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EC3 On Braun Strowman Returning To WWE, Helping Strowman Get To a Better Place After Release

September 18, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE Raw - Braun Strowman Returns Image Credit: WWE

Braun Strowman is back with WWE, and EC3 weighed in on Strowman returning to the company and what it means for Control Your Narrative. Strowman made his return to WWE earlier this month, but before that he worked with EC3’s promotion after he was released from WWE during the pandemic.

EC3 spoke with NBC Sports Boston for a new interview and talked about the statement be released after Strowman’s return, how the return fit into what Control Your Narrative strives to do for talent and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On Strowman re-signing with WWE and CYN’s tweet wishing him well: “That was the first tweet from that account. I try to stay off Twitter, because it’s a minefield and a cesspool of deranged terrible awful ideas… I wrote a nice little statement. And when you mention Control Your Narrative in flux, the whole thing; life is flux. Life is interesting , life is wild, life is unexpected. And what I really wanted to press home into that press release and Adam’s return is like, everything you ever want is when you go beyond the unknown.

“So obviously, you know I’m a close personal friend of Adam. Obviously, I’m super happy if he’s happy he’s back there’s a lot of unfinished business I know how that motivates him. It motivated me for a long time to go back there. hopefully he has a better better luck than I did. [chuckles] No, but like him going there, being on that platform, like his true love for what we do is to be able to give back in certain scenarios. And that’s a lot with like, Make-A-Wish Kids and charitable foundations and things like that. So with that platform behind him, that’s really what makes him a purposeful human.”

On CYN helping Strowman get to a better place mentally: “In theory, the whole thing with Control Your Narrative is to tell your story, and it is to find your way and your path. I think what has been lost — and maybe it’s bad messaging on my part, because there’s been a lot of inaccurate and terrible messaging from terrible sources, and untrue things — the whole point of this is for you to find your purpose. [For] you to reinvent yourself, create yourself in the way you want to be.

“So [Strowman] leaves the WWE, he’s not a happy person. It’s a terrible time for him mentally, you can hear him talk about these struggles and things like that. But to come through our process and yeah, make a little feature and we start something. The great fulfillment he got doing that brought him to a better place in life that allowed us to jump into this wild flux we’re talking about, and start something which we still don’t know what it is.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit NBC Sports Boston with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.