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Jeff Jarrett Says Samoa Joe Was a TNA Homegrown Talent, Recalls Reaction To Steiner Math Promo

May 10, 2023 | Posted by Bob Colling
Samoa Joe NXT 81016 Image Credit: WWE

On a recent episode of My World, Jeff Jarrett discussed TNA Sacrifice 2008. Jarrett discussed Samoa Joe being considered a homegrown talent for TNA, his reaction to Scott Steiner’s mathematical promo, and if there was any concern regarding Kurt Angle’s weight loss. Some highlights are below.

On if Samoa Joe was a homegrown talent for TNA: “I always respected the Ring of Honor background, if you will, but I think you’re accurate as far as a national cable television or national slash global, yeah. 2002 when we started it’s the weekly pay-per-view and we had so many young guys and then as we well documented used all kinds of legends and sometimes weekly sometimes on a month and sometimes guys a little bit longer than that. But, for the most part it was all over the place. When Joe came in and he went on that undefeated streak and rolled we handled it with kid gloves all the way around and built it, and built it and then the month prior to this he became World Heavyweight Champion. Yes, it was very, very, so this is a “homegrown star” that’s now leading the charge. He was so ready and so damn good. I hate to say this was peak Joe, but I mean he was at the very tip top of his game, no doubt.”

On Scott Steiner’s famous mathematical promo: “I believe I heard a little bit of ‘Hey, Scott wants to do this promo’ and I said ‘Let Scott roll with it’ as long as we’re promoting the match he’ll do it in his own way’ and then afterward there was a little bit of chatter like you ain’t gonna believe how he did this. It’s one of those promos that has grown —but, as time’s gone on and you really drill it down to it and you get the opportunity to look at Petey’s (Williams) facials then you gotta look at Rhaka’s (Khan) facials and then you look at Lauren’s facials and Scotty just keep rolling on it. It’s a gem, pal. It’s an absolute gem.”

On if there was any concern about Kurt Angle dropping weight at the time: “He was so lean. He’s a machine. I didn’t have any second guessing or thoughts. The dude’s in shape. He looked great. Some people like a bulked up Kurt, some people not.”

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