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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 06.03.15

June 3, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s TNA Impact Review 06.03.15  

As a reminder, this will not be another traditional recap, but instead it will be a mash up of the Rs, Instant Analysis and my usual Twitter ramblings I would do during the shows; completely uncensored and as the ideas flow unfiltered to the old keyboard. Remember, this is a review; and I am here to review the show. As always, I encourage discussion and even disagreement, just do so in a respectful manner. I will be doing the review for Raw and most PPVs and iPPVs going forward.

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TNA Impact Review 06.03.15

~ Lashley defeated Eric Young @ 5:28 via pin [**½]
~ Brooke defeated Jade @ 3:51 via pin []
~ The Rising defeated The BDC @ 5:45 via pin [**¾]
~ Match Three In The Best of Five Series For The Vacant Tag Team Titles: The Dirty Heels {1} defeated The Wolves {2} @ 13:14 via pin [***¾]
~ Kurt Angle and Spud defeated Tyrus and EC3 @ 6:48 via pin [**]

* Josh Mathews and The Pope are on commentary.

Ladies and Gentlemen… EC3: They had a great video package, and then had a wacky barbershop musical group sing him to the ring. EC3 had some ladies and Tyrus with him. He’s been undefeated for 591 days, and is finally on top of the TNA top 5, so this was the big celebration for him. He had some banter and said he was going after the TNA Title, and invited Angle out. Angle said that Thesz and Gagne would roll over in their graves if they saw this. Angle revealed that EC3 isn’t next in line for the title, because Rockstar Spud has the chance to cash in his X-Division title at Destination X. Carter was not pleased, and had Tyrus and the buxom blondes bail with him. Angle dropped one of the signers with an Angle slam. It was a fine segment overall, EC3 is a great dick heel and the over the top aspect worked here for him. This was a fine next chapter in the set up for the TNA Title match that they have been setting up for a long time.

Lashley vs. Eric Young: Lashley was taken out by Young a bit back when they had the triple threat with Angle, and now wants revenge and to rise up the rankings to get a title rematch. They had a good match, with Lashley working to counter Young’s attempts at the figure four with the special shin guard he’s been using. They’ve worked well together in the past, and were doing well until Chris Melendez came out and stood there, because he’s pissed that Young ripped off his prosthetic leg and beat him with it. This distracted Young enough for Lashley to eat a spear and that was that. Young managed to escape Melendez post match. A solid match to give Lashley a singles win and to move Young back down the card (after his latest run challenging for the title) and into the feud with Melendez. It was a solid and served its purpose.

* Spud contemplated trading in his X-Division title for a shot at the TNA World title.

* The Dollhouse hung out and listened to their own theme music in their lingerie.

* Chris Melendez was pissed and wants to fight Eric Young.

* Austin Aries meets with Spud and discuss his upcoming decision. Aries says that maybe Spud can be the guy that keeps the X-Division title instead of trading in for a title shot, and then Aries reminded Spud that he had his title shot in the briefcase.

Jade w/Belle vs. Brooke: They did a quick back and forth, and then Brooke was sent to the floor so that Belle could get involved and allow Jade to take control. Jade then dominated the action for a few minutes, but missed a lionsault and Brooke made her comeback. Belle got involved and placed Jade’s foot on the ropes. Miscommunication between Jade and Belle led to Brooke picking up the win. Brooke has been back in the mix more and more in recent weeks, and a win over the champion’s minions could set her up for a title shot. The match was fine, they didn’t get a lot of time and the shenanigans held it back in the overall rating, but the story looks to be solid to set Brooke up as a possible challenger while Kim is out with her “broken ring finger” due to the Dollhouse’s attack.

* After the break, Brooke and Rebel celebrate and plan to party tonight; Jade and Belle then attack Rebel and beat her down.

Drew Galloway, Micah and Eli Drake vs. MVP, Low Ki and Kenny King: The Rising and The BDC have seemingly been at it for a long time, and meet here in an under advertised six-man. They have had a lot of interaction and felt that they should have made the match a bigger deal, but maybe that’s just me. They had a good outing overall, lots of moving parts and a nice pacing so that they didn’t bore you with a meaningless heat segment. The Rising overcame and scored the win with a Doomsday Device on Low Ki to pick up the clean win. That seemed like a pretty definitive victory for a non-hyped, non-big time gimmick match between two factions. I’m not really sure where they go from here

* We see highlights from last week’s Mickie James/James Storm segment. We get footage of Mickie in Nashville, she was talking with Magnus on the phone so he won’t be there. No one is at her meeting, but James Storm magically appears. I am sure that’s on the up and up.

Rockstar Spud’s Decision: Borash conducts the interview, asking Spud what his plans with the X-Davison title are. Spud said it was a big decision and wanted more time, but was told he had to make the decision now. Angle then comes to the ring, and puts over Spud as the underdog and then runs down his credentials so that Spud can fully realize who he’d be facing. EC3 then came out before Spud could make his decision. He praises Spud for being a two-time champion, says Angle is great and says that he spoke with Dixie Carter, and they want to give Spud a lifetime contract as the chief of staff, if he doesn’t cash in. “Come back home Spud, come back home.” Spud loved that job, but was then tossed away and EC3 is making this all about him. Spud showed good passion here, discussing his journey and the fact that Carter only mocked him. Spud told him to shove it all up his ass, and that he was cashing in and will challenge Angle for the title. EC3 attacked Spud and then ran away. This of course leads to…

It was a good segment, showing Spud continuing to stand up for himself and setting the stage for the underdog to challenge Angle for the title next week. I will say that while Spud has no chance, at least his involvement makes sense because Angle and EC3 makes the most sense, revisiting Spud and Carter does at least make sense due to their history even if they won’t do it right now.

* The Dirty Heels discuss that they need to win tonight, and that they need to start playing their own game and need to do whatever they need to do to win tonight.

* Mickie and Storm talk about the supposed meeting, and he praises her and says she is supposed to be a star. He so glad to help her and can give her so much more. He wants Mickie to join him on his journey, because he can give her things Magnus can’t. He wants her to join the Revolution. Mickie says she and Manus share a son, are in love and will be getting married. She wouldn’t do this, they are friends, and nothing more. Storm apologizes, and just wanted to help and will support her no matter what. Storm is a class a sleaze ball in the best way.

Match Three In The Best of Five Series For The Vacant Tag Team Titles: The Wolves {2} vs. The Dirty Heels {0}: They worked through the commercial break, and when we came back the Heels were in control getting the heat on Richards. The Heels were working a more aggressive style here to sell their desperation, which I appreciated. Edwards got the hot tag and ran wild, keeping up with the great pace that they had established earlier. They worked in some dives and smooth double-team work late, and that allowed for some god near falls. The Wolves went into big time double team mode late, and looked to have things in control, but the Heels came back with the spinebuster/450 combo for a good near fall. Aries tossed in a chair for Roode to use, but Roode didn’t want to do it and was rolled up for a near fall. Aries distracted the ref, allowing Roode to low blow Edwards and then use the chair to pick up the win. Heels gonna heel. I had questioned last week what the Dirty Heels would be willing to do to get back into the series, and we now know. In that regard I love it because now we have defined heels and faces, but I wish that they wouldn’t have ran the promo with the Dirty Heels backstage, basically giving away what they were going to do here; but that’s a small nitpick. This was easily the best thing on the show, and Roode’s facials post match, smiling at his handy work, was well done.

* We see security cam footage of Mickie and Storm, and he shoved her off of a loading dock it appears. He then said that she made her decision, and called Magnus to tell him Mickie would not make it home for dinner. What a supreme sleaze ball.

Rayne, Love and Stone Cold Sky: Madison Rayne is back and in the ring. She’s frustrated because she gets nothing, and everyone here makes her sick. She’s a contracted talent, but people like velvet Sky can just run in and get involved after being fired. Sky came out; Rayne ran her down and slapped her. Sky attacked with a spear and hit a stunner on her. STONE COLD SKY! Love ran out with her security and says she assaulted a friend of hers, and Sky tries to fight off the security but then gets cuffed. Love ran her down as security held her, and then slapped her a few times as Sky laughed at her. Love then dropped her with a forearm strike and had her removed. TNA security then arrived and took Love into custody because she attacked a fan. I didn’t think it was very good and I am not feeling it at all. I will give them full credit for trying to establish multiple angles with the ladies, but I feel that the performances are lacking here and overall it doesn’t add much to the show. They come off as if they are screeching most of the time with very little to say.

* Taryn Terrell laid on her bed and listened to her theme music, this is the Dollhouse. Kong will get a shot at the title next week, and she will expose her.

Kurt Angle and Spud vs. EC3 and Tyrus: Spud ran wild early, but was cut off and then EC3 and Tyrus got the heat on him. They worked him over for a long time, too much Tyrus for my taste, but the spots with EC3, using moves of the Hall of Famers he beat and then stealing Angle spots was well done. Angle got the got tag, ran wild and looks to make EC3 tap, but Tyrus made the save. Spud tagged himself in and saved Angle from a bear hug. Angle slam to Tyrus, and then Spud got the pin. Tyrus really held the match back, but Spud sold well and the right team won. They did a good job of limiting Angle and Carter’s involvement with each other, but I wasn’t a fan of the finish. Spud’s challenging for the title next week, Tyrus is the heavy and there to take the loss, let Spud win and solidify that underdog vibe heading into the title match.

* Austin Aries came out and said he admired Spud’s heard, but questions his decision making skills. Aries then said that Spud will get his title shot. But Aries then says he will cash in that same night, and will face the winner in the main event of the show for the world title. EC3’s expression here was priceless. Well then, that escalated quickly.

* End scene.

* Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Good
The 411
Overall I’d call this a good show this week, you had the one good match, good build to next week, and only one bad segment (the Love/Sky/Rayne deal). I had some questions about the booking and timing of certain things, but TNA continues to put on a rock solid show with mostly logical build from week to week, so not too many complaints overall.