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Grayson Waller Talks New Year’s Evil, Working With Bron Breakker, And Going Viral

January 9, 2023 | Posted by Jack Gregory
Grayson Waller WWE NXT Image Credit: WWE

Grayson Waller took some time in advance of his upcoming appearance for New Year’s Evil to talk with PWInsider about his career path up to this point and his experiences with NXT. He shared some details about his recent match against Bron Breakker and what it’s like being one of only a few Australians in WWE. You can read a few highlights from the interview below or read the complete transcript for additional details.

On preparing for his match at New Year’s Evil: “This — you said might be — it is hands down the biggest match of my career. The NXT Championship is as big as it gets. You think of who’s had that championship before. This is everything to me right now and I didn’t have Christmas, I didn’t have New Year’s ’cause I was focused on making sure I’m ready for this match on Tuesday.”

On his most recent match against Breakker: “I’ll be honest with you, Bron surprised me Tuesday. For the past few weeks I outsmarted Bron. I know Bron, I’ve studied him for a long time and everything I wanted him to do, he did. And this Tuesday he ended up doing what I wanted. He hit me, which is all I wanted. I just wanted him to put his hands on me, but I didn’t expect him to be so cool, calm, collected, kind of take advantage a bit of my hubris and I didn’t expect that 2 65 pound guy to jump over the top rope on me either. So that was kind of wild.”

On his advice to other talent who want to go viral like Waller has: “People here, they need to go out and take those opportunities. They need to find their own direction. I look at someone like Nikita Lyons. Nikita goes out and people talk about her. Whatever people want to say about her in the ring and things like that, people talk about her constantly. She has found a way to go viral and got people to talk about her. So now she gets opportunities and that’s what people here have to do. And I tell them all the time, I can’t give you this specific way because it’s individual for every single person. But you can’t wait. You cannot sit here and wait for chances because they don’t come anymore. You have to find a way to take them.”