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Jeremy’s MLW Underground Review 3.21.23

March 21, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Jeremy’s MLW Underground Review 3.21.23  

Hello, MLW fans! It’s Tuesday night, and you know what that means — time for another episode MLW Underground on Reelz. I’m Jeremy Thomas, and tonight we will at last see Alex Hammerstone and Jacob Fatu do battle another time for the MLW WOrld Heavyweight Championship. We’ll also see Taya Valkyrie defend her MLW Women’s Featherweight Championship against Billie Starkz, and probably some more movement on Raven’s new stable. Should be a fun episode, so let’s jump right into it.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We kick off with Jacob Fatu coming out to the ring! We get a recap of his Battle Riot V win as he heads to the ring. Looks like we’re jumping right into the World Heavyweight Championship match.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alex Hammerstone vs. Jacob Fatu

Fatu charges right in at Hammerstone and rocks him with punches. Hammerstone sent to the outside, and Fatu follows after for a shot to the back. Hammerstone gets thrown into the guardrail, then into the apron headfirst before being rolled in. Fatu back in but Hammerstone has recovered and clotheslines him over the top, then dives onto him. Hammerstone gorilla press drops Fatu onto the apron and takes it back inside — but Fatu knocks him off the apron before he can get in.

Headbutt to the champ on the outside, and Fatu tosses him into the guardrail. Back into the ring at last, where Fatu plays to the crowd and smacks Hammerstone in the face. Shoulder’s to the gut in the corner, then a choke for four. Hammerstone with a kick to the gut and body shots, but Fatu takes back over and whips the champ hard into the corner. Nerve hold against the ropes by Fatu for four, and then he beats Hammerstone down in the corner until the ref has to pull him off.

Hammerstone is fighting back now, they trade shots and Hammerstone gets whipped hard across the ring into the corner as we go to break.

Back from break and both men are getting to their feet — Hammerstone grabs Fatu for a T-Bone suplex into the corner! Both men slow to get up, but Hammerstone is looking Hulked Up. He lays into Fatu with punches and chops, Fatu reverses a whip but Hammerstone with a diving front kick. Hammerstone charges in but eats a back elbow — belly to belly by the champ! Northern lights suplex for two.

Hammerstone goes for the Nightmare Pendulum but Fatu blocks it, superkick sends Hammerstone to the floor and Fatu dives through the ropes onto him! Fatu back up for a moonsault to the outside onto the champ! Hammerstone back in, Fatu up top for a senton! Cover for two.

Fatu gets Hammerstone on his shoulders but the champ elbows out. Splash in the corner, whip across the ring but the champ goes up and over, then nails Fatu with a lariat off the ropes. Fatu quickly escapes to the outside. The champ gets on the apron and pulls Fatu up, where they trade strikes. Hammerstone gets Fatu on his shoulders, but the challenger elbows out — Hammerstone nails him and gets him back up for a fireman’s carry slam ONTO the apron! Fatu in the ring, Hammerstone up top — missile dropkick! TKO, cover for a nearfall.

Hammerstone tries to pick up Fatu but the challenger is dead weight. He gets him to his knees and lays in a couple shots to the back, then knocks him down with an uppercut — but Fatu nails a slap and a superkick — Alley Uce! Double spring moonsault, cover for a nearfall! And we’re back to break again.

Back from break and Fatu has grabbed a chair on the outside as Hammerstone is recovering inside. Fatu in the ring, he takes aim but Hammerstone ducks and hits a pump kick o the face! Hammerstone has the chair and goes to hit Fatu with it, but a superkick by Fatu! Fatu up top for the double spring moonsault, but the champ gets knees up! Nightmare pendulum, but Fatu kicks out! The champion is shocked by that, and the crowd is chanting for Fatu.

The champion is outside and going under the ring for a piece of ringboard. He slides it in the ring and re-enters, setting it in the corner. He grabs Fatu but the challenger fights back. Hammerstone gets him in the corner for clotheslines, but Fatu flips it around on him. Dive for a splash but Hammerstone moves and nails a front kick. SHort arm clotheline reversed by the champ, suplex through the ringboard! Nightmare pendulum finishes it.

Winner: Alexander Hammerstone (16:39)
Rating: *** 3/4
Thoughts: This wasn’t anything flashy, but they really sold it well as two behemoths just battling it out. There were some great sequences and the crowd was exceptionally into it, which helps. Great match, and one that really made both men look strong whether they won or lost.

Post-match, Hammerstone celebrates with the title and then stares at Fatu. They circle and then shake hands in a show of respect. Fatu raises Hammerstone’s hand and then exits the ring.

Suddenly the lights go out and we see that shot of Hammerstone with the octopus gift — The Hive is here, surrounding the champ! They attack him and beat him down. The champ fights back but gets beat down and hit in the head with a crowbar. The assault continues, and Raven duct tapes Hammerstone to the top rope. AKIRA with a high knee off the ropes.

* We’re back and we get quick replay of highlights from the title match, plus The Hive’s attack. Hammerstone is being helped to the back.

* Sam Leterna is on the stage and welcomes Mance Warner. Sam says Mance looks ready to go, and he says he’s a little bit crazy and tears everything up. He asks if she’s met is family, his crew, and welcomes in the Second Gear Crew, Matt Justice and 1 Called Manders. He tells Manders to preach and Mancers says they’ve been hitting the roads and are highwaymen, here to kick some ass. Justice says the SGC is here to take the Undergound to a new level of violence.

Mance says at the end of the day, they’re gonna beat all that ass and drink all those light beers. The Hive’s image flashes on the tron behind them and Mance says he doesn’t know what they is, but they’re gonna go drink some beers and beat the hell out of folks.

* We get a promo video for MLW Battle RIOT V, which will air on MLW Underground on Reelz.

* Sam Laterna is back with MSL, and he has a big challenge to issue for Microman because Real1 has been bullying Microman, and he doesn’t like it. Neither does Sam, or South Philly. MSL says it hasn’t been just a microagreesion, and he’s sick of it. So he wants Real1 to go one-on-one with the Micro1 in Philly. The crowd is all for it as MSL has them show respect for Microman. That match is next week.

* We are reminded that Cesar Duran was kidnapped by his own henchmen last week. Taya and Johnny are demanding answers because Taya has a match. Court says she has to go wrestle her match or she’ll be in breach of contract, so off they go.

MLW Women’s Featherweight Championship Match
Taya Valkyrie vs. Billie Starkz

Billie and Taya face off and Taya bullies and shoves Billie — then turns around and gets rolled up for one. Taya catches Billie and slams her to the mat, then pulls her up but Billie with an armdrag. Taya into the ropes, Biliie takes her down and bridges for two! Taya rolls out of the ring and takes a breather — until Billie dives onto her! She gets back in the ring and dives into Taya through Johnny! One more time into Taya, and she rolls her into the ring.

Starkz up top but Hennigan shoves her off the top to the mat with the ref’s back turned. Taya stomps her out of the ring as we go to break.

Back from break and Taya grabs Billie on the outside, dragging her over to grind her face into the ringpost. She plants a foot in Billie’s back and stomps her face into the post, then showboats a bit before rolling Starkz in. Cover for two.

Taya right into the bow and arrow submission, but Billie gets to her feet before being slammed down. Taya stomps on Billie in the corner and chokes her with a knee before backing off for the charging double knee. Cover for two again. Taya grabs Starkz and manhandles her in the corner, then slaps her in the chest. Taya backs up and charges into a back elbow, Starkz with a boot. Taya catches Starkz’ legs and throws it over the ropes, but Starkz fires it back into an enzuigiri. Headlock into a knee and then a German suplex with bridge for two.

Starkz with kicks to Taya’s back, and one that…mostly hits the head. Starkz goes for a Gory bomb that is fairly awkward, and Hennigan is on the apron. Billie gets in his face and Taya charges from behind — Billie moves and Taya stops short of hitting her hubby. Starks lies in wait, she charges, Taya moves and Hennigan gets kicked! Taya with a rolllup for two and then a big knee to the head for two.

Taya with the elevated stomp to the back, cover for a nearfall! Taya is frustrated now, she grabs Billie and picks her up — Road to Valhalla but Starkz counters into a sunset flip for two! Starks kicks Taya, but Taya counters a clothesline into Road to Valhalla for three.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie (7:26)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Fairly good match with Starkz playing the plucky underdog who nearly pulled off the upset. She still needs some time to develop but she’s well on her way.

* Sam congratulates Taya and asks her where Cesar Duran is. Taya says before she says anything else, she’d like to dedicate the match to Cesar, wherever he is. And anyone with information where he is, text or call 1-900-LUCHA and bring her jefe back to MLW.

We get a hype video for Real1 vs. Microman for next week, and we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Good
The 411
This week's show was literally two-match show. Fortunately one of those matches was fantastic, and the other one was pretty solid. We didn't have anything else, but this was worth the watch just for Hammerstone vs. Fatu and the Women's Featherweight Title match wasn't a bad watch by any measure either. Good show; it's nice to see MLW really gaining momentum in their storytelling with Underground.

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