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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in Southampton 28 02.11.2024 Review

February 11, 2024 | Posted by Ian Hamilton
Rev Pro - Live in Southampton 28 - Yuto Nakashima vs. Luke Jacobs Image Credit: RevPro
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Hamilton’s Rev Pro Live in Southampton 28 02.11.2024 Review  

Quick Results
Robbie X pinned Joshua James in 11:54 (***½)
Flash Morgan Webster pinned Will Kaven in 10:12 (**¾)
Anthony Ogogo defeated David Francisco via referee stoppage in 14:52 (**¾)
Luke Jacobs pinned Yuto Nakashima in 12:17 (***¾)
Oskar Leube defeated JJ Gale by disqualification in 9:57 (***¼)
Mark Trew & Kieron Lacey pinned Harry Milligan & Michael Oku in 13:42 (***)
Cameron Khai pinned Richard Holliday in 12:59 (***)
Spike Trivet pinned Sha Samuels in 14:17 (***)

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We’re coming live via stream from the 1865 in Southampton – and we’ve got the usual duo of Andy Quildan and Gideon Grey on commentary.

Joshua James vs. Robbie X
James threw aside Robbie X from the opening lock-up as the weight difference looked to be the differentiator here.

A side headlock from Robbie X ends with James taking him into the ropes. We wash, rinse and almost repeat, with James shoving Robbie into the ropes, before Robbie yelled at “the contender”, only to get chopped in return. Robbie’s enziguiri offered a response, before he took James outside with a handspring kick and a tope.

Back inside, James spears the crap out of Robbie X, as things headed outside again with chops from James weakening Robbie X some more. A low bridge takes James outside… but he rebounds Robbie into the ropes for a forearm a la JD Drake, before an avalanche splash overwhelmed the former Cruiserweight champ.

A slam and a splash gets James a two-count, before a Karelin lift turned into a gutwrench suplex for a two-count. Robbie tries to fire back with an overhand chop, but it just prompts James to return the favour. Robbie’s foul mouth earns him a double chop, before he managed to take down the big man with a suplex.

Robbie’s missile dropkick follows, as did a Beyblade kick and a Molly Go Round for a near-fall. Somehow, Robbie’s able to hoist up James into a Fireman’s carry, but he can’t hit the Finlay roll as James slipped out to hit a shotgun dropkick into the corner, before a pop-up powerbomb and a POUNCE flipped Robbie down to the mat for a near-fall.

Using the ropes, Robbie X backflips onto the apron before he vaulted back in… an X-Claimation’s caught and turned into a German suplex, before a murderous lariat almost put him away. James hits the ropes and does it again, but Robbie kicks out at one and spills to the outside. Rather than follow him, James scales the ropes and tries to superplex Robbie back in, but a headbutt stops it as Robbie instead scored a sunset bomb out of the corner.

From there, Robbie heads up for a Spiral Tap, crushing James for a near-fall, but a second X-Claimation’s blocked. Fourth time was the charm though, with a Josh James pounce knocking Robbie into the ropes, before the match-winning X-Claimation snuck out the win in an absolute cracker of a match. Run this one back when Robbie’s not got Mustafa Ali the following weekend and see how we go! ***½

Will Kaven vs. Flash Morgan Webster
Kaven got booed for being from Portsmouth, such are local rivalries…

Kaven jumped Webster at the bell, and almost won within six seconds with a brainbuster. Webster capitalises on Kaven’s complaining and came close with a roll-up, before a flying ‘rana took Kaven outside for a tope. Back inside, Kaven’s sent onto the apron, then brought back in with a superplex as Gideon nearly gave himself a coronary as he ranted over the state of the tag titles.

Webster trades chops with Kaven, before a flash roll-up almost won it for Kaven… Webster’s taken onto the apron, where he had the middle rope twanged into his groin. Back inside, Kaven stays on Webster with an elbow drop for a two-count, before Webster’s Special Brew Flip looked to do some damage to Kaven.

Snapping back, a German suplex took Webster into the corner, while an Irish whip kept Webster in trouble… only for him to float over Kaven and hit back with a clothesline. Chops keep Webster ahead, as did a Rude Boy moonsault press out of the corner… before Kaven got caught with a headbutt.

Angel’s Wings are next, but Kaven’s up at two, and manages to respond with a leaping knee strike. A tombstone followed for a near-fall on Webster, before Webster fought out of a cradle suplex… elbowing free, only or Kaven to take him into the corner. A teased neckbreaker over the turnbuckles was escaped as Webster hung up Kaven in the corner instead, before a Shadows Over Malice senton to the back of Kaven got the win. **¾

David Francisco vs. Anthony Ogogo
The story going in here was that Ricky Knight Jr. was on the hunt for Anthony Ogogo… who hadn’t responded to that challenge for High Stakes. David Francisco might well be a lamb to the slaughter here…

Ogogo throws Francisco away from the opening lock-up, before a side headlock and waistlock takedown kept Ogogo on top, even if he was looking to take Francisco a little lightly. Francisco responds with a schoolboy roll-up, then with some armdrags before coming close with a crucifix and a backslide pin.

The Southampton crowd ripped into Ogogo’s choice of tattoo, but the former Olympian heads back into the ring and went right back after Francisco… only to get taken into the corner as Francisco caught him unawares with body blows. A neckbreaker follows from Francisco for a two-count, only for Ogogo to propel Francisco with a back body drop… leaving him prone for some punches from above.

A headbutt and a kick to the side of the head gets Ogogo another two-count as Francisco was limited to the odd shot here and there. One of those almost saw Francisco win with a small package, but Ogogo’s clothesline restores order before Francisco put the brakes on an Olympic slam.

Francisco’s chop just led to him getting hurled with an overhead suplex that almost dumped him onto his head… a running clothesline off the ropes followed, but it’s still not enough as the crowd continued to rail on Ogogo. A discus lariat gave Francisco some fresh hope, as did a Thesz press, while an enziguiri in the corner and a delayed Blue Thunder Bomb out of it almost got the massive upset.

Francisco tries to go after Ogogo’s hand, but he’s overpowered and pulled into an Olympic Slam… which still can’t get the three-count. From there, Ogogo takes things to the corner for a Tower of London, but Francisco fights back with a headbutt and a superkick, while a diving kick took Ogogo into the corner. In the end though, Ogogo lifts Francisco back up onto the apron, before he lifted Francisco onto the top rope for a Tower of London… but Francisco gets his foot on the rope in the nick of time.

Ogogo thinks he’s won it, but after being told otherwise he launches Francisco with a release German suplex, before the “Platty Jubes” facebuster gave us a hideous name for a move. Demanding a ref stoppage, Ogogo punches out Francisco… and that’s enough for the TKO. A little on the long side, but Francisco put up a hell of a fight against someone who perhaps should have shut him out sooner. **¾

Post-match, Ogogo got the mic and bragged about getting the “big AEW money” while everyone else stayed around and worked for “ten quid, twenty quid.” Talk turned to Ricky Knight Jr.’s challenge, and that’s like saying Beetlejuice three times as RKJ hit the ring and addressed the crowd’s “Poundland David Hayes” jibes at Ogogo.

RKJ took shots at Ogogo, calling him “the worst professional wrestler I know” and “a disgrace” as he then threatened to take what vision was left in Ogogo’s eye, just so Ogogo couldn’t see his unborn kids. A bit harsh, eh? Ogogo accepts the challenge, and it’s not long before RKJ baited him into a scrap, with referees and Contenders having to separate them. Joshua James eats a punch, before Ogogo bailed as he was about to get dropped on his head…

Yuto Nakashima vs. Luke Jacobs
This one grabbed my eyes when it was announced… and should be a bit of a bruising match.

We start with the pair clattering into each other with shoulder tackles, before things broke down into forearms as Jacobs finally charged Yuto down. Chops and forearms in the corner from Jacobs looked to wear down Yuto, but he switches around and responds with a barrage of kicks, before we went back to the chops.

Kicks knock Jacobs down, but he’s right back with a leapfrog and a boot, before a slam and a back senton picked up a two-count. Nakashima’s low bridge takes Jacobs outside, where the pair fought… Yuto clears the crowd, who eventually move as Jacobs got bowled into the third row.

Nakashima kicks Jacobs out of a chair, before a guillotine back inside looked to squeeze Jacobs out. Jacobs eventually got to the ropes, but Nakashima continues to kick him… before Jacobs’ attempt at a fightback ended with him landing a suplex. Luke charges out of the corner with a forearm to Nakashima, before a German suplex and a brainbuster dumped Yuto for another near-fall.

Jacobs elbows away a back suplex attempt before he walloped Yuto with lariats… Yuto goes down to a knee, before another lariat just earned Luke a one-count. Nakashima throws bombs of his own, leading to a back suplex and a PK for a one-count in the other direction. Back-and-forth headbutts leave the pair laying, and they continue to use their heads from there, before a series of forearms from Jacobs left Nakashima on jelly legs.

A single shot in return sinks Jacobs, but he ends up cracking Nakashima with a half-capture headbutt. Jacobs’ Torpedo’s cut off with a knee to the midsection that almost ended things, before Jacobs’ pop-up powerbomb and the Torpedo headbutt led to a lariat for the win… and that was everything I wanted out of this. Neither man holding back, but at the end it was Luke Jacobs whose shots mattered most. ***¾

Oskar Leube vs. JJ Gale
Starting the second half, Oskar’s hoping to go one better than Yuto in the battle of the mullets.

Oskar backs Gale into the corner to start, before JJ tried to one-up Oskar with some speed… but he’s just thrown aside. A springboard’s caught by Oskar, but Gale escapes and finds a way back in with a springboard headscissors takedown, before a dropkick took Oskar outside… but Oskar swats away a tope, then dumped JJ onto the side of the ring.

Chops from Oskar take down Gale, while a slam picked up a two-count for the German. Gale’s forced to defend an armbar, punching his way free before he was met with a knee to the midsection. More overhand chops have Gale in the corner, before Gale managed to escape Oskar’s clutches and dropkicked out the big man’s knee. Unfortunately for Gale, his follow-up kick’s caught as he ended up having to take Oskar into the ropes with another dropkick.

A spinning heel kick staggers Oskar, before a springboard twisting European uppercut took the German outside… and into the path of a flip senton into the aisle. Back inside, a moonsault nearly puts Oskar away, before a suplex attempt was countered with Oskar winning out.

Gale surprises Oskar with a small package, and that just gets his head kicked off seconds later as Oskar fought back, grabbing a sleeperhold. JJ escapes and manages to come close to the win with a Gourdbuster and a superkick… before the Gale Force cutter was blocked. Another sleeper looked to get the win, but Mark Trew and Kieron Lacey hit the ring with chairs, and there’s the DQ. ***¼

Trew and Lacey continue to use the chairs, drawing out Yuto Nakashima, but he’s laid out as Trew and Lacey were eventually chased away by… Luke Jacobs?! Luke made sure to pull Gale up out of the corner as an uneasy staredown was broken by Luke telling Gale he wanted him in the best shape possible… before a fight broke out between the two.

Jacobs shoves Gale over the top rope mid-springboard as the pair fought around the building, with Luke’s headbutt taking things up to the bar… while Trew and Lacey tried another sneak attack, only to get chased away by Young Blood as they wanted to have their scheduled match instead.

Mark Trew & Kieron Lacey vs. Michael Oku & Harry Milligan
So Trew and Lacey were “already in the ring” for this one… which in another universe means certain doom.

Milligan and Trew start us off, with Milligan knocking the beanie off of Trew… before a European uppercut and a tag to Oku kept Trew in trouble. Misdirection leads to a ‘rana and a dropkick from Oku, who then added a wheelbarrow splash with the help of Milligan. Trew’s kept in the wrong corner, but he’s able to escape a double-team suplex and make the tag out to Lacey as the tables quickly turned.

The double-team slam/neckbreaker gets Lacey a two-count, before Milligan had his legs split several times. Some biting from Trew’s eventually spotted by the ref… my feed gives out, but returns as Lacey stormed the ring to knock Oku off the apron as Milligan was kept isolated. Eventually Harry comes back with a double Mad Kurt Codebreaker out of the corner… before an enziguiri bought him time to make the tag out to Oku.

Oku flies into Trew with a froggy crossbody off the top, while Lacey took a swinging DDT for his troubles. A springboard moonsault gets a two-count on Lacey, who pushes away a half crab… and ended up eating a PK in return. Milligan’s tagged back in, but he’s held on the top rope by Trew as Oku’s dumped to the outside… leading to the Black Flag on Milligan for a near-fall.

A missile double dropkick from Milligan cuts off Trew and Lacey as they were putting the boots to Oku. Heading outside, Trew and Lacey look to be in the path of Oku’s Fosbury flop, but they pulled Amira into the path of Oku… leading to a crash landing as the match came to a halt as everyone checked on Amira.

Of course there’s no bell, so Kieron Lacey sought to capitalise with a Croyt’s Wrath for a two-count as Oku carried Amira to the back… Milligan’s left on his own and eats a piledriver, before a second Black Flag got the win. ***

Post-match, Young Blood run off Trew and Lacey as they continued to beat down Milligan… before Michael Oku got in Oskar’s face for… daring to help? Maybe Gideon Grey was right all along… Yuto took the mic and wished Oku good luck against Will Ospreay, while Oskar called out Trew and Lacey for High Stakes.

Richard Holliday vs. Cameron Khai
A debut for Richard Holliday here, who’s finding that the air in Southampton is anything but rareified… Holliday berates the crowd before the match, warning the crowd not to “hijack the show”. So of course, they chant a shorter version of Holliday’s name as he tried to get the crowd to workshop something for them.

Cameron Khai’s music interrupts the singalong, as we got going with… what I can only describe as a cacophony. A snapmare and a pat on the head led to chants of “Dick Vacation” from the crowd as Holliday then charged down Khai with a shoulder tackle. Back-and-forth pinning attempts get a two-count for Khai, who then added a neckbreaker before things spilled outside, with Khai getting chopped around ringside.

Khai’s taken to the wall, but he avoids a kick to the head as Holliday hit the bricks. He’s back with an eye rake as Khai was taken back inside, eating a legdrop on the ring apron for good measure. Holliday gets distracted with the crowd again, but was able to regain focus as he blocked Khai’s Pingshot cutter, then took him down with a back elbow for a two-count. Again the crowd gets under Holliday’s skin, allowing Khai to make a comeback, scoring with forearms and a low superkick for good measure.

Khai escapes a suplex and returned with a Northern Lights and a Falcon arrow for a two-count, before Khai shrugged off a back elbow and hit a superkick instead. Holliday’s back with a cutter and a powerbomb for a two-count, before he clotheslined Khai into the corner as a torture rack looked to get the win… but Khai slips out for a roll-up.

Holliday can’t quite get back in it as an over-the-knee brainbuster almost got the win, but a backbreaker and a spinning torture rack cutter puts it back in Holliday’s favour. Punches keep Khai down as Holliday then went up top, but Khai manages to get back in it with a leaping knee before a tornado DDT was stuffed and turned into a suplex into the corner.

Khai kicks out at two, then tries to snatch the win with a crucifix, before he caught Holliday with a small package out of a suplex… and there’s the win. A decent match but man, it’s been a while since a crowd’s took me out of a match as much as this, and the majority of it was Holliday’s own doing having wound up the crowd before the bell. ***

Post-match, Holliday refused to leave the ring as they played video of Spike Trivet’s attack on Sha Samuels at Uprising last year. That’s a feud that’d not been touched upon since Uprising, and we’re getting the big match here… with Holliday refusing to move.

Sha Samuels vs. Spike Trivet
Holliday’s still in the ring as Sha Samuels came out… he’s chased out of the ring by Sha.

We get going with Sha locking up with Spike into the corner… but a sucker punch from Trivet just riles up Samuels, who takes things to the mat for a kick to the back. Heading outside, Spile heads under the ring and drags out a toolbox, throwing some of the contents at Sha as we’re already threatening plunder.

Back in the ring, Spike rakes Sha’s eyes by the ropes, only to get met with a slam seconds later as Sha threatened to choke Spike with his scarf. Eventually the ref gets the scarf, but Sha uses his braces instead. After the ref breaks it up, Spike goes low as he began to swarm Sha, following with a kick to the head, as things again spill outside with Sha getting suplexed into the front row.

Spike continues to control the pace back inside, mocking Sha with one of his own kicks, before Sha got run into the turnbuckles with repeated Irish whips. A Texas cloverleaf from Trivet ends in the ropes, but Sha’s still very much on the defensive as the pair began to scrap by the turnbuckles.

Out of nowhere, Sha rebounds out of the corner with a clothesline, only to get caught with a shot to the thigh as Spike then looked for a Birthright… only for Sha to hit back with an Irish Curse. An Exploder’s next out of Sha, who began to beat Spike to the punch… only for a sunset flip from Spike to lead us into another attempt at the Cloverleaf.

Sha fights free and hits a Michinoku Driver for a near-fall, before an East End Destroyer was caught and countered into a Saito suplex. A Meteora from Spike nearly wins it after that, as he then began to charge into Sha with knees to the ribs. More knees from Spike get blocks as Sha then pulled Trivet into a slingshot… but Spike blocks it, only for his Codebreaker to be caught as he instead rolled through into a Cloverleaf.

Spike lets go as Sha got to the ropes… but an attempt to reapply the hold sees him get rolled up, then dumped with a spinebuster as Sha came close. Slaps and spittle from Spike make me alliterate, but Sha’s right back with chops and a Butcher’s Hook choke that ended in the ropes… with Sha barely breaking in time.

Sha reapplies the hold though, as Richard Holliday wandered back out to distract. Everyone – including the camera – missed Spike using a weapon on Sha, which led to the finish as Trivet got the win. This was fine, but curse Rev Pro production for landing at the worst possible time… ***

Post-match, Trivet got in Holliday’s face for going after Sha… the two have a shoving match before they turned their sights on Samuels. Cameron Khai runs out to make the save, but he’s overwhelmed. Flash Morgan Webster comes out to clear Trivet, while Khai went back after Holliday as all four brawled around the venue… until Sha Samuels got back up and hit a tope into the pile as the show came to a bizarre end. A bizarre end that included Sha Samuels dropping F-bombs on the mic on Holliday, before promising there was more coming for Spike Trivet. Alrighty then!

The final score: review Good
The 411
The go home show for High Stakes started out bright, but felt like it petered out by the end - with even the obligatory “everyone fights until the stream’s cut off” brawl not really getting the crowd back.