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Hall’s NXT Vengeance Day 2024 Review

February 4, 2024 | Posted by Thomas Hall
NXT Vengeance Day Carmelo Hayes Trick Williams Image Credit: WWE
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Hall’s NXT Vengeance Day 2024 Review  

Vengeance Day 2024
Date: February 4, 2024
Location: F&M Bank Arena, Clarkesville, Tennessee
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett

It’s time for another NXT pay per view and this time the focus is on Trick Williams, who will be in action twice. First, Williams will be teaming with Carmelo Hayes in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic before he challenges Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Title in the show’s main event. That’s in addition to everything else so let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at Valentine’s Day, but apparently prefers Vengeance. We get the usual preview for the show’s matches.

Wade Barrett is back on commentary for one night only.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals: Trick Williams/Carmelo Hayes vs. Bron Breakker/Baron Corbin

Breakker and Corbin come to the ring on motorcycles for a nice touch. Hayes and Breakker lock up to start with the latter powering him away. Williams comes in (the fans approve) and everything breaks down, with Hayes and Williams clearing the ring. Back in and Hayes strikes away at Corbin, who misses a charge into the post. The Fade Away connects but Corbin hits a heck of a clothesline. It’s back to Breakker, who seems to slip up a bit coming off the ropes but is fine enough to catch Hayes in a toss powerslam.

The chinlock doesn’t last long and Hayes gets most of a cutter, allowing the double tags to Corbin and Williams. The latter gets to clean house and hands it back to Hayes for a Lionsault. A Codebreaker hits Breakker for two as Williams dives onto Corbin. Back in and Breakker suplexes both of them at once and then nips up (because that’s something he can do) before handing it back to Corbin.

This includes Breakker launching Corbin over the top onto both of them, leaving Hayes to have to make a save back inside. Deep Six plants Williams for two and Breakker hits a big flipping dive to the floor. Back in and Williams crotches Corbin on top and Hayes drops Breakker off the top. Nothing but Net is broken up and Breakker spears Hayes for the pin at 14:31.

Rating: C+. There were some less than smooths pots in this but they got to the ending that mattered. Hayes takes the pin and doesn’t get what he wants, which should make for some issues between them on the way to the main event. Other than that, even though Breakker seems main roster bound, he’s also seemingly getting one more run here, which should make for a good sendoff.

We recap Roxanne Perez challenging for the Women’s Title. She never lost it in the first place but then a series of title changes have left Lyra Valkyria as champion. Tonight, Perez says she’s not the same old girl and now she’s coming to get her title back. Valkyria doesn’t think it’s that simple.

Dijak vs. Joe Gacy

No DQ as Dijak wants to beat on Gacy as much as possible. Dijak pulls out a nightstick but Gacy evens it up with a metal rod. Gacy knocks him to the floor and hits a dive, meaning it’s time for a bunch of weapons. This includes a chair, which Dijak is say in for a cannonball from Gacy. The table is loaded up and Gacy covers it with toy cars and blocks, only to get kicked in the face for his efforts.

Back in and Dijak puts a trashcan onto Gacy and kicks him down, only to have Gacy ram himself into Dijak (still with can) for a double knockdown. Dijak goes up but it’s a heck of a shove to send him off the ropes and through the table (with toys) at ringside. Back in and a chokeslam gives Dijak two but Gacy German superplexes him off the top for a crash.

It’s time to get creative so Gacy wraps duct tape around Dijak’s eyes, only to get caught with Fast Your Eyes anyway. Since the tape is still around Dijak’s eyes, he can’t see to cover Gacy in a clever moment. The referee removes said tape but Gacy is back with a DDT. A top rope splash onto Dijak onto a chair gets two but the Upside Down is cut off with a nightstick to the ribs. Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes for the pin at 11:58.

Rating: B-. It wasn’t anything great but I liked them having some different spots in there. It’s also the kind of match that they set up well in advance, with Dijak wanting to hut Gacy and Gacy being fine with it. Good fight here, even if the toys fell off the table more than once before impact.

The Women Of Chase U calendar is selling well and they’re on sale on WWEShop tomorrow.

We recap OTM vs. the D’Angelo Family, which is actually a six person tag rather than a Tag Team Title match. Basically OTM attacked them so it’s time for a big group fight.

OTM vs. D’Angelo Family

Scrypts is here with OTM. The Family jumps them to start and it’s a big brawl at the bell. Nima stomps D’Angelo to officially get things going but everything breaks down, with the Family firing off right hands to the ribs. Stacks hits a Cannonball to Nima and Riz hits the same to Parker. Back up and Parker knocks Stacks and Riz off the apron as things breaks down again. Stereo forearms in the corner rock Stacks and a right hand knocks him over the top.

Parker and Riz get into a fight on the floor and a pop up powerbomb gives Nima two on Stacks. Back up and Stacks manages to get in a shot of his own, allowing the tag off to D’Angelo. House is cleaned, but Parker slaps the heck out of him to break up a suplex. Riz jumps Parker and they brawl to the floor, with D’Angelo cutting off an interfering Scrypts. A spinebuster hits Price back inside and the fisherman’s suplex gives D’Angelo the pin at 10:12.

Rating: C+. As has been the case with more than one match tonight, this felt like a match that belonged on the regular TV show and in this case, that’s ok. I’d rather have something different than a Tag Team Title match without much heat so they made the right decision. Breakker and Corbin are waiting on the Family anyway so they have something bigger coming up, meaning getting this out of the way makes a lot of sense.

Kiana James and Izzi Dame break down possible obstacles on their way to the Women’s Title. First up: Kelani Jordan.

A banged up Carmelo Hayes tells Trick Williams to go win the NXT Title. Williams can go with that.

Lyra Valkyria needs to beat Roxanne Perez.

Women’s Title: Roxanne Perez vs. Lyra Valkyria

Perez is challenging. Feeling out process to start with Valkyria grabbing a headlock and then an armbar to put Perez down. Perez reverses into a headlock takeover as they’re going move for move early on. Valkyria sends her outside but Perez cuts her off with a hard forearm and sends her into the corner for some forearms. That’s broken up and Valkyria knocks her to the apron, only to get caught with Pop Rox…and here is Lola Vice. After kicking an interfering Tatum Paxley down, the match is officially a triple threat.

Women’s Title: Roxanne Perez vs. Lyra Valkyria vs. Lola Vice

Valkyria is defending and Vice grabs a sleeper on Perez. That’s broken up and Vice kicks Perez in the head for two. A triangle choke goes on but Valkyria comes off the top with a splash for the save and two of her own. Vice sends them both into the corner for running hip attacks but Perez avoids another one.

Vice and Valkyria are sent outside for some dives, followed by a high crossbody to Valkyria. That’s fine with the champ, who rolls through into vanquish for two, with Vice making the save and getting her own near fall to leave them all down. Vice kicks Valkyria down for two but can’t get the cross armbreaker. Pop Rox hits Valkyria, only to have Paxley breaks it up. Night Wish to Vice retains the title at 13:35 (counting the original match).

Rating: B. This was a really weird mash up of two matches, with the first match being a rather nice technical off, followed by Vice turning the second half into a frenzy. The thing with Vice is that she isn’t polished in the ring yet but she’s a ball of energy and charisma, which makes things more interesting. Good stuff here, and now there’s no more random title match looming over our heads.

Riley Osborne asks Thea Hail to be his Valentine and that’s a yes, with Jacy Jayne not being overly impressed by Hail’s acceptance.

We get a weird vignette talking about how a man had three faces: the one the world sees, the one his family sees and the real one that no one sees but shows the evil he possesses.

North American Title: Oba Femi vs. Dragon Lee

Lee is challenging after losing the title to Femi via a surprise cash in. Femi doesn’t like the idea of hanging over the title so Lee starts fast and knocks him outside for a dive. Back in and Femi pulls a high crossbody out of the air, only to get kicked into the corner. Femi powers out again and plants him down as commentary talks about how impressive Femi is despite inexperience. Lee fights up again but Femi shoves him outside without much trouble.

A backbreaker has Lee in more trouble until he kicks his way to freedom. The tornado DDT into a running knee gives Lee two, followed by a running powerbomb for two. They had outside with Lee being sent onto the announcers’ table, followed by a toss into an open chair. Back in and Lee reverses a powerbomb into a hurricanrana for two, only to get blasted by a clothesline. The pop up powerbomb retains the title at 10:56.

Rating: B-. This took some time to get going but it was working by the end with the power vs. speed motif on full display. Lee is likely going up to the main roster full time while Femi feels like someone who is going to smash NXT for the time being. Femi is the kind of monster you do not get to see very often and he is on a roll despite having a very short career so far. He knows just how to be what he’s supposed to be and that is a great way to start.

Lexis King interrupts the Chase U calendar sales to hit on Thea Hail. Riley Osborne comes in for the brawl.

Ava brags about NXT’s success and promises more big shows coming.

Malik Blade and Edris Enofe give Brinley Reece their five good things about their recent loss, but have nothing for negatives. Axiom and Nathan Frazer come in to mock how ridiculous this is but Reece has an idea.

Roxanne Perez jumps Lola Vice in the back and the fight has to be broken up.

We recap Trick Williams vs. Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Title. Williams won the Iron Survivor Challenge and got his shot, though there is still the question of who attacked him a few months ago.

NXT Title: Trick Williams vs. Ilja Dragunov

Williams, with Carmelo Hayes, is challenging and starts fast with a dropkick. Dragunov, bleeding from the nose, is back up with a Constantine Special and they’re both staggered for a bit. Back up and Dragunov knocks him into the corner for some kicks to the face as Williams is bleeding from the mouth (as he was in the opener). Dragunov grabs a waistlock for a bit until they fight outside, where a German suplex drops Williams again.

Hayes helps Williams get back up before sending him back inside….where Dragunov missile dropkicks him down. A heck of a clothesline gives Dragunov two but Williams is back up with a Codebreaker for a double knockdown. Williams fires off some kicks to take over for a change but has to block another Constantine Special. The jumping clothesline hits Dragunov and they fight to the apron, where Williams hits something like a Rock Bottom to the floor (though Dragunov half landed on his feet, likely out of the need for survival).

Dragunov manages to send him into the steps and gets yelled at by Hayes, who misses a swing. Dragunov sends Hayes into Williams’ knee and Hayes knows he screwed up. Back in and Williams’ jumping neckbreaker connects and he hits his own H Bomb for two. Dragunov knocks him down again and hits a middle rope H Bomb for two and the fans are rather pleased.

Torpedo Moscow misses though and Williams’ spinning boot to the face connects for two. Hayes gets up on the apron and Williams accidentally knocks the referee into him, meaning the Trick Knee connects for….two from another referee. Another H Bomb knocks Williams silly, but a top rope version hits raised knee. Williams takes the hair tie out and goes to the corner, but the Trick Knee hits Torpedo Moscow and Dragunov retains at 17:58.

Rating: B+. That ending is a bold choice as the air went out of the building when Williams lost. That being said, the money match would seem to be in Hayes vs. Williams and it wouldn’t shock me if that winds up being the title match at Stand & Deliver. For now though, Dragunov hangs on for another few weeks, but other than Hayes, I’m not sure who is next for him.

Hayes consoles Williams…..and then turns on him with a shot to the knee to end the show. Hayes grabs a chair and unloads on the knee before sitting in said chair and posing to end the show. To say the fans were mad at Hayes would be the understatement of the day. The fact that his jacket looked a lot like the one Shawn Michaels wore during the Barbershop incident is just a coincidence I’m sure.


Baron Corbin/Bron Breakker b. Carmelo Hayes/Trick Williams – Spear to Hayes
Dijak b. Joe Gacy – Feast Your Eyes
D’Angelo Family b. OTM – Fisherman’s suplex to Price
Lyra Valkyria b. Lola Vice and Roxanne Perez – Night Wish to Vice
Oba Femi b. Dragon Lee – Pop up powerbomb
Ilja Dragunov b. Trick Williams – Torpedo Moscow



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The final score: review Very Good
The 411
The Hayes turn was needed as there wasn’t much else going on here. Other than the Dusty Cup finals and Vice getting rid of her contract, it was a pretty tame event with good matches but not much in the way of events. That being said, the ending had huge heat and likely gives us a Stand & Deliver main event so they certainly nailed the big stuff. Good show, but nothing really worth going out of your way to see, save for possibly the main event.

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