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Himanshu’s TNA Impact Review 03.28.24

March 28, 2024 | Posted by Himanshu Doi
Steve Maclin TNA Impact 3-28-24 Image Credit; TNA
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Himanshu’s TNA Impact Review 03.28.24  

Hey there, TNA fans! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for another episode of iMPACT! I’m Himanshu (you can follow me on Twitter @Himanshu_Doi) and you know how this works. Tonight on iMPACT!, the road to Rebellion rages on from the famous 2300 Arena in Philadelphia as we have Sabin vs. Maclin, Edwards vs. Bailey, 8-4-1 Match and more. So let’s jump right in!

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Date: March 28th, 2024
Location: 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matt Rehwoldt

Match 1: Havok, Masha Slamovich, Alisha Edwards and Jody Threat vs. Rosemary, Xia Brookside, Ash By Elegance and Dani Luna in an 8-4-1 match for the No. 1 contendership to the TNA Knockouts World Championship at Rebellion

George Iceman introduces Ash by Elegance but she comes out with her head bandaged, and George says she got some cosmetic touch-ups done so she cannot compete for 72 hours. He says he spoke with Santino and they have a replacement. Steph de Lander comes out.

Dani Luna runs towards Masha in the corner and hits an assisted blue thunder bomb for two. Luna goes for a Luna Landing but Masha fights out of it and Luna gets a roll-up for the win.

4-way match. Masha Slamovich goes after Dani Luna. Rosemary and Xia Brookside go after Steph de Lander. Rosemary spears into Xia Brookside at the apron who falls onto Ash at ringside who screams in pain. Ash throws Xia into the steel post. Referee throws her out from ringside. Matt Cardona runs into the ring and hits Radio Silence on Rosemary and Steph hits the TKO for the win.

Result: Steph de Lander wins the 8-4-1 match
Rating: ***

They show the backstage footage from last week of Maclin bumping into Sabin and their match being set-up.

Sabin is sitting backstage with Kushida and Shelley. Sabin says he’s glad they’re on the same page. Shelley says he’s looking out for himself with a singles match and maybe he should do the same thing.

Ace and Bey are backstage and Ace says its been a rough couple of weeks for them. Ace talks about Chris Bey being in the X-Division match and says their focus should be on the tag team titles. Bey says Ace also faced Kazarian on his own. Ace says that was because he disrespected them both. Bey says he will handle Kazarian.

GYV are in the ring and they call out Deaner.

Deaner comes out and says he talked to Santino and he can choose which one of them he can fight. He says he told Santino that it’s the people’s choice. Gibson asks if he’s even seen the people here. Deaner asks the people who he should fight. The people chant for both.

Match 2: GYV vs. Deaner

Deaner hits a bulldog on Gibson and goes for the DDT but Gibson hits him in the throat and Drake pulls him down. Tag to Drake and they hit Grit Your Teeth for the win.

Result: GYV def. Deaner by pinfall
Rating: NR

Gia Miller is backstage with Nic Nemeth and she says he has a tall task ahead of him if he has to walk out of Rebellion as World Champion. Shelley walks in and says he agrees it would be a tall task. Nemeth says when he becomes Champion he will defend it against Shelley. Shelley asks why wait and that they should speed that up. Nemeth shakes his hand.

Josh Alexander comes down to the ring. Josh says this city has been history to some of the biggest matches, some of the biggest surprises and most importantly, some of the bloodiest scores have been settled here. He says Santino has given him an open contract for a match here tonight. He calls out Alexander Hammerstone.

Hot Sauce Tracy Williams comes out. Tracy says Josh says Josh doesn’t need to worry about his score with Hammerstone, he needs to worry about some of the best professional wrestlers in the world. He says if Hammerstone won’t accept the open challenge, he will. Josh says he’s not one to back down from a fight.

Match 3: Josh Alexander vs. Tracy Williams

Josh Alexander hits a forearm on Tracy in the corner and hits a rolling senton followed by a knee from the second rope for two. Josh gets the Ankle Lock locked in but Tracy fights out of it. Josh powerbombs Tracy back first onto his knee. Josh goes for a C4 Spike but Tracy flips him over. Tracy goes to the second rope and Josh follows him but Tracy hits a DDT onto the turnbuckle followed by a Death Valley Driver for two. Tracy locks in a STF but Josh fights out of it and hits a German Suplex. Josh runs into a boot. Josh gets a backslide into a C4 Spike for the win.

Result: Josh Alexander def. Tracy Williams by pinfall
Rating: ***½

After the match, Tracy Williams and Josh Alexander shake hands. Hammerstone runs in and attacks Josh Alexander and throws him over with a belly-to-belly suplex. He puts Josh’s headgear on Tracy and gets him in a Torture Rack.

Mustafa Ali shows Santino his PWI cover. Ali says Something is too big for the X-Division. Santino talks about no limits and brings up Samoa Joe. Mustafa Ali asks what kind of name is Jake Something. Santino says it doesn’t matter what one’s name is, it could even be Rhino. Rhino is behind Ali and he challenges Ali to a match.

Match 4: Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Bailey

Bailey hits a running Shooting Star Press for two. Bailey hits kicks across Eddie’s chest. Myers pulls Eddie outside. Bailey hits a senton onto Eddie on the outside. Bailey goes for a tornado kick but Eddie fights out of it and hits a Backpack Stunner for two. Eddie and Bailey get into a chop vs. kick battle. Eddie goes for a Tiger Driver but Bailey reverses it into double knees onto Eddie. Bailey goes for Ultima Weapon but Eddie gets out of the way and hits the Boston Knee Party for the win.

Result: Eddie Edwards def. Mike Bailey by pinfall
Rating: ***¼

We get a vignette that says the FBI is coming to TNA next week.

A promo by Kazarian and he recites a line from the Bible. He says he will up the ante and beat Eric Young and he will do it for the betterment of the company. Bey walks up to Kazarian and challenges him for next week. Kazarian accepts.

We see the highlights of Rich Swann attacking Joe Hendry and joining forces with AJ Francis.

AJ and Rich Swann are in the ring and AJ says they are First Class. He says he hasn’t been this happy since he was in the New York Giants and they beat the Philadelphia Eagles. He says people are asking why Rich Swann did what he did. Rich says he’s been a former World Champion but he’s been in a bit of a slump. He says AJ Francis walked into his room and said he wanted to take Rich to New heights. He says right before Swann was about to get his first victory, Hendry tagged himself in and stole the win. He says it wasn’t Joe Hendry who came in to check on him, it was AJ Francis. He says AJ told him he was a former TNA World Champion and he didn’t need anybody. They say if you’re not First Class, you’re last.

Tom Hannifan with a sit-down interview with Laredo Kid. Laredo talks about his upbringing, signing with AAA. He talked about his match against El Hijo del Vikingo and having a perforated intestine. He said if one has a dream, they should go after that. He talks about missing out on the Digital Media Championship title shot at Sacrifice. He says Crazzy Steve is coming for the title.

Match 5: Chris Sabin vs. Maclin

Sabin hits a Missile Dropkick to the back of Maclin. Sabin hits an inverted Atomic Drop followed by a rollup for two. Sabin hits a forearm followed by a DDT for the win. Sabin locks a crossface but Maclin counters into a pin for two. Maclin gets out of the ring and Sabin goes for a Splash but Maclin moves out of the way and hits a busaiku knee and throws Sabin back in the ring for a two. Sabin hits a jawbreaker on the ropes. Maclin hits a piledriver for two. Maclin goes for a headbutt but Sabin moves out of the way. Sabin gets a Magistral for two. Sabin gets out of the ring and Maclin goes for a Suicide Dive but Sabin moves out of the way. Sabin hits a Satellite DDT for two. Sabin goes for a Cradle Shock but Maclin moves out of the way. Maclin goes for a KIA but Sabin reverses it into a Northern Lights Suplex for two and Maclin hits the KIA for the win.

Result: Maclin def. Chris Sabin by pinfall
Rating: ***½

The final score: review Good
The 411
Okay episode. It was cool to see Steph de Lander back and winning the title shot was a surprise. I'd like to see her become more of a regular in TNA going forward and I think she'd be a good fit. It was cool to see Tracy Williams too and he'd be great in TNA as well. I don't know who are in the new FBI but it's a good way to repackage an old stable with some exciting new talent, like they did with Santana and Ortiz in LAX. Rich Swann being paired with AJ Francis is a good move as he had been treading water for some time now and needed something different. He's way too talented to not be a prominent part of the show. A solid match to main event the show. It's interesting to see the booking of Sabin and Shelley on this show as with the tension they've been teasing, it doesn't seem like TNA thought they'd be leaving. But looking forward to seeing Nemeth vs. Shelley as that should be a great match.

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