Flamita and grounds him. cabana with chops and the Fargo strut, hits the Russian leg sweep and transitions into a submission. Flamita counters into a cradle for 2. Cabana takes control ad he tells Ian to put him over on commentary. Flamita fires back, Cabana calls him on and Flamita follows with the RANA , an enziguri and Cabana powders. The Flamita superkick follows, and Flamita follows with a high crossover the barricade onto cabana in the crowd. Back in and Flamita hits the back handspring elbow, running shoot8ng star press and covers for 2. The slingshot DDT follows for 2. Cabana fires back with jabs, the elbow and the flying asshole and splash for 2. Flamita counters back, but Cabana gets the superman pin for 2. Cabana hits the Chicago skyline for the win. Colt Cabana defeated Flamita @ 13:25 via pin [***] This was a ton of fun, with Cabana being really playful to the crowd, while Flamita got some time to shine, I was entertained.

– Dalton Castle joins commentary.

Champion Shane Taylor vs. Joe Hendry: Hendry got the title match by going to a time limit draw with Taylor in a proving ground match. They lock up and Taylor works him to the ropes, and they break clean. Hendry then shoves Taylor around, shoots for an ankle lock but Taylor makes the ropes. Hendry works into counters, Taylor talks shit and they trade shoulder tackles. Taylor takes him down, but Hendry picks up the pace and dumps Taylor. Hendry follows him out but Taylor hits the tower of London on the floor. He follow with chops, strikes and they trade until Taylor hits the apron leg drop. Back in and Taylor cuts off a suplex, follows with strikes and a back elbow for 2. Taylor grounds the action, and then covers for 2. Taylor dumps him and whips him to the barricades. Hendry fires up and whips Taylor to the barricades a few times. The crowd finally starts getting into this, they roll back in and Hendry follows with uppercuts, but Taylor levels him with a lariat for 2. Hendry fights back with a suplex, fires up and follows with uppercuts, chops, and Taylor mows him down and runs into a code breaker for 2. They trade center ring, lighting each other up and Taylor follows with the knee strike, and the package piledriver follows for 2. Taylor to the ropes and the splash connects for 2. Hendry fires up, hits the Angle slam for 2. The ankle lock follows and Taylor fights but Hendry keeps the hold and Taylor finally escapes. Lariat by Hendry, but Taylor hits the head butt and greetings from 216 for the win. Champion Shane Taylor defeated Joe Hendry @ 14:40 via pin [***¼] This was a good match with the crowd buying into a possible Hendry title win.

Lucky Kid & Kyle Fletcher vs. Villain Enterprises (PCO & King): Kyle and PCO begin. Kyle plays keep away to begin, PCO goozles him but Kyle fires back, but PCO cuts him off and hits a shoulder tackle. The corner splash follows, and then a basement dropkick connects. King tags in and Kid joins him. They lock up and King shoves him away. He follows with a slam, Kid fires back and lays in chops but King follows with strikes and Kid cuts him off with a dropkick. Kyle in and they follow with double teams. Kyle up top and flies off into a back hole slam for 2. King lays in chops, tags in PCO and double teams follow. PCO hits a knee strike, a slam and the second rope leg drop. King back in and he follows with chops. He chokes out Kyle in the ropes, follows with knee strikes, but Kyle counter back with a superkick. Kyle then rolls for the tag, Kid in and runs wild with strikes, King cuts him off but Kid hits the flatliner, double knees and then gets dropped with a right but rebounds into sliced bread for 2. Kyle back in and King fires back with chops on both. He follows with forever clotheslines, tags in PCO and they hit corner splashes and cannonballs. PCO up top and the apron senton connects on both. Back in and PCO covers for 2. King dumps Kid, Kyle dumps PCO and then King. He follows with a step up tope onto both. Kid in and they hit a double team code breaker on PCO ands the sunset flip follows for 2. They double team PCO but PCO fires up and absorbs their attacks, he follows with double clotheslines, the pop up powerbomb and knee strike for 2. They double chokeslam Kid, and PCO heads up top but Kyle makes the save, runs King into PCO and it breaks down as Kid hits la mistica. PCO flies in and misses the senton, Kyle hits a dive into PCO and King makes the ropes. Kyle tags back in and King counters back with a German and chokeslam. Ganso bomb by King, and the PCO-sault finishes it. Villain Enterprises defeated Lucky Kid & Kyle Fletcher @ 13:45 via pin [***¼] This was a good and fun tag match, with Lucky Kid & Kyle Fletcher busting their asses to impress.

Jay Lethal vs. Mark Briscoe: Jay is 5-0 vs. Mark all-time. They lock up and work to the ropes. Jay counters, but Mark counters back with chops. Jay fires back with chops, off the ropes and Mark returns fire. They trade, Mark follows with a forearm and Jay counters back into the cartwheel dropkick. He lays the boots to Mark, slams him to the buckles and follows with rights. He then dropkicks him to the floor. Jay follows with the suicide dive but Mark cuts him off, pulls him to the floor and follows with a suplex. The cactus elbow follows and back in, Mark covers for 1. Redneck kung fu and a suplex follows by Mark and he again covers for 2. They work up top, jay knocks him down and follows with a missile dropkick. They work back up top, Mark dumps him and he follows with a missile dropkick. Back up top and Mark hits the superplex, and both men are down Back to the feet, they trade and Mark fires away with chops. Jay answers back, they keep trading, and Mark starts to take control, but Jay follows with a superkick and enziguri. Mark counters the injection into a German, takes him up top and follows with an overhead suplex for 2. The slam follows, Mark heads up top and froggy bow misses, he rolls through and cradle Jay for 2. The lethal injection follows for 2. To the floor and Jay rolls him back to the apron. Mark hits a desperation suplex on the apron, but Gresham arrives and posts Mark. Jay didn’t see it and Mark is busted open. Jay is confused by this and Jay Briscoe arrives and chases Gresham into the ring. Lethal argues with Gresham and Jay enters the ring and Lethal lays him out with the chair shot! YES HEEL LETHAL! They beat down the Briscoes, and security arrives to break them up. Mark Briscoe defeated Jay Lethal @ 13:55 via DQ [***½] The match was very good, I loved the angle and again, it feels like the Briscoes vs. Lethal & Gresham at Final Battle, which is what I speculated going in.

Rush & Jeff Cobb vs. Villain Enterprises (Flip & Marty): Cobb and Flip begin, They lock u p and Cobb overpowers Flip. Flip fires back with chops, but Cobb counters the RANA. They trade strikes, and Flip counters back with chops, Marty tags in and he wants Rush. Rush tags in and they work into a series of counters and Flip tags in. They trade chops, Rush follows with an overhead toss and Cobb tags in. He suplexes Flip with ease, lays in chops and head butts. Flip counters back, trips him up and Marty attacks and hits the apron superkick to Cobb, back in and Marty tags in. They double team Cobb with uppercuts, a tornado DDT and superkick for 2. Marty grounds the big man, tags in Flip and he follows with chops and strikes. Marty back in and dropkicks Cobb. He follows with uppercuts, looks for a suplex, but Cobb counters back but Marty hits the suplex. The chicken wing is cut off with a jab, Flip in and Cobb runs them together and suplexes both at the same rime. Tag to Rush, he runs wild, hits Germans and dropkicks, and kicks Flip in the face; tranquilo. Cobb tags back in and they double team Flip. The standing moonsault by Cobb follows for 2. Cobb follows with strikes, Flip fires back and hits the slingshot DDT. Marty tags in and runs wild with strikes, chops and 52 fake out on Cobb, Rush cuts him off, but Marty counters into a snapdragon. He and Flip follow with double teams, and the cover gets 2. Flip takes out Rush and Cobb dropkicks Marty, follows him up and they trade. Mary slips out and Cheeky nandos follows. The I-95 follows for a great near fall. Flip follows with a flurry of kicks, and follows with an STF, Marty gets the chicken wing on Rush. Cobb makes the ropes, Marty dumps Rush and Cobb fights them off, miscommunication by Flip & Marty. Cobb hits the dead lift superplex on Marty and Rush tags in and the missile dropkick follows. He takes out Marty, it breaks down and Flip hits a spear but Rush hits the destroyer. Everyone is down. Marty fights back, Cobb accidentally hits Rush, snaps Cobb’s fingers and Rush superkicks Flip and suplexes him to the buckles, The Bull’s horns connects, Cobb tags in and hits tour of the islands for the win as Rush looks on. Rush & Jeff Cobb defeated Villain Enterprises @ 18:10 via pin [***½] This was a very good main event, with everyone working hard, they got the crowd into it and created some drama between Cobb & Rush ahead of Sunday’s title match.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
ROH Honor United 2019: London was an overall good and fun show, with a night of everyone working hard, a big heel turn and the only bad thing being the Women of Honor match.