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Details On What Happened After AEW Double or Nothing Went Off The Air

May 31, 2021 | Posted by Joseph Lee
AEW Double or Nothing Image Credit: AEW

PWInsider reports that after AEW Double or Nothing went off the air, The Inner Circle celebrated their win over the Pinnacle in Stadium Stampede, with Chris Jericho talking to the live audience.

Jericho said that he ‘can’t stop smiling’ and that he loves that the fans were chanting ‘AEW’, because it was more than the people in the main event who performed for the crowd. He asked Sammy Guevara how to say ‘amazing’ in Spanish and Guevara said, ‘el Amazing.’ Jericho said he thought the Stadium Stampede was a success for the second year in a row.

He went onto thank Jacksonville for hosting AEW during the last fourteen months, and said fans are proof that ‘we can have fun again’. Jericho then asked if the crowd was booing Jacksonville, but was told that they were changing Duval, the county in Florida where the city is located. Jericho wasn’t sure what that meant as he is Canadian. He went on and said that he was worried the Inner Circle might be forced to split up, but said they wouldn’t let that happen and thanked the group before giving the microphone to Guevara.

Guevara thanked the crowd, then the Inner Circle, then said that he left for a bit but he’s back and the Inner Circle isn’t going anywhere. Jericho then thanked everyone again and said the show sold out.