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From The Network – NXT TakeOver: Dallas

April 8, 2016 | Posted by Dylan Diot
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From The Network – NXT TakeOver: Dallas  

WWE NXT Takeover: Dallas
Dallas, TX

Your hosts are Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

NXT Tag Team Championships- The Revival (Scott Dawson and Zack Wilder) © vs. American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable)
Gable and Dawson start. Felling out process and Gable gets the better of Dawson. Hip toss by Dawson and Gable comes back with a head scissors takeover. Tag to Jordan and he dropkicks Dawson, forcing him to bail. Back in, Dawson rakes the face of Jordan and Wilder tags in. Jordan cleans house and the challengers hit stereo backdrops. Tag to Gable and he works the arm. Tag to Dawson and he puts Gable on top. Gable gets away and gets the O’Connor roll for 2. Springboard crossbody gets 2. Dropkick by Gable and he misses one on Wilder. Jordan saves Gable from a double suplex and they hit stereo dropkicks and release German suplexes as the crowd goes nuts!!!! Gable chases Dawson on the floor and runs into a clothesline from Wilder. Back in, the Revival work over Gable and Dawson hits a back elbow for 2. Tag to Wilder and he grabs a Cobra Clutch. Gable fights out so Dawson tags in and dropkicks him for 2. Gory Special by Dawson but Gable counters with a sunset flip for 2. Gable catches the Revival with a double DDT and Wilder pulls Jordan off the apron to prevent the tag. They botch a power bomb/knee drop combo and Wilder misses a corner dropkick. Tag to Jordan and he cleans house. T-Bone suplex to Dawson gets 2. Jordan puts Dawson on top and goes up but Wilder trips him up, allowing Dawson to cover for 2!!! O’Connor roll by Jordan gets 2 and Wilder hits an uppercut, allowing Dawson to cover again for 2 as Gable saves!!! Sunset flip to Dawson gets 2. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Jordan and he misses a Spear, crashing into the corner. Dawson rolls Gable up for 2 and he blocks the Victory roll for 2 as Gable rolls through for 2!!! Small package by Gable gets 2 and he gets another roll-up for 2. Jordan tags in and hits the Spear into the corner and they hit Grand Amplitude for 3!!!
Winners and NEW NXT Tag Team Champions- American Alpha ***1/2 ( Great opener and as good a tag match that you will see that doesn’t resort to high spots and frantic near falls. Dawson and Wilder did a tremendous job in the heel role with perfectly time cut offs of tags and methodically working over Gable with Gable and Jordan continued to show that they are growing as incredible ring technicians.)

Video package for Corbin/Aires airs.

Baron Corbin vs. Austin Aries
Aries attacks to start and he throws some kicks to the leg of Corbin. Dropkick to the leg by Aries and he hits a rolling elbow knocking Corbin to the floor. Aries goes up and hits a double axe handle to the floor. Aries works over Corbin on the floor and back in, Corbin catches Aries with the stun gun. Northern lariat by Corbin and he stomps away on Aries. Corbin works over Aries and he slides Aries shoulder first into the post for 2. Nerve hold by Corbin but Aries fights out of it. Corner clotheslines by Corbin and he throws some elbows to the shoulder of Aries. Aries starts to fight back and he hits a flying forearm. Aries hammers away on Corbin and he hits a neck breaker in the ropes. Aries goes up and hits a missile dropkick. Corner dropkick by Aries knocks Corbin to the floor. Heat Seeking Missile by Aries!!! Corbin catches Aries with Deep Six on the floor!!! Aries makes it back in before the 10 count. Aries escapes End of Days and he gets the O’Connor roll for 3!!!
Winner- Austin Aries **1/2 ( This match was hot early but once we got to the Corbin heat segment it just dragged along and finish was out of nowhere. I wish they kept the intensity of the early part of the match throughout cause it seemed like we were heading toward a pretty solid brawl. Corbin’s has to spice up his offense otherwise he will fall flat as a heel on the main roster. )

Video package for Zayn/Nakamura.

Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
The reaction for Nakamura’s entrance was insane. Knee to the midsection by Nakamura and Zayn evades the strikes. Zayn goes for the arm and he hits some arm drags. Knees by Nakamura and he hits a knee drop for 1. Enzuigiri by Nakamura and Zayn blocks the face wash, so Nakamura hits a spinning heel kick for 1. Standing front face lock by Nakamura but Zayn breaks with a suplex for 2. Leg lariat by Zayn gets 2. Enzuigiri from the apron by Nakamura and he hits a knee lift from the floor. Guillotine knee drop from the apron by Nakamura!!! Back in, Nakamura delivers the facewash!!! He puts Zayn on the top turnbuckle and hits the knee lift for 2. Zayn low bridges Nakamura, sending him crashing to the floor. Summersault plancha to the floor by Zayn!!! Back in, he goes up and hits the cross body off the top for 2. Nakamura blocks a Brainbuster with a knee strike and he throws some knees at Zayn. Michinoku Driver by Zayn and they trade forearms. Nakamura’s nose is busted open as they continue to exchange blows!!! Nakamura throws some knees and he stomps the head of Zayn!!! Kick to the chest by Nakamura and Zayn turns Nakamura inside out with a lariat!!! Another one by Zayn and Nakamura comes back with a knee strike. He catches Zayn in the cross arm breaker and he converts it into the Triangle Choke. Zayn stomps on the head of Nakamura to break!!!! Zayn fires away and he throws rapid boots to the head of Nakamura!!! Straight right by Nakamura but Zayn comes back with the flatliner into the Koji Clutch!!! Nakamura counters with a roll-up for 2, forcing Zayn to break. Enzuigiri by Nakamura and both men are down!!! Sick Kick by Nakamura and Zayn misses the Helluva Kick. Release back suplex by Nakamura and he misses Boma Ye! Blue Thunder Bomb by Zayn gets 2!!! Nakamura goes to the floor to create some separation so Zayn attempts to jump through the turnbuckles but NAKAMURA KICKS HIM IN THE HEAD TO BLOCK!!!!!!! Nakamura goes up but Zayn stops him and follows up. They fight on top and Nakamura kicks Zayn off. Nakamura throws elbows to block the corner exploder and Nakamura goes up. Boma Ye! To the back of the head!!!! Another Boma Ye! Gets 3!!!!
Winner- Shinsuke Nakamura ***** ( This is without a doubt the best in-ring debut in WWE history and near the top of the list in terms of presentation and making someone out to be a star. The layout and work was similar the Nakamura/Ibushi classics of the last few years but what I liked more about this dynamic was Zayn was presented as the top star/veteran and Nakamura had to prove himself, so it was more impactful when Nakamura was able to counter Zayn’s offense and match Zayn in striking and intensity. The striking and the visuals in this match are unlike anything you will see on WWE TV, it was a sight to behold. They stole the weekend and Zayn deservedly got to end his amazing NXT run with an all-time classic while Nakamura looked like a megastar. )

Video package for Bayley/Asuka airs.

NXT Women’s Championship- Bayley © vs. Asuka
Feeling out process to start and Bayley goes for the arm so Asuka nails her to get her off. They avoid each other manuver’s and we reach a stalemate. Kicks to the leg by Asuka and she hits a hip check. She misses a second one and Bayley hits a forearm from the apron. She goes up and hits a second rope back elbow for 2. Bayley goes up and hits a cross body off the top for 2. Knee drop by Bayley and Asuka attempts to go for the arm so Bayley quickly gets to the ropes. Bayley puts Asuka in the tree of woe and hits a springboard elbow drop for 2. They go up and Bayley hits the Frankensteiner for 2. Front face lock by Bayley and she converts it into the Guillotine Choke but Asuka escapes and catches Bayley in the Ankle Lock. Bayley rolls through and the momentum sends Asuka crashing to the floor. Slingshot hurricanrana to the floor by Bayley!!! Back in, Bayley covers for 2. Asuka comes back with a dropkick and she throws some kicks at Bayley. Second rope dropkick by Asuka and she hits some rapid kicks to the chest. Forearm by Bayley but Asuka comes back with an elevated knee lift. Shining Wizard by Asuka gets 2. Saito suplex by Bayley and Asuka comes back with a spinning enzuigiri. They trade blows and Asuka throws some slaps. Bayley blocks a kick and grabs the knee bar!!! Bayley converts it into the Ankle Lock but Asuka reaches for the ropes so Bayley drives Asuka’s knee into the mat. Dragon screw leg sweeps by Bayley and Asuka comes back with the cross arm breaker!!! Bayley counters with a roll-up for 2 and Bayley gets a small package for 2!!! Suplex by Bayley and she hits a basement clothesline for 2. Rear surfboard by Bayley and she catches Asuka with a roll-up for 2 as she tried to escape. Spin kick by Asuka and Asuka hits a single arm suplex. Cross arm breaker by Asuka and she turns it into the Asuka Lock!!! Bayley tries to stand up but Asuka brings her back to the mat and Bayley passes out!!!!
Winner and NEW NXT Women’s Champion- Asuka ***3/4 ( Great match that unfortunately felt the effects of having to follow Zayn/Nakamura. The crowd was into it, but the heat for the near falls and the submission attempts wasn’t nearly as hot as it should have been. Having said that, this was still one hell of an effort from both ladies. Bayley easily gave Asuka her most competitive match to date and yet Asuka was just a machine, catching Bayley in a variety of submissions and made sure she locked her hold in no matter how much Bayley tried to fight it. The Holly Holm/Miesha Tate inspired finishing sequence was tremendous and this probably would have been the show stealing on any other night. )

Video package for Balor/Joe airs.

NXT Championship- Finn Balor © vs. Samoa Joe
Balor decides to go straight up Texas Chainsaw Massacre for his entrance. Balor fires away but Joe kicks him off with a knee and dumps him to the floor. Balor comes back in and hammers away again but again Joe dumps him. Joe is already busted open as Balor dumps Joe to the floor. Summersault plancha to the floor by Balor!!! JOE HIP TOSSES BALOR INTO THE FRONT ROW!!!!! Balor comes back with a springboard forearm off the barricade. Back in, Joe throws some slaps and jabs at Balor and he catches Balor with an enzuigiri, knocking Balor to the floor. Elbow suicida to the floor by Joe!!!! The medical starr attends to Joe’s cut and the fans start to get pissed. Back in, Joe hits the Urinage. Surfboard by Joe but Balor fights out so Joe hits the corner enzuigiri for 2. They work on the cut again and we go back to the action. Back elbow by Joe and he hits some jabs and chops in the corner. Face washes by Joe and finishes with the Olay! Kick. Joe catches Balor with the inverted atomic drop and he hits a big boot. Chop/kick/knee drop combo by Joe gets 2. Kicks to the chest by Joe and Balor comes back with a dropkick. Flying forearm by Balor and he hits running chops on Joe. Enzuigiri by Balor knocks Joe to the floor. Baseball slide by Balor and he hits the PK Kick from the apron. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Joe gets 2. Slingblade by Balor and he misses the shot gun dropkick. Back senton by Joe gets 2. Power bomb by Joe and he converts it into the Boston Crab. He converts that into the Crossface but Balor rolls out into the double stomp. Sling Blade by Balor and he hits the shotgun dropkick. Balor goes up but Joe stops him. Balor blocks the Muscle Buster but Joe catches him with an enzuigiri. Muscle Buster by Joe gets 2!!! They trade blows and Balor hits the Pele. Sling Blade by Balor and he hits another shotgun dropkick. Balor goes up and hits the Coup De Grace. Joe counters the Bloody Sunday into the Conquita Clutch but Balor uses the ropes to roll back on top of Joe for 3!!!
Winner and Still NXT Champion- Finn Balor **** (I have no problem with WWE working on Joe’s cut and cutting off the blood, but the constant starts and stops just killed the momentum this match had which sucks because early on this was an AWESOME fight. This the most intense and physical I’ve seen Joe in years and had they taken care of the cut in one attempt, they would have maintain the pace they were going and would have put on a classic. Instead, it took the crowd down and we went from a vicious brawl to a really good wrestling match in the final ten minutes similar in quality to their London encounter. It’s a shame that the cut issue preventing this from reaching its’ peak level but overall this still ending up being one hell of a match and the roll-up finish leaves the door open for one more showdown between the two. )

The final score: review Amazing
The 411
Man, what else is there to say. This show smoked WrestleMania in terms of match quality, living up to the insanely high expectations and is up ther with WrestleKingdom as a show of the year contender. This show had the hottest crowd of the year so far, which elevated the atomosphere and probably got everyone to take their performances to another level. The show was consistent with great booking, every match had a clean finish and almost everyone, both winners and loses, came out of this show looking strong. The worst match on the show was at least decent and you had the Zayn/Nakamura classic to really bring this show into epic territory. If you haven't seen this show yet, you owe it to yoursef to check it out. It was the highlight of what ended up being an incredibe wrestling weekend.