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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 11.10.20

November 10, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling 11-10-20
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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 11.10.20  

Hello there, Impact fans! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another episode of Impact Wrestling. I’m Jeremy, and y’all know how this works. Impact Turning Point is this weekend and we should have live coverage for you courtesy of the one and only Steve Cook. We have a few matches for the show with more likely to be unveiled tonight. I’m not feeling super-wordy here, so let’s just jump right into it.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* Previously on Impact: Heath tries to get his contract signed but needs to get healthy, to his dissatisfaction. Meanwhile Sherlock Dreamer has narrowed his list of John E. Bravo shooting suspects to 10 people, and Deonna Purrazzo’s Knockouts Championship match against Su Yung is made a No DQ match. Finally, Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann battle Eric Young and Sami Callihan, with Ken Shamrock’s interference allowing the heels to pick up the win.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (AKA Title Sequence!)

* We start the show with Kaleb with a K in the ring, who isn’t here to talk about him but instead to give us sweet premium content of Tenille. He recounts all of her social media followers and tells us to put our hands together for her, and out she comes for her tag team match with Madison Rayne against Havok and Nevaeh.

Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Madison and Tenille can’t agree who’s gonna start, and it ends up being Madison against Nevaeh. Madison with a schoolgirl to start it off, and Nevaeh quickly kicks out and takes her down with a side headlock before they break. Lockup, Nevaeh with a waistlock, it turns into some counter wrestling that ends with an armdrag from Rayne. Rayne off the ropes with another armdrag, she charges in at a rising Nevaeh in the corner who dodges and hits a snapmare and neck whip for a two-count. Rayne tags out and Rayne insults Rayne, Tenille says she’s got it. She dodges a clothesline and they trade a series of waistlocks until Tenille declares Nevaeh the winner and promptly sweeps the leg. Side headlock from Tenille with noogies for insult, Nevaeh to her fight and pushes Tenille back, Tenille with a kick and Nevaeh tags in Havok. Tenille tries to get Havok to chill but no luck. Havok lunches in the corner, Tenille dodges but Havok grabs the hair. She picks Dashwood up but Tenille slips out the back into a sleeper. Havok counters by slamming Tenille into the corner, then whips her out and back into the corner. She goes in but Tenille with a drop toehold to send Havok face first into the second turnbuckle, Tenille charges in with a crossbody and gets a two-count. Havok up and she’s pissed, Tenille quickly tags out and leaps out of the ring. Rayne says she’s not getting in the ring but Havok grabs her and pulls her through the ropes! Havok flings Rayne by the hair into the hostile corner, Nevaeh tagged in and it’s a backbreaker clothesline combo that gets two. Madison picked up and thrown into the hostile corner, Havok tagged in and she picks Rayne up for a choke lift. Rayne with a double ear clap to get out and a step-up enzuigiri, she locks in an inverted facelock but Havok picks her up and hits a Tombstone for three!

Winner: Havok & Nevaeh (5:09)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: That wasn’t too bad, all in all. It was heavy on the story of the match, which was Madison and Tenille being badly matched as a team, but it also let Havok and Nevaeh look pretty strong heading into the tournament. There wasn’t anything amazing here but it was decently solid.

The winners leave as Tenille talks with Kaleb about her options.

* Josh is alone here to break down what just happened, he’s not excited that Madison isn’t going to be in a good mood. He hypes up Turning Point and breaks down what’s happening then and tonight. Turning Point has:

Impact World Championship Match: Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan
Impact Tag Team Championship Match: The North vs. Good Brothers
– Bryan Myers vs. Swoggle
– Moose vs. Willie Mack
Impact Knockouts Championship No DQ Match: Su Yung vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Meanwhile, tonight sees:

– Acey Romero vs. Chris Sabin
Last Chance X-Division Championship Match: Rohit Raju vs. TJP
– Chris Bey vs. Eddie Edwards
– More John E. Bravo investigation
– Karl Anderson vs. Josh Alexander

* Gia Miller is backstage with the Good Brothers. She asks them about their Turning Point match and if they’re ready. Anderson says even asking is…something. He breaks down the match and says the Impact Tag Team Championship are the one title that’s eluded them and trust him: they’re walking out champions. But tonight, it’s Josh Alexander and he’ll see what the Machine Gun is all about. Ethan Page shows up and says they can’t stop talking about him. They mock his Karate Man character and Page slaps Alexander. Alexander responds with a slap back.

* We’re back with an ad for Talk’n Shop-A-Mania 2, which looks wild. PREPARE FOR THE TORTURER.

* Dreamer is backstage with Larry D interrogating him. He points out that Bravo is why Larry was eliminated in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet and asks if he shot Bravo. Larry says no and what looks to be a biometrics meter/lie detector attached by USB to Dreamer’s laptop detects no deception, so Larry can go. Dreamer says to send in the next person, which is Cody. Cody is looking a bit less than pleased but denies he’s pissed, even though he’s hooked up to the lie detector. Cody says he lost to Johnny Swinger last week which is a career lowlight. He’s pissed at Cousin Jake, the ref, and Swinger and Dreamer points that out and says maybe Cody was bitter about Bravo. He points out that Cody said he wanted to kill that guy. Cody says he did not shoot Bravo, Tommy looks at the results and we don’t know what they are yet.

Last Chance X-Division Championship Match
Rohit Raju vs. TJP

Raju thwacks TJP with his coat from outside the ring and TJP baseball slides out to attack! They brawl on the outside, Raju takes control and stomps TJP on the ramp. TJP fights back, suplex on the ramp. The ref tells them to get in the ring and the bell has rung. TJP goes to lock in a surfboard, Raju blocks it so TJP double stomps Rohit’s knees. He goes for it again but Rohit pushes him off. TJP right in and attacks Rohit in the corner, whip across the ring and a backdrop. Irish whip reversed, Rohit with a back elbow. He stomps TJP and boot chokes him in the corner for a second, then picks him up and decks him in the corner. Whip across the ring by Raju who charges in, TJP leaps up and catches Raju with his legs, rana sends the champ into the turnbuckle. TJP with an uppercut, whip reversed, kick by TJP. TJP goes in but Rohit pulls the ref in the way and goes for a kick, TJP ducks but gets the leg swept. Double stomp from the champion and we’re on break!

Back from break and Raju is working TJP over in the corner. TJP crawls out of the corner, Raju goes for a back suplex, TJP flips out and goes into the corner. Kick to Rohit’s gut, Tornado DDT but Rohit pushes him off and launches into the kicks including a BIG one to the head! Cover gets a two-count. Raju slams TJP’s arm into the mat and launches a series of elbows into the shoulder before an armlock. TJP escapes that but Rohit with a double kneedrop to the shoulder. TJP up in the corner, Raju moves in and eats a kick to the gut. TJP with another kick but Raju fires back with one of his own and a suplex gets two. Kick to the back of TJP and Rohit walks over the challenger, then starts clubbing on the back. He comes off the ropes with an elbowdrop that gets two. Another club to TJP’s back and a back wristlock, TJP is trying to get out of it to no avail and gets shoved hard shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Single-arm DDT gets another two-count. Rohit twists the injured arm again and cinches it in, getting to his feet for leverage. TJP manages to fight up and tries to fight out of it, he manages an inside cradle for two but Raju fires back with a kick and then a twisting suplex. He holds on and goes for a front suplex but TJP counters out, Rohit charges at TJP in the corner but the challenger goes up and over. Tornado DDT connects! But TJP can’t get to the cover. Both men up, clothesline by TJP and another, big dropkick, and an Irish whip, which is reversed but TJP with a springboard crossbody! He kips up and goes for the surfboard and locks it in! Rohit is feeling the pain, TJP tilts him back into a pin but it only gets two! TJP with a knife-edge chop and an uppercut in the corner, Irish whip and he charges in with a splash. He sets Rohit on the second rope, leaps off the top to the apron for a dropkick. TJP going up top now, but Rohit is up and hits a hard shot. He hangs TJP up on the corner in the Tree of Woe and climbs up, but TJP pulls himself up and yanks Rohit down. Raju recovers while TJP gets to his feet and runs in for an avalanche, then comes off the ropes with a big kick! He goes in, TJP dodges but Rohit with a big elbow and a DDT gets a near fall! Rohit goes for the crossface, TJP has it blocked and gets up in a straitjacket position, drops Rohit into his knees and goes up top. Rohit is laid out, TJP comes off for the Mamba Splash but Rohit moves and immediately locks in a crossface! Rohit has it fully locked in but TJP rolls through and manages to lick in a kneebar. Rohit is crawling for the ropes, he’s close to tapping but manages to get to the corner. He grabs the title, the ref is arguing with him over it and gets ahold as TJP is pulling on Rohit. Low blow while the ref is dealing with the belt! Rohit off the rope with a big knee to the temple that gets the pin!

Winner: Rohit Raju (9:27)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Rohit isn’t a guy I’ve come to think of for great efforts; I like his character but he suffers by comparison to some of the other X-Division talent. But he and TJP really put together a damn good match here. The selling and psychology were pretty decent and it eschews a bunch of high spots for technical prowess and storytelling. Raju getting the win was predictable even with it being TJP’s last chance, but it was executed well and I have little to complain about here.

* Fallah Bahh is backstage with his big roll of money, which he hides when Hernandez comes out of Dreamer’s interrogation room. Bahh is surprised Hernandez passed the test, but Hernandez says he thinks Bahh shot him because Bravo was going to sell him out and tell Hernandez that Bahh has the money. Tasha and Kiera show up to defend Fallah and say it looks like Hernandez wants the smoke. Hernandez scoffs and walks off, and Kiera says not to worry about him. They started off on the wrong foot, but they’re Gucci now. Bahh doesn’t understand the slang, but Kiera explains it while Tasha pulls an Indiana Jones, taking the money and switching it out with a roll of electrical tape. Tasha says they forgive him because it ain’t his fault, they tell him to have a great day and they fist bump before the girls high tail it. Bahh checks his pocket and feels the roll of tape, thinking it’s the money, and walks into the interrogation room.

* Back from break and we’re in the Treehouse! Trey says it’s been a minute and asks who has the papers. Dez says he has no papers, but he has a piece of paper. It says they’re being convicted, but Trey grabs the paper and says it’s “evicted.” Apparently, they haven’t paid rent in two years. Wentz says the paper says they have a week. Trey says does this mean they have to leave Impact? Apparently the Rascalz are leaving.

Acey Romero vs. Chris Sabin

Sabin leaps into the ring and is instantly attacked by Acey as the bell rings. Acey with clubs to the back, picks Sabin up and chucks him out of the ring. While Acey distracts the ref, Larry goes to town on Sabin and rolls him back in. Acey stalks Sabin and mocks him from above. Sabin fights back without effect, Acey picks him up and hits a European uppercut. Sabin in the corner now, Acey whips him across the ring and he hits hard, dropping to the mat. Acey picks Sabin up but the Machine Gun fights back, only to be cut off by a kick. Sabin goes into the ropes and dodges on the rebound, starts in with kicks and hits a low dropkick to the knee and another. Sabin off the ropes RIGHT into a crossbody for a two-count. Acey back up, a kick to Sabin’s back as Larry cheers him on. He picks Sabin up and sits on him with the leg draped over the bottom rope to choke him; as the ref warns Romero, Larry comes in for a shot. Acey with a stomp and then he wrenches the neck. Sabin manages to get to his feet but Acey with a knee to the gut. Sabin is slowly getting to his feet and starts striking, but Acey cuts him off and rakes the eyes in the corner. Romero with shoulders to the gut in the corner, he grabs Sabin by the head and drags him in the middle of the ring. Sabin fights back but gets bodyslammed down, Acey with an elbowdrop off the ropes but Sabin moves! Sabin is pulling himself up in the corner, Acey charges right into a boot and then another. Sabin up top, leaps onto Acey but gets caught. Sabin slides off the back, Acey charges in but Sabin dodges and Romero goes outside. Sabin with a leap over the ropes onto both XXXL guys! Sabin manages to roll Romero in, he climbs onto the top and hits a crossbody! Pin attempt gets two. Sabin is getting frustrated, he gets up and lies in wait as Acey climbs to his feet in the corner. Sabin leaps in but Acey catches him and slams him into the mat, Acey with a senton but Sabin moves! Sabin pulls himself up in the corner, Acey up and eats a step-up kick. Sabin up top, dropkick to Acey’s back and he runs to the apron and kicks Larry in the head! He’s back in, running enzuigiri and a leaping enzuigiri but Acey’s not down. Another running enzuigiri takes him down and gets the three count.

Winner: Chris Sabin (6:23)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Pretty typical little guy vs. big guy match, with Larry on the outside stacking the odds to put Sabin over more. The result wasn’t really in doubt considering the MCMG’s stature vs. XXXL’s. The in-ring action wasn’t thrilling but the story of the bout was solid so I don’t have a problem giving this a pass.

Larry attacks Sabin after the match and stomps away at him as the bell rings. Acey joins in and chokes Sabin as Larry yells at Sabin.

* Chris Bey is backstage and Sami Callihan walks up to talk him up a bit. He says that Bey would be his #1 draft pick and has untapped potential. Callihan points out that Bey is about to face Edwards and Bey says not to finesse him, but if there’s something they need maybe they can work together. Callihan says you can’t outfinesse the ultimate finesser, and you can’t outgrift the ultimate grifter. He goes to lay out his plan as we go to black.

* James Mitchell is being interrogated by Dreamer and says he’s getting tired of this. He says they’ve been over it and over it, and he gets he’s the perfect suspect with motivation, means, and opportunity. No one wants to spite Rosemary more than him and this would be the perfect way; it makes sense. But there’s just one thing: guns are inelegant. They’re loud, messy, and not his style. After all, he wouldn’t waste all that pure virgin blood. Dreamer says he’s inclined to agree, but that the lie detector is off the charts. Mitchell says it’s just that deception runs through his veins and is in his DNA. He says he didn’t do it, but he thinks he knows who did. Dreamer looks intrigued.

Chris Bey vs. Eddie Edwards

Bey dodges a lockup to start and talks trash. They go for it again and Bey dodges again but eats a chop. Edwards sent off the ropes and takes Bey down, off the ropes again and Bey leapfrogs. He comes off and flips over a hip toss, kick attempt caught by Eddie, Bey goes between the ropes to dodge a charge and gets a kick. He flips over, catches Eddie with a rana from the floor, dropkick by Bey sends Eddie into the corner. That was an exchange. Eddie comes out and takes Bey down hard, then grabs him on the way back up for a headbutt. Chop in the corner by Edwards, then an Irish whip into the ropes. Bey flips over but gets caught with an inverted atomic drop and a belly-to-belly suplex off the drops for a two-count. Eddie picks Bey up, headbutt sends Bey into the corner and Edwards whips Bey across the ring. Bey goes up and over, comes off the ropes and trips Eddie, off the ropes again for a leap off the back into a senton. Bey then with elevated stomps in the corner. Eddie up and into the corner, he hits a kick and slams Bey into the turnbuckle. Bey whips Edwards who baseball slides out of it, coming up into a spinning heel kick. Pin attempt gets two. Bey is up first as Rayne hypes Bey’s participation in the NJPW Super J-Cup, and Bey hits kicks in the corner. More kicks send Eddie to the mat where Bey boot chokes him, then rolls into the center of the ring to pose. He yells at Eddie that he ain’t nothing and hits a European uppercut. Whip across the ring and Eddie comes out with a back elbow! Another one to Bey followed by chops that send him into the corner for MORE CHOPS. Eddie whips Bey, short arm reversal and a back elbow. Bey comes off the ropes and gets launched into the air to hit the mat. Eddie with a Tiger Driver countered with a rana, Bey with strikes he sweeps the leg but Eddie dodges only to get kicked. Bey goes for the springboard cutter, Eddie catches him and rolls him up for three!

Winner: Eddie Edwards (5:01)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: This needed more time to be really good, but what we saw was great for the time they got. This was Edwards’ hard-hitting offense matches with Bey’s high-flying striking style and it made for a strong match considering it was just five minutes.

After the match, Eddie calls Bey into the ring. Bey has a chair and they face off as SAMI’S MUSIC PLAYS. It all goes dark and Sami’s in the ring with his bat! Bat to the gut and he hits Eddie, then chokes him with the bat! Rich Swann comes out to make the save, kicks Bey down and lays in punches on Sami! Bey beats Sami down but here comes Shamrock and he levels Swann with a punch. Shamrock assaults Swann while Eddie fights back against Sami but gets hit with a chair from Bey, who follows up with one to Swann. Sami orders Ken to drag Swann to the center of the ring, Sami grabs the chair and sets up it on Swann’s neck, he goes to hit it but the Rascalz come in to make the save and the heels bail.

* Kaleb with a K is backstage with Tenille and says they really don’t have to do this but Tenille says they do. They approach Jordynne Grace and Tenille makes Kaleb ask for a team-up in the tournament after Rayne “screwed things up.” Kaleb says it’s Jordynne’s “big opportunity, kid.” But Grace wants Tenille to ask. Tenille mutters asking, and Grace says she hasn’t thought a lot about it. She says that she needs a partner she can trust, so maybe not in the tournament but she’ll give Tenille an opportunity to earn her trust at Turning Point.

* We get a promo for Turning Point hyping the announced matches.

* The Rascalz are backstage feeling good about Trey’s gear when Swann shows up and shares his appreciation before they bounce out. Swann says thanks from the bottom of his heart, and the Rascalz say they still have a week. Swann suggests they do something special and go out with a bang like DDP. He suggests Trey and Swann vs. Dez and Wentz. Dez and Wentz talk briefly and say they’ll do it. That’s the match for next week. Trey calls himself and Swann “Team Last Name” and Dez and Wentz head off.

* The Impact! Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is from Turning Point 2009 where Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams beat the MCMGs and Beer Money to retain the tag team titles with a bit of help from Eric Young and Kevin Nash.

* Gia Miller is backstage with Deonna and Kimber and asks about Deonna’s rematch at Turning Point with Su Yung. Asked how she’s preparing, Deonna says it’s uncharted territory for her and it’s Su Yung’s playground. It has the potential to be uncomfortable, but Kimber says they can handle it. Deonna says she always has a plan, which is how she became Knockouts Champion and Impact’s first Iron Woman, and how she’ll beat Yung. Suddenly, the music gets creepy and Kimber’s gone! Deonna sees written on a window in red, “I think ur alone now” and Kimber gets slammed against the window in a jump scare moment. Well that’s not good for Deonna.

* James Mitchell says Dreamer’s going to have to trust him, it’s his area of expertise. Dreamer would love to trust him, but he has to investigate the claims himself. Havok is there and Mitchell tells her to take a seat. Dreamer points out that Havok didn’t want to bring Mitchell back, but Rosemary made her do it and it made her mad. Mad enough to make her want to kill Bravo in revenge? Havok says ask Rosemary. Dreamer says he has questions for Rosemary, but she has a match at Turning Point so he’s holding off on asking her. He demands to know if Havok shot Bravo, and we don’t get her answer.

Reno Scum vs. Fallah Bahh & Crazzy Steve

Bahh and Luster start off with a power man lockup that goes nowhere, so Luster with a big kick. He locks in a headlock, push into the ropes, comes off with a boot and he comes off into a crossbody by Bahh. Bahh tags in Steve, who hits a senton on Luster. Steve with a strike and goes for a tag but Luster pulls him into the hostile corner. Thornstowe tagged in, gets thrown into Steve, Luster goes in and then a dropkick by Adam. Thornstowe with a standing moonsault for two. Thornstowe slams Steve into a headbutt by Luster, who tags in. They manhandle Steve and stomp him down to the mat. Luster with a double neck chop, then picks him up for another one. Big punch to the face, and he stomps on Steve before sending Steve into Thornstowe’s armpit. Thornstowe tagged in, he goes for a neckbreaker but Steve spins out and bits him. Jawbreaker, he goes between the legs, Thornstowe stops it but gets shoved off and Bahh is in. Bahh goes wild on Thornstowe, then avalanches Luster in the corner and one to Thornstowe. He gets Thornstowe up but Luster gets involved and eats a belly-to-belly for his trouble. Bahh charges in but Thornstowe gets a boot up, he goes off the top right into a Samoan slam that gets only two. Luster gets knocked off the apron and Steve leaps onto him but gets caught and slammed into the post. Bahh goes for a sitdown splash off the second rope, Thornstowe moves and gets a back kick to Bahh, Luster wraps up the legs and picks Bahh up, Thornstowe off the top for a stomp and that’s the match.

Winner: Reno Scum (3:48)
Rating: * 1/2
Thoughts: That was not great. It had no time, there wasn’t any real story to the match, it was just Reno Scum getting a win against a randomized Impact team. Not my thing at all.

* Sabin is backstage, he says he needs someone to watch his back because he can’t take XXXL by himself. He says he’ll by him a beet, and we learn it’s JAMES STORM! JAMES STORM IS HERE. Storm says the devil in him has been asleep for way too long, and apparently, they have a match at Turning Point. Sabin takes a drink and hates it, but Storm says if they’re going to fight this weekend, they need to drink together so all the boys can hear “Sorry about your damn luck!” Sabin drinks, but isn’t loving it.

* We get another promo for Talk’n Shop-A-Mania 2.

* Willie Mack is being checked out backstage, his neck is sore assumedly from Moose’s attack. The doc says he has a bruised larynx but he’s cleared to wrestle. That of course is when Moose attacks. Mack chokes him with the stethoscope and says he’ll see Moose at Turning Point. Moose is grinning as Mack walks off.

* Josh and Madison break down the updated Turning Point card:

– Moose vs. Willie Mack
– Eddie Edwards vs. Daivari (Really? Okay.)
– Bryan Myers vs. Swoggle
– Jordynne Grace & Tenille Dashwood vs. Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie
Impact Tag Team Championship Match: The North vs. Good Brothers
Impact Knockouts Championship No DQ Match: Su Yung vs. Deonna Purrazzo
Impact World Championship Match: Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan

Josh Alexander vs. Karl Anderson

They circle and lock up, Anderson with a wristlock that sends Alexander down to his knees. Josh somersaults out and takes Karl down to work the leg, twisting Karl’s ankle. Anderson gets to the ropes to force the break. They lock up again, Josh powers Karl into the corner and then hits a knife-edge chop and a shot. Anderson out of the corner and hits a kick and elbow to send Josh into the corner and hit his own chop. Alexander fires back with strikes, Karl cuts him off and sends him into the ropes for a takedown, then clotheslines him over the ropes as we cut to break.

Back from break and Anderson is choking Josh in the corner with his boot. He whips Josh across the ring and runs in, Josh moves and goes in, Karl sends him over the ropes. Josh leaps off the apron and trips him down to the mat. Karl out to the ringside area and Alexander works his face over as Ethan Page poses with the tag team titles right next to him. Alexander bounds on Karl and pushes him into the ring, following after, pin gets two. Alexander with stomps to Anderson and pulls him up for another hard shot that staggers Karl into the second rope. Karl gets on him and works over the face, then hits a couple of shots before backing off and talking trash to Doc Gallows. Anderson back up and gets decked, Josh is measuring him and takes him down with a shot and then a boot to the knee. He picks Karl up, Anderson firing back with chops and he whips Josh across the ring, reversed and a kneelift to the Good Brother. Josh with a knee to the spin and then another. Alexander with a suplex and float over for two. Chinlock by Josh wears Karl down, Anderson is fighting to his feet and fights Josh off, he comes off the ropes but gets hit with a back suplex for two. Josh goes for a kneedrop but Karl moves and he gets to his feet in the corner, kicking away at Alexander as he tries to approach. Irish whip to the corner, reversed by Alexander and Anderson is down again. Alexander locks in a submission and fires off with punches to the side and chest, but Anderson gets up and fights back. Karl off the ropes but Josh catches hi, pulls him back into an ear clap. Anderson dodges a clothesline and hits a neckbreaker that leaves both men down. Both men eventually up and they trade blows in the ring, Alexander takes control and whips Karl, reversed off the ropes and he takes Josh down twice. Anderson sent off the ropes for another elbow and he hits a senton off the ropes. Anderson gets Alexander on his shoulders, Josh slides off but eats a back elbow. Anderson with a kick to the face, he comes off the ropes RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER. Pin gets two. Anderson picks Alexander up, puts him on the top rope and climbs up with him. Fists to the face and a superplex attempt, but Alexander is fighting back! He gets free and headbutts Anderson down, leaps off but Anderson dodges and Josh rolls through. Karl eats a back elbow, Alexander knee is dodged but he takes Anderson down on the way back. Pin gets two. Alexander stands over Anderson and picks him up for a double underhook, he goes for it but Karl fights out of it! Josh with clubs to the back, goes for it again but Anderson counters with a backdrop! Anderson ducks an enzuigiri but gets hit with a back elbow. He fires with an uppercut, jab by Josh, clothesline by Machine Gun gets a near fall. Anderson preps for the Gun Stun, Alexander counters and Karl gets his foot grabbed by Page but pushes him off. Page in the ring and attacks for the DQ.

Winner: Karl Anderson by DQ (10:38)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Solid, technically proficient match that didn’t get over that extra level because it felt like they were saving it all for Turning Point. And that’s fine. I appreciate that they didn’t have the partners get involved until the end of the match, though the DQ finish is a bit of a let-down.

* After the match Gallows comes in and attacks Page, Alexander comes to help and they double team LG. Gallows staggers Josh and fights back against Page, officials are out now as Anderson is up to separate the four with something less than success until the very end.

The final score: review Good
The 411
This wasn't of the most cohesive Impacts we've had as of late; it was pretty much just a standard wrestling show. The matches ran the range of typical TV match quality and there was more focus on the Who Shot Bravo storyline, which people will either love or hate. Mostly though, this was setting up Turning Point and it did a decent job at that. Not the most memorable episode by any stretch, but this was a perfectly watchable two hours of TV.

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