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Csonka’s WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Review

January 26, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Drew McIntyre WWE Royal Rumble 2020
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Csonka’s WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Review  

Csonka’s WWE Royal Rumble 2020 Review

– Sheamus defeated Chad Gable @ 12:45 via pin [***]
WWE US Title Match: Champion Andrade defeated Humberto Carrillo @ 14:25 via pin [**¾]
Falls Count Anywhere Match: Roman Reigns defeated King Corbin @ 21:00 via pin [**]
The Women’s Royal Rumble: Charlotte won @ 54:40 [****]
Smackdown Women’s Title Match: Champion Bayley defeated Lacey Evans @ 9:30 via pin [**]
Universal Title Strap Match: Champion The Fiend defeated Daniel Bryan @ 17:50 via pin [***¼]
Raw Women’s Title Match: Champion Becky Lynch defeated Asuka @ 16:35 via submission [***¾]
The Men’s Royal Rumble: Drew McIntyre won @ 60:20 [***½]

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Sheamus vs. Chad Gable: Sheamus overpowers him to begin. Gable shoots for a takedown, fails and then attacks the arm. Sheamus counter back and Gable rolls out and gets slammed down. They work into counters as Sheamus hits a shoulder tackle. He follows with uppercuts, but Gable picks up the pace and they tumble over the ropes and to the floor. Sheamus takes over with clubbing strikes, back in and Gable grounds things, Sheamus fights off the ankle lock and post Gable. The shoulder breaker connects and Sheamus starts focusing on the arm of Gable. He lays the boots to Gable, follows with a back elbow and grounds things, working the arm. Gable fights to his feet, follows with strikes and Sheamus quickly cuts him off. He grounds things again, goes back to the am and Gable powers up to his feet. He follows with strikes, chops and gets dumped. Sheamus follows with the clubbing strikes in the ropes, to the floor and Sheamus lays in more strikes. Back in and Sheamus follows with kicks, talks shit to Gable and Gable fires back. He takes out Sheamus’ knee and then delivers chops, strikes, the rolling Liger kicks and stomps away at Sheamus’ knee. He heads up top and the moonsault is caught, but Gable counters into a DDT. Back up and the moonsault connects for 2. Chaos theory is stopped, knee strike by Sheamus but Gable powers into Chaos theory for 2. Gable goes back to the knee, Sheamus attacks the arm and stuns Gable off the ropes. Sheamus up top and gable counters into the ankle lock on the way down. Sheamus escapes, misses the brogue kick and Gable locks on the ankle lock. Sheamus fights, and makes the ropes. The ref backs off Gable, but he crucifixes gable for2. The brogue kick connects for the win. Sheamus defeated Chad Gable @ 12:45 via pin [***] Sheamus looked good, Gable worked hard as always and they had a good little opener here with a basic bully vs. underdog layout.

US Title Match: Champion Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo: Vega is at ringside. They shove each other and work into counters and a standoff. Andrade misses a charge, Carrillo follows with arm drags, to the floor and Andrade cuts him off. Carrillo fires back, heads to the ropes and Andrade shoves him off and to the floor. Andrade follows with chops, and back in, follows with strikes. The inverted tornado DDT connects for 2.he follows with stomps, a basement dropkick and follows with the hanging arm bar in the ropes. He then grounds the action, working the arm. Carrillo fires back, hits an arm drag and Andrade quickly cuts him off. He follows with chops, knee strikes and the counters the springboard arm drag into a slam. Andrade grounds the action, but Carrillo counters out and hits a high cross, spin kick, but the rolling moonsault eats knees. Andrade’s double knee strike is cut off, they trade and Carrillo follows with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Back in and Andrade follows with kicks, suplexes follow until Carrillo counters back into a suplex. He heads up top and the moonsault is countered, Andrade slams him to the buckles and the double knees connect for 2. Carrillo counters the DDT into a cradle for 2. Andrade delivers strikes, they trade and Carrillo hits a superkick for 2. They trade from their knees, fighting to the feet and continuing to trade, they work into counters, back elbow by Carrillo, Andrade cuts him off as he heads up top and they both head up top now as Carrillo hits the avalanche RANA for 2. Andrade then counters a RANA, rolls into a sunset flip and picks up the win to retain. Champion Andrade defeated Humberto Carrillo @ 14:25 via pin [**¾] They got time and had a pretty good match, but there were some odd flow issues/hesitations and it never felt heated considering their history and the angle coming into it, and the crowd never felt invested in the match at all, which I felt held it back from being more than good.

– This sounds like hell…

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin: Reigns attacks Corbin’s geeks and they brawl on the floor. In the ring and Reigns follows with strikes and Corbin powders. Reigns follows and hits a head butt, follows with strikes and back in, Reigns follows with a belly top back suplex for 2. The superman punch is countered, deep six by Corbin and that gets 2. To the floor and he slams Reigns to the barricade, hits him with the steps and clears off an announce table. Reigns fires back, Corbin into the crowd and Reigns follows. They walk and brawl, Reigns controls as they work back to ringside. Corbin chokeslams him on an announce table, and covers for 2. Reigns fires back, but gets chokeslammed through another announce table for 2. Back into the crowd and they are back to walk and brawl. Corbin lays in strikes, clears off a table and Reigns counters back and Samoan drops him through it. He does it again through another table for 2. Corbin runs him into a production case. They work into the tech area and Reigns follows. Roode & Dolph attack, they beat down Reigns and the Usos arrive to even things up. The four brawl, but the heels take control and Jimmy flies out of the stands to make the save. Corbin cuts him off, Reigns hits a superman punch and another. They brawl by port a pottys for shenanigans, and then through the crowd. Reigns controls as the walk and brawl continues. Corbin fires back with chair shots, onto the dugout and more chair shots follow. This has slowed to a crawl. Reigns fires back, superman punch and the spear follows for the win. Roman Reigns defeated King Corbin @ 21:00 via pin [**] This was a slow walk and brawl that went too long and had no real intensity to it. The match was ok at best.

– Joe & Kevin talk about the Rumble and they both want to win, but also take out Seth.

– Mandy & Sonya talk about the Rumble and Sonya says she will sacrifice herself to allow Mandy to win.

– Cole comments on Kobe Bryant’s death and we get a memorial graphic.

The Women’s Royal Rumble: Bliss is #1 and Bianca Belair is #2; big spot for Belair here. They lockup and Belair takes control with strikes. She follows with tackles in the corner, takes her up top and Bliss fires back, hits a dropkick and Belair counters back and hits a backbreaker. The standing moonsault follows and #3 is Molly Holly! She attacks, almost dumps Belair and follows with clotheslines, Molly up top, hits a high cross and $4 is Nikki Cross. She attacks, saves Bliss and they take control. They hug as Molly & Belair attack. Belair hits KOD on Nikki onto Bliss and Belair follows with a spear. Code red by Bliss, and Molly cuts her off. #5 is Lana. She unfortunately has a mic and monologues while the others take a nap. She hits the ruing, follows with kicks and #6 is Mercedes Martinez, which is awesome. She runs wild, Lana attacks and quickly gets cut off. #7 is Liv. She dumps Lana, heads up top and Lana eliminates her from the floor. They brawl at ringside, #8 is Mandy Rose. She joins in and takes Nikki down. She slaps her around and looks to dump her, but Nikki fights back in. The high cross follows and #9 is Candice LeRae. Candice flies in with a missile dropkick, lionsault and looks to dump Nikki. Belair dumps Molly, Bliss dumps Mandy.. but OTIS is there and saves her and gets her back into the ring. THE REAL POWER OF LOVE! #10 is Sonya. She attacks with strikes, knee strike to Nikki and Mandy joins in as they look to toss Candice, but Candice fights them off. Sonya trades with Martinez, Mandy joins in for double teams and they dump her. #11 is Kairi Sane. She hits spears on Bliss & Nikki, works over Mandy and DDTs Belair. Alabama slam to Candice, and #12 is Mia Yim. Neck breaker to Sane, protect ya neck on Nikki and Bliss makes the save. Belair dumps Nikki and Bliss grabs her hair to save herself. Sonya almost tosses Mandy, Otis catches her and she’s knocked onto them so Mandy & Sonya are gone. #13 is Dana Brooke. She attacks Yim, Candice and heads up top as the swanton connects. She runs wild until Yim cuts her off, Sane attacks and Belair dumps Candice. Sane up top, Bliss cuts her off and they trade and Bliss eliminates Sane. #14 is Tamina. She runs wild with kicks until Belair attacks and they brawl. Belair eliminates her, that’s her 6th. Bliss attacks and #15 is the real big dog, Dakota Kai. Dana attacks her, but Kai cuts her off with kicks. The running corner kick follows as Bliss dumps Yim. #16 is Chelsea Green. She dumps Kai right away, but Bliss then dumps her. Belair dumps Dana, her 7th at 25:00 in. Bliss and Belair lockup, Bliss slams her down, heads up top and twisted Bliss eats knees, and they work to the apron as Bliss grabs the hair, gets posted and Belair eliminates another (8). #17 is Charlotte. She takes control, follows with chops and a suplex. Belair cuts her off, sends her to the buckles and #18 is Naomi. She hits a RANA on Belair, and works into a standoff with Charlotte. They attack Belair, double teams follow and Charlotte attacks with double teams. #19 is Beth Phoenix. She attacks Charlotte, tries to dump Naomi but Naomi battles back with a springboard high cross. The four brawl, and #20 is Toni Storm. She battles with Charlotte, Naomi attacks and Charlotte dumps Belair after 33:20 of in ring time. #21 is Kelly Kelly. She hits the ring, runs wild a bit until Charlotte cuts her off and Beth tries to toss Charlotte but Charlotte fights her off. #22 is Sarah Logan. She spears Charlotte and follows with strikes. Charlotte then dumps Logan. Kelly attacks, and Charlotte dumps her. Charlotte’s nose is busted up and bleeding. #23 is Natalya. She attacks Charlotte, and starts hitting clotheslines. The back of Beth’s head is busted open as Charlotte attacks Natalya. Beth makes the save and they powerbomb Charlotte. #24 is Xia Li. She attacks with kicks until Charlotte attacks, but Li cuts her off with kicks. Charlotte fights off the elimination, and #25 is Zelina Vega, she hits tornado DDT on Naomi, RANA on Beth and DDTs Toni. Beth & Natalya double team Charlotte, Naomi makes the save and #26 is Shotzi Blackheart. She joins in on the brawl, Naomi is almost dumped but Spider-mans on the barricade. She pops up onto it and heads over to the announce tables and #27 is Carmella. Naomi chills on the announce table, head scissors by Carmella and she runs wild until Charlotte cuts her off and Beth hits a glam slam on Charlotte, Charlotte gets posted, and #28 is Tegan Nox. Nox attacks with strikes, a dropkick and lady Kane chokeslams Vega. Beth cuts her off with a glam slam, and #29 is Santina. She has a reunion with Beth, Natalya and Beth corner her, Santina gets the cobra and then Santina does the self-elimination. #30 is Shayna Baszler. She slams Charlotte to the steps and then attacks Beth & Natalya with strikes, dumps Li, dumps Nox, dumps Vega and then Shotzi. Naomi uses the table hood and walks to the steps with it. Shayna dumps Carmella, dumps Toni and Naomi is in, and dumped, seven eliminations for Shayna already. She brawls with Beth & Natalya, but gets caught with the Hart attack. Beth dumps Natalya. Shayna attacks, Beth fights but Charlotte is back and tries to dump them but fails. Shayna is pissed and Beth attacks Charlotte, almost dumps her and Shayna dumps Beth (8). Charlotte then eliminates Shayna and wins. Charlotte won @ 54:40 [****]

Bianca got the monster run, going 33-minutes and eliminating 8 women. Shayna also had a late monster run with eight eliminations. There were some good elimination teases, some good story stuff, hard work, effort to make Bianca & Shayna (who I feel should have won as Charlotte feels so status quo) look like stars. This felt like a vast improvement over last year’s match and was pretty great overall.

– Post match, Charlotte comments on her win. Charlotte says since day one, she’s been a diamond cut to last. It doesn’t matter what anyone wanted, this is her division.

– Corbin cuts a promo and says reigns was afraid and had to use the Usos to secure a win. He will win the rumble later tonight.

Smackdown Women’s Title Match: Champion Bayley vs. Lacey Evans: Lacey’s daughter & husband are at ringside. Lacey takes control right away, overpowering Bayley and tossing her around. Bayley cuts her off, unties a buckle pad but lacey fires back, Bayley gets tripped up and grabs at her ankle. BUT IT’S A TRAP as she attacks, hits the top rope elbow drop and that gets 2. She follows with ground and pound, keeps Lacey grounded and then follows with a suplex for 2. Bayley maintains control, Lacey fires back and hits a head scissors, but Bayley quickly grounds her again. Lacey fights to her feet but Bayley hits a clothesline for 2. The back elbow connects and Bayley covers for 2. Bayley follows with ground and pound, but Lacey fires up and hits a knee strike and cradle for 2. Bayley cuts her off, mocks Lacey and then misses the high cross. Lacey follows with clotheslines, attacks the arm and hits the running knee strike. The broncobuster connects and then the dropkick follows. She slips on a springboard and manages to hit Bayley but Bayley rolls to the floor. Lacey misses a plancha, Bayley slams her to the barricades and back in, Lacey fights of Bayley to belly, hits a neck breaker and standing moonsault. The Mero-sault eats knees and Bayley covers with the tights for the win. Champion Bayley defeated Lacey Evans @ 9:30 via pin [**] This was ok but really flat as Lacey got a bit too ambitious at times and it hurt the match.

Universal Title Strap Match: Champion The Fiend vs. Daniel Bryan: Fiend has his wacky custom Fiend championship with him. This is pin or submission only. Thank Christ, no red lights. Bryan attacks with strikes, kicks and mounted punches until Fiend powerbombs him. Fiend starts whipping him, and Bryan is down. More whipping from the Fiend, he follows with head butts but Bryan dumps him and Fiend cuts off the dive and posts him. The Fiend whips him some more. Back in and Fiend continues to whip Bryan. He takes Bryan up top and whips him. Into the tree of WHOA, more lashes by the Fiend, and Bryan drops to the mat. Fiend attacks the neck, more whipping and Bryan counters sister Abigail with kicks, the busaiku knee and covers for 2. Bryan dumps him, hits a high cross and posts Fiend a few times. The flying knee off the apron follows, but Fiend hits a clothesline and stars whipping Bryan again. He clears of a table, lays Bryan onto it and follows. Bryan kicks him low and DDTs him on the table. Bryan finally starts whipping Fiend, getting some revenge and back in, Bryan up top and hits a missile dropkick. Yes kicks and lashes follow by Bryan, the head kick connects and Fiend asks for more so Bryan continues with kicks and lashes, stomps follow Bryan YESes up and the busaiku knee is countered into Sister Abigail for 2. Fiend whips him some more, Bryan fires back, but Fiend drops him. Bryan keeps firing back, mandible claw by Fiend and he counters into a hanging arm bar in the ropes. Fiend drags him back in, keeps the mandible claw but Bryan counters into the YES lock with the strap. The Fiend escapes, delivers ground and pound and whips Bryan again. Sister Abigail is countered as Bryan cradles him for 2. Busaiku knee by Bryan and that gets 2. Bryan fires up, mandible claw slam by the Fiend and that’s all. Champion The Fiend defeated Daniel Bryan @ 17:50 via pin [***¼] The biggest positive to this match was no red lights. Also, I loved Bryan doing the post spot ala his match with Nigel and the Yes lock ala the chain with Morishima. It was good, Bryan was great here, but I do think it went too long and it took them about 10-monutes to get the crowd into it. the Fiend’s weakness is his mask, once someone rips it off, it’s game over.

– WWE Super Showdown (in Saudi Arabia) is set for February 27th.

Raw Women’s Title Match: Champion Becky Lynch vs. Asuka: Sane is at ringside. They lock up and work into a standoff. Lynch grounds things, but Asuka escapes and we end in a standoff. They pick up the pace, shoulder tackles by Lynch and Asuka powders. Lynch follows, gets cut off and Asuka misses an ass attack and works a disarmher in the ropes. The missile dropkick follows for 2. Asuka then cuts her off with a neck breaker in the ropes, rolls back in and Asuka follows with kicks, but Lynch fires back until Asuka counters into a missile dropkick for 2. Lynch fights off the German, Asuka slams her down, hits the shining wizard and that gets 2. Asuka starts working the arm, Lynch fires back and follows with the bulldog. The basement dropkick follows for 2. Lynch follows with strikes, slams Asuka to the buckles and delivers kicks, to the apron and Asuka teases a German to the floor until Lynch dumps her to the floor. Lynch follows with an apron dropkick, an XPLODER to the barricades and back in, Lynch heads up top and the leg drop connects for 2. Asuka fires back with kicks a knee strike and a flurry of strikes. The sitout spinebuster gets 2. Lynch to the apron, Asuka follows and follows with kicks. She knocks Lynch into the post, Asuka back in, they trade and Asuka looks for a suplex, Lynch counters with a kick and a uranage off the ropes for 2. Lynch off the ropes and flies into a code breaker for 2. Asuka transitions to an arm bar, and then the Asuka lock but Lynch makes the ropes. Asuka follows with a German, Kawada kicks follow and Lynch is down. The ref checks on her and Lynch refuses to let him stop the match. Head kicks By Asuka, and that gets 2. Asuka smiles and picks her up, the Asuka lock is countered into disarmher until Asuka cradles her for 2. Inverted DDT by Lynch follows for 2. They struggle to their feet, trade strikes and q get a ref bump. Lynch counters the mist and the disarmher follows for the win. Champion Becky Lynch defeated Asuka @ 16:35 via submission [***¾] They delivered and had a very good match that played really well off of their history and the build to the match. Asuka is great, Becky played her role extremely well and overcame to beat the women that defeated her last year and was still in her head; a quality piece of business.

– The Street Profits kill time.

– Booker T joins commentary.

– Lashley & Rusev are out of the Rumble following a brawl earlier in the evening they are not medically cleared. Two spots have opened up!

The Men’s Royal Rumble: #1 is Brock. #2 is Elias. He gets to sing before his death. Brock rushes him and slips on his way out. Back in and suplex city follows. Brock gets the guitar and lays out Elias with it. He dumps him; Elias was 32. #3 is Erick Rowan and his cage. He attacks, and Brock dumps him; thanks for coming Erick. #4 is Roode. He attacks with strikes, but Brock lariats him. The F5 follows and Brock tosses Roode. #5 is Morrison. He attacks with kicks and strikes until Brock dumps him. #6 is Kofi. He attacks, fires away and Brock cuts him off. Germans follow and Brock continues to work him over. #7 is Rey. He attacks with kicks and strikes, Brock cuts him off and clotheslines both Kofi & Rey. German to Rey, one for Kofi and #8 is Big E. The three rally, head in the ring and attack. Trouble in paradise, the big ending follows and Rey hits 619. Brock dumps Rey, lariats Kofi and dumps Big E. F5 on Kofi and he’s over the ropes and done. #9 is Cesaro. He delivers uppercuts, but Brock follows with knee strikes, suplexes and dumps him. #10 is Shelton. Old friends reunite, but Brock just laughs. Shelton & Paul shake hands, and hug. Shelton in the ring and Brock shakes his hand and hugs him. Brock Germans him and dumps him. Brock laughs his ass off. #11 is Nakamura. Nakamura attacks with strikes, kicks and then is quickly dumped. #12 is MVP as Black Panther. Brock fucking dances to his music and MVP attacks. He follows with strikes and eats an F5. Brock dumps him. #13 is Keith Lee! They come face to face and Brock attacks, but Lee fires back, takes him down and follows with strikes. They work into a double down and #14 is Braun. He attacks both, hits corner splashes and dropkicks Lee. To the floor and Braun tackles Lee. Back in and Brock counters and Germans Braun. One for Lee and another for Braun. One more for Lee. Lee and Braun come face to face, they brawl and Brock dumps them. #15 is Ricochet. He charges the ring and flies in but Brock catches him and hits a backbreaker. The German follows as Brock is looking tired. Kicking ass is hard work. #16 Drew. Brock drops the gloves and Ricochet low blows Brock, claymore by Drew and Brock is done after 36-minutes of destruction. Ricochet attacks, but Drew easily dumps him. #17 is The Miz. Future shock by Drew and the claymore follows as he dumps Miz. #18 is AJ Styles. Drew tosses him around, Styles follows with kicks but gets mowed down. Styles fights back and #19 is Dolph. Styles chop blocks Drew, they attack and Dolph then attacks Styles. Drew suplexes Dolph and follows with chops. #20 is Karl Anderson. He attacks Drew, Styles joins in for double teams as Dolph hits a superkick. They try to dump Drew but the OC attacks Dolph. #21 is The Rated R SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER STAR Edge! He runs wild with spears, faces off with Styles and Styles hits the PELE. Spear by Edge and #22 is King Corbin. He and Dolph attack Edge, chokebreaker to Karl and he follows with strikes on Styles. Corbin saves Dolph and Edge dumps Styles. #23 is the bro, Matt Riddle. He attacks with kicks, runs wild and final flash to Edge but Corbin dumps him. #24 is Gallows. Drew tosses Corbin, magic killer on Edge and #25 is Orton. RKOs follow and he comes face to face with Edge. Rated RKO dump the Good Brothers and work together as #26 is Reigns. He runs wild with strikes, spears Dolph and dumps him, thanks Roman. He works over Drew, but Drew fires back and #27 is Kevin Owens. He attacks Drew, follows with cannonballs on Edge & Reigns, reigns counters the pop up powerbomb, but Kevin hits a stunner. One for Orton, and #28 is Aleister Black. It looks like Joe & Seth are left. He attacks with strikes and kicks, black mass to Drew and they all brawl as #29 is Joe. He brawls with Black, they trade and Joe hits an enziguri. He and Kevin work together and then come face to face and brawl. #30 is Seth Rollins. Buddy & AOP are with him. Joe & Kevin attack, get beat down and then work over Edge, Seth hits blackout on Drew, attacks Reigns and follows with blackout. Black cuts him off and hits head kick, Buddy cuts him off and Seth dumps Black. Stunner by Kevin, and AOP catches Seth to save him. They drag out Kevin to eliminate him. Clutch by Joe, Buddy attacks and Seth dumps him. AOP, Black, Buddy, and AOP al brawl, Kevin joins in and they fight to the back. Edge and Orton are back in and Drew & Reigns are also left. Seth begs Reigns to help him, superman punch by Reigns and they all kick the shit out of Seth as Drew dumps him. Edge, Reigns, Orton, & Drew are left. Edge and Orton talk and attack. They post Reigns and Orton hits an RKO. Edge spears Drew and double RKO Drew. Orton sneaks up on Edge but Edge catches him. Edge then dumps Orton, and comes face to face with Reigns. They go crazy fists, superman punch by Reigns and the spear is countered and Edge spears Reigns and almost tosses him. Reigns fights back and both to the apron as they trade and Reigns eliminates Edge. Drew attacks, superman punch by Reigns and Drew claymores him and tosses him for the win! Drew McIntyre won @ 60:20 [***½] I will say that it was nice to see them mix things up this year with the Brock stuff. The Brock portion was really energetic and exciting, it slowed and lost some of that until Edge appeared and popped the crowd huge. Despite the slow middle, I loved the Edge return, the mini-Rated RKO reunion, and felt the closing stretch was well done and overall it was a really good Rumble. It’s about time with Drew, he got to dump Brock, picked up the big win and now they just have to finally go all the way with him.

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The final score: review Good
The 411
The 2020 WWE Royal Rumble was an overall good show, with a great women’s Rumble, Becky finally beating Asuka, Drew finally winning a big match and the return of Edge. While a bit too long of a run time at six-plus hours, I enjoyed far more than I disliked and felt that while there was some weak stuff that nothing was bad.