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Csonka’s WWE Survivor Series Review 11.22.15

November 22, 2015 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s WWE Survivor Series Review 11.22.15  

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WWE Survivor Series 2015

WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semifinals: Roman Reigns defeated Alberto Del Rio @ 14:03 via pin [***]
WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semifinals: Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens @ 11:30 via pin [***½]
Traditional Survivor Series Match: Ryback, Sin Cars, Kalisto, Jimmy and Jey Uso defeated Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Xavier Woods, Wade Barrett and Big E @ 17:34 via pin [**]
WWE Divas Title Match: Champion Charlotte defeated Paige @ 14:20 via submission []
– Tyler Breeze defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 6:40 via pin [**]
– The Undertaker and Kane defeated Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper @ 10:15 via pin [**]
WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals: Roman Reigns defeated Dean Ambrose @ 9:01 via pin [**¾]
WWE World Title Match: Sheamus defeated Champion Roman Reigns @ 0:30 via pin [NR]

– They did a 5 on 5 Survivor Series Rules match on the pre-show. It was Miz, Bo Dallas, Stardust and The Ascension vs. Neville, Titus O’Neil, The Dudleys and Goldust. Listen, I get that Goldust isn’t one of your top stars, but I can’t help but to think that his return could have been done on an actual PPV or as a pay off on TV to make us look forward to something. It seems silly to waste a return on the pre-show. Titus O’Neil, The Dudleys and Goldust won the match, which went through two commercial breaks, and made sure to eliminate Neville from the winning team because his character is “jobber who does a cool flippy move”.

– Lilian Garcia sang the national anthem, because fuck terrorists.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semifinals: Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio: This is one I am worried about, as I feel Del Rio has been flat overall since returning and hasn’t been setting things on fire in the ring. Triple H watched on from backstage, Reigns got some run but Del Rio controlled the opening portion of the match. Del Rio worked the arm; Reigns also posted himself, which didn’t help matters. I hope Del Rio is going back to the arm bar, because that double stomp (both the set up and execution) is shit. They spent some time on the floor; Reigns made a comeback but then missed the Superman punch. Del Rio hit the backstabber for a near fall off of that miss. Reigns avoided the double stomp, hit the Superman punch and went for the spear and ate a superkick for a near fall. Reigns was able to avoid the arm bar, and hit the single arm powerbomb (with the good arm) for a near fall. Del Rio finally got the arm bar, but not on the arm he was working, which annoyed me. Reigns eventually fought back and hit the spear for the clean win. Overall this was a good match, it started a bit bland and then they worked hard, and mostly smart, to deliver a match that I enjoyed. The psychology was a little off, and I HATE that double stomp; also you have to question the booking of having Del Rio already lose clean in his second PPV back, but these are the sort of things that happen when people are dropping due to injury and you don’t have a new wave of guys ready to go. But they put together some good near falls and drama down the stretch to pay off on the largely strong first half. They had to work really hard to get the crowd into things, they eventually did, but they had to do a lot to get them to care at times.

– Ambrose congratulated Reigns, and then Reigns told him to do his job and win his match so that they can have the match they want, friends fighting for the WWE Title. Kevin Owens didn’t give a shit about all of this, and came in to mock Reigns for being so close so many times and then losing, which is what will happen tonight.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Semifinals: Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose: The crowd was noticeably more excited for these two. They worked a good back and forth beginning, and it appears that they really jelled on the European tour and got some things down that they can go to with ease. Ambrose got his shine, but when he went up to Owens crotched him to get the heat. I enjoy a lot of what Owens does, his basic but brutal looking offense, the way he mocks his opponent and ridicules the crowd while inflicting damage works well for him. Owens missed the top rope moonsault, allowing Ambrose to hit his diving elbow drop to a standing Owens. Ambrose would hit a suicide dive, and hen went for another but Owens caught him and slammed him to the announce table. They did some really nice counters around the popup powerbomb, and then Ambrose hit dirty deeds to pick up the win. This was another good match, better than the opener due to a good game plan, a better execution and the fact that they had the crowd actually caring from the opening bell.

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Traditional Survivor Series Match: Ryback, Sin Cars, Kalisto, Jimmy and Jey Uso vs. Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Xavier Woods, Wade Barrett and Big E: New Day did their usual opening promo, they were simply great and at this point need to be considered National Treasures. The faces controlled early, people got sent to the floor and then we got dives. This also included Flyback going up top ad hitting a high cross to the floor onto the other eight guys. Wade Barrett dancing in celebration with the New Day was absolutely tremendous. The bastards from team Ryback completely ruined the beautiful hair of Xavier Woods. Due to this travesty, they nearly killed an Uso before his elimination and then Big E hit his big spear through the ropes on Cara. Sheamus tagged din and got to pin Cara, which angered Big E and they argued. Big E got eliminated, so Kofi and Woods said he was hurt and carried him to the back, leaving Sheamus alone with Ryback, an Uso and Kalisto. Welcome to Fucked; population Sheamus. Sheamus got some heat on Kalisto, the Uso started to call spots really loudly when he took over, I mean he was so loud he could have offered a spoiler warning before hitting his next three moves. Sheamus survived for a good while, but the faces eventually triple teamed him and Ryback got the pin for the win. This came off as complete filler, because it was. They did some teases for the interactions on TV, but there was never any real build no real issue and no reason to get involved or care. Also Sheamus felt more like a babyface fighting from the bottom than a douche bag heel getting his comeuppance. The fans seemed to agree as they did not care about this. New Day and Barrett were greatly amusing, but this was just a match added to the card to kill time. It was ok, but completely skippable filler that was booked oddly.

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WWE Divas Title Match: Champion Charlotte vs. Paige: Charlotte used grappling to begin, trying to slam Paige down repeatedly and use her size and strength. This made absolutely no sense considering Monday’s angle and wild brawl that they tried to have, but there ya go. The battle eventually went to the apron, where Paige slammed Charlotte back first to the post to get the heat. Paige worked an abdominal stretch for a bit, but Charlotte countered into the backpack stunner to escape. Charlotte would get the figure four, but couldn’t do the bridge because Paige had focused on the back. Paige countered; they rolled which led to Charlotte getting a hanging figure four under the ropes. Charlotte then got the heat, working a more aggressive style (dropping the kneepad for knee drops) and using the skull fucker. She then hit her head scissor roll spot; but this match had no heat whatsoever. They did stuff, they tried to show some aggression but I felt that the tone was all wrong as the commentary tried to sell how personal the feud was as Paige worked a body scissors. The crowd remained largely silent, they did clapped politely a few times and then chanted for Sasha. They brawled to the floor, Paige celebrated on the barricade so Charlotte climbed up there and gave a super slow and mostly safe “spear” off of the barricade and to the floor. Back in the ring, Charlotte would get the figure eight and Paige finally tapped. This was not good, they worked the wrong match considering the “heat” that was supposed to be there, and the story didn’t work because there was an obvious disconnect with the crowd. That whole main event angle on Monday, bringing in Reid Flair’s passing, the attempted big brawl, the SportsCenter spot and everything they tried to do ultimately failed because no one cared. This match existed, it felt way too long and while there were some good ideas in there, but it just did not connect in any way with me. They are capable of better, just because they get a little stiff, they get some time and commentary tried to tell you it was good doesn’t make it good.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze: Ziggler continues to keep debuting new gear, and each time it comes off worse than the last. Ziggler controlled early, Breeze hid behind Summer, which allowed him to get the heat. Breeze worked the half crab, and Ziggler started to sell the knee that has been an issue for the past few weeks. Then Ziggler started to run around for his comeback as if nothing was wrong. They then traded some pining combos like an early 2000s Indy match, minus the stand off. Breeze then hit the knee that Ziggler had stopped selling, which Ziggler then sold, allowing Breeze to hit the unprettier for the win. The right guy won, but this felt completely bland with some shit selling from Ziggler. They had an out with the knee being an issue for weeks, which would have allowed Breeze a nice clean and dominant win to really establish him. Instead it felt like a rushed match with the wink and nod finish, which tends to help no one really get over. I am sure that this feud will continue.

– It’d been downhill since the Survivor Series match, and specifically the departure of New Day. A lot of mediocrity following the tournament matches and a crowd that gives no fucks is no good, which sucks because the show started off so well.

The Undertaker and Kane vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper: They did a big time entrance for Taker, including fire and those Attitude Era “Undertaker symbols he tried to sacrifice Stephanie” on. This is all in celebration of “25 years of the Undertaker” before a match no one asked for because they already kicked the shit out of these guys. But lets all hope for the best here. Rowan ran in before the bell and got his ass kicked, and ate a double chokeslam. Harper and Wyatt will be the opponents. Taker and Kane controlled early, including Taker hitting old school and the apron leg drop. Strowman eventually got involved and that allowed the Wyatts to get the heat on Kane. After a short heat, Taker got he hot tag and ran wild until Strowman distracted him. He and Kane then attacked Strowman and chokeslammed him through the Spanish Announce table. The Wyatts got a near fall on Taker following a superkick and Sister Abigail combo. Taker and Kane then did the double sit up as Wyatt did his stupid upside down thing, but the crowd loved it. We got double chokeslams and then Harper ate the tombstone and that was all. It was pretty much what I expected, Kane and Taker won pretty easily, and the live crowd loved it because they got what they wanted to see. It was fine, but I wouldn’t call it good. I also have no real idea what you do with the Wyatts, who can’t seem to win a major feud to save their lives.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Tournament Finals: Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose: They started brawling right away and didn’t waste any time trying to make this match feel important, which was appreciated. It was also a bit sad to watch, because a match between two friends fighting for the title started with more heat and hate than the women’s match that was hyped as a serious feud that got way too personal. Ambrose hit a dive and the elbow drop, and then went to work on the arm, which was worked on by Cesaro on Monday and then tonight by Del Rio. They did some good back and forth stuff, hitting their signature stuff to try and end things early, playing off the fact that they both have wrestled already tonight. The tide turned when Reigns missed a spear, on the bad shoulder, as Ambrose hit dirty deeds for a near fall. They did a big striking exchange in the corner, and then Reigns hit the spear and that was that, new champion Roman Reigns. The finish felt a bit rushed, but I felt they played off the tournament vibe well overall and I liked what they did match wise, even it came off a bit anticlimactic.

– Reigns celebrated with the title, finally winning the tile after coming close previously. Ambrose congratulated Reigns and pyro and confetti started to go off.

– Triple H then hit the ring and clapped for Reigns and then raised his hand. Reigns refused his handshake, and then speared Triple H. Sheamus then arrived, hit a brogue kick and cashed in!

Champion Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus: Reigns survived the first brogue kick, buy ate another and won the title. With so many guys out, I feel that they needed to just make a guy Instead of doing that, they Lex Lugered Reigns again and gave the belt to the mid-card loser that was making, “get jiggy with it” jokes earlier in the night. Also add in the fact that he had been repeatedly pushed (and hell I LIKE Sheamus) and not gotten over all that well and this feels badly laid out and executed. The Reigns win felt right, the spear on Triple H was right and if they had to run a cash in angle, they should have just had Reigns win and done the clean sweep to try and give him a go. I mean is anyone excited for Sheamus as “the guy” at this point? The worst part is that the feed continued, an showed Roman basically crying as people mocked and booed him.

– Triple H and Sheamus hugged post match, and then Sheamus celebrated as Reigns took a nap in the confetti.

– End scene.

-Thanks for reading.

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“Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Felicia!”

The final score: review Bad
The 411
This show felt like many Raw episodes, it started off well and then just went completely down hill. I liked the first two tournament matches, they were good and set the stage, even if it was predictable., Predictable isn’t always bad, but then things went downhill. The filler Survivor Series match with wacky Sheamus, so that you feel he is worthless to try and cover up that he will cash in. The crowd really died after that match, they loved New Day but when they left they stopped caring, The women’s match felt like the wrong match and tone to present, Breeze vs. Ziggler was fine, but a throwaway match that no one cared about. The crowd woke p for Taker, which I expected, and the match was fine, but again what the hell do you do with the Wyatts now? They are the bitches of the major stars, they are an entrance and gibberish from Bray at this point and nothing more. I liked what they tried to do with the main event, it wasn’t great, but I got what they were doing. But then they Lex Luger’d Reigns and gave the title to a guy that no one cares about other than chanting that “he looks stupid” when he hits the ring. Instead of trying to make a new guy, to make someone important, they went to Sheamus. The WWE product, while it can provide good to great wrestling at times, continues to feel completely stale, even in a time when Orton, Cena, Rollins, Bryan and now reportedly Cesaro are all out, they go back to old reliable, and lazy booking. I don’t need anything revolutionary, and I certainly don’t need it to fill any fantasy booking quotas, I just want to feel as if they are trying, and as the show went on, any hope f that I had stopped. This is the state of the WWE, and they don’t really seem to care what anyone else thinks because old reliable is what’s good.

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Not even Xavier Woods' hair could help the creative direction of this company...


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