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FTR on How They’d Try to Get Producers & Writers to Fight Them Before Leaving WWE, Cash Wheeler on Losing It on a Writer for Disrespecting Him

October 23, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
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– During the latest AEW Unrestricted, Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards interviewed AEW tag team champions FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood, formerly The Revival), who discussed keeping the team’s final days in WWE and how heated and tense things would get before they ultimately left the company earlier this year. Below are some highlights.

Dax Harwood on how they were trying to get released once a month in WWE: “We were very persistent. We asked once a month maybe. We tried to get producers and writers to fight us. We would get on the mic when we were going over our stuff, and we would like — I remember one time, I was going over this promo, and I had the mic, and we were cutting it for everyone to do a run-through or whatever. And Hunter’s [Triple H] standing there, and Michael Hayes is there, and Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis] is there. I’m surprised he wasn’t on Vince [McMahon], but he was actually there. So, I’m standing there, and I’m cutting my promo, the promo that they wrote for us and the angle that we were going into was so bad. And I finished, and I said, ‘Who in the f*** wrote this?! Martin Scorsese?!’ And I put the mic down, and then we got called to the office with Bruce Prichard and Triple H.”

Cash Wheeler on nearly getting into a fight with a WWE writer in catering: “I remember sitting in catering one day with one of the guys who was gonna be on TV that night. I won’t say his name, but he’s one of our good friends. It was just the two of us at this table. We’re both eating. And this writer — the guy’s to my right, the writer walks up to me on my left, reaches over me and my food to shake the other guy’s hand and doesn’t acknowledge me at all. And I was just in — I was already not in a great mood. And I just lost my ****. I said, ‘Don’t you reach over anybody in any setting,’ over their food, over them, ignore the fact that they’re even there and having a conversation with somebody who’s already in mid-conversation. You can come in. You can say, ‘Sorry, sorry, carry on, but don’t ever disrespect somebody like that,’ because I’m not going to put up with that ****. I was like, ‘Yeah, I gotta get out of here. I’m going to kill somebody.”

If using the above quotes, please credit FTR on AEW Unrestricted, with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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