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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Review 9.14.19

September 14, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Tessa Blanchard WOW Champion
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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Review 9.14.19  

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Csonka’s WOW – Women Of Wrestling Review 9.14.19

– Faith The Lioness defeated The Beverly Hills Babe Amber O’Neal @ 3:40 via pin [**]
– Adrenaline defeated The Governor’s Daughter Abilene Maverick @ 5:45 via pin [**¾]
WOW Tag Team Series Match: Siren The Voodoo Doll & Holidead defeated The Bully Busters Stephy Slays & Keta Rush @ 3:50 via pin [**]
WOW Title Match: Champion Tessa Blanchard defeated Serpentine @ 13:20 via pin [***½]

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– Sophia Lopez pays off Tessa Blanchard to get Serpentine a title shot tonight.

– Lana Star announces that she will be in the tag team tournament, and will team with her new protégé, Faith The Lioness in a swerve. O’Neal is pissed and says that Star promised that it would be them teaming. Star tells her tough shit and says if O’Neal beats Faith, she can be her partner, if not, she’s out.

The Beverly Hills Babe Amber O’Neal vs. Faith The Lioness: Amber attacks and dominates right away. Faith quickly fires back but O’Neal starts attacking the knee, slamming it off of the apron and then the post. O’Neal continues to focus on the knee as they roll back in and O’Neal takes some time to dance. The figure four follows, but Faith rolls it and escapes. Faith fires back, lays in clotheslines but her knee gives out and O’Neal hits the x-factor. Lana distracts her and Faith then crucifixes O’Neal for the win. Faith The Lioness defeated The Beverly Hills Babe Amber O’Neal @ 3:40 via pin [**] This was ok and had fine little angle attached to it.

The Governor’s Daughter Abilene Maverick vs. Adrenaline: Maverick is Barbie Hayden while Adrenaline is Diamante. Maverick runs away at the bell, but Adrenaline catches her and takes her down, working a waistlock until Maverick counters but gets taken right back down. Adrenaline then hits a RANA, dropkick and covers for 2. Maverick cuts her off, but Adrenaline fires back and Maverick begs off…but it’s a trap as she attacks and slams Adrenaline to the buckles and follows with knee drops for 2. The rear naked choke follows, but Adrenaline fights and gets to her feet until Maverick slams her back down. She follows with kicks but Adrenaline counters back with a Russian leg sweep for 2. Maverick cuts that of but Adrenaline rushes her to the corner and the Samoan drop follows for 2. Maverick follow with a cradle for 2. Adrenaline counters back with the code red and picks up the win. Adrenaline defeated The Governor’s Daughter Abilene Maverick @ 5:45 via pin [**¾] This was pretty good as it featured two experienced wrestlers working a clean and simple match. Adrenaline looks like she will be a fin babyface here in WOW.

– Siren The Voodoo Doll & Holidead prepare for their match doing some spooky shit in an undisclosed location. The cards say that they will win the tag titles.

– We get a nicely done video package on the Bully Busters, who look to be a fun babyface team.

Siren The Voodoo Doll & Holidead vs. The Bully Busters Stephy Slays & Keta Rush: Siren and Holidead attack, but the faces fight back and clear the ring. Siren & Slays in and Slays cradles her for 2. Rush and Holidead tag in and Holidead follows with a side slam. Holidead hits a slam, leg drop but Rush gets the takedown and tags in Slays. She follows with clotheslines, the dropkick and runs Siren into Holidead. The victory roll follows but Siren cuts her off it breaks down and Holidead hits the implant buster for the win Siren The Voodoo Doll & Holidead defeated The Bully Busters Stephy Slays & Keta Rush @ 3:50 via pin [**] This was short and perfectly ok.

– Amber is upset backstage following her loss. Jessie Jones gives her a pep talk and says she has something to make her feel better.

Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Serpentine: Sophia Lopez is out with Serpentine (aka Kobra Moon/Thunder Rosa). Serpentine plays keep away to begin. They lock up and Serpentine slinks her way into a takedown and Tessa counters out but Serpentine counters as Tessa kicks her away. Tessa follows with kicks, takes her down but Serpentine counters into a head scissors. Tessa escapes and starts working the arm until Serpentine takes her back down. Tessa counters into a head scissors, but Serpentine then cradles her for 2. Tessa takes her to the ropes, but Serpentine counters off the ropes and into a cradle for 2. She gets another cradle for 2. Serpentine follows with chops, but Tessa catches her with a back elbow, covering for 2. Tessa follow with strikes, stuns Serpentine of the ropes and the running elbow and dropkick follows for 2. She follows with rights, slams Serpentine to the buckles, and then follows with kicks. Clotheslines follow but Serpentine counters into a Russian leg sweep and crab with the legs locked up into a pendulum. Serpentine follows with strikes, chops and then the lucha arm drag as Tessa powders. Serpentine follows with a PK and then a RANA to the floor. Serpentine lays the boots to Tessa, but Tessa fights back and hits a suicide dive. To the apron and Serpentine fights and hits a knee strike and Tessa fires back. Tessa teases a suplex to the floor, but Serpentine counters back and suplexes Tessa into the ring. Serpentine follows with clotheslines, elbows and the basement dropkick for a good near fall. Tessa counters into a flatliner for 2. She heads up top and Serpentine avoids the magnum, hits the running knee strike and shoulder breaker for 2. Tessa battles back, hits the code breaker and covers for 2. Tessa is frustrated now, Serpentine counters the hammerlock DDT into a cradled DDT for 2. Serpentine heads up top and misses the double stomp, superkick and buzzsaw DDT by Teas finishes it.Champion Tessa Blanchard defeated Serpentine @ 13:20 via pin [***½] When I got the lineup, this match looked like the beat thing on the show with ease and they didn’t disappoint. This was a very good and competitive match with two women who can deliver and did. Tessa, with all due respect to the rest of the roster, comes off as the biggest star in the promotion with ease, and always delivers. Serpentine more than held up her part of the bargain and delivered well in the babyface role here, despite traditionally being a heel. Very good stuff here.

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Week two (season two) of WOW - Women Of Wrestling was a solid show and overall improvement over week one, with a very good main event to cap things off.