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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 11.14.17

November 14, 2017 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 11.14.17  

Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 11.14.17

US Title Match: Champion Baron Corbin defeated Sin Cara @ 7:24 via pin [***]
Smackdown Women’s Title Match: Charlotte defeated Champion Natalya @ 10:40 via submission [***]
– Jimmy Uso defeated Chad Gable @ 6:30 via pin [**½]
– Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. New Day went to a no contest @ 9:57 [**½]

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– Shane is firing up the Smackdown locker room, praising them for their attack on Raw, and warns them about Raw’s potential retaliation tonight. After Sunday, they won’t be the B show, they will be THE SHOW. Everyone is all fired up, and Shane brings up Triple H being added to team Raw, but isn’t afraid because they have John Cena. New Day says they aren’t afraid of the Shield, and everyone is one giant happy family tonight. I appreciated the different open to the show, and it was nice seeing the unified force, as it really felt as if they were selling the brand vs. brand angle.

Daniel Bryan is Back: We see highlights of his attack by Kane. He’s very happy to be back, but takes responsibility for being attacked. He should have known better, and says Raw is afraid, which is why they adder Triple h to their team. He didn’t agree with Smackdown attacking Raw, and knows team Raw could come here tonight and counter attack them. Smackdown isn’t afraid and will be ready. Bryan is proud of Smackdown, it’s wrestlers and their heart. They will prove that they are better come Sunday night. Bryan brings up added John Cena to their team, and introduces the new WWE champion, AJ Styles. Bryan says that Lesnar has his own advocate to hype him up and offers Styles one for the night. Styles agrees, and Bryan goes into a Paul Heyman like promo for Styles. The crowd was really into it. Bryan mostly agreed with Heyman last night, but not when he said Styles would be brutalized and defeated by Lesnar. Bryan notes that Lesnar is big and strong, but his head is thick. Bryan calls Lesnar a quitter, like he quit on WWE and quit on a half ass knee bar on a UFC PPV. Lesnar quits when things get rough, and Styles will take him into deep waters, and when you’re as big as Lesnar, you get tired. He says Styles will make Lesnar mentally quit, because he can’t go al night long or keep up with Styles. Bryan says at Survivor Series, you will see Lesnar mentally beaten, conquered and defeated by the best in the world, AJ Styles. Styles says he’s not a puppet like Lesnar, and can talk. He may be an underdog, and this isn’t a Rocky Movie, this is an AJ Styles production, and he will find a way to win and will prove that Smackdown is the best and the house AJ Styles built. This was an overall great way to kickoff the show, as they were focused completely on selling Survivor Series. Bryan playing advocate was really, really good and the crowd was into everything they had to say. It felt as if Bryan was cutting a promo for the match with Lesnar that he never got, it was great and full of fire. It’s nice to feel some energy to kick off the show.

– Styles walks backstage and runs into Mahal. Mahal says he will become champion once again after Lesnar destroys Styles. Styles walks away, giving no fucks about Mahal.

US Title Match: Champion Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara: Cara looks to use his speed right away, lays in kicks and chops after a head scissors. The lucha arm drag and dropkick follow as we go screen in screen. Cara follows Corbin to the floor, but gets cut off. Corbin slams him to the barricades. Back in and Corbin hits the in and out lariat, maintaining control. Corbin slams Cara to the buckles, and then grounds the action. Back full screen and Corbin slams Cara to the mat and connects with a big right. Cara now fires back with rights and kicks, and Corbin gets sent to the floor. The suicide dive follows, backing they go and Cara counters a chokeslam into a roll up for 2. The high cross follows for another 2. Corbin hits deep six for a good near fall. Cara to the apron, stuns Corbin off the ropes and low bridges him to the floor. Cara follows with a moonsault to the floor. Back in and Cara up top and Corbin avoids the attack, hits end of days and picks up the win. Champion Baron Corbin defeated Sin Cara @ 7:24 via pin [***] This was a good and energetic match, that played well off of their previous encounters. Good work by both guys here.

– We get a Survivor Series video package, hyping up the 5 on 5 men’s match and Smackdown invading Raw.

– Daniel Bryan and Shane meet backstage, and they are good to go and are unified. Bryan wants to talk after Survivor Series, and says they need to get on the same page. Hmmmm…

Smackdown Women’s Title Match: Champion Natalya vs. Charlotte: Charlotte goes for a roll up right away, but Natalya kicks out. Natalya lays in a cheap shot and they brawl to he floor. Natalya gets shot to the barricade, and back in they go, with Charlotte covering for 2. Charlotte hits the big boot, but Natalya makes the ropes and bails to the floor, as we take a break. Post break and Natalya is working a surfboard, Charlotte escapes and lays in chops. Natalya fires back with the rolling clothesline, covering for 2,and then grounds the action. Charlotte battles back, hitting a spear and covering for 2. Charlotte looks for the figure four, but gets sent to he buckles by Natalya. Natalya covers, but Charlotte kicks out. Natalya now yells a lot, the crowd is into Charlotte who manages a cradle for 2. The XPLODER follows by Charlotte, and Natalya rolls to the floor. Charlotte follows and hits a boot from the apron. Charlotte to the barricade for a moonsault, but Natalya grabs her and powerbombs her to the post. Natalya follows with rights, rolls Charlotte back in and locks on the sharpshooter. Charlotte fights, but Natalya drags her back center ring. Charlotte again powers out and makes the ropes. Natalya follows with clubbing strikes, but Charlotte sends her to the floor. Natalya back in and eats the big boot. Charlotte locks in the figure eight, and Natalya taps. Charlotte defeated Champion Natalya @ 10:40 via submission [***] These two work well together, and had a good match here. The crowd was into it the entire time, and the post match gave us a nice moment between father and daughter.

– Charlotte gets the post match interview, and says the title has been what she wanted since the superstar shakeup. To win in her hometown means the world to her. On Sunday, she will make Bliss bow down to the queen, and win for team blue. Everyone knows he dad has been having a hard time, and everyone knows about it. She knows he’s at home watching right now, and says this was for him. BUT WAIT… Ric’s music hits and he’s here. Charlotte rushes to him and they embrace. Unless they have a big time angle planned (and they likely do), that really should have closed the show. We shall see.

– We get a Bludgeon Brothers promo. They debut next week.

– Jimmy is looking for revenge, due to Gable’s chop block last week. The Usos cut a promo on the Bar, who they face Sunday at Survivor Series; they have locked down all of the tag teams. Welcome to the Usos penitentiary.

Jimmy Uso vs. Chad Gable: Jimmy runs wild to begin, Shelton distracts him allowing gable to attack the knee with dragon screw leg whips. We go screen in screen as Gable continues to work the knee, showing more aggression than usual. Gable grounds the action, continuing to work the knee. Jimmy starts to fire back, but misses a kick, allowing Gable to keep control. Gable works the Flair knee breaker as we go back full screen. Gable is just dismantling the knee of Jimmy, heads up top and misses the moonsault, and Jimmy superkicks the knee of Gable. Jimmy picks up the pace, hits the Samoan drop and hits the Samoan clambake for 2. Jimmy looks for a dive, but Gable cuts him off with a rolling kick. Gable shoves Jey, but Jey takes out Sheldon, allowing Jimmy to hit Gable with a superkick and pickup the win. Jimmy Uso defeated Chad Gable @ 6:30 via pin [**½] This was a perfectly solid match, with Gable showing some great heelish aggression, but Jimmy sneaking away with the win.

– They say Charlotte’s replacement on Team Smackdown will be revealed on Sunday.

– Sami and Kevin talk, and Sami is pissed they aren’t on Survivor Series. They rundown New Day because they feel that they should be facing the Shield on Sunday.

– New Day cuts a pre-match promo, calling the Shield dogs that eat their own poop. They can trust each other, but the Shield can’t because they’ve already turned on each other in the past. They also note that come WrestleMania season, the Shield won’t be together.

New Day (Woods & Big E) w/Kofi vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn: Sami and Woods into begin, leading to New Day doing the stampede in the corner. Sami battles back, Owens tags in and they beat down Woods in their corner. Woods battles back, hits a corner clothesline and hits the honor roll as Big E tags in. New Day clears the ring, but Owens cuts off the Woods dive and pulls him to the floor and hits the running senton. Post break, Owens tags in, working the heat on Woods. Owens grounds things with the chinlock, Woods fights to his feet, but Owens hits a DDT for 2. Sami tags back in and Woods rolls and gets the tag. Big E in and runs wild, tossing Sami around with suplexes and hits the running splash for 2. Big E tosses Owens and Woods hits a tope. But the Shield arrives. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs. New Day went to a no contest @ 9:57 [**½] This was perfectly fine to get to the post match, including Sami and Kevin bailing.

– Owens and Sami bail, allowing the Shield to beat down New Day. The Usos arrive, and then Sheamus and Cesaro for the big brawl. The Raw women attack the Smackdown women in the locker room, with Bliss laying out Charlotte. Balor, Joe, Crews, and Titus now arrive and Shane, Corbin, and other Smackdown talent arrive as the big brawl continues. Kurt Angle and BRAUN arrive! BRAUN starts killing fools, Shane attacks him and BRAUN kills him with a lariat. The Shield beats down Shane, Sheamus joins in. Joe beats on Big E with Woods’ trombone, as Angle hits the ring. Angle talks shit to Shane and says it will get worse on Sunday. He gives the thumbs down and Shane eats the Shield bomb as Team Raw stands tall. Angle takes off his coat and hits Shane with the Angle slam. The Shield powerbombs Shane one more time.

– End Scene.

– Thanks for reading.

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The final score: review Good
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I thought that tonight’s edition of Smackdown was a good and fun show. It felt more focused on building to Survivor Series, with some good wrestling, a hot brawl to end the show and the great moment after the Charlotte title win. This was a good show tonight, and it felt as if they were really trying to make us care about Sunday's show.