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From The Shelf- WWF Over the Edge 1999

October 28, 2013 | Posted by Dylan Diot
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From The Shelf- WWF Over the Edge 1999  

WWF Over the Edge 1999
Kansas City, MO

Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

On Sunday Night Heat, Mideon hit Vince McMahon’s leg with a chair, sending Vince to the hospital and leaving us with only Shane McMahon as the guest ref for the main event tonight.

WWF Tag Team Championships- X-Pac and Kane © vs. D’Lo Brown and Mark Henry w/Ivory
Huge “D’Lo Sucks” chant breaks out as he starts with X-Pac. Brown overpowers X-Pac to start and he maintains a headlock using the hair of X-Pac. X-Pac escapes and takes Brown down with an arm drag. Rights by Brown and he hits a slam. X-Pac catches him with a back suplex and he hits a spin kick. X-Pac stomps away in the corner and he goes for the Bronco Buster but Brown bails before he could connect. Back in, Henry and Kane get the tag. Uppercuts by Kane and he chokes away on Henry in the corner. Avalanche in the corner by Henry and he hits some rights in the corner. Henry presses Kane to the mat but Kane comes back with some clotheslines. Dropkick by Kane and he hits a leg drop to Henry. Brown is tagged in and he hits some rights but Kane comes back with some uppercuts. Big boot by Kane and he tosses Brown into the corner. Kane hammers away and he tags X-Pac who kicks away in the corner. Spinning heel kick by X-Pac but Brown pokes the eye to come back. Henry pulls X-Pac into the ring post and Brown hits a slam into the leg drop. Tag to Henry and he slams X-Pac. Leg drop by Henry and he hits a slam. Big splash misses and Brown draws Kane into the ring allowing Henry to drop X-Pc on the barricades on the floor. Back in, Brown covers for 2. Chinlock by Brown but X-Pac fights out. He charges in the corner but eats elbow and Brown hits the running sit-out powerbomb for 1 as Kane breaks. Brown goes up and misses a springboard corkscrew senton!!! Tag to Kane and Henry and Kane hits some uppercuts. Henry charges in the corner but eats elbow and Kane hits a slam. Tilt-a-whirl slam to Brown and X-Pac goes for a slingshot pescado to Henry on the floor but he catches him and rams him into the post. Kane hits a reverse suplex to Brown and he slams him. Henry snaps Kane’s neck off the ropes allowing Brown to hit a leg lariat for 2. Brown and Henry double team X-Pac on the floor so Kane goes up and DIVES ONTO EVERYONE ON THE FLOOR!!!! Back in, Kane hits a flying clothesline to Henry for 2 as Brown saves. Spin kick by X-Pac to Brown and he gives him the Bronco Buster. Clothesline by Henry to Kane and he avalanches X-Pac from behind. Kane hits the Chokeslam on Henry for 3!!!
Winners and Still WWF Tag Team Champions- X-Pac and Kane ***1/2 ( This was a shockingly great opener. Kane had his working shoes on and he put in one hell of a performance here. This was great way to start the show. )

Hardcore Holly talks about how he had an imaginary friend when he was young. When he broke something, he told his dad his friend broke it but his dad didn’t believe him so he was punished. He promises to punish Snow tonight and take back his title.

WWF Hardcore Title- Al Snow © vs. Hardcore Holly
Snow brought with him his one eyed stuff moose Pierre. Yep. Back elbow by Holly and Snow comes back with a backdrop. Snow clotheslines Holly to the floor and Snow follows. Holly drops Snow on the barricade and Snow comes back by sending Holly into the steps. Holly nails Snow in the head with a cookie sheet a few times for 2. Holly goes to use the fire extinguish but it doesn’t work for him. The distraction allows Snow to hit him with the cookie sheet for 2. Snow sprays Holly with the fire extinguisher and Holly bails. Snow follows and they brawl in the crowd. They brawl in the arena concourse and they toss food at each other. Snow fights back and he knocks Holly down for 2. They brawl back into the arena and Snow nails Holly with a cotton candy cart. Snow dumps Holly back at ringside and he overshoots a leg drop from the barricade. Back in, Snow stomps on the groin of Holly and he sets a table up in the corner. Dropkick by Holly and he hits the Hollycaust for 2. Snow Plow by Snow gets 2. Snow nails Holly in the gut with a chair and he goes low on Holly. Snow goes to hit Holly with Head but Holly blocks and hits a DDT on a chair for 2. Snow escapes a slam attempt and he powerbombs Holly through the table for 3.
Winner and Still WWF Hardcore Champion- Al Snow **1/4 ( Eh, the crowd was dead for most of this match and this was similar to most of the hardcore matches they were doing at the time. They had better brawls at previous PPVs. )

Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson confirm an ambulance is on the way for Vince and Patterson claims his ankle is broken.

Video package for Godfather/Blazer airs.

We are then show an interview Blue Blazer gave on Heat as Jim Ross claims that they have big problems in the arena. They come back and Jim Ross tells the audience that Owen Hart was going to make an entrance from the ceiling but something happened and he fell from the ceiling. JR says this is not part of the show and we cut to the video package for Venis/Bass vs. Jarrett/Debra. We come back from that and JR continues to try and make sense of what is going on with Owen Hart. He emphasizes that this is not a storyline and they will not air the fall on TV. He says the show will continue but Owen has been terrible injured and the main concern is for the well-being of Owen. Jerry Lawler returns and he quietly says that it doesn’t look good. The crowd gives a round of applause to Owen as he is taken out of the arena off screen. ( I’ll talk more in depth on the Owen incident later on but one thing that gets ignored from the incident is the way Jim Ross handled the situation. A man fell to his death mere feet in front of him and JR had to be the voice of calm as everything was thrown into chaos and he maintained great composure for the whole thing and should always be praised for his actions during this ordeal. )

Jeff Jarrett and Debra send out a prayer to Owen and he says he has no problem hitting a he/she if Bass is involved in his and Venis’ business. For those who didn’t know, Jarrett was Owen’s tag parent for the last few months so you could see the stress and anguish on Jarrett during that promo and it was incredibly hard to watch.

Jeff Jarrett and Debra vs. Val Venis and Nicole Bass
Venis in his opening promo mistakes Kansas City for the state of Kansas and gets booed for it. Jarrett and Venis start. They slug it out and Val hits a back elbow into an elbow drop. Radpid knees to the midsection by Val and he hits the butterfly suplex for 2. Swinging neckbreaker by Jarrett and he hits the Divorce Court for 2. Val charges in the corner but eats boot and Val comes back with a powerslam for 2. Jarrett pokes the eye of Val but Val comes back with a spinebuster. Tag to Bass and Debra is forced to enter the match. Debra slaps Bass and she jumps on Bass’ back. Bass rams her into the corner to break and she charges in the corner but misses. Jarrett blind tags in so Val has to come in. Jarrett hammers away and grabs a sleeper. Val breaks and he hits some knees to the gut of Jarrett. Side Russian leg sweep by Val and he hammers Jarrett on the mat. Val goes up and misses a second rope elbow drop. Stroke by Jarrett gets 2 as Bass breaks. Debra nails Bass in the back with the guitar as the ref was distracted but it has no effect and Bass strips Debra. Jarrett goes to use the guitar but Venis hits a back suplex. Val goes up and hits the Money Shot for 3. Bass makes out with Val after the match and Val liked it.
Winners- Val Venis and Nicole Bass *1/2 ( Match had no heat but not a surprise considering the circumstances. Val and Jeff’s interactions were decent, the girls were awful. )

They actually had a segment with Vince being put into an ambulance. They really couldn’t have cut that out after what happened to Owen?

Video package for Road Dogg/Billy Gunn airs.

Road Dogg sends out a prayer to Owen and he calls Mr. Ass a puss (no, I didn’t forget the Y).

Billy Gunn says he’s been carrying Road Dogg and he was the Outlaws.

Road Dogg vs. Billy Gunn
Gunn pulls Road Dogg to the floor and hammers away to start. Back in, Gunn hammers away on Road Dogg in the corner and he stomps away. Slam by Gunn and he hits a knee drop. Road Dogg fights back and hits a back elbow. He clotheslines Gunn to the floor and follows out where Road Dogg kicks away on Gunn. Road Dogg sends Gunn into the steps and back in, Gunn dumps Road Dogg to the floor. He sends Road Dogg into the post and back in, Gunn hits the Jackhammer for 2. Rear chinlock by Gunn but Road Dogg fights out. Gunn catches him with a powerslam and he hits a leg drop for 2. Rights by Road Dogg and Gunn comes back with a lariat. Sitting chinlock by Gunn but Dogg fights out so Gunn catches him with a neckbreaker. Sleeper by Gunn but Road Dogg’s arm only goes down twice and he fights out. Sleeper by Road Dogg but Gunn escapes so Road Dogg takes him down by the hair. Shake, Rattle, and Roll by Road Dogg gets 2. Gunn bails to the floor and Road Dogg follows. Gunn nails him with the ring bell hammer and back in, he gets 2. Gunn goes for the Stinger Splash but Road Dogg nails him with a hard right hand to block for 2. Road Dogg sends Gunn sternum first into the corner and he hammers the back of Gunn. Gunn thrusts Road Dogg in the throat and hits the Fameasser for 3 with the hold of the tights.
Winner- Billy Gunn **1/2 ( Match wasn’t bad at all, but the crowd didn’t care to see these two fight each other.)

Shane McMahon says he will call the match down the middle tonight as the lone referee.

Elimination Match- Corporate Ministry (Big Bossman, Viscera, and Acolytes (Faarooq and Bradshaw)) vs. The Union (Mankind, Ken Shamrock, Test, and Big Show)
Viscera and Test start. Viscera hammers away in the corner and he hits the Avalanche in the corner. Slam by Viscera and he misses an elbow drop. He charges in the corner but eats boot and he catches Test with a powerslam for 2. Dropkick by Test but he walks into a belly to bell suplex from Viscera. Tag to Bradshaw and he hits a side Russian leg sweep for 2. Big boot by Test knocks Bradshaw out of the ring but he comes back in and takes Test down. He hammers away on the mat but Test comes back with a clothesline. Test charges in the corner but eats boot and he comes back with a powerslam on Bradshae for 2. Sidewalk slam by Test and he goes up. Flying Elbow Drop by Test gets 2 as Faarooq breaks. Test walks into a Clothesline From Hell from Bradshaw for 3. Test is eliminated.
Shamrock hammers away on Bradsahw but Bradshaw catches him with a fall-a-way slam. Shamrock catches Bradshaw with the cross arm breaker but Faarooq breaks it up. Hurricanrana by Shamrock and he catches Bradshaw in the Ankle Lock. Bradshaw taps and is eliminated.
Powerslam by Faarooq to Shamrock gets 2. Tag to Viscera and he hits a sidewalk slam for 2. Shamrock tries the Cross Armbreaker but Viscera blocks and hits an elbow drop for 2. Tag to Faarooq and Shamrock hits a back elbow. Leg lariat by Shamrock and he hits a Urinage. Ankle Lock by Shamrock but Bossman helps Faarooq to the ropes forcing Shamrock to break. Shamrock won’t break so he hits the belly to belly suplex on the ref!!! He goes back to the Ankle Lock but breaks as another ref comes out. Show comes in and hits the Show Stopper for 3. Faarooq is eliminated and Ken Shamrock is DQ’ed for his actions earlier.
Bossman comes in but Show overpowers him, knocking Bossman to the floor. Bossman tries to leave but Show drags him all the way back into the ring. Show stomps away in the corner and he tosses Bossman across the ring. Show chokes Bossman with his boot in the corner but Bossman goes low to block. Uppercuts by Bossman and he hits some clotheslines. Double back elbow to Show gets 2. Chinlock by Bossman but Show’s arm only goes down twice. Big boot by Show and he goes for the Show Stopper but Viscera breaks it up. All four men brawl and Show slams Viscera. Show and Viscera brawl on the floor and they fight all the way to the back, causing both men to be counted out.
Bossman jumps on Mankind in the ropes and he chokes Mankind with his boot. They go to the floor and Bossman sends Mankind into the steps. Back in, Bossman hits a clothesline for 2. Chinlock by Bossman but Mankind fights out and Bossman hits a big boot for 2. Bossman charges in the corner but eats elbow and Mankind hits some rights. Double Arm DDT by Mankind and he pulls out MR. SOCKO~!!! Mandible Claw by Mankind and Bossman is out.
Winner- Mankind **3/4 ( Weird booking as there were some puzzling eliminations but at the least the action for the most part was fun and the last segment with Mankind, Bossman, and the big men was entertaining. )

JR announces that Owen Hart died after the accident earlier tonight. ( The WWF decided to continue on with the show after this, a subject of debate in the years since. There are two sides to this argument, the business side in which this was a PPV and if the WWF cancelled the rest of the PPV they would lose millions refunding PPV buys and fans in the arena. But the life of one of their superstars ended just an hour ago, so you would think the rest of the show would be cancelled immediately after the news of his death reached the building. Feel free to debate in the comments sections how the WWF should have handled this or explain what you would have done in this situation. )

Video package for Triple H/The Rock airs.

Chyna distracts The Rock backstage allowing Triple H to attack from behind. He goes to cut the cast off of Rock’s arm but Mankind saves. Chyna distracts Mankind allowing Triple H to nail Mankind from behind with a pipe.

Triple H w/Chyna vs. The Rock
Triple H knocked Rock off the stage on Raw weeks back so Rock’s left arm is in a cast. Rights nby Rock and he stomps away on HHH in the corner. Rock comes out with a clothesline and he dumps HHH to the floor. Rock follows and they brawl around ring side. HHH dumps Rock into the crowd but Rock fights back with rights. HHH rakes the eyes of Rock and he gets reversed into the barricade. Clothesline on the floor by Rock and he does Spanish commentary as he kicks HHH’s ass. He tells Owen he loves him as he continues to hammer away on HHH. HHH slams Rock’s arm off the announce table a few times and he nails Rock in the head with the cast as it fell off. Back in, HHH stomps away on the arm of the Rock. HHH chokes away on Rock in the corner and they slug it out. Samoan drop by Rock gets 2. High knee by HHH gets 2. HHH knocks Rock to the floor and Chyna slams Rock’s arm off the announce table a few times. HHH follows out and they clothesline each other on the floor. Back in, Rock hits some rights and he catches HHH with a DDT for 2. Divorce Court by HHH and he drives his knee into the injured arm of Rock a few times. Arm bar by HHH and Rock tries to fight out so HHH yanks the arm of Rock to stop that. HHH slams Rock’s arm off the post and he hammers Rock on the apron. Rock fights back with rights and HHH dumps Rock to the floor again to stop the momentum. HHH sends Rock shoulder first into the post and he continues to hammer Rock on the floor. He slams Rock’s arm off the barricade and back in, Rock goes for the Rock Bottom but HHH blocks and hits a DDT. Chyna hands HHH a chair and he goes to use it but the ref takes it away. HHH nails the ref and the ref calls for the bell. HHH goes to use the chair but Rock blocks and he knocks HHH down. He nails HHH with the chair and HHH bails. Rock nails the ref for trying to raise his bad arm and he goes after a bloody HHH. Chyna goes to nail Rock with a chair but Rock blocks and HHH shoves Rock into Chyna knocking her out of the ring. Rock Bottom to HHH and Rock goes to give him the People’s Elbow using the chair but Chyna blocks. The distraction allows HHH to nail Rock in the arm with a chair a few times but Mankind chases him out of the ring with a pipe.
Winner by DQ- The Rock *** ( The match was actually going along nicely with a good story being told of HHH being relentless, going after Rock’s bad arm. The DQ was all kinds of awful though.)

Video package for Stone Cold/Undertaker airs.

WWF Championship- Stone Cold Steve Austin © vs. The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer
Shane McMahon is the guest ref. Vince McMahon was also supposed to be the guest ref but he was taken out on Heat. If Austin touches Shane, he will automatically lose the title. Pat Patterson comes out to take Vince’s place but Undertaker choke slams him to take him out of the equation. They slug it out to start and Taker hits a back elbow forcing Austin to bail. Taker keeps knocking Austin off the apron to prevent him from entering the ring so Austin snaps his neck off the ropes. Austin goes up and hits a flying clothesline off the top for 2. Austin stomps away in the corner and he argues with Shane which allows Taker to attack. He chokes Austin with his boot in the corner and he begins to work over the left leg of Austin. Austin escapes and he hammers Taker on the mat. He jumps on Taker’s leg on the ropes and Austin stomps the groin of Taker. Austin stomps on the left knee of Taker and he chokes Taker with his boot. They go to the floor and Austin hits some rights. Taker fights back but Austin sends him into the stairs to swing the momentum. Austin slams Taker’s leg off the steps and back in, Austin works over the leg of Taker. Taker tries to fight out so Austin hammers Taker on the mat. Austin nails Paul Bearer and goes back to the leg but Taker kicks him away. Back to the floor and Taker rams Austin into the post. Taker slams Austin’s knee off the floor and they brawl in the crowd. Taker clotheslines Austin on the floor and he knocks Austin back to ringside. Taker chokes Austin with a TV cable and Taker kicks the steps against the bad knee of Austin. Back in, Taker stomps away on the bad knee and he chokes away on Austin. Austin fights back with rights but Taker knocks him down with an uppercut to stop that. Austin escapes a Tombstone attempt and he clotheslines Taker to the floor. Austin follows and he slams Taker’s face off the announce table a few times. Back in, Taker counters the Thesz Press into a spine buster and both men are down. Paul Bearer nails Austin with a shoe a few times and Taker and Austin brawl in the entrance way. Austin slams Taker’s head through some glass set up in the entrance way and Austin hits some rights to Taker. He stomps away on Taker and they continue to brawl in the entrance way. Back in, Taker chokes Austin with his boot and Austin goes low to come back. Seocnd role front elbow drop by Austin gets 2 as Shane doesn’t count the three!!! Austin argues with Shane as Taker gets a chair. He goes to use it but Austin blocks and sends Taker into Shane. He nails Taker with the chair for 2 as Gerald Brisco comes out to make the count!!! Big boot by Taker and he clotheslines Brisco to take him out. Crowd chants for “HBK” as Taker hits a leaping clothesline to Austin. Vince McMahon makes his way out and Austin goes for the Stunner but Taker blocks. They clothesline each other and both men are down. They both sit up and begin to slug it out. Stunner by Austin gets 2 as Shane breaks up the count!!! Vince shoves Shane but Shane shoves Vince into Austin who is caught in a roll-up by Taker for 3 after Shane made a fast count!!! Austin lays out the Corporate Ministry as Shane celebrates with the WWF Title to end the show.
Winner and NEW WWF Champion- The Undertaker **1/2 ( The match was kind of a mess, as the match had no flow and all the brawling was done to kill time before the overbooking kicked in at the end. These two have had way better matches.)

The 411: It's hard to review this event considering the circumstances involving the death of Owen Hart. The matches on this show weren't that good and the show looked like it wasn't going to be that good even before the Owen incident occurred. However, I can't fault the performance of anyone that had to follow Owen's accident as it is completely understandable that the guys did not have their hearts in the matches following the incident. Again, I would love for you guys to debate on whether the WWF should have continued the show or not in the comments section.
Final Score:  4.5   [ Poor ]  legend

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