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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 11.15.22

November 15, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 11.15.22  

Hello, everyone and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage on 411! I’m Jeremy Thomas, here as always, and I’ve got a fresh set of nail strips on that I’m still getting used to, so we’ll see how this week’s coverage goes. In more relevant news, NXT has a very big show tonight as both the NXT Championship and NXT Women’s Championships are on the line. Bron Breakker will defend his title against Von Wagner, while Mandy Rose will face off with Alba Fyre (assumedly) without the benefit of her Toxic Attraction sisters since they were taken out the last couple of weeks. Plus Wes Lee and Carmelo Hayes will sign the contract for their NXT North American Championship defense, Shawn Michaels has a big NXT Deadline announcement and much more!

Here at Thomas HQ, November is always a busy time as we get close to the end of the year. That said, I still have some movie-watching I’ve been able to get accomplished. I watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever which I thought had an impossible task of balancing several different elements but pulled it off remarkably well, and Prey For the Devil which is another dull, completely skippable possession film that will likely be on my Worst Of list this year. I also saw Hocus Pocus 2 at least, which is a slight step down from the first film but still managed to be quite fun. And I’ve been keeping up on Dragula Titans of course, which continues to be a blast to watch. Again, can’t recommend it enough.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* Bron Breakker is WALKING backstage as we’re jumping right into his title match. Von Wagner is also WALKING.

NXT Championship Match
Bron Breakker vs. Von Wagner

Von shoves Stone into Bron and uses the advantage of the collision to take control! Wagner boot chokes Bron in the corner and sends him into the ropes for a back elbow. Irish whip but Bron ducks under and takes control, chucking Von with a suplex and then hitting a Frankensteiner. Side headlock by Bron to wear Wagner down, Wagner tries to shoot him off in the ropes but Bron cinches in.

Wagner goes over the top rope and snaps Bron’s arm down into the top, and then locks in a wristlock for repeated shoulderblocks. He pounds on the shoulder and then bodyslams Bron down to the mat before showboating a bit. Snapmare by Wagner and an elbow drop, cover for two.

Wagner goes right back to the shoulder, Irish whip but Bron turns it around for a delayed vertical suplex and a kippup. Bron into the ropes, ducks a few lariats and runs Wagner over as we go to PIP break.

We’re back as Bron has Wagner in a headlock on the mat. Wagner gets to his feet and fights out, Bron off the ropes into a back suplex. Bron to the outside, Wagner follows him and sends him into the steel steps. Wagner pulls the top half of the steps off and grabs Bron — choke slam into the bottom half of the steps! Bron gets rolled back in, Wagner covers for two.

Wagner is a bit frustrated now, and he grabs Bron for a double underhook suplex. Bodyslam follows, and he sends Bron shoulder-first into the ringpost. Back suplex by the challenger, cover for two. Bear hug by Wagner to wear Bron down, he throws Bron to the mat and locks in a Cobra clutch for a few before tossing Bron back to the mat.

Bron gets to the ropes and gets up but Wagner sets him on the top rope. Wagner goes up for a superplex but Bron holds onto the ropes to block. He shoves Wagner down, suplex off the second rope! Botn men are down and slow to their feet, but Bron blocks a shot and takes over. He runs over Wagner a couple times and catches a leaping Brown for a powerslam. Bron to the second rope for a bulldog! He’s hyped up now! Bron charges in — but Wagner catches him for a fireman’s carry slam for two!

Wagner is pissed now and yelling at the referee in the corner. Bron is back to his feet and THE STRAPS ARE DOWN behind Von’s back! Wagner shoves Stone off the apron, Bron grabs Von for a gorilla press slam but drops him, he counters out of a fireman’s carry and hits the spear for three!

Winner: Bron Breakker (13:05)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Bron is getting better at guiding people through matches, this was Wagner’s best bout in a while. It wasn’t amazing, but it did exactly what it needed to and that’s all I ask.

* Alba Fyre montage hyping tonight’s NXT Women’s Champion. We get a recap of Toxic Attraction costing Fyre her title match against Mandy, and Fyre says now that she’s taken out Gigi and Jacy, Mandy only has herself and her empire is about to come tumbling down. Fyre says that anything goes tonight and she’ll tower over Mandy as the Last Woman Standing and new NXT Women’s Champion.

* Zoe Stark is looking happy as she walks to the building. She speaks next.

* Bron is backstage walking and holding his back. He crouches and takes a look at his title as JD McDonagh walks up to him. He says congratulations, but Bron’s never gonna be done with him.

* Zoey Stark comes out for her “explain my heel turn” segment. She says her back feels so much lighter not having to carry Nikkita Lyons for another week. She says she was out on the shelf for nine months and she came back like a bat out of hell, earning a title shot against Mandy Rose. She was ready, and then she got called into a meeting where everything changed. She says she was told about the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title tournament and they wanted her to team with Nikkita over more established teams like TA or Kayden and Katana.

Zoey says she knew she was going to do heavy lifting but she was happy to represent NXT. But then she wasn’t medically cleared after her match with Mandy and Nikkita walked into say that “It’s okay, accident’s happen” and she wasn’t mad at Zoey. Zoey says she didn’t get injured training or doing videos on social media; she got hurt facing one of the best champions they’ve had in Mandy. And when she returned, she put Lyons on her back and carried her through the training, the advice, everything else. All Lyons had to do was take a fraction of the work, but no. All she got was endless apologies instead of endless results. She says she was angry, but not anymore because when she had the titles in her hand, she knew what she needed to do.

We get a recap clip of Stark nailing Nikkita with the title and attacking her further. Stark says that she tried her hardest to help Lyons and was helping the new recruits. But the more time she gave them, the more they leeched off her. And she’s done, she’s tired. She tried to be part of the solution, but now she’s a huge part of the problem. She didn’t get famous posing on the beach or doing a stupid dance on social media; she did it busting her ass in the ring.

And those who are cheering her on, screw you. They’re the same people who like those social media posts. She says she’s not angry because she did what she needed to. Screw all of us who see Nikkita’s assets and dream about them. Zoey says NXT is no logner about the future; it’s about Zoey Stark. And she’s UNDENIABLE. She’s the hunter, while every female back there is the prey.

* Duke Hudson walks into Andre Chase’s office. Chase asks Duke why he threw in the towel; did he want to see him lose? Duke says it’s understandable given his track record, but Chase was in so much pain and his health is more important to Duke. Duke says Chase doesn’t know how to quit and that if Chase’s shoulder got hurt, the whole University goes down. If people say he bleeds black and red too much, then so be it.

Chase seems to accept it and Thea Hail walks in. Duke leaves, and Thea says he’s growing on her.

Indus Sher vs. George Cannon &

Sanga starts off against Cannon and knocks him down, then picks him up for a snake-eyes into the top rope. Full nelson slam, then Veer tags in. They come off the ropes and pancake Cannon, then throws him into the corner and tells the other guy to tag in. He forces the tag and then throws the guy into the ring. Dude fights back but Veer smacks him down, then tags in Sanga. Pancake time, Sanga picks the guy up, big bodyslam and then another. Veer tags in, he hits a jumping elbowdrop. Sanga tags back in, Veer grabs Cannon and Sanga comes off the ropes with a kick. Avalanche to the other guy and Veer tags in, Veer goes up to the second rope, elevated elbowdrop for three.

Winner: Indus Sher (Stopwatch issues)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: RIP George Cannon and other guy whose name wasn’t even mentioned.

Afterward, Veer gets a mic and says he respects the Creeds and so does the NXT Universe. Sanga says they don’t respect Indus Sher though. Veer says they’re treated by celebrities in India but not here, and the only way they can get respect is by destroying the Creeds so that’s what they’re gonna do.

* Backstage, Julius says they’ll take it to Indus sher and no one is stepping on them to get over anything. Ivy and Tatum walk in and Ivy says not to worry about Indus. Julius says they can’t let this go unchecked. Ivy says they’re after the wrong people and they go off for their match. The Creeds disagree.

* McKenzie is with Wendy Choo and asks about Cora’s shots at her last week. Wendy says Cora will always be a petulant child and that will never change. She says Cora said a lot of things that aren’t true and some things she hasn’t heard since high school. She is wacky and there’s nothing wrong with that. Cora needs to look in the mirror, but she shouldn’t do so until next week when she gives Cora two black eyes.

JD McDonagh vs. Apollo Crews

Lockup to start, Crews slams JD down and they go into some counterwrestling. A quick one-count from a pin attempt by Crews and they’re back up. Test of strength but JD with the quick kick to the gut. Whip into the corner, Crews up and over and flips, armdrag to JD ionto a wristlock. JD sends Crews into the ropes, Crews slides under, into the ropes and JD with an armdrag and another. He dodges an armdrag and elbowdrops Crews.

Chop to Crews in the corner and stomps, followed by a boot choke. Crews battles back with chops and a shot to the top of the head. Whip into the corner, JD out into a back bodydrop. JD goes for akick, Crews spins him around and comes off the ropes to run JD over. JD to the outside, Crews chases him but JD spins out of the ring, Crews backflips off the apron and grabs JHD for a drop onto the table as we go to break.

We’re back and Crews climbs up the turnbuckle with McDonagh on his back and drops down. JD right back with a sleeper, but Crews escapes and they end up both on the mat. Slow to get up, Crews is up first and sends JD over the top to the outside, then goes out for a moonsault. JD rolled back in, Crews with a kick to the gut and a big headkick followed by a clothesline. Crews lies in wait, he charges in for a Stinger Splash. Second rope leap, JD moves but Crews rolls through. Kick to the head, powerbomb and a standing powerbomb, cover for a nearfall.

Crews puts JD on the top rope and pounds on him, he climbs up for a top-rope rana but JD slides out, crotches Crews and pulls him to the mat. Chops in the corner by JD, he Irish whips Crews but Crews reverses. JD ends up on the outside but Crews comes at him and gets pulled outside. Asai moonsault by JD! He rolls Crews back in, goes up top but Crews leaps up — fireman’s carry superplex!

Both men down again. They get to their knees and then to their feet at nine. Chop by Crews, chop by JD. Crews with another chop and a chop, they go into a roll-up sequence for multiple nearfalls before JD gets up and comes off the ropes for a Spanish Fly. He picks Crews up, who hits a big knee. Powerbomb attempt but JD sunsets flips over for a nearfall!

JD up in the corner as Crews gets to his feet — Crews charges in but JD slips to the outside and nails Crews. Moonsault off the top but Crews moves, he takes out JD and gets the three-count!

Winner: Apollo Crews (13:37)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: That was a badass, fast-paced bout between two really talented competitors with great chemistry. There’s nothing to complain about here; as a TV match this was an absolute banger.

After the match, Bron comes out and he and Crews stare off.

* McKenzie is backstage with Mandy and asks about Alba’s comments. Mandy says she heard what Alba said because she has ears, but the world needs to hear her. She’s heard every criticism in the book over the last year and every flash in the pan, one hit wonder, international ringer has been put up to beat her and she’s still NXT champion. She’s a one in a billion superstar and Alba is going to bring her, but even without her girls she will be the Last Woman Standing.

* McKenzie is with Javier Bernal, who says he’s realized he needs to be more proactive and needs to be making the challenges. He says Axiom is a hell of a competitor and starts to go into challenging him, but McKenzie says he’s not medically cleared. Javi then suggests Ilja Dragunov, who McKenzie says is also hurt and back in Germany rehabbing.

Javi then suggests someone from Gallus. McKenzie reminds Javi that Gallus is suspended. Javi says McKenzie is part of the problem of holding back the greatest NXT superstar from his potential.

* Booker T is hosting tonight’s contract signing and first introduces Carmelo Hayes, who comes out with Trick Williams. Wes Lee is out next. Booker says he’s excited and a fan of both. Carmelo says it’s an honor to be part of Booker’s Fave Five, and Booker says no diss to the champion. Wes gets that, but he says they have to get that Hayes isn’t the A Champion anymore, he’s the Ex-Champion.

Booker says Melo is on the precipice of becoming a three-time NXT North American Champion next week, and Hayes says he is. He has no doubt that Wes will go to the limit to retain the title, but Wes’ limit is where Hayes starts from. He’s relentless about being NA Champion which Lee won’t understand yet. Hayes says Lee’s 15 minutes of fame is over.

Trick says Wes is a good athlete but he has nothing on Melo. There’s no ladder for Wes to climb and it will be his first and last title defense. Booker asks Wes what he’s willing to do to retain the title. Wes says everyone knows how hard he worked to earn it, and if someone told him he’d be here a year ago he wouldn’t believe it. He took opportunities, found peace by knocking Trick out and climbed the mountain. He will risk everything to keep the title.

Booker does the Shucky Ducky Quack Quack thing and hands Hayes the contract to sign. Hayes signs, and Booker passes it to Lee who signs it himself. The match is official for next week. Booker asks if they’re ready, and Wes says he’s ready. Trick tries to talk shit and Lee tells him to shut up because it’s about him and Trick’s meal ticket. Hayes and Lee go head to head and Booker says to save the drama for their mama because no one’s fighting tonight; it’ll happen next week.

* We get a new T-BAR vignette, where he says the truth is never simple until he’s across the table. It’s simple then: give him the truth or he beats it out of them. He says NXT is soft but that will change. Hard justice is on its way.

* Edris and Malik are backstage with Odyssey Jones and they’re ready to party. Jones asks Malik about the sweater vests, and Malik says his dad was a pastor and he would order the craziest designs. The first thing he ever ordered for Malik was a sweater vest, and after he passed away Malik found a lot of sweater vests in his attic.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen vs. Dyad

Jensen and Fowler start off, Rip runs over Jensen and throws him into the ropes but Brooks with an armdrag. Dropkick by Jensen, cover for less than one. Shoulderlock by Jensen but he gets in hostile territory and Reid tags in. Jensen comes off the ropes, Briggs tags in, Jensen with a bulldog and Briggs with a big boot.

Jensen back in for a shoulderlock into a headlock, shot into the ropes and he runs Reid over. Briggs tags in, Reid sent to hang on the middle rope, sliding uppercuts by Briggs and Jensen. Fowler manages to tag in off the ropes nad Jensen sends him to the outside. He comes out and stares off with Ava Raine, Reid dives through the ropes sending Jensen into the booth.

Back in the ring, Jensen manages to tag in Briggs who comes in hit. FLipping backbreaker to Fowler, big boot to Reid and a splash off the ropes to Fowler. Clotheseline bounce off the ropes for Reid, and Briggs is back in. My feed went wonky, but Dyad get the win.

Winner: The Dyad (don’t know the time)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: A fine match that was a bit perfunctory. Not bad, but very memorable.

* Shawn Michaels’ announcement time. He announces that a revolutionary new match is coming: the Iron Survivor Challenge. One each for men and women, with five people competing in a 25 minute match. Every five minutes a new star enters with the most falls after 25 minutes getting the win. A fall earns a point, a pin attempt puts them in a penalty box for 90 seconds. The winners become the #1 contenders for the respective titles. Competitors will be announced in the coming weeks.


The lights briefly go out just before the match and Indi takes control, but Tatum slips out of a bodyslam and takes Indi down for a less-than-one count. Indi sends Tatum into the corner, they go into a leg on the back of the neck flip and Tatum falls over. Indi with a clothesline to Tatum and some shorts, short arm clothesline and cover for two.

Indi with a rear chinlock on Tatum, she throws Tatum down for a one-count and goes right back into the chinlock. They get to their feet, Indi knocks Tatum down for a two-count and goes back into the chinlock again. Back to their feet, Tatum fights free but gets kicked in the gut, Indi with a right to the jaw to knock her down. Tatum to the outside, she trips Indi and goes to the apron for a shot to the head. She kicks Indi in the head and comes inside, clotheslines to Indi and a neckbreaker, moonsault for two.

Tatum gets Indi on her shoulders but Indi slips off and pulls the mask off. She stomps Tatum down, dives in for a knee and covers for three.

Winner: Indi Hartwell (3:52)
Rating: * 3/4
Thoughts: This was just all-around rough. Their timing was off, there was no flow to the match…this was just kinda bad.

* SCRYPTS says the cameras couldn’t catch him and he got past the guards, so everything’s going to be easy now. Apparently it’s next week that we’ll see him.

* Indi is walking backstage when Roxy comes up to congratulate her on her win. She says Indi may have gone too far by taking off the mask, and Indi is offended. She says she is doing everything she can to get into the Iron Survivor and if she has to break a nose, she will.

Set For Next Week:
– NXT North American Championship Match: Wes Lee vs. Carmelo Hayes
– Wendy Choo vs. Cora Jade

NXT Women’s Championship Last Woman Standing Match
Mandy Rose vs. Alba Fyre

Mandy ducks to the outside of the ring right at the start, Alba chases. Mandy tries for a knee as Alba gets in but Fyre catches it and almost hits the KLR Bomb! Rose escapes to the outside and Fyre knocks her down, then goes for the KLR Bomb onto the booth. But Rose escapes and sends her into the apron. Fyre throws Mandy into the ring post and then hits a bulldog of sorts along the side of the ringside area.

Fyre goes under the ring for a toobox and throws weapons into the ring, and a chair on the outside. She picks Rose up but Rose slides down the back and hits a bodyslam on Fyre onto the chair. Fyre back to her feet and is back in the ring, she grabs the chair and Mandy goes on the attack. Mandy goes for a knee but Fyre blocks it with the chair and then uses a lead pipe for leverage in a single-leg crab as we go to PIP break.

We’re back and Mandy is now using the lead pipe for a submission, but ALba gets out of it and slams Mandy down. Repeated knees to Mandy, followed by a tornado DDT. Mandy rolls to the outside and Mandy leaps to the TOP ROPE for a senton! Both women are down as the count begins, Fyre gets to her feet and Rose gets up at the eight count.

Fyre pulls out a ladder and nails Mandy with it, then sets it against the ringpost. She whips Mandy to the ladder but Mandy reverses and Fyre collides with it. Mandy pulls the ladder down and Fyre just escapes. Rose slams the ladder repeatedly into a downed Fyre. Fyre is able to get to her feet at 8, and Mandy rolls her into the ring. The champ sets the garbage can in the center of the ring and nails Alba, she goes for a bodyslam but the knee buckles and Alba sends Rose crashing into the garbage can. The count goes, Rose is up at nine.

Fyre moves in but gets sent over the top by Rose to the floor. The ref starts the count but Mandy goes back on the attack and throws Fyre over the guardrail. They’re now brawling, Alba takes over and goes for a superplex off the guardrail, but Mandy shoves her off to the floor. The count hits nine before Fyre is up. Mandy leaps off the guardrail — right into a superkick! KLR Bomb onto the apron! Rose is up at six — and baseball bat from Fyre to the gut! Fyre sets up the ladder next to the booth and grabs Mandy, elbow to the head and she sets Rose onto the booth. Fyre goes up top — and Isla Dawn is there. She spits something in Fyre’s face and shoves her onto the table. The ref counts, and we get the count.

Winner: Mandy Rose (11:59)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: This was fine as a Last Man Standing match, but nothing too special. The Isla Dawn appearance was a bit of a nice surprise, but otherwise this was just another title defense and not even Rose’s most memorable by a long shot.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Good
The 411
We had one really great match this week and a couple of fairly solid ones, which is good enough for an okay rating all by itself. In addition, the contract signing segment featured good work from Hayes and Lee, and the announcement of the wild new Iron Survivor match for NXT Deadline. It wasn't the greatest episode of NXT, and Mandy Rose retaining by another outside attack is very wearying at this point, but all in all an enjoyable time.

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