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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 6.1.21

June 1, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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Jeremy’s WWE NXT Review 6.1.21  

Hello there guys, gals, enbies, and all other NXT fans! It’s Tuesday evening, which means it’s time for another episode of NXT. I’m Jeremy Thomas as per the norm, and tonight we have a big show set with Karrion Kross’ next opponent to be determined NXT Tag Team Titles on the line, an NXT Cruiserweight Championship open challenge and more! There’s a lot to look forward to tonight and so without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Previously On NXT: Karrion Kross defeated Finn Balor in a hell of an NXT Championship match. While tonight, a new #1 contender is determined. We get soundbites from Kyle, Dunne, and Gargano hyping the match. Plus MSK defend the Tag Titles, Kushida issues an open challenge for the Cruiserweight Title and more.

#1 Contender’s Match
Johnny Gargano vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. Pete Dunne

Oney Lorcan and Austin Theory are banned from ringside for the match by Regal’s order. Bell rights and Kyle attacks Gargano right out of the gate! We have a brawl between all three men until Kyle throws Gargano out of the ring and Dunne takes Ky;e out with a clothesline and dropkick. Dunne starts to work with the joint manipulation on O’Reilly’s hand, Kyle gets out into a cross armbreaker. Johnny breaks it up but Kyle turns it into a kneebreaker on Gargano, then Dunne locks in a hold on O’Reilly! Gargano gets out of it and Kyle tries to roll Dunne up but gets sent to the outside. Gargano hits some offense on Dunne and goes for an uppercut, but Dunne dodges and locks in a surfboard only for Kyle to break it up and throw Pete to the outside. O’Reilly with a wristlock, Johnny tries to punch out but gets hit with a single-arm DDT and O’Reilly lays in some forearms. He goes for the submission but Dunne in to break it up, and he does his finger torment thing on both Gargano and O’Reilly! A stomp to both men’s hands, Dunne up and hits splashes on both men as they come into the corner. O’Reilly gets a counter and hits a double dragon screw! Both men end up out of the ropes, Gargano decks Dunne and comes back in. He hits a DDT on O’Reilly, cover gets two. And we’re on PIP break.

Gargano stomps on O’Reilly and then hits a snapmare and diving elbow to the back of the neck. He knocks Dunne off the apron and covers Kyle for two. Suplex blocked by Kyle but Johnny with some punches and then hits the suplex. Dunne back in the ring, they run the ropes and Dunne clotheslines Kyle hard. Dunne goes to joint manipulation on Kyle’s hand while twisting the shoulder back. He gets up and knocks Gargano off the apron, then takes O’Reilly down and works the wrist like a pro. Big stomp to the elbow and then he races out to send Gargano flying into the Plexiglas. Back in and Kyle with some shots, but Dunne cuts him off and then punts him in the gut. Dunne picks Kyle up for some kneelift to the guts.

Back from PIP break and Dunne goes after Gargano on the apron, who jumps down and Kyle takes Dunne down. Big kick combo to Gargano and a splash forearm to Dunne against the ropes, double underhook suplexes and then a double underhook front suplex to Gargano on top of Dunne! Cover gets two. Diving dropkick to Gargano, Kyle slides out and gets nailed by Dunne who goes for a suplex but Kyle with a knee to the head. Gargano dives through the ropes onto Kyle, then comes back in and dives onto Dunne. And back in and one more dive to Kyle! O’Reilly sent into the ring, Gargano with a slingshot spear for two. O’Reilly in the corner and Gargano with a knife-edge chop, he gets Kyle on the top turnbuckle and tries to lawn dart him but Kyle slips down. Dunne in and takes out both men, powerbomb to Kyle but Gargano breaks it up. Kyle cover is broken up as well, then Dunne wipes out Gargano and covers for two. Dunne up first and he gets a standing kimura on Kyle, but Kyle blocks it and Gargano off the ropes with a clothesline. Dunne sent to the outside, cover by Gargano gets two, Kyle locks in a submission but Dunne breaks it up and takes out both. Bitter End by Dunne countered into a DDT by Gargano, he lawn darts Dunne INTO Kyle and covers for two! Kyle is out of the ring, Gargano and Dunne are on their knees trading shots in the center of the ring. They get up, Kyle is back in and kicks both men repeatedly. Gargano dodges one, Kyle gets wiped out by Dunne and they are rapidly trading shots! Kyle with a double clothesline and all three men are down! Gargano up on the apron, he goes for a slingshot spear on Kyle but he grabs him in a guillotine. Dunne grabs Kyle for a sleeper, and Gargano is let go. Gargano with a tilt-a-whirl and O’Rielly gets send to the outside, Gargano Escape! Dunne gets out with a joint slam, BITTER END! Dunne covers but Kyle OFF THE TOP to break it up! Kyle and Pete trade shots on the apron, Gargano knocks Kyle off but Dunne takes him out. Dunne off the apron and double clotheseline takes out both Dunne and O’Reilly. Dunne up, Kyle up — AND ADAM COLE TAKES THEM BOTH OUT with chairs! Cole takes out the ref, hits a brainbuster on Dunne on the outside and wipes out Kyle! Big knee off the ropes to Gargano and Regal is out here. Cole says he’s out and goes to leave — but hits another kick to Kyle before he does! I’m guessing that’s an end to the match.

Winner: No Contest (18:29)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Great match between these three that was too fast-paced for me to even keep up with my typing. It was fantastic work by all three men, and I don’t love the no-contest ending when taken by itself but it makes sense and brings Cole back in a big way so I’ll take it.

* We’re back and Adam Cole is refusing to leave, but he starts to get backed up and Ember Moon pushes by them as he’s thrown out of the arena. Ember wants Raquel Gonzalez to come out for her attack on Shotzi last week. She threatens to hold the show hostage, but no need for that as Raquel comes out and gets right by Regal to get in the ring. Ember beats on Raquel and sends her to the outside, and Security keeps her from coming into the ring. Ember and Raquel talk shit from a distance — and Dakota Kai of course comes in from behind and beats Ember down before kicking her in the head to send her through the ropes. Raquel and Dakota leave looking very happy with themselves, and Raquel says “She asked for it!” as Regal checks on Ember.

* We get a video from earlier today, with Santos saying he will be in Legado’s corner when they take the NXT Tag Team Titles. Mendoza and Wilde say tonight is their coronation and they will follow in Esocbar’s footsteps to become leaders among leaders and champions among champions.

* Eli Drake is coming out with a mic saying that it’s that time — time for the LA Knight show! He drops some Million Dollar Man references and says he’s taking out Jake Atlas this week as Ted watches from the back. That match is next.

* We get the video from earlier today where Hit Row arrived at the Capitol Wrestling Center and made fun of Drake Maverick and Ever-Rise who were on their way in. Things get heated and Killian Dain shows up, leading Hit Row to walk off.

LA Knight vs. Jake Atrlas

The two trade words to start, then Knight hits an armdrag and showboats. That allows Atlas to roll him up, Knight gets a shot after kicking out but gets armdragged some more by Knight and a cover for two. Atlas begins to work the arm and slams Knight back down for a cover, gets two. He works on the arm some more, Knight up and gets knife-edge chopped again before Atlas goes right back into the shoulderlock. Knight into the ropes and tries to pin Jake, Jake counters with his own pin for two. Atlas in control and charges in but gets lifted into a snake eyes against the ropes and then a slam. DiBiase is out to watch and LA talks to him, which lets Jake get control. Atlas with a springboard cover for two, but LA gets a big slam right after. Big fist to Jake’s face and he chokes Atlas against the ropes for a couple counts. Big kick to Jake’s ribs, and he stomps Atlas down low on the midsection. KNight chokes Atlas against the ropes again for three, big elbow to the side of the head, springboard shoulder tackle. Knight gets up and showboats as we go to break.

Back from break with both men countering suplexes. Knight tries again but Atlas goes up and over, Knight counters another suplex into a neckbreaker. Knight goes for a Million Dollar Dream but Atlas counters. He counters another attempt, comes off the ropes with a crossbody and gets two. Atlas with strikes, he gets sent into the ropes and Knight sends him up and over to land hard on the outside! Knight is showboating again, Ted watches as Atlas gets into the ring right at nine. Knight stomps him and then punches him back to the mat, and he starts in with mounted punches. Up to the second rope and LA comes off — and Atlas counters with a fist to the midsection! Jawbreaker to LA, short arm clothseline and fists to the face. Cameron Grimes comes out to distract Ted, Atlas covers for two. Grimes talks himself up as Atlas gets Knight up on his shoulders, DVD and then a standing moonsault to get two. Atlas up top, but Knight with a big fist to stop him. Knight climbs up, Atlas knocks him down but Knight goes up top and then talks shit, only to get crotched on the ropes. Cartwheel DDT gets three for Atlas!

Winner: Jake Atlas (12:39)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Very solid match here and Knight’s best in NXT so far. It all played into the storyline of course, but it made Atlas look great and Knight didn’t look bad either.

Ted walks off disappointed after the match as Knight yells for him.

* Backstage, Oney Lorcan says Dunne would be #1 contender if not for Cole. Theory says Gargano would have won and they brawl.

* Ted DiBiase is being interviewed and says that Knight missed the mark tonight. As he’s talking, Adam Cole walks right past him and heads to the ring, and we’re on break!

* Poppy is back next week to perform on NXT.

* Adam Cole is in the ring and says two years ago to the day, he became NXT Champion. And whether NXT or Regal want to admit or not, he’s #1 contender. He says he’s been gone for two months and watched as everyone tried and failed to live up to his legacy. He says he took out three or NXT’s top stars in one night and wants the NXT Championship back. He says people think Kross is a monster, but he sees right through him and says he’s an overrated musclehead that doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with him.

That brings out Kross and Scarlett, who come down to the ring and step inside. Kross gets a mic and calls Cole “Little Man.” He says his motives tonight were understandable; he wants to be NXT Champion. But it’s not his, and no matter what he does it’s not going to change things. Kross says when he signed with NXT, Cole no longer became special. He tells Cole to tell him a story, and Cole says he’d be happy to. The truth is, Kross it’s Adam Cole Bay Bay and he never will be. He says the brand has done everything to make him special but all they need to do for him is to ring the bell. He says Kross isn’t able to lace his boots and anyone who watches any wrestling knows that. Cole says Kross is just holding his property.

Regal comes out and says Cole’s attempts to get a title shot aren’t going to work, but Kross tells him to shut up. He says he wants EVERYONE in the match at Takeover. O’Reilly, Gargano, Dunne, and “this gas station weasel” Adam Cole. He says Cole isn’t getting out of this ass-kicking no matter what kind of politicking he does. Cole and Kross talk shit as Regal says it’s done, and Cole walks off, pulls everything off the commentary boot and jumps on it to talk some more trash about how he runs the show. The grabs a water bottle and throws it at Kross and Scarlett, then walks off.

* McKenzie interviews LeRae and Indi about Poppy and Kross, and she is annoyed and talks trash about Kross, while saying that Poppy probably wants to be the next Bad Bunny. Indi isn’t listening because she’s listening to an 80s power ballad mix tape. LeRae says it’s time to go and they leave the headphones behind.

* The commentary booth say that Carmelo Hayes, the former Christian Casanova, has accepted Kushida’s open challenge for the Cruiserweight Title. We get a vignette for Hayes talking about how good he is and he’s going to be the next Cruiserweight Champion.

* We get a vignette with Xia Li talking about Mercedes Martinez and how she defeated Li in her first match ever. She wants a match with Martinez at NXT Takeover: In Your House.

* The headphones are still playing when Dexter Lumis walks up and puts them on. He gets emotional and walks off.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion
Carmelo Hayes vs. Kushida

Lockup to start up, and Hayes gets a roll-up for just one. He says he’s taking the title, and they go into a test of strength. Kushida powers Hayes down, but Hayes manages to turn it into a leap onto Kushida’s shoulders into a cover for one. Hayes with a headlock, he gets shot into the ropes and they leap over each other until Hayes hits a kick to the gut and then a couple of armdrags. Kushida cuts Hayes off with a shot to the gut and then takes over with a chop in the corner. Hayes reverses an Irish whip and charges into a boot, they end up on the mat and Hayes with a big kick to the head that gets two. Kushida locks in a headlock, Hayes sends him into the ropes and he front flips into the ropes, then off into a back elbow. But Hayes gets back in control and hits a big legdrop for two. And we’re on break.

Back from break with Hayes still in control as he grabs Kushida and sends him into the ropes. Kushida catches himself, sends Hayes to the outside and then comes off the ropes to send the challenger flying into the Plexiglas. Kushida off the apron with a big knee to Hayes, who gets rolled into the ring. Kushida up top, he comes off but Hayes ducks and hits a superkick. Kushida up onto Hayes’ shoulder, he gets sent down and Hayes off the ropes with a springboard maneuver and a cover gets two.

It’s announced that LA Knight will face Cameron Grimes at NXT Takeover: In Your House. as Kushida and Hayes trade strikes. Kushida knocks Hayes down with an open palm strike, he goes in for a clothesline but Hayes counters with a spinning DDT and cover for two. Hayes lies in wait as Kushida gets up, he goes for a tilt-a-whirl but Kushida counters with a big kick and then a big right hand. Hayes counters for a move, Kushida counters and smacks Hayes down. Big kick and the Hoverboard Lock makes him tap.

Winner: Kushida (10:57)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: That was a debut performance by Hayes that really put him over strong. Kushida getting the win was no surprise, but the match being as even-handed as it was is.

A show of respect between the competitors after the match.

* MSK are backstage talking about Legado’s promo from earlier. MSK says all they’ve been doing is backhanded tactics and it’s not happening this time; they’re beating the brakes off those boys this time. At the end of the night, we’ll hear “And Still NXT Tag team Champions, MSK!”

* Franky Monet reads reviews of her debut and celebrates. She tells the camera that she’s just getting started and winks.

Zoey Stark & Zayda Remier vs. The Way

Indi and Zayda start off and Indi takes Zayda down, bodyslams her, and tags in Candice who hits a quick elbowdrop and covers for two. Zayda sent into the corner, Indi back in and manhandles Zayda. Big kick to Remier’s head, Candice tags in and covers for two. Candice wrenches on Remier’s neck, Zayda elbows her way to her feet but gets slammed down and covered for two. Zayda gets out of a sleepr but gets slammed down again, Indi tags back in and kicks Zayda to the mat. She stares off at Stark, and Remier gets a couple shots in but Candice tags in before Remier can make her own tag. Remier with a big forarm and she tags in Zoey,w ho comes in hot and takes both champions down with kicks and clotheslines. Acrobatic kick to Candice, cover gets two, Zayda tagged in and gets lifted into a slam on Candice. Indie comes in and evens the odds, sending Zoey to the outside. Candice with a Wicked Stepsister, Indi with Pretty Savage, cover gets three.

Winner: The Way (3:37)
Rating: **
Thoughts: Perfectly acceptable squash win.

* Mercedes isn’t worried about Xia, she says she’s been marked before and they’re both more dangerous than they used to be. She says she beat her at the Mae Young Classic, but she’ll run through Xia at Takeover.

Still to come: MSK vs. Legado del Fantasma.

* We get another promo for the Diamond Mine, and at some point they’re gonna have to reveal what this thing actually is. Apparently it’s “opening soon” though.

* McKenzie asks Ember Moon how she feels about tonight, and she’s livid. She doesn’t get how Raquel is as dominent as she is but still uses her “lackey” Dakota Kai. She says she’s getting revenge on Dakota next week and then will take Raquel’s title at NXT Takeover: In Your House.

* Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai is official for next week, as is the return of Poppy.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match
Legado del Fantasma vs. MSK

Wilde and Lee start us off with a lockup into a waistlock by Lee. Wilde to the mat, he hits an amrdrag on Lee, and they tried flips and flops into a headlock by Lee. Wilde tries to shoot Lee into the ropes but Lee cinches in the headlock to block it. Wilde slams Lee to the mat and goes in, but he gets pushed into the hostile corner and Carter tags in. Wilde has their aerial offense scouted though and takes out both men, then tags in Mendoza and they both stomp on Nash. Mendoza with a big chop and then a boot to the head. Wilde back in, double whip into the ropes and elbows, Mendoza picks Wilde up for a splash on Carter for two. Wilde with a knee to the back and a diving clothesline off the ropes, cover gets two. The challenger works the neck, Carter gets to his feet and hits a jawbreaker. Lee tags in, they hit a series of tandem kicks and Lee covers, but Mendoza breaks it up. Carter kicks Mendoza, Wilde takes Carter out and showboats only to be somersault kicked by Lee!

The Grizzled Young Vets are coming down to the ring, but Ciampa and Thatcher cut them off and they brawl to the back!

Into the ring, both members of Legado sent to the outside and MSK dive onto them separately as we go to PIP break.

Lee goes up top and dives, Wilde dodges but Lee rolls through and locks in a shoulderlock. Wilde gets to his knees and gets a shot in, but Lee powers him back down. Lee with a roll into a cover for two, Wilde is trying to get out of the shoulderlock to no avail. He lays in firsts to Lee but Lee kicks him in the arm, then sends him into the corner. Carter tags in, springboard senton for two and he locks in a front facelock. Wilde sent into the corner, Lee tags in and a shin kick to the gut. More kicks and strikes from lee, but Wilde pulls Lee headfirst intot he corner and tags in Mendoza. Lee gets laid into and thrown to the mat, where Mendoza locks in a sleeper. Lee gets back to his feet and fights his way out as we’re back!

Mendoza cuts Lee off and whips him across the ring. He charges in but Lee gets a foot up, he goes to the top but gets kicked off by Mendoza who covers for two. Mendoza with repeated stomps and he sends Lee into the corner, tagging in Wilde. Lee off the ropes into a double Alabama Slam, Wilde covers for two and immediately launches into punches after the kickout. Wilde wrenching the shoulder of Lee now and Lee fights to his feet, he fights to get out and lays in punches to Wilde but comes off the ropes into a back elbow. Wilde covers for two and Mendoza tags in for a springboard senton. Wilde tags in for a springboard splash, second rope moonsault and a cover two two and a half! Mendoza back in now and he chokes Lee against the turnbuckle for four, then knocks him down. Mendoza picks him up and goes for a powerbomb BUT LEE COUNTERS with a DDT! Both men down, Carter and Wilde tag in. Carter is running hot and he strikes the hell out of WIlde. Big high knee in the corner, snapmare out of the corner. He knocks Mendoza off the apron, kicks Wilde in the head, tag and then Hot Fire flame, and a cover by Lee gets two! Wilde gets a secret tag to Mendoza, who comes off the top with a missile front dropkick, big slam gets two! Mendoza knocks Carter off the apron and charges in for a splash, Legado quick tagging with repeated splashes and shots. WIlde with a rana into a POWERBOMB by Mendoza for two! Punches to Wilde, and Mendoza mocks Lee. Lee with fists but he gets kicked to the outside. Escobar throws Lee headfirst into the steels steps and rolls him in, Legado with a big tandem slam and CARTER BREAKS IT UP! Bronson Reed comes out and WIPES OUT Santos! Wilde runs in and gets caught, big neckbreaker and that’s it!

Winner: MSK (15:25)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Another hot main event from NXT as MSK and Legado do their usual good work against each other. MSK pick up another win and we build some heat for Escobar vs. Reed. Win-win.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
Another great episode of NXT. Last week had the better overall match in Balor vs. Kross, but this week's was a good combination of storyline building and matches as we get closer to NXT Takeover: In Your House. We have some pretty good to great matches being built up for the PPV and this was a chaotic, fairly unpredictable episode to build the hype for the PPV. Add in a couple of great TV matches, one very good one and a serviceable squash and I have nothing to complain about.

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