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Jeff Jarrett On Sable Being In Talks With TNA, Vince Russo Having An Agenda Backstage

April 27, 2023 | Posted by Bob Colling
Sable WWE Image Credit: WWE

On a recent episode of My World, Jeff Jarrett discussed April 2003 TNA Wrestling featuring his feud with Raven. Jarrett discussed Rena Mero potentially coming to TNA, working with Jamie Dundee in TNA, and Vince Russo having an agenda against the Jarrett’s. Some highlights are below.

On dealing with Rena Mero: “My best recollection, Russo and her had their existing relationship from WWF days. It was Vince and her talking. The old conversation, ‘What if?, Are you available? Would you be interested?’ But,that’s as far as it ever got.”

On working with Jamie Dundee in TNA: “I have no recollection about the kangaroo outfit, but I’m not saying it’s not true. I’d love to kind of have a refresh of that because it doesn’t surprise me. It wasn’t a rib. Jamie, man, I hate the sheets put him and Eddie G in the same that’s not accurate at all. Jamie could always, I mean, look born and raised in the business a natural performer. Hell, he could charm you and piss you off all within the same twenty seconds, but that was Jamie. He at this time, if I remember, he was working the they weren’t dark matches, they were Xplosion before we came on the air we would film two or three matches and Jamie, again, everybody knew him in Nashville. So, highly, highly entertaining individual like I said both in and out of the ring.”

On Scott D’Amore working with TNA: “Scott had business acumen from his life experiences. I mean way back in the day he worked for WCW — But, Scott was in the wrestling business, but also a business man as well, and again, fearless in taking direction. So, just as it was reported, he took the bull by the horns and dove in and how can I help and he earned his keep from day one in the best possible way, really.”

On when he knew Russo and his allies were back channeling to Dixie: “When did I know it was reality? To what degree would be the real question, because I had no idea the persistence, but when whether it’s talking to Vince or Glenn or Mike Sanders or Raven or I mean, even Dixie, or anybody around Dixie. When you start hearing the questions that are asked you go ‘okay, there’s an agenda here.’ That comment that was made that I can remember, ‘bro, you can’t listen to this audience’ and I would think what audience are we supposed to listen to? Because, how are you gonna like listen to the national audience? How are you going to hear that? Online? Yes, but the small sample group and we are listening to them, but it’s like you don’t listen to the people that are actually coming to watch the product? It baffled me that you can’t listen to this audience and that was kind of a running head scratcher, but it wasn’t obviously a discussion.

“And then to add, again, Dixie’s a year — not even a year — into the wrestling industry, which would be and — look, as I kind of look back on from time to time, especially in these early years, the compassion comes out. Because it’s like her set point on the industry from day one was Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett. But then over here you got Russo, and then Glenn. It was such kind of a hodgepodge of differing opinions, but I just referenced a second ago for sure one of the things that me, Vince, and my dad agreed on is we got to create new stars, but then that was reported that we didn’t agree on it. What a mess. But, I knew weekly on the questions or comments that were made that there’s kind of a different agenda here. That they’re really reading into and Vince being frustrated at all the edits was it his show or our show? Just the simple fact that he’s upset that the boss is making a decision. None of that ever made sense and look, again, more was made out of it on the sheets that than the reality most of the time. But, there was a lot of drama, unnecessary drama that went on backstage. That happens every week at every television show.”

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